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Wanting to get the strap
Part 1

by Joe Zack

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When I was a young teen, my punishments for misbehavior were swift and somewhat severe. It was never debated, if I or one of my siblings were bad, we were spanked. When we were very young, the spankings were by hand. As we grew older, the spankings progressed to a variety of paddles and straps. As my Brother, who was three years older than me; matured, he behaved and was very seldom spanked. Or at least he was smart enough not to get caught. However, when he was, my Father used a razor strap on his bare bottom. My Sister, who was only one year older, was actually quite well behaved and not spanked very often even when we were young. I, on the other hand, found the attention and pain I received from a spanking to be enjoyable on some level and was spanked at least twice a week for as long as I can remember. I would purposely misbehave in order to receive the attention and pain. I suppose on some level I actually developed a desire for later exhibitionism early in life because all spankings were administered to the bare bottom in front of family, and friends.

I wanted even more severe spankings and was determined to get them. At the age of twelve, my Father used a small wooden paddle on my bare bottom over his lap. In addition, my Mother would use the paddle while I was over her lap; but that was just a way to work off her frustration until my Father came home to administer my true spanking.

I would watch my Brother receive his spankings with the razor strop. Did I mention all spankings were administered in the living room with anyone present watching? It did not matter who was there, if a spanking was earned, it was administered. Since some spankings started outdoors, all of our neighbors knew how we were punished and we were often spanked in front of them. I swear some of them came over to watch our bare bottoms turn red. About the age of twelve, I decided; while watching my Dad raise blisters and bruises on my Brother's bare bottom that I wanted to advance to the razor strop. However, at that young age, there was no way I could simply go to my Mom or Dad and ask them to use the razor strop instead of the paddle. I came up with a plan.

As all young people, I was very observant when it suited my purposes. A class mate of mine, Bruce, came from a very large family. His Mom was a young widow who kept her family on a very short leash. Yes, I admit I had a crush on her. My Mom was stocky and at least ten years older than Mrs. S. Mrs. S was very attractive and the fact that she wielded a strap to keep her kids in line only added to my fantasies. Bruce was the oldest boy of the family and like me always seemed to wear the results of a sound spanking when we undressed for gym class.

One Saturday morning I went over to see Bruce. I left early because I knew he had a scout meeting and I wanted some time alone with his Mom.

When I arrived, she told me that Bruce would not be home for half an hour or so, but I could come in and wait; she was doing some paperwork and we could chat. She got me some milk and we sat at the kitchen table. She was friendly and asked all the Usual questions a polite parent asks when spending time with one of their children's' friends. – – How is school going, what are you going to do this weekend, etc. She had to repeat a number of questions because I was starring at the wide thick strap she had hanging on the wall. Sitting with an older woman I had a crush on, looking at that strap knowing she used it on bare bottoms, I believe it was the first time I got an erection thinking about being spanked.

She jokingly told me that I seem to be mesmerized by the strap. I apologized each time and continued to stare at it. Then she asked me why I was so fascinated by the strap. I honestly told her I had seen the results of it when she used it on Bruce and was just thinking about how much it hurt. She smiled and told me it does produce the desired effects which are why she uses it, with a small giggle. Then she excused herself to check on the other kids. I knew I had to act then or I would never get the nerve again. I walked over to the strap and was rubbing my fingers over it when she returned. This time she actually laughed and again asked me why I was so fascinated by the strap. Then she asked me what my Mom and Dad used on me when they spanked me.

I told her they used a small paddle on me, but used a razor strop on my brother. All the pieces seemed to fall in place and she said – “I see. I think a boy your age needs something more severe. I even used that on Billy who is two years younger than you. I stop using small paddles when the kids turn ten. I think I need to talk to your Mom. Would you like to see what the strap really feels like?” Now I had a full erection and said, “I think so.”

Mrs. S told me to bend over the table and she would give me a sample. I walked to the table, dropped my pants and underwear and bent over. Mrs. S saw my erection and smiled when she said “Oh, yes I think I understand.” Then she told me she never gives less than ten swats and never more than fifty. She asked me how many I wanted. I had wanted this for a long time so I told her I was a bad boy who deserved whatever she thought was right. She told me she would give me forty and see if I wanted the last ten after she gave me those.

The first swat took my breath away. The next four were administered quickly and very hard. I was starting to cry and lost my erection. The younger kids came into the room to see what was going on, and I was secretly happy that I was being spanked in front of them.

