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Sent To My Aunt's

by Steve2001

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Sent To My Aunt's


I was born to a pair of loving parents, who encouraged me and supported me, when they had the time, which was not very often. From a very early age I spent more time with babysitters and when they were not avbailable, my Aunt Ellen, than I did with my parents. I grew up very attached and close with my Aunt and her roomate Rose, I could go to her and talk to her about anything, and she always made time for me. My Aunt Ellen is a doctor and lives with her friend Rose a few miles from my parents place. I had heard my parents talking one night and overheard them saying that My Aunt and Rose were gay, but I didn't care, I loved both of them. Since I was born not only was she my Aunt, but she was also my doctor. One weekend when I was about 9 or 10, I was at my Aunt's for the weekend and had gone out to play without letting her or Rose know where I was going. When I finished playing and returned to my Aunt's place, there was a flurry of activity inside. There were police everywhere it seemed. Seeing me walk in my Aunt ran to me and hugged me hard as she told me how worried everybody had been, and that they thought I had been kidnapped. My Aunt and Rose were both crying, which made me start to cry.

One of the cops called my Aunt and started talking to her as Rose guided me into the next room. I could hear the cop telling my Aunt that although things had worked out well this time, she should have a serious talk with me to make sure it would never happen again. My Aunt assured the cop that she would and gradually the apartment emptied, leaving just Rose, me and my Aunt. As my Aunt entered the room, Rose stood and walked into the bedroom. My Aunt had a very serious look on her face as she lectured me about how dangerous it was for me to leave without getting permission. She went on to tell me that I was old enough to know better and that she had no option but to punish me to make sure it would not happen again. I told her I was sorry and that it would never happen again, but she let me know that was not good enough this time. When I asked her what she meant, she let me know that for something this serious, the only fitting punishment was a spanking.

I had never been spanked before by anybody, so fear took me and I started to cry a bit as I promised to be good and that I was sorry. My Aunt raised her voice a bit as she told me I was not going to talk myself out of it, and the more I tried, the harder the spanking would be. She then told me to get up and go into the spare bedroom and that she would be there in a minute. I hesitated for a minute, which caused my Aunt to almost yell out, NOW!! I practically jumped off the sofa and headed to the spare bedroom and sat down on the bed. As I sat there waiting, I ran the events through my mind, how much I had worried her and what could have happened to me. I finally decided that I deserved a spanking, but having never had one before my mind was racing.

My Aunt walked in a few minutes later and sat on the bed beside me. She put her arm around my shoulders and told me that she was doing this because she loved me. She then took hold of my hand and easily pulled me across her lap. I had never been in this position before, but did not have much time to think about it as I felt her hand land hard on my underwear and shorts covered bottom. My whole body jerked in surprise, but she pushed my back down with one hand and landed another spank with the other. She continued to spank me until I was crying out loud and had tears streaming down my face. She then pulled me until I was standing in front of her and hugged me hard. Even though I was crying and my butt hurt my arms flew around her neck as I hugged her back. She then led me to the corner and told me to stand there and think about what I had done until she called me. She then left the room and I stood there thinking that a spanking, even though it hurt was a lot better than what could have happened to me being outside alone with nobody knowing where I was.

About 30 minutes later my Aunt called my name and I walked into the kitchen and helped her and Rose make dinner. Nothing was said about the spanking, I had been punished and now it was over. That was a big difference from my parents who when I did something wrong always put a big guilt trip on me that seemed to last forever. Sitting there eating dinner with my Aunt and Rose, I decided that a spanking was a much better punishment than a grounding or guilt trip.

As I got older I began to rely more and more on my Aunt whenever I got in trouble. For little things she would always explain why I should not behave the way I was and for big things it was a lecture followed by a spanking and corner time. The last spanking I had recieved from her was when I was 13 and got caught smoking at school. To make it even worse, I had stolen the smokes from the store by my school. Since my parents were out of town, the school called my Aunt and she picked me up at school and took me to her place. Being a doctor she gave me the health hazards of smoking and how dangerous they were, aboout the stealing she explained how lucky I was the store owner had not called the police and how wrong stealing was. She went on to tell me that this was going to be a much harder spanking as smoking and stealing were serious. I told her I was sorry, but I knew, and deep down expected almost wanted a spanking for what I had done.

My Aunt did not disappoint, she told me to go into the spare room and wait for her, which I did. A few minutes later she walked in and right away I saw the hairbrush in her hand. I started to stammer out how sorry I was and for her to please not use the brush on me. I had never had it before, but was sure it would hurt a lot more than her hand. Without a word, she sat beside me and easily pulled me over lap. She told me since this spanking was for 2 things, and that both of them were serious, I was going to get a serious spanking. She then told me I was going to get 25 swats over my shorts for smoking and another 25 on my underwear for stealing. She then told me she was doing this because she loved me. I started to protest, telling her that she had always spanked me only over my shorts. She quickly told me that if I felt like arguing, she could add another 25 to my naked butt. I was about to say something, but thought better of it and kept my mouth closed. I then felt the first swat hit my butt with a hard stinging pain that caused my back to jerk upwards. Like before she put her hand and pushed my back down as she landed the next swat. After she had landed 10 I had tears in my eyes, by 20 the tears were flowing down my face. As the 25th swat landed I heard myself cry out.

