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My Bratty Older Cousin
Part 2

by Xtra

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After teaching my stuck-up cousin a lesson twice by spanking his naughty behind, his mom mentioned to me how after I babysat him he seemed more well-behaved and she actually paid me extra which was awesome. But even better, she asked me to do it again. He wanted to go to a pool party but his mom didn't want him going because he always ended up drunk and got home extremely late. So the next weekend on Saturday night, I agreed to watch over him and make sure he stays home. I was shocked he didn't tell his mom that I spanked him, but I guess he was embarrassed that he got overpowered and humiliated by me (which I always knew I could do to him). So I got at the house around 8 pm wearing just a blue sweater with a tight white t-shirt underneath and a pair of tight white sweatpants. After his mom left, I went upstairs to see my cousin in his room. I opened the door and has laying on his stomach listening to his Ipod. He was wearing the same sweatpants he was wearing last week when I spanked him for the second time after he tried to sneak out of the house. They were super tight silver pants with black stripes down the sides that hugged his slender legs and perfect ass. He also had a tight black sweatshirt on top of another band t-shirt and he was wearing ankle socks on his feet.

Because of the ear plugs, he didn't hear me open the door or call to him. As I walked over to him, I was tempted to give a crisp smack on his butt sticking up at me but held off and just tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up at me with an angry face and just went back to listening to music. I wanted to spank him so bad just for giving me an attitude but I was more mature than that and just went downstairs to get some homework done. After a while, he came down stairs and sat on the coach next to me. He then did something that shocked me completely. He apologized for everything. His bratty behavior, him disrespecting me and trying to sneak out last week, and just everything he possibly could. While I was happy that he was finally doing this and it came off as very sincere and genuine, it was still a little odd. All of the sudden he just says sorry after he was so mad before. Nevertheless, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and accepted his apology. He smiled and walked back upstairs. While it was great that he apologized and everything seemed better, something didn't feel right. He was rarely that forgiving or hell, even mature.

So, I went back to work and eventually finished everything about a half hour later. I put my books in my backpack I had and just when I was going to turn the TV on for some relaxation, I hear a weird sound outside. I heard what sounded like something hitting the side of the house and someone talking somewhat loudly outside. I started to get scared because I thought someone was trying to break into the house or something. It was around 10 o' clock at this time and obviously pitch black outside. So I go upstairs slowly to get my cousin to see if he heard anything. I was about to open the door when I heard my cousin inside whispering to someone. I slowly open the door and what I saw took me a couple of seconds to digest. My cousin was bent half-way out the window while talking to someone. He was wearing nothing but his sneakers, socks, and the skimpiest black speedo I've ever seen. It only covered about his asscrack and only about a quarter of each butt cheek. Most of it was stuck in his little butt hole because of how tight it was. I couldn't believe it; he was trying to sneak out. The sound I heard was the ladder against the house leading up to his window which I could now hear was put up by a girl. My cousin tried to pull a fast one on me by lying to my face, deceiving me, and then trying to sneak out to try and get in the pants of some slut probably with him wearing the smallest amount of clothing possible.

I was more pissed than I've ever been, but I quickly realized the perfect thing to do. He didn't hear me enter his room so he didn't even know I was right behind him preparing to teach him another lesson. I had two options: I could close the window down to hold him half-hanging out of the house and spank him like that. But I came up with another, more humiliating way. I slowly crept up until I got right behind him. Then I got down on my knees and reached my right arm between his legs. I saw this performed during a pro wrestling match one day while channel surfing. I got my hand on his chest and pushed him over me so he fell on his back. “Heeyy WHAT??!?!?” he shrieked as he had no idea what was happening. When he landed on his back, his legs were sticking up for that his feet were pointing to the ceiling. As soon as he looked down and saw my smiling face in-between his legs, he gasped. That was all he could do because I grabbed his ankles and pushed them toward his head on the floor. So basically, I bent his body in half so that he was still laying on his back but his legs were bent over him to the point where his own feet were touching the ground over his head and his ass was sticking right up. I kneeled down beside him, holding his ankles down and getting ready to spank this ass into oblivion (I found out later this was called a roll-up pin or something in wrestling).

