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7th Grade Gym Shorts

by Mattvcu

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My very first day walking into the boy's shower/locker room in 7th grade....still absolutely breathtaking thinking about it. I was just 12 and had not a single pubic hair. My body, likewise was completely hairless and smooth. However, the 9th grade boys were exiting the showers and I, all at once, got the most incredible eyefull that would last me a lifetime. BOYS EVERYWHERE! Regardless of grade, we all had to wear the most incredibly skimpy thin nylon short shorts with only an athletic penis supporter underneath. So there they were; boys in all forms and states of nakedness and undress. I still remember that sick feeling in the "pit" of my stomach as I saw what a bare butt looked like once the gym shorts were pulled down. The 9th grade boys were exiting the shower and were completely bare butt naked; their enormous developed male organs swinging freely from side to side, lightly slapping their thighs as they walked. Their scrotums had turned this yucky brownish colour and their huge egg-sized testicles were hanging and swinging one lower than the other. Their penis heads were likewise darker and the shafts of their thickened members were covered with big blue veins. I looked down at my own hairless little "weiner" along with a peach colored scrotum that resembled a walnut with two acorns inside it. The very thought that mine in a few months would ripen just like those boys made me feel ill, yet excited deep inside my loins!
Within a week, one of the older boys who was 14, saw me staring at his nakedness in the shower, and began to bully me. He started off by sneaking up and slapping my bare thighs...leaving perfect handprints all over my bare hairless legs. He got caught in the act by the gym teacher and little did I know what this would eventually lead to. All boys were required to shower completely naked and were not even allowed to bring in a towell. Disciplinary spankings were given to boys on the way into the shower on their bareness. While everyone watched, he was bent over at the opening of the shower room and a paddle full of drilled holes was produced. The older boy was bent over all the way until I could see the entire back side of his scrotum; one big ball hanging lower than the other. He let out a hissing GRUUUUNT as the paddle landed five stinging echoing "SMAAACKS" directly over his bare crack.
I then noticed two other boys hurredly getting on with their shower and almost running back to their lockers. As they ran by I noticed why....their penises were swelling beyond their control and were nearly parallel with the floor. I then noticed an uncontrollable surge in my own weiner and it started to stick straight up. As I hurried to get dressed, the older boy with the whipped bottom suddenly appearred. I then noticed that everyone else including all teachers were suddenly gone. My stomach sank as I stood completely bare-butt naked with no towell in front of a likewise naked 14 yr old bully who had just been paddled raw because of me. Without saying a word, he shoved me hard with my back up against the lockers with both his hulking arms grasping my 12 yr old shoulders. I shudderred as his gaze went deliberately from my eyes, to my chest, to my belly button, to my rock stiff hairless "vienna sausage" which was pointing straight at his face. His eyes stopped and he just starred at it. I was trembling and I could feel my male organ pulsate with every heartbeat it was so hard. As I looked down, I noticed that his organ, which was encased on both sides with a healthy puff of light brown pubic hair, was beginning to engorge. First, the shaft just above the head began to swell and became fat. Then slowly the boy's entire phallus began to thicken and the ridge of his corona on the back of the head became very distinguished and rigid.
I was absolutely quaking with disbelief at the enormous size of the developed male organ...the first one I had ever seen erecting. The veins on the shaft began to pop out, and then finally, the organ began to rise!
I was awestruck yet terrified once it reached it's full 8 inch throbbing limit. Without a word I felt his hand on top of my head pushing me downward....and I knew immediately what I was going to be doing...whether I wanted to or not.
I mean, who was I going to tell?
I had a hard penis too!!
As my face came closer to his lust-filled male throbber, the smell of musky boy-funk filled my nostrils and made me gag...yet my own penis surged even more with raw lust. As he pressed my lips to his phallus, I noticed his pee-hole gaping open and a puddle of clear fluids welling on the tip.
OH GROSS, I thought! "It must be some kind of sex "pee."
I remember the funky male taste as my mouth opened wide and the boy's glans went inside. By the time my teeth had reached the back side of the head, my little boy-mouth was completely full. For the first time, I heard the bully let out a lust-filled GROOAAAN, as his eyes closed and he began making natural coital thrusts with his hips. Finally, he let out the most intense GRUUUUUUUUUUUNNNT and his whole body began quiverring. I also noticed the base of his organ pulsating. Suddenly, I began to notice the most tangy snot-like taste begin to fill my mouth. Unable to pull away, I was forced to swallow huge globs of the tangy fluids. Finally I felt thick warm mucous draing down my chin, and I began to gag. As the older boy penis popped out of my mouth, I noticed big thick white globs still slobberring from the tip.
The bully quickly picked up my jockstrap, wiped his organ, then yanked up his shorts and walked out without a word!
To this day, I still tremble in remembrance!!

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