My Aunt left me over her knee until I got my crying under control. She then told me to stand up, which I did quickly. Without a word she reached out and undid the button on my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles, leaving me standing in front of her wearing socks, briefs and my t-shirt, with tears still running down my face. She told me that the next 25 were going to hurt a lot more and that I was to stay on her lap without trying to get away or she would pull my underwear off and give me an extra 25 on my naked butt. I nodded my head and told her I would do as she said. She again told me she was doing this because she loved me and that it was for my own good.

She then pulled me over her lap, got me in position and landed the first swat on my right butt cheek. The difference in pain was so much that my legs jerked and my shorts flew off my ankles and I cried out. I did not have time to think about it before the next one landed with a loud smacking noise. The pain was so much more with just my briefs on that by the 5th one, tears were flooding down my face. By the 10th one I was crying out loud while tears flooded from my eyes. I wanted to move, but with my Aunt's hand holding my back down and my feet not touching the ground, I couldn't move. By the 20th swat I was crying like a little kid and begging her to stop, but instead of stopping she landed the last 5 harder and faster, leaving me sobbing uncontrollably. I was crying so hard and loud that it took me a while to notice the spanking had stopped. My Aunt left me on her lap as she ran her hand under my t-shirt and rubbed my back and let me cry it out. It took several minutes until my crying slowed down, but the burning in my butt remained. My Aunt helped me off her lap and led me to the corner, telling me to stay there until she called me. She then left the room and I stood there, tears running down my face, my butt burning. I thought about what I had done as I stood there finally realising that my Aunt had been right, if the store owner had called the cops, things could have been a lot worse.

As I stood and thought, I felt the burning on my butt lessen a little bit and for some reason, the thought of being spanked naked popped into my head. My Aunt had threatened it, which meant she would have done it, and for some reason I could not get that thought out of my mind. The more I thought about it and pictured it in my mind, I was amazed to feel that my cock was hardening. I had no sexual desires for my Aunt at all, but for some reason the thought of being naked and spanked eventually caused my cock to fully harden and push a tent in my briefs. Eventually I heard my Aunt call me, so I adjusted my erection in my briefs, pulled on my shorts and stretched my t-shirt down to cover myself.

As I walked out of the spare room, I noticed that even covered as I was, if my Aunt hugged me, which she always did after a spanking she would feel my erection, so I called out to her that I was going to use the washroom. I walked in, locked the door and masturbated into the sink, the thoughts of being spanked naked running through my mind. I rinsed out the sink, flushed the toilet and, erection now gone joined my Aunt. She put her arms around me and I threw my arms around her and we hugged. I surprised myself by thanking her for the punishment and adding that I deserved it. She whispered back in my ear that I was right that I did deserve it and that she would always be around when I needed her. She then told me that she was always around not just for punishment, but also to talk to about anything.

The next time I saw my Aunt outside of regular visits was for my physical exam when I turned 14. I had grown in several areas since she last spanked me, but since she had been my doctor all my life, and we were so close I was only a little embarassed. After all, she had seen me naked for my exams my whole life and since my cock had grown I had noticed a bit of a problem pulling my foreskin back when it was erect. I was not looking forward to asking her about this, but she was my Aunt and Doctor. And I figured she would be able to tell me why this happened without actually having to see my erection. As usual I showed up at her office and was shown into the exam room by her nurse, who like always, told me to get undressed down to my underwear and my Aunt would be in soon. I pulled off my t-shirt, jeans, shoes and socks and sat in my briefs on the exam table. But, unlike other exams for some reason, as I thought about how I would pose my question about my foreskin, my cock started to harden. Although I had been examined by her every year, I had never come close to getting hard before. I started trying to think of anything to make my cock soften, but the more I did, the harder it got. I thought about masturbating quickly, but the thought of getting caught stopped me. So instead, I put my hands over my briefs to cover my erection and hoped it would go down before my Aunt came in.

A few minutes later, my Aunt walked in looked at me and said she was glad to see me. I could feel that my face was going red, and blurted out the best greeting I could. I noticed she looked at me funny, but did my best to will my erection away. She asked me if I was having any problems, which caused my face to redden even more. I looked down and told her the problem I was having with my foreskin. She told me not to be embarassed, and that she would check it for me. My Aunt then went about her exam, checking my ears and throat, listening to my back and chest with her stethoscope, then checking my reflexes with her little hammer. She then took my pulse and blood pressure, commenting that my pulse seemed a little high. The whole time I kept my hands covering my briefs to prevent her from seeing that I was obviously hard under my briefs. She then had me stand up on the scale and took my weight and height, with me continuing to hide my erection. She then told me to hop back on the exam table and to lay down on my back. I knew what was coming, but lay on my back still using both hands to cover my briefs. My Aunt then checked my feet and legs, then used her hands to exam my abdomen. By this time I felt like I was going to cum, again not because I was attracted to my Aunt, but by thought that the first person besides me was about to see my erection.

