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A Boy's Big City Adventures
Part 4

by Y Lee Coyote

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 16 Sep 1997

This story is all the product of my imagination (i. e., totally fictional). This is a sequel to "A Boy's Big City Adventures I, II and III" which should be read first as the characters are introduced there. Feedback greatly appreciated.


It was now dawn Friday morning. Kris woke up most refreshed. The previous evening he was required to attend a very dull company function that prevented him from seeing Tom and afterwards just went back to his hotel as he was too exhausted to try to explore the city. But he did not want to think about that; he wanted to think about the encounters, er, adventures he had with Tom starting last Sunday at the museum. The time periods were so varied: sixty-five million years (escaping from Tyrannosaurus Rex), four hundred years (spanking Katherine) and eight hundred years (prisoner of the High Sheriff) ago all strangely mixed with the present. The wonderful fantasies that come to life in the Castle. He could not help but to play with his equipment. His shaft was rigid and there was something special about his smooth pubes that felt very erotic. The thoughts of Tom fucking and shaving him and fucking Tom yesterday morning made him very hot.

Tom was doing the complimentary fantasying in his own bed. The phone rang and he answered it. It was Kris. They quickly 'fessed up to each other what was on their minds and happily jerked off together anticipating the coming evening: dinner, another Broadway show, some spanking and climaxing with very hot sex. However, those fun activities were at the end of the day's agenda for first was work. Work where Kris felt that he was treated like a plebe and where Tom felt like cross between a warden and a general. It had been a long week for both of them and now Friday was expected to be even worse. The only good thing about work today was that they both were getting off early.

After work they again met at Tom's place. They were both fatigued from work and decided to match the mental fatigue with some physical fatigue. They went running in Central Park. A little juggling of the route got them to the Castle that was just being locked up by the construction crew. They interrupted their run to inspect the Castle and the wonderful daytime view. It was also Kris' first opportunity to see the place in the light. Oh, how it would make a grand house complete with a real stone dungeon. Of course, there would be the problem with all those people trampling through the front yard; well every fantasy had its flaws. After soaking up the beautiful view, they ran back to Tom's condo with its gym and sauna.

Back in Tom's unit, Kris gave Tom a nice massage. They were both escaping from the world in their own ways. Tom, after a week of making decisions and barking orders, had got very passive and was enjoying Kris's administrations as the tensions were rubbed and pounded out. Complementally, Kris was happily in a 'do to' rather than the 'be done unto' situation that he had been in all the long week in the training course. Kris could feel that the tension was leaving Tom's back as he kneaded the older man. Soon he got down to Tom's butt. As he started to work on it, he was more and more aware of the tension in his own pointing "devil". He gave a couple of light smacks and Tom - half heartedly - moved his hands to block the blows. Kris remembered what he had seen in the night stand and got a couple of things.

Another slap and Tom reached back again. Kris took the offending limb, wrapped the leather cuff about its wrist and then leaning forward snapped the chain to the head board. Then he repeated the action with the other wrist leaving Tom half spread eagle and with Kris sitting on his thighs. He now proceeded to massage Tom's behind throughly. When it was relaxed as his back, he then changed tactics and began to spank the nice available target with his hands. Kris took Tom's half-hearted objections as tacit approval. Soon Kris was admiring a lovely pair of red cheeks and the pointing devil insisted on some play - now! Again raiding the handy treasure trove of useful supplies, Kris was shortly sporting a nice condom covered shaft while he enthusiastically gooped up Tom's hole. The half restrained and fully relaxed Tom offered zero resistance to the inevitable invasion of the that hot devil. The easy invasion was quickly followed with the young tiger vigorously fucking his host while gently nibbling his neck. After this they had to go to dinner and the show as planned. It was really great that they got out of work in time to do that.

After the show, they went to see some of the less famous but certainly more notorious play areas in Chelsea and the Village. This was certainly not like back home for Kris. There were all kinds of people showing off their own life styles. As fascinating as it all was, Kris wanted to return to Tom's place. The most interesting thing of the evening had been how passive Tom had been; Kris was anxious to explore this more than anything else. They had even discussed over dinner how each was tired of the roles that they had to assume all week. Tom enjoyed the open cruising but realized that he already had a wonderful partner.

By the time that they were back at Tom's place, Kris had decided that he was going to go for it and take charge. He had had enough of being trampled on all week and felt that Tom also wanted a change to be passive based on how he behaved in the afternoon. After they were in Tom's unit for a while, Kris flipped through the junk mail that was stilling on the table and pulled out one charity appeal letter.

