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Ahh memories (My last paddling at a Catholic high school)

by 7swift_licks

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I was two weeks from high school graduation when I received my last childhood paddling. It was a Catholic high school in the 80's and they strongly believed in 'the laying of the wood' even if you were a senior. There was a debate starting amongst parents at that time if paddling should be done away with... especially paddling students who were older.

Nothing had been worked out yet, so Seniors were still eligible for the paddle if a teacher felt it necessary... They had just started a new procedure, though, where another teacher had to be present as a witness. (Side note: paddling is no longer allowed at that school any more.)

I had gotten paddled a lot there and found myself developing an attraction to it. I felt weird and a little perverted about it, never telling anyone, but it was there. And getting paddled from a teacher you found attractive made it even more erotic... no matter how painful it was or even how embarrassing it might be if there was an audience. (other teachers, students)

Anyway, I was getting quite cocky towards the end of my career there, thinking that I was now an adult and didn't have to submit to authority any more.

Well one day, my Consumer Problems teacher (who I always had a bit of a crush on... and looked soooo good in a suit) finally had it with my smart mouth. He stopped class and led me out of the room. He went to the classroom next door (that was study-hall at the time) and asked the teacher there if he could use his services (to be a witness).

The three of us then walked to my teacher's office where he retrieved his paddle from his desk. It was huge... and had been used on most of us boys. I had a taste of it two times before. He taught multiple classes for all different grades. The first time was when I was a freshman. A few of us guys had gotten rowdy during gym class (where he was one of the coaches). He lined us offenders up after class and whacked us hard.

The second time, I had been late (for, like, the fifth time) to his Drafting class when I was a junior. He gave me a choice of Saturday detention or a paddling. I had a job on Saturdays so I had to take the paddling. After class was over, He summoned me to the shop class (that was empty at the time) bent me over a wood bench and laid down the law.

In both of these incidents, I would get an erection when I thought about it later on that night in my room. I would masturbate thinking how hot the situation was and how hot he was. In my six year career there, I had gotten paddled by a good number of teachers, the principal and even the head pastor... but (obviously) there wasn't as much eroticism with it like there was with him.

But this time was going to be little different... I was about to graduate high school. I knew this would probably be my last spanking there... and it was going to be from him. Even though I got along with him really well, I started thinking I had subconsciously run my mouth off on purpose... to get one last taste of him before I left this place for good to enter adulthood.

He shared an office space with about eight other teachers and there was some sort of meeting going on; So we weren't going to do it there (I was thankful for that!)

We walked down the hall to a classroom that wasn't being used at the time. He directed me to the front of the room where there was an open space. He set the paddle down on a desk so he could take off his suit jacket. He didn't mess around in this department. He had a reputation as being one of the hardest spankers in the whole school. Some of the female teachers there would seek out his services if they had an unruly male student. And he would gladly comply if he wasn't too busy.

He gave me a short lecture with one hand on my shoulder, telling me how I was almost a man and how I should be acting like it instead of displaying disrespect for authority. The witness teacher just watched all this with his arms folded seeming mildly amused.

The lecture was now over and the moment had come. He picked the paddle up and told me to empty my back pockets. I pulled my wallet out of my back pocket and laid it on a desk.

He then walked behind me and commanded me to bend over and touch my toes. The witness teacher stepped to the side as I bent over.

He then preceded to lay three scorching licks using both hands on the paddle. It stung like mad and I let out a hiss after each one but I was determined to be a man and not let him see me whimper... so I stayed in position and grit my teeth.

When it was done, I straightened back up. He shook my hand and we headed back to class. He and the witness teacher discussed baseball as we made the trip back.

I had to face a room full of boys who were hollering and cheering when I entered the room. I just shot an embarrassed smile as the teacher told them to settle down. I went back to my seat and class resumed. My concentration was shot for the rest of the day. I couldn't stop thinking about it and I had sore buttocks to remind me of it every time I sat down. (I also had fellow students reminded me of it that day as well: "Oh man... you got the wood!")

The next day I saw him in the hall. He gave me a hello and I apologized for my behavior the day before. "Well we handled it didn't we?" He shot back with a sly smile,
"Yes sir" I answered... almost like a cadet would answer a corporal. He patted me on the shoulder and then continued on his way.

I think he would die if he knew how this little practice had become a fetish in me... and how I felt about him... and how I have been chasing it ever since (spending time online looking for other men into it... Participating in the BDSM community where I live... Going to BDSM parties and sometimes coming home black n' blue)

I never saw him again after I graduated, but I still fantasize about him from time to time. It took me a while to accept myself and come out of the closet. And then it took another few years to finally have sex with another man. Even though I was a virgin until I was 25, I'll always consider him to be my first sexual experience... (I bet he would just die if he knew that as well!)

Oh well, I guess all of us on this site have some sort of story like this or something along the same lines. I still haven't figured out how this came to be in me... But maybe it's too big for me to figure out or even understand! So screw it... I'm just gonna enjoy it!

Now who wants to play?

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