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Russell's First Anal Temperature Taking Followed by a Sound Diaper Style Spanking on the Bare Little Tushie

by Bunbuster

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"Come on man, that's a stupid old trick and it ain't gonna work", Russell said to his friend Eric.

"Works for me dude, parents are stupid, man", Eric said.

It's early Saturday morning and Russell was on his tummy in his birthday suit talking on the cellphone.

Russell's long soft hair was tucked behind his ears and his slender boyish body was slicked with sweat.

Jutting up from the deep walley that is the small of Russell's boyish back are his smooth and round young muffins, the creamy white with pink overtones color of the buns resembling 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream sprinkled with a small amount of cherry syrup.

Waving out of the sweet looking 18 year old's fanny crack is a wave of healthy boyish skink and soft strands of sweaty hair. On the floor of the stinky but delicious young buttcrack lay one of the pinkest, tightest, tenderest and most delicate looking little boyish butt buttons this side of bungholeville, pooty, puckery and satiny smooth.

Russell is lamenting to Eric that he has to clean the attic that morning when he would rather watch Saturday morning sports. Eric told him that he should light a match to the tip of a thermometer and fake a fever. Russell isn't buying it till Eric says something that causes our cute little hero to react.

"Come on dude, what's the big deal, if your stepdaddy finds out that you did it what's he gonna do, spank you?", Eric said jokingly and sarcastically. He was unaware that Russell indeed would get his cute little bottom spanked if that happened, spanked good and soundly.

"What, hell no, no fucking way, sure, I'll try that trick, no problem", Russell said to Eric as he blushed from head to toe and tenderly rubbed his cute ass muffins as his tight little booty hole puckered and unpuckered on it's own accord.

Of course, it was early morning and Russell was a healthy 18 year old pup, so he had other things to attend to.

"Ahhh, good morning, fat fellow", Russell greeted his very pink young pecker, almost as pink as his rosy bunghole, as he turned over on his back.

The drolling nice sizeed, quite thick, boner was so young and virile that the droolling tip was throbbing on Russell's snooth flat boyish belly.

"Whoa, look at the thick monster on the kid", Stepdad said to his wife as they peeked in the room.

"That's my baby", mom said proudly.

The couple watched as Russell lifted his legs up, ran the fingers of his right hand through his soaking wet buttbush, ran the sweaty fingers over the pink lips of his butthole, ran a sweaty finger in and out of the royal pink pooter and then started to pump his tock hard organ as he finger fucked his asshole. Stepdad was proud that Russell and his 19 year old brother Danny had learned the erotic nature of their assholes since he started to give them enemas. His finger and the enema nozzle, which for good measure he would run in and out of the rosy tender little orifices, in their butts led to both boys fingering fucking their farters while pounding theie cocks and the orgasms that were produced were extremely powerful.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

"Damn, look at the little stinker pumping away", Fred said as Russell bet his meat and finger fucked his farter as he moaned in boyish pleasure, half of which was the wet finger running along the pink walls of the boy's hiney hole.

"That's my baby", mom said with a maternal grin.


Russell screamed out loudly and jammed his finger deep into the inner reccesses of his pooter as sweetcream shot up onto the walls then oozed out in continually spasms from the boy's pisslit.

"Whoa, that is one huge creamy load", stepdad said.

"That's my baby", mom said proudly, even in the face of the fact that it was her who was going to clean the cum stains off of the walls and it was her who laundered Russell's drawers which were usually coated with old cum from being used as cum towels along with the usual brown and yellow boyish stains. She didn't mind though, since Russell was her baby. Hey, would you mind?

"Mom, I think that I have a fever, can you bring in a thermometer?",Russell asked in a 'sick little boy' voice.

Russell, still so much a kid at the young 'adult' age of 18, didn't seem to realize that a boy who just screamed out in a creamy orgasm is hardly a boy who is sick with fever.

Like the time that Russell's parents went out and his stepdad told him that he and his girlfriend were prohibited on going into the parents master bedroom, much less fucking in their big bed.