"What's this, young man, a letter from your school." He opened it, glanced at the plea for 'twinkle toed children' and claimed: "It's from your Principal." Then pretending to read aloud, he said in a very somber voice: "I'm sorry to inform you, but your son Tom is in danger of failing three of his courses this term. Please contact my office at your earliest convince to discuss remedies for this serious matter." He continued: "There is more, but just some little details such as grades different than on your report card I signed last week. What do you have to say for yourself, boy?"

Tom reflected a moment and then said: "I think I'm in deep doo-doo, dad. Very deep."

"Yes, boy, very deep indeed. Not only doing badly in school but lying about it also."

"Yes, sir."

"Well" said Kris, "You're grounded for the rest of the term so that you can concentrate on your studies. And your butt's goin' to pay for the lying. Get me the strap from the closet and strip, son." Tom quickly returned with a two inch wide leather garrison belt gave it to Kris and stripped as he was ordered. In a couple of minutes his clothes were in a heap on the floor and he stood, naked, before his pseudo father who was holding the heavy belt. "How many did you get last time for lying?"

"Fourteen, sir." said Tom quietly.

"No; it was seventeen. Since you forgot three we better just repeat them, and seventeen plus five more. How many is that, boy?" Then after a pause, "Can't do simple arithmetic; no wonder that you're failing math. Assume the position for twenty-five." Just as a yielding teenager should Tom bent over as Kris raised the belt and swung it hard against the exposed behind. WHACK! As the red strip appeared Tom gasped and counted.

In just a twinkling to Kris (although it seemed much longer to Tom) there was WHACK! and "Twenty five, Sir." Kris dropped the belt on the pile of clothes and hugged Tom. He enjoyed caressing the red hot butt cheeks; cheeks that were red hot because he had made them so. Kris sat down and pulled the already red assed Tom over his lap. He then preceded to hand spank Tom very thoroughly. He only stopped after Tom began to complain. (This was all in fun and neither anger nor meanness.) Kris was empathizing with the two imaginary fathers in the park on Wednesday. His naughty son was making little boy promises to be good. It definitely was time for bed. They were pleased to be entangled in bed just a few minutes later. As they finished up a very long and passionate kiss, Kris quietly asked if he could tie Tom down to the bed so that he could make passionate love to him. Tom acquiesced immediately and soon was spread eagle with his own restraints to his own bed.

Kris really made Tom feel good. Kris played with his entire body; caressing and licking almost all of it. Tom had nothing to do except enjoy all the careful attention and the hot glow of his strapped and spanked bottom. After an hour of such wonders, Tom was asked: "You like being my boy, with your red hot tushie?"

Tom was too happily relaxed in never-never land to answer distinctly, but only with a "huh huh" and a slight nod. Kris got the eye mask from the nightstand and covered Tom's eyes so that he could stay in the fantasy world more easily.

Both men were enjoying themselves immensely. Although this sort of play was not new for Tom it was for Kris. At the beginning of the week he had done everything at Tom's direction and now he was totally in control. Tom obviously was very happy having switched to a completely passive role and Kris discovered that he also liked both sides. He would have loved to have Tom wrapped around his very swollen man-shaft but he felt that if he did that he would explode immediately and he did not want to stop. He just continued to pleasure his host from crown to toes. One thing did keep coming to mind; one thing that was in the handy-dandy supply chest by the bed. Everything that was there Tom seem to like being on both side of. Would that also be true of the little barber hair clipper? Would it be more fun exploring the city tomorrow as two hairless boys or as man and boy?

Kris decided to experiment. As he sucked Tom's hard cock, he turned on the clipper. It made a loud buzz; one that Tom surely knew well. He then proceeded to pass the tool over Tom's ball sac. As he did so he could feel Tom member get harder and he got bolder. The clipper soon was passing over Tom's pubes and mowing them down. There were moans of pleasure from Tom and he was sporting an intense erection. He made sure that he had done a complete job. As he checked by licking and caressing the now smooth areas, Tom maintained his positive reactions. After a while Kris was satisfied and put the clipper away.

He turned head to foot and quickly maneuvered into a classical soixante-neuf position. It was not long before they each exploded. Then Kris turned and kissed Tom. It was a deep and very long kiss.

After Kris released Tom they stayed entwined and spent the next couple of hours imitating minks and rabbits before collapsing into deep sleep holding each other.

-- End of Part IV --

©Copyright A. I.L., September 15, 1997

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