Mrs. S really knew how to use that strap. She hit every portion of my ass as well as the upper thighs. It seemed she hit the crease between my ass and thighs twice as often as she hit my butt. I knew I would not be sitting comfortably for a number of days. Just as she gave me stroke number forty, Bruce walked in. His reaction was predictable. He said: “Oh wow, what did Joe do to get spanked?” His Mom simply told him to mind his own business unless he wanted some of the same. She told me to stay in position. She told him to get changed, and after he was out of the room asked me if I wanted the last ten. I was crying hard enough that I could not answer, and she told me to stay in place and she would check in a little bit. Bruce changed quickly and came to check on the proceedings. Mrs. S asked me if I wanted any more. Through my tears I asked for the last ten. She smiled and picked up the strap while all the kids watched. I guess the short break did more damage than good, or she swung even harder for the last ten. She gave them to me full force and non stop. I got even more than I wanted and she helped me to the corner and told me to stay there until I got my tears under control.

As with all spankings, everything was forgiven immediately. Mr. S came over about ten minutes later and told me I could get dressed. Before I did, she gave me a hug and told me I took a very sound spanking like a man. As she hugged me, she rubbed my bottom and whispered anytime I wanted another spanking all I had to do was ask.

Then she dropped the bombshell. She told me that she had already called my Mom and told her what happened. She informed me that before dinner my Dad was going to give me a sample of the razor strop since I was so interested in seeing what it felt like. She told me he wanted to be sure I knew just what to expect and I could think about it all day long. She also told me from then on that was what they would use when I needed a spanking. She actually laughed, gave me a swat on my bottom and told me to remember what she said as she told Bruce and me to go out and play.

Of course the first question Bruce asked was what I did to get his Mom so mad. I told him she was not mad, she was just giving me what I asked her for. I tried to explain how I enjoyed being spanked and Bruce thought I was nuts. I told him what his Mom said as she hugged me and told him I would probably take her up on it. He couldn't believe after the spanking I just got, with another coming from my Dad later; that I was thinking about asking his Mom for another. I decided it was something that I could not explain, and we played catch.

That afternoon when I got home, the first thing I had to do was show my Mom and Dad the results of Mrs. S's spanking. My Mom just looked and did not say anything. My dad on the other hand, said: “See Helen, I told you he could handle the strap. Mrs. S gave him a good spanking and did not break anything. From now on that is what I am going to use. If you let me use it when I wanted to, he would not be going to the neighbors asking for a spanking.” He rubbed my bottom and said to me: “I hope you satisfied your curiosity. I will give you all you need from now on, starting right before dinner. Now take off your pants and underwear, we might as well show everyone what happens to bad boys. You can go and clean out the garage. If any of the neighbors ask, you tell them you got spanked because you actually asked to be spanked. Then you tell them you are going to get another tonight and if they want, they can come over to watch.” I knew my Dad was upset, I embarrassed him; but I also trusted him so I did not fear what I had coming. I do admit I, briefly, thought I bit off more than I could chew. My Brother and Sister could not believe I asked Mrs. S for a spanking but they laughed and teased me at every opportunity. None of the neighbors saw me, or at least none of them came over to ask what was going on; and I was concerned enough that I did not get an erection all afternoon.

That evening just before dinner, after I washed up; my Dad called me into the living room. My Brother, Sister and Mom were already there. He told me to bend over the sofa and proceeded to give me fifty sound swats. As I said, I had received at least two spankings a week for as long as I could remember. However, two strappings in one day was something to remember. To this day I do not know if it was because I was spanked by Mrs. S earlier or because my Dad was still upset. I was in tears by stroke number two and it seemed that Dad found every place Mrs. S had hit. I was brought up to take my spankings like a man and the best I can say is that I did not move out of position for the entire fifty strokes. At stroke number fifty, my Dad had Mom help me up and lead me to the corner while I got my tears under control. After dinner, I did not get any; nor did I want any, my Dad came over; gave me a hug and told me I could expect the same from then on. Then he told me since he was sure I did not want to sit down; I could put on a pair of pants and go over to Mrs. S to show her the results of his spanking.

As soon as I got to my bedroom, I looked in the mirror. My entire ass was crimson with black and blue marks evenly spread out. I had three or four very angry welts and a number of small blisters. I knew I was hooked because as soon as I saw my ass I got an erection.

As sore as I was, I made my way to Mrs. S as quickly as I could; I did not want any of the color to fade. Apparently my Dad called Mrs. S because she opened the door as soon as I knocked. She had me walk into the living room and pull down my pants in front of all the kids. At the age of twelve, my cock seemed to have a mind of its own and Mrs. S smiled when she saw my erection. She was polite enough not to make any comments about it, but did say that my Father gave me a very good spanking and she would have to think about sending Bruce over to see him when he mis-behaved. When Bruce looked upset, Mrs. S laughed, tussled his hair and told him “I am only joking; I can take care of you myself.”

Mrs. S gave me a firm swat on my bare ass and told me to get dressed. She gave me another hug and said she was proud of me for following through on what I believed I needed. I thanked her for helping me out and told her in front of all the kids that I would very much like her to continue spanking me when I felt I needed it. She smiled and told me she would be happy to spank me anytime I wanted an extra spanking.

I took her up on her offer about once a month. I suppose it would have been more except my Dad put me on a shorter leash and did give me just what I wanted and needed.

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