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Arguing with your Step-Brother

by Brians Sister

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It had been three weeks since Jay Emmett found himself over his step-mom's lap for a spanking. Jay had been warned by both his Dad and his step-mom about his behavior and there had been a couple of near-misses. Last Friday, Jay had been able to talk himself out of a spanking from his Dad for not cleaning his room when he had been told to. Through some fancy talking and diversion tactics, Jay had dodged that event by the skin of his teeth.

It was the week before his sixteenth birthday and he was sitting in the living room couch watching a show. He and his twelve-year-old step-brother Jared had been bickering most of the morning about one thing or another. Jay's Dad was out golfing and his step-mom had warned both boys earlier that morning that if they could not along there would be consequences. Jay, although he would deny it if asked, secretly hoped that his stepmom would spank him again. It wasn't like he was "into" spanking or anything but the emotions that he felt after the last spanking he got from his step mom left the boy confused.

Jared wasn't a bad kid, but he was just a kid. Jay really wanted to watch a tennis match on ESPN 2, but Jared was set on watching some kid show on Disney. The pair argued and Jared had appealed to his Mom. Of course Alice took her kid's side and made Jay "deal with it". Jay spent the next fifteen minutes making comments, poking his step-brother, or throwing little toys at the boy. Finally Jared exploded and jumped on the older teen screaming and crying that he was teasing him. Jay punched Jared in the arm causing him to cry out and scream for his Mother who immediately appeared in the doorway wielding a very familiar wooden spoon. "I warned you boys and I swear you can't behave yourselves for ten minutes. You are like a bunch of five year olds instead of mature young men. If you want to act like little boys, I am going to treat you like them. Stand up Jay and pull down your pants," Alice said walking into the room where the boys were sitting.

"Come on, please Alice, I didn't do anything," Jay pleaded as his step-mom crossed the room and pulled Jay to his feet. Jay knew that unlike his Dad, his step-mom was less likely to be talked out of. "What are you waiting for Jay?" Alice asked her step son. "I wasn't doing anything Alice. Jared is just a baby and..." Jay started.

"You are not going to go their Jay. I told you to pull down your pants and you better get them down before I lose my patience. Jay slowly moved his hands to the fly of his jeans and undid the top button and then lowered the zipper of his pants. Alice noted that the teenager's basket looked a little bigger than normal as he undid his pants. Brittany must have detected the change in air in the house and walked into the room, stopping in the doorway in time to see her step-brother undo the fly of his pants and slide them down to his knees. She saw the wooden spoon that her Mom used to spank her brother and her in her Mother's hand it was obvious what was going on. "Your underpants too, Jay. You know I don't spank any other way than bare bottom," Alice said as they watched the very red-faced teenager very reluctantly lower his boxer shorts to rest on top of his jeans he had just lowered to his knees.

Alice immediately noted that Jay was sporting a fairly prominent hard-on he as trying to hide behind his hands. "Well Jay, I didn't expect you to get that excited to get a spanking," Alice said as she stared at the boy's appendage, "move your hands. You don't have anything that we haven't seen before or will see again."

Jay slowly dropped his hands to his sides. Brittany snickered and Jared smirked and said, "boner" under his breath. Alice sat down on the couch where Jay had been sitting and pulled the teenager over her lap. She felt the firm appendage pressing against her bare thigh as positioned the boy over her knees and commenced spanking. Jay bucked and twisted like had the night, but with his jeans and underpants trapping his legs to some degree, the show was not as spectacular. Jay was thoroughly spanked and by the time his step mom pulled him to his feet he was crying openly. He hands went immediately to his bottom further exposing his now flaccid appendage to flap around wildly before his families' eyes.

"If you think you can behave yourself Jay, you can pull your pants back up. I think it may be a good idea if you were to go outside and start on the yard work your Dad wanted done today," Alice instructed her step-son as he hastily pulled his boxers and jeans back into place and did them up.

"Jared, let's go up to your room," Alice directed her son as she took hold of his wrist. "Mom, no, please. Why are we going up to my room..." he pleaded but everyone knew why they were ascending the stairs. As soon as the bedroom door closed, the familiar command could be heard. "Jared, pull down your pants," his Mom ordered the twelve-year-old. Silence ensued for a few moments and the very familiar sounds of a twelve-year-old boy's bare bottom being reacquainted with the wooden spoon. Jay felt his cock stir as he heard the sounds of the boy's pleas and cries each time the spoon made contact with bare skin. Jared's lecture was conducted with the boy over her lap, the spanking more prolonged and interspersed with periods of conversation. Jared was a lot smaller and Jay surmised that since he was heavier the position over his step mom's lap was more uncomfortable. Regardless of why, Jay did thoroughly enjoy hearing the exchange and only wished that he would be able watch his step brother's spanking.

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