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Caught Lying and a Very Hard Hairbrush Spanking

by Bouncing Boy

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I was 12 years old and going to be starting the 7th grade in about a month soon. I was getting a lot of spankings that summer. During 6th grade until about March, my spankings were by hand to my bare bottom by both parents. My brother Jeff, a year younger got the same. My friend Patrick who was my age, overheard my mom telling his mother that she had given me a real hard spanking the day before and her hand was sore and she was thinking about getting a paddle like my friend Paul's parents used for spanking.

Patrick's mother said that they used a hairbrush on their boy's bare bottoms and it was a good spanking implement. Well, my mom decided that was a good idea and stared using the hairbrush on mine and my brother's bare bottoms and it really stung!

My dad used his hand, but he used the hairbrush on me a couple of times.Anytime I got in trouble which seemed like it was pretty often, I was over a lap getting my bare bottom spanked by one parent or the other. My friends Patrick and Paul were getting the same and so were the rest of my friends. I made the remark to my friends that I thought my parents saw my bare butt, more than my face, I was getting so many spankings. They agreed.

One nightas we ate supper. my dad asked me a question. He said,"John,were you out to Harold Marse's apple orchard after I told you not to go out there?" "No, I wasn't out there." I said."Well, I saw him this afternoon and he said you were there a few days ago." ,my dad said. " Well, I rode my bike home from Paul's and I just cut thru there, I guess.", I said.

My dad replied, "When you fininsh your supper, you go to your room and get your pajamas on and I'll be in." I said,"Yes sir."I quickly finished up and went to my room. I started getting my pajamas on and I was thinking I was just going to get a long lecture. At least that's what I was hoping for.

I got my pajamas on and sat on my bed and waited. I sat there for about ten minutes and I was kind of nervous, because I feared I might get a spanking. Pretty soon, the door opened and my dad came in carrying my mom's wooden ovel shaped hairbrush. My heart fell to my stomach.I knew then that he was mader than I thought and what I ws in for.He partially closed the bedroom door and got the "spanking chair and put it in the center of the room.

Then he took me by arm and we went to the chair, where he sat down and put the hairbrush on his lap. He pulled my pajama pants down and told me to step out of them, which I did. I had just put them on ten minutes ago, but I wasn't about to question him. Then he pulled my tee shirt up over my head and tossed it down with my pajama pants. There I stood buck naked, and embarrased a little with my little patch of newly acquired hair around my stuff. The window was open and there was a little breeze blowing in which felt kind of good, but it also meant that the neighbor boys and probably my brother would get to hear what was going to happen,since their driveway was right here by the window.

Then my dad picked up the hairbrush and pulled me over his lap.He posistioned me a litle, so that my bottom was just where he wanted it. I got my hands braced on the floor. i was already wimpering a little, my feet were not quite touching the floor on the other side. My little bubble butt was right where he wanted it.

Then my dad said,"You were told to stay out of that apple ocrcahrd and you went there anyway and then you lied, you are going to learn about lying!You lied to me!"

Then he cracked me right across my butt crack very hard about ten times. I was bawling immediately.Then he started back and forth all over my butt going from cheek. I was kicking and screaming bloddy murder and I had snot coming out of my nose. Then he spanked the back of my legs , which was total agony. After some of that, he went back and spanked me back and forth cheek to cheek.Then he stopped. I laid over his lap,sobbing.I laid there for two or three minutes and not dare try to get up. My dad was really mad and I didn't want to incur any more of his wrath., and if

Then my dad said," You are not going to disobey and lie to me, and if you do, you are going another spanking worse than this, do you understand?" "Yes, yes, I understand.", I said.

"Well, you had better understand!", my dad siad. Then he started spanking me again! He went very fast and just peppered every inch of my very sore bottom. It just went on and on and on! He was spanking me even longer,harder and faster than he did before. I was bouncing around and screeching. I kept my hands on the floor, because I knew that if I resisted or struggled, I would just get even more!

Finally he quit and I laid over his lap sobbibg away. Then my dad said," No more lying, do you understand?" "Yes sir", I blubbered out.Then he stood me up and I rubbed my very sore ottom, which did no good." You, go to bed", he said .My dad put the spanking chair iback in the corner until the next time and left the room closing the door. I laid on my bed on my stomach,naked and cried for an hour. Finally my mom came in and told me to get my pajams on, whick I did.

Three days later, my mom took me to my room to spank me, for one of my stunts. Like always she took down my pants and put me over her lap and spanked me with hairbrush. Later, I heard her tell my dad what I had done and that she had spanked me. She said that I still had blisters on my bottom from the spanking he gave me three days before. My dad didn't say much, but that was the last time he ever used the hairbrush on me, he started using his belt. That was no picnic either, let me tell you! I do think that the spanking my dad gave me for lying to him was one of the worst I ever got, if not the worst. Of course my mom continued using the hairbrush on both Jeff and I for at least another four or five years and my dad gave us many good workouts with belt, right up until we were High School seniors.

I actually thought that when I got into Junior High, I would be getting a lot less spankings, I got more, lot's more!

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