“No, wait! I can explain! Please don't!” he screamed. “I've had it with you!” I shot back. As I held down his ankles with my right hand to keep him in this contorted and humiliating position, I looked at his upturned ass sticking up defenseless; just waiting to be slapped endlessly. Before I began the assault, I decided to slowly insert my index finger and my thumb into his tight ass-crack and I pulled the speedo out a little so he didn't have as much cushioning in his butthole. Then, I started spanking him like crazy. I switched from between the left cheek, the right cheek, and then once in a while straight on his butt crack. With every crisp smack he welped and squealed, and because of this, the girl holding the ladder decided to climb up and investigate what was going on. When she first got up to the window and saw me flattening his bouncy ass she exclaimed “Wow, oh my God!” then she started laughing hysterically. As soon as my cousin realized she was seeing all this, he started crying uncontrollably again. “Can I try?!?!?” the mysterious girl beamed. “Sure!”, I answered happily. The girl, who's name was Jamie I found out later, climbed in through the window and while I held my cousin's ankles down with both my hands now, Jamie sat down right where his butt was sticking up and started beating both his buns like a pair of drums. “I'm sorry, man,” she said, “but I've really wanted to do this for a long time. You seriously need this.” My cousin was in hell right now. His ass was getting dark red at this point and he was in no position to stop this massive attack on his proudest physical feature fueled once again by his younger cousin and now one of his female friends. But things were about to get worse.

All of the sudden, Jamie decided to stop and leave really quickly. I didn't know why but whatever. After she left, I still had my cousin in the helpless “bottoms up!” position when I found out why Jamie left a couple seconds ago. My cousin's mom was home early and she just walked in the room to see me holding her son on the floor, bent in half with tears in his eyes and a red and swollen ass pointing up to the ceiling. “Oh my goodness! What is going on?!” she screamed. I got up and started to tell her why I was spanking him before my cousin yelled “I was just sleeping in bed doing nothing and all of the sudden she starts spanking me for no reason! I told you she's not as mature and perfect as you think she is!” I looked back at his mom and she seemed really pissed at me. I looked back at my cousin again who gave me a real snotty smirk while rubbing his red tush like he was saying “Haha, payback's a bitch!” But after I quickly explained why I was spanking him, things change in a hurry. His mother remembered that he tried to do the same thing to her a number of times. Sneaking out of the house, lying, being disrespectful, and so on. The only problem was his mom could never bring herself to spank my cousin. But now, it was different. “Oh, I see now...” she said as she turned to her son and started to slowly walk towards him. My cousin, who was laughing to himself just a minute ago because he thought I would get in trouble, was now backing up and shaking a little bit. “I'm tired of taking your childish crap, son. This should not have taken me this long”, my aunt admitted. My cousin had a feeling about what was about to come. “No! can't! never have spanked me before! You ca...WAAAHH!!!” My cousin got cut off as his mom picked him up and dropped him over her right knee sticking up. I decided to sit down on his bed because I knew this was going to be a real good show. My cousin was FINALLY bent over his mom's knee with his ass sticking up and out once again. “Tsk,tsk ...I can't believe you're wearing this skimpy speedo” his mom said while looking down at her son's gorgeous ass. “Since you seem to like showing your butt around for everyone to see, why stop now?” With that, she dug all of her fingers into her son's butt crack to grip his tight speedo and actually ripped the seat of his speedo down the crack so his whole bare ass popped out into plain sight once and for all. It was a magnificent thing to see, especially since it was so red and bruised. His mom took the piece of speedo she just ripped off (basically the whole seat) and handed it to me while saying “Can you place this in his mouth so he won't make too much noise?” I gladly took it, bent down to get a good look of my cousin's puppy dog eyes, and shoved the cloth in his mouth.

My cousin was in a state of shock. He was just staring straight ahead with his pretty blue eyes opened wide . He couldn't believe his mom was doing this to him and in front of his cousin no less. Then his mom, like I did before, started spanking his ass with even more purpose and fury than I did; the ass cheeks bouncing and swaying helplessly. I could tell she wanted to do this for a long time like me and Jamie wanted to. I started feeling a little sorry for my cousin as I watched this. He has just been humiliated, embarrassed, stripped, spanked, and gagged by his cousin, his friend, and his mom in the span of only one night. But then I remembered how much he deserved this and how much I was turned on by seeing it and realized this was more than fair. I had to leave shortly after but even as I was leaving, my aunt continued to spank my cousin and I left the house still hearing the smacks upstairs and the squeals that resulted. I was just glad that wasn't me.

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