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My Son's First Proper Spanking

by Naughtyspank

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My Son's First Proper Spanking

I grew up with strict but loving discipline. The moment I stepped out of line my father would be quick to administer just punishment. That was usually applied to my bare buttocks but occasionally I did get the tawse applied to my hands as additional punishment. Daddy started my corporal punishments from age two. He realised that a little boy of even such tender years needed strict parental guidance and correction when necessary. My memories are obviously quite sketchy from those days but my wonderful father filled me in with all the details when I had my own sons. I was keen to start disciplining them at an early age too but I wanted to make sure I was doing it right. I had certainly learnt a lot while spread across my father's lap for sound bot-warming sessions but I wasn't sure how to deal with such a small boy.

'You must chastise the little tyke right away so he knows that he's done wrong! Then immediately scoop him up under your arm and unfasten his nappy. Lightly smack his bare bottom but make the spanking last for some time to reinforce your authority. You can spank him harder when he gets older but just keep lightly slapping his buttocks until they assume a pleasant rosy glow. Spend anything between 5 and 10 minutes on this first session. As he gets older you can make the sessions longer and the spanks much harder.'

With my father's sound advice I soon put what he'd said into practice and after a scolding for his mischief I gave my son's bottom a good warming. Underarm spankings were certainly an effective form of chastisement but I looked forward to proper over the knee sessions where I could spend a good deal longer on our 'father-son conferences'! My father had remarked on the true bonding that a father and son can achieve through long, hot spanking sessions so the first time I had my boy across my lap for a really proper smacking was a most delightful experience. I'd been giving him regular underarm bottie warmings for a couple of years but after a period of severely naughty behaviour I decided to forge ahead and give him a really memorable spanking he wouldn't forget!

The last straw was the perennial naughty boy act of crayoning the wall. It filled me with a strange mix of rage and delight when I saw that he'd really overstepped the boundaries this time. I positively wanted to thrash the living daylights out of him but I knew that a proper spanking should be given with a mix of compassion and sensitivity. Instead of immediately flying at him I restrained myself and lit a cigarette. I sat down and puffed away on my elegant long cigarette and contemplated on what to do. Thank goodness for my cigarettes I thought! Without them I think I would most certainly have thrashed him with the cane. The nice long whippy cane was too much for a boy of this age I soon realised. In a couple more years I'd certainly give him some very sound hidings across his tight shorts as he bent over the back of the sofa. It was a delicious thought imagining myself laying on some well-deserved stripes to his pert, chubby bot but that would have to wait. For the moment I would have to satisfy myself by giving the boy the soundest bare bottie spanking of his young life!

I finished my cigarette and sallied forth upon my mission. One very sorry little boy would soon be howling his little heart out. I decided on a perfect plan of action that would work in two stages. Firstly, I positioned a low footstool in front of the scene of the crime. I then searched for my little boy and found him in his bedroom crayon in hand. After a quick dressing down I lifted him up under my arm and retraced my steps back to the scene of the crime. I pointed out the wickedness he'd done and told him he was now to be getting a very thorough spanking. I then pulled his tight little shorts and underpants down just enough to frame his pert chubby bot cheeks. Without further ado I placed one foot on the footstool and hoisted my little boy across my outstretched thigh. He was draped over my leg so that his soft rounded bottie was positioned high in the air. A perfect target for a quick scene of the crime spanking I thought.

“Naughty little boy! Take that! And that! You've been a very bad boy and daddy's now spanking your naughty bare bot-bot! Bad, bad boy! Here's another! And another! Wicked little boys use crayons on walls! Naughty, naughty!”

It was a fairly hard spanking to teach him an immediate lesson and I spent a few minutes turning those delectably pert bot cheeks a gorgeous rosy hue. I held him firmly in place as he tried to wriggle away from my punishing smacks. His cute little legs were soon kicking up and down as if he was pedalling a bicycle and he howled away in the firm knowledge he was receiving his just desserts. I could have slapped those bare buttocks forever and ever I thought but decided that part one of our spanking session must come to a conclusion so I lifted my bawling son from my thigh and made him stand facing the very wall he'd done his mischievous artwork upon.

