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Bruised Bottoms

by Kevin Burston

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The local swimming pool was the venue where all the school boys were to be seen over the weekend. The pool was owned and operated by twenty seven year old Burt, who had inherited it from his dad.

Burt had tried his hand as a teacher as he liked to be around young boys, but when his dad suggested he take over the pool, he jumped at the opportunity.

When the boys gave trouble, he would spank their soft wet naked buttocks in his office. Of course the boys could always refuse to be punished or even complain, but none chose to do so as they knew they would be barred from the pool, and no boy would want that.

Adrian was a happy go lucky sixteen year old boy. He had an unruly mop of blond hair. He liked to lay out in the sun, and he was proud of his well tanned body.

Recently his uncle gave him a new swimming costume for his birthday. It was much skimpier than his previous garment, and it exposed a fair amount of his young small buttocks which in contrast to his brown legs was as white as the driven snow.

As he strolled around the pool, all eyes were on his recently beaten bottom. The boys could clearly see the marks of what looked as if they came from a jockey's whip. Which indeed was what his uncle used to beat him with.

The pain in has bottom had long ceased to bother him now, but it would retain the evidence of his savage beating for awhile. His uncle had a violent temper and it didn't take much for him to fly off the handle. Adrian got into a heated argument with him which somehow got out of control. At the time the boy had just showered and was only wearing a towel which his uncle stripped off the boy. Then Adrian found himself naked and bent over his own bed.

His uncle reached for the whip, which always seemed to be nearby when situations like this arose. Then he showed not one iota of mercy as his whip lashed the young boy's thighs and soft buttocks mercilessly.

Adrian howled with the pain and sobbed uncontrollably. He felt he didn't deserve to be whipped like an animal. When his father was alive, he had never beaten him, and although Adrian had been caned several times at school, nothing like this had ever happened to him before.

There was another boy the same age from a different school who was a frequent visitor to the pool. Jeffrey had jet black hair, and dark skin. He had an attractive face in a gypsy sort of way. Although he knew Adrian, and did indeed like him, both boys kept to their own school friends, as was the custom.

While the boys were showering after their swim, Jeffrey noticed the horrible whip marks on Adrian's bottom. He felt sorry for the other boy, and at the same time, the sight of the badly bruised bottom turned him on. This had never happened to him before, but standing in the showers together, he couldn't resist reaching out and touching the other boy's bottom. Adrian pulled back angrily before Jeffrey spoke.

"I guess you must have done something really bad to get a beating like that."

"No." Adrian replied. "My uncle has a very short fuse and he looses his temper for no reason whatsoever."

Jeffrey put his hand on the other boy's shoulder in a comforting gesture, and this time Adrian didn't turn away, he just smiled.

One afternoon, a couple of weeks later, Adrian with his bottom now back to par, was running around the pool making a nuisance of himself. Burt had warned him repeatedly to behave and to slow down. But the warning was not heeded and he inadvertently bumped into Jeffrey and sent him flying into the pool.

In a flash Burt was on the scene as he could see the anger in Jeffrey's eyes and he didn't want the boys to get into a fight. He grabbed Adrian roughly by the arm and marched him to his office, while the boy was still protesting his innocence.

" I was pushed, it was an accident. It was an accident." He wailed.

"Well." Burt replied, "If it was an accident, why didn't you apologise?"

"Because you didn't give me the chance." The boy retorted angrily.

"Adrian, I have warned you time and time again, not to run around the pool, as you are likely to cause an accident which is precisely what happened today. Somebody could get hurt, and I'm sure you wouldn't want that to happen, would you?"

At this stage Burt was sitting behind his desk, and he reached out and grabbed the boy and commenced to take his swimming costume off. However Adrian resisted the approach which made Burt very angry indeed.

"Very well boy if you won't take your punishment, you leave me no alternative but to bar you from my pool for one month." He paused for a moment, to let the news sink in and as there was no reaction from the boy he said:

"Lets make that two months."

"You can't do that to me. It is not fair!" Complained the boy.

But Adrian knew there was no way he could get out of the spanking. He knew he had been warned, and he would be at a loss of somewhere to go and be with his friends if he was barred from the pool.

He began to sob silently as he quietly lowered his swimming briefs and faced Burt, who immediately put him across his knee. By now there were no traces of his uncle's handiwork left on his bottom. The man's hand easily covered both the boy's soft wet buttocks, and for several minutes he spanked the boy until he felt the youngster had learned his lesson.

Finally Adrian was allowed to stand up, and he left the office with the tears streaming down his face. Waiting outside was Jeffrey. He was no longer angry, he only wished he could have been the one to have administered the spanking. All he could do was to smile weakly at the boy. Then Adrian's uncle Gerry turned up.

"So, I see you have got yourself into trouble here again. Well you know what to expect when I get you home. If your bottom is sore now, it will be nothing compared to how it will feel when I have done with it."