What did Russell and his girlfriend do? They went in the room anyway and made feverish sweaty love on the big bed. Russell knew how to use his fat pink tool and it helped that he asked his girlfriend to finger fuck his fanny hole which of course she gladly did. Wouldn't you?

Right before his parents came home Russell put the room back to the way he found it but right before walking out of the room he left behind a few of his big healthy boyish farts which his stepdad picked up on, he knew Russell's poots from the many spankings that he administered to the little stinker's cute young muffins, and the result was Russell's first spanking with the hairbrush, on the bare young bottom, in front of his girlfriend.

That story is 'I Smell You, Therefore I Spank You', so back to this story.

"Here honey", mom said as she put the thermometer in Russell's pink lipped mouth. Russell had the sheet over his genitals, which were slicked with sweat and boy cream, for privacy. He didn't realize that his mom had watched him pumping his pink piston and shooting sweetcream on the walls.

"Fever, a boy who explodes like that doesn't have a fever, I'll check on him", Fred said.

Russell had did what Eric instucted. He took the matches that he hid with his ciggies to heat up the end of the thermometer. He kept the ciggies hid for good reason. If his stepdad fouund out that he was smoking it was a smoking tail because the man would certainly spank his little bottom.

Half of Russell's life was spent tying to avoid a spanking while still being very much a rugged boy.

"Er, dad, hi", Russell shuddered as stepdad entered carrying another very long thermometer and a jar of vaseline.

"Well, you do have a temperature son but the way you beat your meat and screamed out afterwards makes it suspect to me, let's get these legs up", stepdaddy said as he knelt on the bed and lifted Russell's legs up over his head.

Russell was mortified. The last time that he was in this position was when he got his first diaper style spanking but then he at least had on a thong.

Russell was now looking at the puckered lips of his own fart hole and his stepdad looking at it too.

Then stepdad started to push the sweaty hair out of the way, like he did before an enema, to find Russell's little pooter.

"There is is, what a little asshole kiddo, no wonder that even your little poots are so loud", stepdad joked and Russell's ears burned with mortification.

As he did for an enema, stepdad ran a lubricated finger gently over the little butt pussy lips but this was the first time that Russell actually watched the man tenderly work his little poopchute. He was on his tummy for his enemas so he was just able to feel the tender loving care that the man, who tore his ass apart when he spanked him, used when he greased up his puckered pootchute.

Then he watched as stepdad ran his well greased pinkie in and out of his little asshole. Stepdad always used his pinkie to grease up Russell's rosy little butt button walls though he used his thick middle finger when he greased up 19 year old Danny's pink multipuckered young butt pussy walls.

The tender love that the man showed to his delicate little asshole and the mortification that Russell felt made Russell's ego defenses shatter and he was filled with boyish love for the man. It was like the times that the man spanked the ego out of him, along with the ability to sit down for a while, then took him in his massive arms and broad lap and cuddled him so lovingly that Russell wanted to stay there for hours rubbing his sore bare bottom and weeping big boyish tears into the man's chest.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." The thermometer felt good going up his little tushie hole but the outcome might not be good for young Russell's little tushie cheeks.

"Keep it in for a few minutes, son", stepdad said and he patted Russell's little rump paternally before putting his big puppy dog feet on the bed.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Russell groaned in pleasure as the thermometer was pulled from his can chute. He could see the pink butt pussy lips puckering outward as the little hole leg go of the implement.

"Ah, 98.6, and is that ciggies and matchs I see in that half opened drawer?", stepdad said as he read the thermometer and held Russell's legs up.

"Snagged again little bugger, I remember that time that you went into my room and I caught you because your fart gave you away and now it's your little farthole that gave you away", stepdad said and he stuck the thermometer in the jar of vaseline but didn't, as Russell fumed with worry, let Russell's legs down. Then the magic words that made Russell cringe with fear while his little bunghole puckered wildly.

