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A family reunion and a spanking

by Child Spanker

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This story is based off a picture I stumbled across online. It is a very cute picture of three little boys on a couch. Anyway enjoy.


Ryan and Aidan were sitting on the couch at their grandmother's house watching television. There cousin Jimmy lay curled up sleeping next to them on the couch, worn out from everything that had happened that day. It had been a wonderful family reunion at least that's what the boys parents had said. Ryan, Aidan and Jimmy were having too much sun splashing around in grandma's swimming pool to pay much attention. Ryan was the oldest of the three boys he was 8 and one half as he told everyone. He had messy brown hair and dark brown eyes. His brother Aidan was 7 and had blonde hair that his mom always made sure was combed. Jimmy was the youngest of the three at 6 years old and had very short brown hair.

So there they were on the couch as the reunion started to wear down. Each boy was still in just their swimsuits which had dried as the day went on. Slowly members of the family began to make their way into the living room. First grandma and grandpa sat in their loungers and then the three boys parents found their way in and eventually the aunts, uncles and cousins all sat down. Ryan and Aidan's dad walked over and shut off the television.

“Now boys we need to talk.” He said. He gently shook Jimmy awake and Jimmy sat up next to his cousins. “As I was saying we need to talk. Grandpa here says he saw you three boys playing with fireworks behind the house. I am going to ask this once and only once is this true?

“No dad” replied Aidan quickly, “we would never do that.”

“Yeah dad, never.” said Ryan quickly.

Jimmy look terrified and Ryan and Aidan's dad picked up on it quickly.

“Jimmy, you answer me, did you three play with fireworks behind the house.”

“Yes sir.” Jimmy said with his head down.

“I see, at least one of you is honest. Boys you could have burned down the house or worse seriously hurt yourselves.”

“They need their butts warmed.” Grandpa said.

“I agree I think these boys need a good hard spanking. Sarah should I spank Jimmy as well?”

“Yes” said Jimmy's mom, “He deserves it and his father isn't around so his uncle will have to do.”

“Very well all three of you are getting big spankings.”

Ryan and Aidan's dad sat down on the couch next to the boys.

“Ryan your first, stand up.”

Slowly Ryan stood up determined to take his spanking like a man in front of the whole family. His dad reached out and pulled down his charcoal gray swimsuit and laid his son across his lap naked. He raised his hand and brought it down hard.

Smack, smack, smack, smack Ryan's dad laid it on. Ryan who had tried so hard to take it like a man was soon squirming and crying over his dad's knees. Ryan's dad wanted to show kindness but knew this time the boys needed a real lesson so he spank Ryan's naked butt as hard as he could.

“You will,” smack, smack, smack, “never play,” smack, smack, smack, “With fireworks again,” smack, smack, smack, “Understand.” Ryan's dad scolded as he spanked his young son's butt until it was bright red and almost crimson in color. Finally after 5 minutes he stopped and Ryan lay crying and limp over his dad's lap.

“There, there son I'm done spanking you.” Ryan's dad said rubbing his son's back, “but now I have to deal with the other two so you go stand by grandpa ok.”

Ryan slid off his dad's lap and began to the “spank dance” over to his grandpa rubbing his red butt as tears ran down his face.

“Alright, Aidan your turn.” His dad said.

Aidan stood up and let his dad pull down his blue swim trucks with the yellows stripes down the side. Aidan then lay across his father's lap and buried his face in a pillow.

Aidan's spanking was a lot like his brothers. His dad brought his hand down fast and hard turning Aidan's butt to a bright pink in no time. “You will” smack, smack, smack “never do” smack, smack, smack “anything like this” smack, smack, smack “again.” He scolded Aidan as he spanked his naked butt. Aidan screamed and yelled into the pillow until after a very long five minutes his dad stopped and slowly rubbed his naked back.

“Go stand by your brother Aidan so I can give Jimmy his spanking.”

Aidan moved quickly over to his brother rubbing his sore butt and crying.

Unlike his cousins Jimmy had begun crying from the very moment he had heard the word spank. Ryan and Aidan's dad could tell the six year old was very scared.

“Jimmy, I know your scared,” his uncle said soothingly, “but you deserve a spanking and I think you know you do. So lets get this over with stand up.”

Jimmy stood up aware that the whole family was about to watch him get spanked. His uncle lowered his gray swimsuit leaving him as naked as his cousins. Slowly he bent over his uncle's lap and put his face in his hands. Jimmy was the smallest of the three boys and his uncle admired his frame for a moment. Then he placed one hand on Jimmy's back and raised the other one up. Smack, smack, smack, smack he spanked is nephew's bottom nice and hard. Jimmy started to scream as his Uncle reddened his naked backside. His uncle's hand was powerful and Jimmy could not believe how fast he could spank. His hand was almost a blur as it came own on Jimmy's naked backside. “You need,” smack, smack, smack, “to learn” smack, smack, smack “a lesson.” His uncle only spanked Jimmy for three minutes but Jimmy's butt was as dark and red as his cousins.

“Jimmy you were very brave and took that well,” his uncle said rubbing his back. “Now you can put back on your swimsuit and lay down here on the couch.”

Jimmy got up and put on his swimsuit, then ran over to his mother who hugged him. Ryan and Aidan started to go for their swimsuits too.
“Not so fast,” said their dad. “Unlike your cousin you both lied to me and your grandfather. So I think it's only fair that he get to spank you as well.”

“But dad,” Ryan began to say in between sobs.
“You will do as I say or it will be far worse for you when we get home!”

Slowly Ryan and Aidan each made a trip over their grandfather's knee. One after the other and to their surprise grandpa spanked a lot harder then dad and had them both in tears after the first few swats. Grandpa gave them each another two minute spanking then hugged the boys and told them he loved them. The rest of the family moved into the other room as Ryan and Aidan put their swimsuits on and sat back on the couch with tears still on their face, next to Jimmy who was once again fast asleep holding his butt.

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