Jeffrey felt sorry for Adrian, and he couldn't bear the thought that he would be whipped again. He decided to come to his rescue.

"Please sir, it wasn't his fault. We were just playing together, and then I slipped and fell into the pool. It was my own fault. The owner thought he pushed me, but he didn't."

Then as if to confirm their friendship, Jeffrey put his arm around Adrian's shoulders, and Gerry
seemed convinced he was telling the truth. As the boys went to the showers, Gerry couldn't help but admire the chocolate brown bum of his nephew's friend.

Jeffrey decided to share the same shower with Adrian, and he moved in close to him. He started to rub his friend's back with the bar of soap, and then shortly after he brought the soap down to his buttocks. This was a daring move to make in the public showers, but the other boys didn't seem to notice or care. It was only when Jeffrey gave Adrian's soft soapy buttocks a firm slap. That the others boys took notice, but they just giggled amongst themselves, as this was quite common behaviour in the showers.

Both boys now were fully aware what Jeffrey's intentions were, but to drive his point home, Jeffrey said.

"You owe me."

"For what?? Adrian replied.

"You know, I saved your cute little ass from a thrashing with your uncle's whip, that's what." Jeffrey said as his soapy hand returned to his friend's bum which he started to squeeze.

"So what do you want?" Adrian asked, knowing full well what the answer was.

"Well I wouldn't mind a piece of your ass myself."

"So, you want to spank me, is that it?" Adrian tried to sound incredulous. He gave Jeffrey a big smile as he said.

"Well you can't do that to me here."

As Gerry walked with the boys to the car park, Jeffrey asked if he could come home with him as his folks were out and he didn't like being in the house by himself. Adrian was fully aware why Jeffrey wanted to come home with him and it had nothing to do about being left alone in his house. He wanted to spank his bum, and Adrian was quite happy to accommodate his new friend, in fact he was looking forward to it.

Normally he hated being on the receiving end of corporal punishment being dished out by adults, but Adrian thought it might be cool to be spanked by a boy his own age. He had enjoyed being naked with Jeffrey in the shower, and he liked the feel of his soapy hand on his bum. He knew bending over his knee would not be a problem. In fact there was a stirring in his groin at the very thought of it, and Jeffrey was experiencing the same sensation.

When Gerry drove the boys home, he said he had to go out for an hour or so. He warned the boys to behave or accept the consequences.

An excited Jeffrey followed his friend up to the boy's bedroom, there was a lump in his pants at the very thought of having Adrian's bare bum across his knee. He earnestly hoped he might be able to mount his new friend as well. The thought had never occurred to him before, but after seeing Adrian's bruised buttocks, all he could think of was getting his hands on his bum and his cock up his ass. He didn't think he would get off first base though. The boys hardly knew one another, and although Adrian had only agreed to the spanking, and was looking forward to it, Jeffrey didn't think he had a chance in hell of entertaining any other activities with his friend's bum.

Adrian tore off his t shirt, and after his shorts fell to the floor, he stepped out of them and stood before Jeffrey who was sitting on the bed. He had stripped off to his briefs as well. Adrian walked up close to the other boy and lay his hands on Jeffrey's shoulders who proceeded to guide Adrian's briefs slowly off the boy. He admired his healthy looking lunch before guiding him across his knee in the classic spanking position.

Jeffrey was in his element as he gazed down fondly at his friend's peach like buttocks. But before he had even got to stroke them, his cock got so hard that he felt if he bent it, it might break off. He wanted to check out his friend's boy hole, and he was surprised that the cheeks were tightly shut.

Never mind he thought to himself, as he commenced to spank the peachy buttocks. As his hand couldn't completely cover both cheeks, he decided to concentrate on one buttock at a time. He would run his hand up and down Adrian's upper leg and thighs and then let go with a firm slap that left an imprint of his hand on his friend's bum.

Adrian loved the feel of his friend's hand as it moved up and down his legs before he received a wallop that shook his buttock. Although it did bring some discomfort to the boy, he had a firm handle on it.

Very soon Adrian's other buttock was itching for some attention from Jeffrey's hand, but before this happened. Jeffrey tried once again to get a glimpse of what lay between the cheeks of his friend, but the boy's buttocks were still closed tight.

Jeffrey then devoted his attention to the spanking the fresh buttock, and before long he had brought out some color to the boy's bum. He was happily spanking the bouncing buttock when suddenly without any warning both buttocks opened up as if on cue and Jeffrey was able to get a glimpse of the finest piece of boy pussy that he ever could have imagined.

By now his cock had burst out of his briefs. He could no longer control it. It had got a whiff of boy pussy and now it wanted a taste of the forbidden fruit.

Adrian turned around in a panic when he saw the size of his friend's member.

"You are not going to put that up my ass, are you?" Adrian said with a certain amount of fear in his voice.

