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Travis and the Spanks-a-Lot 3000

by Ivan Lachrymose

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Travis and the Spanks-a-Lot 3000

By Yakov

Author's Note: This is a sort of sequel to “Layton's Punishment for Shoplifting”, so you may want to read that story first to understand this one.

Of course, Wisconsin does not use Corporal Punishment on juvenile offenders and the premise of this story is fiction. But, there is really a mall in Masison called West Towne Mall.

Also beware that this story contains a rather intense spanking, and eroticized humiliation of young boys. So if that's not your cup of tea, please find a different story!

In 2009, the Wisconsin State Legislature passed a bill calling for the corporal punishment of juvenile offenders. It was passed in order to deter juvenile crime, to save money spent on juvenile detention centers during a time of economic crisis and ongoing deficits, and most importantly, so that members of the State Assembly and the State Senate could appear “tough on juvenile crime”.

The corporal punishment was to take the form of very severe spankings, not given by a person, but by a Spanking Machine. The Spanks-a-Lot 3000 Mechanical Spanking Machine was chosen, and dozens of the ferocious punishment machines were ordered and installed in new Spanking Centers that were being built across the state. In what I am sure is a coincidence, Spanks-a-Lot is owned by the brother of the State Senator who introduced the Protecting and Uniting Wisconsin Communities by Using Corporal Punishment on Juvenile Offenders Act of 2009 in the Wisconsin State Senate.

Not only were the spankings very painful, they were to be extremely humiliating as well. All the Spanking Centers would be open to anyone who was willing to buy tickets to see juvenile delinquents punished. Students in Middle School and High School were taken on field trips to watch a judicial spanking, in hopes of deterring them from breaking the law. In Madison, the Spanking Center was built at a mall, just like many cinemas are, in hopes of attracting the largest possible audience.

This would be Travis Killington's downfall when the young lad of 14 was caught shoplifting at the mall in his hometown of Madison one July afternoon. It was the third time he had been caught shoplifting, and the first two times he had been let off with a warning, but this time the Mall Security had called the police and he had been arrested. In a way, the new law was also his savior, as it prevented him from being sent to Juvenile Hall. Instead, he was sentenced to a spanking with the Spanks-a-Lot 3000, to take place the next Saturday. He was also placed on probation for 2 years and ordered to complete 50 hours of community service.

* * *

When Travis had been caught shoplifting, his 12-year-old friend Layton had been caught with him. Travis had been trying to get Layton to shoplift for months– he shoplifted often, just for fun– and finally, Layton agreed when he wanted a video game that his parents would not allow in their household. Layton was caught as well, but since it was his first offense, he was released to his parents for discipline. Layton was also told that he would be required to come and watch Travis' punishment, so he could “see what would happen if he continued in a life of crime”.

Layton was not punished by law, but his parents certainly punished him. His mom decided that a good dose of embarrassment would do Layton some good, and she brought the hairbrush when she came to the mall to pick him up. She had turned Layton over her knee and given him a long, hard bare-bottom spanking with the hairbrush right in front of everyone. Layton had been sobbing when the spanking was over, and his butt was bright red.

His father had given him another spanking when he got home from work. He had made the boy strip naked, and had then turned Layton over his knee and severely spanked his bare butt with the wooden spoon. Then he had lead the buck-naked boy out into the yard, with his bright red, well-spanked butt on display, to cut a switch from the willow tree out back. Layton was led back to his room, and made to lie face down on his bed while his father whipped him with the switch. Layton had screamed with each searing stroke of the switch, and by the time his father was finally done spanking him, his butt was bright red and covered with long, narrow raised welts where the terrible switch had left burning stripes of punishing agony across his butt. Layton had been sent straight to bed, and he had to lie face down so as not to aggravate the scalding pain in his buttocks. He had cried himself to sleep. The next day, Layton couldn't sit down without his butt and upper thighs burning with intense agony, and it was over a week before the last of the stinging had left his bottom.

Layton had gotten other punishments– he was grounded for a week, his computer and TV privileges had been revoked until the end of the summer, and all his video games were taken away for 3 months. About a week after the shoplifting incident, a letter arrived in the mail stating that Layton had to pay a civil demand of over a hundred dollars to cover the cost of the merchandise he had stolen, even though it had been returned and was still saleable. Layton's parents had paid the demand, and they made Layton earn back the money by doing extra chores, and by being employed by the neighbors to mow their lawns or do other chores for them.