I had ordered him not to move and left him there with copious tears running down his pretty face. I sat back down on the nearby settee and enjoyed another one of my long, elegant cigarettes. My anger had now subsided and I was thoroughly enthralled by the pure romance of chastisement. His crying was a pure symphony to my ears, his crimson buttocks a magnificent work of art to my eyes. I thought of the many years ahead that would be filled with such delectable scenes. I imagined the day I would give him his first caning and how his chubby bottom would have filled out even more to make for a perfect target as he lay over the back of the settee. I'd give a good six across his tight shorts and have a pillow placed under him so his bot was up high in the air. I'd then peel down his shorts and underpants to inspect the stripes before taking him over my lap to really heat up his buttocks with a nice hand-spanking. I had long decided that instruments of correction were fine but would always be a precursor to a sound bare bottie smacking session. My father had caned me from the age of 5 but I thought I'd wait a little longer with my own son. I'd carefully monitor the development of his buttocks and perhaps introduce the cane when he was 6 or 7. With all the spankings he'd received by then his bot should certainly be ready for a very sound thrashing.

My little boy was still facing the wall and his sobbing and cute little hiccups had subsided a little. Now was the time to move on to our proper session together. I did up his underpants and shorts so he could walk up the stairs with me to his bedroom. Without a word I took his little hand and we climbed the stairs together. What an utterly divine moment it was! The knowledge that a very sound over-the-knee spanking was ahead was such a thrilling prospect. In his room I sat on the bed and looked deeply in his eyes and scolded him once again.

“We're far from finished, Benjamin Truscott! You must learn your lesson well! Daddy is now going to strip you all bare naked, take you over his lap and smack your naughty bot-bot for a very long time! When you've been a very bad boy you will always get a naked spanking from now on!”

If he thought he had had enough he was sadly mistaken. He looked to the ground and did the little boy pout that many naughty boys do when they're about to be soundly spanked. Little does he realise that when I see a pout on a little boy I just want to smack his bottie sore! Without further ado I started to take his clothes off. Firstly his cute little brown sandals and white ankle socks, then his stripy pullover and vest came up over his head and off and finally I undid his shorts and underpants once again and put him over my lap to begin the best smacking he'd ever had. This was a position he'd be getting very accustomed to over the next few years. I loved feeling the full weight of my son across my thighs. It just seemed so natural for a father to have his boy in this position. I savoured the moment for a minute or two and held him tightly with my left hand as my other hand smoothed and patted his soft round bot. Then I slightly elevated my right thigh by raising my heel in the air. My boy's pert rounded bottie was now sitting proudly in the air and I could now begin slapping away. I felt this was a very defining moment in our father-son bonding. It was to be a spanking of true and utter love.
I smoothed my hand across the delectable soft round globes and then raised it to begin his first really proper lap spanking session.

“Naughty boy! Bad little Ben! Take that! And that! You've been a very naughty little boy and now you're getting your bottie spanked sore! Here's another! And another! Naughty naked little boy! Wicked tyke! Learn your lesson well, little boy! Naughty, naughty! Bad boy Ben!”

I started with what I call 'butterfly spanks'. Light little smacks to his bot cheeks. Just enough to let him know we've begun our little 'conference' together. When I apply butterfly spanks I like to use my fingertips to gradually ease the boy into the punishment session. I danced my cute little smacks across his plump soft bottom like I was conducting a symphony. The music that emanated was an orchestral symphony of little boy cries, slapping and my vocal scolding. A real masterpiece was in the making! I even perfected this punishment technique in years to come with the cane as well. Light strokes of the cane meant I could apply more strokes than a quick hard thrashing. I did like extremely long sessions with my boy so there was no point in wasting too much energy in one short burst. 30 or 40 strokes of the cane would not be unusual and I even gave him 50 strokes a few times. The last few were always real stingers though...just so he realised he was getting a proper hiding. Ben always left our sessions clutching his well-toasted bot and howling away like all well chastised naughty boys should.

I gradually started to increase the frequency and strength of the butterfly spanks. I also started to use more of my hand to punish his bare bottom. After a few minutes of applying these smacks all over his peachy bot cheeks I introduced the occasional full open palm smack. His little legs did a nice kick up and down every time I applied a more forceful smack. It was so captivating to watch. The rhythm gradually built up until father and son were eventually united together in full spanking harmony. I was giving my son his first formal naked spanking and knew that over the next ten years or so there would be many more to look forward to.

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