"Don't worry Adrian, I'll go easy on you. I promise. Now please just relax for me and let nature take it's course."

Adrian didn't know how he was going to be able to cope, but he did relax. He was aware that he had kept his part of the bargain by agreeing to a spanking, and he knew he could easily back out. But all of a sudden he felt that what he wanted, was the feel of Jeffrey's big cock right up his bum.

Jeffrey now felt the time was ripe to deflower his friend, and his erect cock was in agreement with him as it slowly but surely eased itself inside the boy's warm moist rectum. Adrian gave out a little cry at the intrusion, and Jeffrey paused momentarily before his cock continued it's journey as it began to experience the pleasures of paradise.

The boys spent a lot of time together after school, and Jeffrey's cock became a frequent visitor to his friend's pussy, after he had given him a good spanking first.

In the meantime Gerry was biding his time hoping to get the opportunity to use his whip on Jejfrey's t brown bum.

Ever since Jeffery began to hang out with Adrian, Jeffrey abandoned some of his former friends including Brian a boy who lived next door. He had been very close to Jeffrey who liked to spank him, and Brian had even let his neighbour screw him occasionally.

That was the price he was prepared to pay to be friends with Jeffrey, who had told him in no uncertain terms that was one of the conditions of their friendship. Since Adrian arrived on the scene all that changed. He was no longer welcome and he became obsessed in seeking revenge on his former boyfriend.

One weekend Gerry had to go away, and he suggested Adrian invite Jeffrey to keep him company in his absence. He warned both boys to behave or else.

Brian saw his chance. He had just turned eighteen and he was legally able to buy beer from the liquor store. So he set off and bought a couple of six packs and turned up unexpectedly at Adrian's home. Jeffrey was not all that happy to see his neighbour, but he relished the thought of having a couple of beers.

The following day Gerry got back from his trip, and the first thing he smelt was stale beer. Although the boys had got rid of the empty cans and cleaned up, some beer had spilt on the carpet and it now stunk to high heaven. Gerry smiled to himself. He now had the opportunity to use his whip on Jeffrey's brown bum, something he had been looking forward to for ages.

That afternoon when Jeffery came back from his school with his nephew, Gerry was waiting for the boys. Prominently displayed on the kitchen table was the whip. Both boys froze when they saw it.

The first thing Gerry did was to produce a garbage bag which had the tell tale empty beer cans. Then he confronted the boys with the evidence. Adrian told his uncle that Brian had brought the beer into the house, and Gerry believed the boy, but he said both boys were minors and were forbidden by law to partake of alcohol.

Gerry then announced that he was going to whip their backsides. He would call Jeffrey's dad first to get permission, and he would also get in contact with Brian's dad who he knew. Brian might well be eighteen, but he was still very much subjected to his father's discipline, and Gerry knew he would be annoyed when he found out that his son was supplying under age boys with beer.

Jerry was in two minds whether the whip the boys separately or together. In the end he took the latter option as he liked the idea of having two contrasting bottoms fully exposed for his whip.

The boys stripped completely and bent over with their elbows resting on the kitchen table. Gerry made some final adjustments to their young, about to be beaten bodies, before he stepped back to enjoy the view. He was only seconds away from lashing away at Jeffrey's light brown bum.

He ran his whip between the buttocks of both boys before he raised his it high in the air and brought it down with all his might on Jeffrey's bum. The boy had never experienced such excruciating pain in his life before. He tried to scream out but no sound came.

Jeffrey knew this was only the start and he wondered how he was going to cope with another five strokes of the whip. His young body shook every time the whip landed on his bruised and swollen buttocks.

All through his friend's punishment, Adrian was dreading his turn. He knew it was only moments away. He heard the cries and moans of his friend, and his heart went out to him.

He didn't have to wait long before he he felt the lash of the whip on his soft little bum. Although he had been whipped before, it was something he knew he would never be able to get used to. Each beating was as bad as the one before. It was small consolation that his friend was getting the same treatment as himself.

The following Saturday afternoon both boys were sitting by the pool. Their little bottoms still bore the scars of the terrible whipping they had endured.

Adrian was in good spirits, as he had some news to impart to his new friend. He had been invited down to the country for a fortnight. He would be staying with Gerry's brother and he wanted Jeffrey to accompany him.

"You will really like it down on the farm." Adrian began.

"There are lots of handsome young stable boys, and I can guarantee you we will both have ample opportunities to spank their country bottoms. What do you say?"

Jeffrey was delighted to hear this piece of news. He was eager to get away for a couple of weeks. He didn't need to be asked a second time. Putting his arm around the shoulders of his friend he gave him a warm smile and said.

"By the way, does this other uncle of yours pack a jockey whip as well?"

"Sure does." Came the prompt reply.

"How else would he be able to keep the recalcitrant stable boys under control?"

the end

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