All of these punishments, however, were dwarfed by the spankings Layton had received from his parents. Two months later, he still remembered those spankings vividly. Every time he thought of that humiliating spanking at the mall, or that terrible spanking with the wooden spoon and the switch, his penis grew erect. Layton hated being spanked, but he still found spankings exciting occasions, and he got an erection whenever he thought of being spanked or seeing another boy spanked.

Every night when he went to bed, Layton would take off his underpants, which he slept in, so that he was completely naked. He would lie face down in his bed, in the same position he was in whenever he got spanked. Then he would pretend he was being spanked, and he would wriggle and writhe around, so that his penis was rubbed repeatedly against his mattress. This was his method of masturbation, and when he fantasized about being spanked, it wasn't long before his rock hard penis would fire semen into his bed sheets as he reached orgasm.

Ever since that fateful day in July, Layton had been fantasizing about the spankings he had received for shoplifting whenever he masturbated. He would fantasize about being spanked over his mothers knee at the mall in front of everyone, with his pants and underwear pulled down to reveal his bare bottom as she spanked his butt with the hairbrush. He fantasized about lying buck naked across his father's lap as his Dad spanked his already-punished bottom with the wooden spoon. He fantasized about being led out into the yard without a stitch of clothing on, and cutting a switch from the willow tree out back with the neighbors getting a good look at his naked, well-spanked butt; and then being whipped severely with the wicked willow switch on his naked butt while lying face down on his bed. He also fantasized about watching Travis' spanking, and he imagined what the spanking machine would be like. He even fantasized about being spanked with a spanking machine himself.

Layton could not wait to see Travis get spanked, and he got an erection whenever he thought of it. He had never really seen another boy get spanked before, but he had wanted to for years. He also wanted to watch the spanking because he was angry at Travis; after all, it was partly Travis' fault that he had tried to shoplift. Travis shoplifted for fun, and had been trying to get Layton to come with him for some time, and when he finally got him to agree, they were caught. Travis had told Layton he had never been caught before, but the truth was he had, as Layton learned when the security guard who apprehended them realized Travis was in a national shoplifting database. Travis was arrested and would probably be spanked, and Layton couldn't wait to see it.

Finally, about two months after the shoplifting incident, a letter arrived in the mail informing Layton that Travis was to be punished at 10:30 in the morning on Saturday, October 2, 2010. The letter said that Layton was to arrive at the Punishment Center by 10:15. Also enclosed was a ticket to the spanking that said “DELINQUENT” on it in red letters.

Layton was excited that he would finally get to watch Travis get spanked, and his penis became erect at the prospect. But he did feel a little uneasy that it said “Delinquent” on his ticket. He was sure that was because he was required to witness the spanking since he had been caught breaking the law. But he hoped it didn't mean he would receive some sort of punishment as well.

* * *

When the day of Travis' punishment finally arrived, Layton's parents drove him to West Towne Mall, where the punishment center was located. Layton had been banned from the mall for life for shoplifting, but the letter said that an exception would be made for him to attend Travis' spanking. Layton's Mom and Dad led him into the entrance of the newly built Spanking Center, where the punishment was to take place. “Do you have your tickets, or would you like to by some?” a correctional officer who sat at a counter inside the entrance asked.

“My son Layton is here because he's legally required to witness the punishment” said Mr. Osterhaus “My wife and I have no desire to see the spanking, so we're just going to pick Layton up afterward”

“I should let you know that tickets are only $5 per person, $4 for senior citizens and just $3 for children under 12...” the guard said.

“Do I look like a senior citizen or a child under 12?” said Layton's Dad.

“Well, no...Just show me your son's ticket” the guard replied.

Layton drew his ticket from his pocket and handed it to the guard. He was so excited to see Travis get spanked, and to see the spanking machine in action. His penis was rock hard, and he hoped the tent in his pants wasn't noticeable.

“Ah, yes, Layton Osterhaus.” Said the guard “You were the kid who was caught with Travis Killington, weren't you?”

“Yes” Layton said, sheepishly. He was now ashamed that he had shoplifted, as much as he was glad he got to see Travis get spanked.