"Youngman, you're getting a spanking", stepdad said and without further due he started to spank Russell's little butt as the boy howled and thrashed around on the bed.

Spank Spank Spank "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, dad." Russell looked at the big hand as it made stinging contact with his tender skin and he saw his little hole clench when it did and then unclench when it withdrew, showing the boy why he seemed to always boyishly poot when he got his little bottom spanked.

At that point sexy 18 year old Eric was coming up the driveway, confident that the match trick worked with Russell so that the 2 of them could watch sports. Eric was stunned to hear smacking sounds, sounds that were definately a big hand smacking a firm surface, and boyish yelps that sounded like Russell.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owww, dad, owwww, please, dad, yelp, yelp."

Eric was more then stunned when he peeked into Russell's window to see his little buddy in the diaper positin, tears dripping down his cute face and his asshole, so pink, so tender looking, puckering and unpuckering, as his stepdaddy, with a determined loving paternal look on his face that was as new to Eric as seeing his buddy in this position was, spanking Russell's little butt and tender thighs to a sore burning red.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, owww, sob, sob, sob, sob."

The combination of seeing his best bud in a very embarrassing position weeping big tears, and his rosy little asshole, which Eric had always dreamed of as a potential butt pussy, puckering juicy like and the stern loving look on stepdad's face as he spanked that ass was too much for Eric. He pulled out his pud and jerked off to his best orgasm ever.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owww, sob, sorry dad, sob, yelp, sob, yelp."

"Ahhhh, ahhhh." Eric was pumping his organ feverishly as he saw Fred stop spanking and tenderly let Russell's legs go so that weeping Russell was laying on his side with his red half moons facing the window.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Eric muffled his moaning as he came in a huge cream bomb. Seeing Russell's red butt mooning him was hot enough but then Russell reached back and rubbed his sore little buttcakes which spread the cheeks. The tender little butt pussy winking at him made Eric fill his western style bandana with a huge load of thick boyish balls milk.

Eric was in awe at how stepdad reached down to kiss Russell on the head and how Russell reached up and hugged him. He then saw the thermometer in the vaseline and he surmised that the man took his bud's booty temperature and also explained the greasy stuff that coated Russell's little butthole.

"If I ever lubricate that juicy bunghole for a buttfucking, I'm gonna use my tongue", Eric thought as he got another peek at Russell's little rosebud of a farter which was causing his teen cock to get hard again.

Stepdad told Russell that he was to be 'on duty' in 15 minutes and he ran his hand through the boy's long silky hair as he spoke.

Eric went home and masturbated into an apple pie, like the kid in 'American Pie' did but he dreamed that it was Russell's tight sexy pink farthole that he was fucking.

Afterwards Eric lamented the things that he didn't have that his buddy Russell did. A loving dad who took his anal temperature, who spanked his bottom to correct his behavior and who lovingly hugged him and ran his fingers through his long boyish mane of hair.

Later on that night, after a day of chores, pooping while squatting and taking his meals standing up, Russell was on his bed again on his flat boyish belly rubbing his boyish muffins which were now a sore crimson. He had not even showered that day so his buttcrack was really reeking of healthy boyish aroma.

"Oh, hi Eric", Russell said when he picked up his ringing cellphone.

"Oh yeah, the match trick worked perfectly" Russell lied as he rubbed his sore ass.

"Oh great dude, see ya soon", Eric said and he hung up the phone. No way was he going to let on that he saw his buddy get his fanny spanked, much less let him know that he beat his meat while he watched.

Eric jerked off again while thinking of Russell's pink little butthole puckering while Russell wept through a stinging spanking.

Afterwards Eric thought of the loving relationship that his buddy had with his stepdad which included hugs and kisses along with good old fashioned spankings.

Across town Russell rubbed his sore butt, compliments of his loving stepdad, puckered his little pink butthole which felt loved and cared for, compliments of stepdad and he fell into a deep sleep, sore but content with his life.

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