My Aunt then asked me to lower my briefs so she could test for hernia and to check my foreskin. My hands were still covering my briefs and I felt my face go beet red. I lay there not moving, pretending to not hear her, when I felt her hands start to push my hands out of the way. I quickly clamped my hands down to prevent hers from pushing mine away while I felt my face go even redder. Obviously noticing this, my Aunt told me that there was nothing to be embarassed about, that most teenage boys got erections when being examined. Noticing that I did not move my hands, my Aunt added that this would be a good chance for her to check how my foreskin retracted while erect, adding that some uncircumsised males developed a condition that prevented the foreskin from retracting that sometimes requires minor surgery. Very slowly, I started moving my hands away from my briefs, now even more embarassed to feel that the top part of my erection had popped through the waistband of my briefs when I had laid down. When my hands were finally at my sides, I could feel that half of my erection was now visible through the waistband of my briefs.

Obviously noticing my state, my Aunt gently pulled my briefs down to my ankles. I then felt her hand gently lift and examine my testicles, at the same time I felt a few drops of precum drip from my cock head onto my abdomen. Her hand examined one, then the other testicle, making my cock harden even more. I heard my Aunt say that she was going to retract my foreskin to check for ease of retraction and for cleanliness. My cock was now throbbing and I felt more precum land on my abdomen as I felt my Aunts hand grasp my cock just below the head and slowly pull down until my foreskin was fully retracted. I could not help myself, I let out a low moan of pleasure as she pulled it down as far as it would go. I heard my Aunt tell me that she was going to push my foreskin back over the head and then retract it a few times to test for elasticity. I felt her hand push up and cover my cock head with my foreskin and then gently pull it all the way back down, again causing me to moan and leak more precum. My cock was now throbbing so hard that I did everything I could to prevent myself from cumming. As she started to push my foreskin back up, I knew that when she pulled it back again, I would not be able to hold back. I tried to sit up, but her hand gently retracted my foreskin all the way and I shot my load all over my face, neck, chest and abdomen with a loud moan of pleasure.

I lay there panting, feeling my face bright red, but my Aunt quickly reassured me, telling me that a lot of teenage males ejaculated while having their foreskins examined. She added that I had nothing to be embarassed about and that my testicles and penis were very healthy and above average size for a male my age. That relaxed me and even made me feel good, as I was a little insecure that most of the guys and some of the girls at my school were taller than me. She then handed me some paper towel to clean up with and and explained that although my foreskin was a little tight it would not require any kind of intervention. As I wiped myself off, she went on to explain that I should wait until the head of my penis was leaking precum before retracting my foreskin. Adding that the lubrication would make it slide back easily. As I was pulling my clothes on my Aunt asked me if there was anything else I wanted to talk about. I told her that I had been seeing a girl from my school for a few months. My Aunt was very pleased and asked me how it was going. I told her that I really liked her and that her name was Beth. My aunt turned and reached into a drawer, then turned and handed me some condoms. She told me she was not encouraging me to have sex, but was giving them to me just in case. She went on to say to be sure to use one no matter what, not only to prevent pregnancy, but to prevent STD's as well. She emphasized again that I should wear one no matter what. I promised her I would when the time came. She then told me to call her anytime to talk about anything, I told her I would, hugged her and walked out of the office.

A couple months after my exam I was at a party where there was a lot of alcohol. Almost everyone was drinking except for me and a few others. As it started to get late one of the older guys offered me and 2 others a ride home. I said no at first because I knew he had been drinking, but he and my friends talked me into it by convincing me that he was okay to drive. During the drive, my 2 friends in the back seat were joking around and pouring beer they had brought with them on each other and then on me and the driver. I knew it had been a mistake to take the ride, but it was too late now. About a mile from my place we saw the flashing lights and heard the siren. We were quickly pulled over and the cops smelling the beer got everyone out of the car. They gave the driver a breath test while me and the others sat on the curb. It did not take long until the driver was in handcuffs and in the back of the police cruiser. Soon, two more police cars pulled up and me and the other 2 were being questioned. I told the cop talking to me that I had not been drinking, but he leaned close to me, sniffed and told me I reeked of beer. I tried to explain that it had been poured on me, but I was soon handcuffed and in the back of a cruiser as were my 2 friends.

At the police station I was asked for my parents number, thinking quickly I lied and said they were out of town and that I was staying with my Aunt and gave them her number. About 30 minutes later I saw my very angry Aunt walk into the station. She talked with the police for a while and then they released me into her custody. I followed her out to her car and we both climbed in. The ride to her place was done in silence, I tried to say sorry to her but she cut me off and said we would talk at her place. Once inside her door she noticed for the first time that my t-shirt was soaking and smelled of beer. Without a word she grabbed the bottom of it and pulled it up and off me and threw it in the laundry room. She then grabbed my hand and led me to the sofa and we both sat down. She asked me what had happened, and I explained to her everything that had happened. She