“Well, that means you get front row seats, so you can see up close what will happen to you if you ever steal again!” the guard said sternly. “Go through those doors, and take any seat in the front row” He pointed at some double doors next to the ticket desk. “Oh, and you need to wear this”

The guard took out a blue plastic bracelet, similar to the kind used as a pass to get into a fair and told Layton to hold out his wrist. He put the bracelet around Layton's wrist and told him to go take his seat.

“Bye, Layton, we'll be back to pick you up later” said Layton's mother.

“Be back by 11:30, the punishment should be over by then” said the guard.

With that, Layton's parents waved goodbye and left, and Layton entered the double doors to find himself in a large, well-lit, semicircular theater. There was a stage with red curtains drawn. Layton knew that the spanking machine was probably hidden behind the curtain, and he couldn't wait to see what it looked like and to see it in action. His penis grew even more erect at the thought. He couldn't believe he got front row seats to see Travis get spanked! This was more like a reward than a punishment.

The theater was empty except for a few correctional officers who were standing around the stage, with stern expressions on their faces. Layton walked down the aisle to the front row and took a seat. He noticed that the front row seats were hard and wooden, unlike the comfy red velvet movie theater-style seats the other rows had. Layton supposed they just didn't want offenders to have comfortable seats.

Layton sat and waited for 10:30, when Travis would be punished. Each second seemed like a millennium now that the much-anticipated event was so close. Layton deliciously looked forward to it, and he had never been more excited about anything before. As he thought about it, his penis grew erect and it was soon rock hard as he imagined what the spanking machine would be like and how Travis would be punished.

A few minutes later, spectators started to pour into the spanking theater. They were laughing and talking merrily, and seemed to be anticipating the spanking nearly as much as Layton was. Most of them seemed rather malicious about watching it. Layton waited for another ten minutes, as the theater filled up with voyeurs. Then a correctional officer holding a microphone went up onto the stage, in front of the curtains.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” he said “Today, you shall shortly witness the dispensement of justice, as punishment is meted out to a juvenile offender! And, of course, that punishment shall take the form of a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking, given by Wisconsin's new engine of punishment, the Spanks-a-Lot 3000!”

With an elaborate hand gesture, the announcer guard beckoned behind him as the curtains parted. This was the moment Layton was waiting for! He would finally get to see the Spanks-a-Lot 3000! His penis stood rock hard as the curtains drew back to reveal the fearsome spanking machine and people in the audience gasped as the punishment device came into view. It looked terrifying, though not nearly as fantastical as he had imagined. It consisted of a long, narrow bed made of black imitation leather with several straps and manacles attached to it, clearly to secure the spankee during their punishment. Connected to the bed and each standing 8 feet to one side stood two large metallic boxes, which Layton guessed must house whichever motors or engines powered the spanking machine. The box to the left of the bed had a seat and a control panel attached to it, and a guard was sitting there. Each of these boxes had slots on top and on the side facing the bed, and out of each of these came long metal shafts, each of them about eight feet long. Attached to the end of each shaft was a spanking implement. There were two shafts to the left of the bed, one with an evil-looking wooden paddle with holes drilled through it at the end. The other haft had a thick leather strap at the end, which also had holes through it.

There was only one haft protruding from the box to the right of the bed, and it was shorter as the implement attached to it was longer. This shaft had a wicker-looking wooden cane on the end.

“And now, behold the Spanks-a-Lot 3000!” The announcer belted out “Let's have a round of applause for the device that justly punishes the bare buttocks of bad boys and girls! The machine that protects Wisconsin communities from juvenile crime!”

The audience burst into applause and cheering, and Layton enthusiastically joined in, as strange as it seemed to be applauding an inanimate machine.

“Yesiree, the Spanks-a-Lot 3000 is the perfect device to punish juvenile offenders” the announcer continued “equipped with three different implements to deliver the sting of justice to juvenile delinquent's bottoms, a strap, a cane, and a paddle. Note that the strap and the paddle have holes drilled through them to increase the sting by making them more aerodynamic. And today, you will get to see the Spanks-a-Lot 3000 in action as it punish a very naughty 14-year-old boy named Travis Killington, who was caught shoplifting from this very mall! The Spanks-a-Lot 3000 will give him 50 hard spanks with the paddle, ten stinging slaps with the strap, and finally ten searing strokes with the cane! But first, there is another juvenile delinquent who must be punished: a 12-year-old boy named Layton Osterhaus, who was caught shoplifting with Travis Killington. It was his first offense, so he was not prosecuted in court, but he came today to witness what will happen if he steals again. And, as long as he's here, we're going to give him a taste of what he'll get if he ever breaks the law again, as well! Layton Osterhaus, please come up on stage!”

Layton was shocked to hear this! He was actually going to be spanked with the evil spanking machine in front of all these people! It would be almost as embarrassing as his spanking at the mall back in July! He had been enjoying himself and looking forward to seeing Travis' punishment, but now it was not so fun now that he was to be spanked himself.

Two guards came to the front row and one of them said “come up on stage, boy, and find out what will happen if you steal again.” Layton had no choice but to stand up, and each of the guards gripped one of his arms and escorted him up some steps and onto the stage.

“Of course,” the announcer continued “young Layton's spanking wouldn't give him the full effect over his pants, so we're going to spank him in his underwear!”

“Remove all your clothes except your underwear!” one of the guards who had escorted Layton onstage barked at him. Layton couldn't believe he would be spanked in just his underpants! This would be even more embarrassing than when his mom spanked him at the mall! Layton's face turned red with humiliation as the boy bent down and began removing his shoes and socks, under the close watch of the two grim men who were guarding him. They made him face the audience as he removed his shirt. All of the hundreds of people in the audience jeered and laughed at Layton as he stripped down to his underpants. Layton's face turned a deeper shade of red as he undid his belt, lowered his pants, and stepped out of them, so he stood before the audience in nothing but his whitey-tighties.

Layton was humiliated but he was incredibly aroused at the prospect of being punished by the spanking machine in just his underpants in front of all these people. His penis was rock hard, and had pitched a visible tent in the front of his tighty-whiteys that stuck up above the waistband. Layton was sure it was visible to the whole audience, and this thought increased both his humiliation and his sexual excitement.

The guards led Layton to the bed, which had been lying flat before but was being tilted up at a sixty degree angle. The announcer was explaining that the bed could tilt in a number of different angles, and it was being tilted up to give the audience a good view of Layton's butt as he was punished. The boxes from which the spanking implements protruded were also tilted up, so that they would still land flat across Layton's butt.

Layton was told to lift his hands above his head, as a bar with two manacles was adjusted so that it would be at the height of his wrists. The guards closed the shackles around his wrist, and they secured two more manacles around his ankles. They tightened one strap around his waist and another around his thighs, just below his bottom. This kept his underpants-clad butt positioned perfectly, and his front was pressed against the bed. In this position, his penis was pressed between his belly and the bed, and it became, if possible, even harder.

“And now, young Layton will learn the true price of crime through 5 strokes of the paddle, 1 stroke with the cane, and one stroke with the strap!” said the announcer. The guard at the controls pressed some buttons, and then Layton heard a whirring as the motors started up. The paddle descended furiously upon his thinly-clad buttocks in a ferocious arc through the air and landed with a resounding pop.


Layton's butt exploded in agony. This was worse than any spanking he had ever gotten, even worse than the switch. Previously, he had never known it was possible to spank as hard as the Spanks-a-Lot 3000 had just spanked him. The paddle was large enough to cover most of his butt, and it had left his bottom stinging with burning agony. And seconds later, the next swat was on its way, after the announcer counted out “One!” and members of the audience laughed, clapped and jeered at him. Layton could hear some of them shouting that he deserved this spanking.


The second stroke burned Layton's underpants butt, as the announcer counted out “Two!” Layton's bottom hurt even more than before. He let out a scream and he began to cry profusely. The paddle delivered three more strokes to his butt, each one in a slightly different place but mostly overlapping. The announcer bragged to the audience that the Spanks-a-Lot 3000 could turn the implement shafts slightly to the left or the right of their course, so they would land on a different part of the punishee's butt.

Layton was screaming and crying, and bottom burned, stung and throbbed after all five spanks with the paddle had scalded his underwear-clad butt. This was much worse than any spanking he had gotten before, even after only five strokes. And he still had the cane and the strap to look forward to.

“And now, Layton gets a taste of the cane!” said the announcer. The terrible cane came rushing down from the right onto Layton's bottom, creating a terrible swishing sound as it descended through the air.

CRACK! The cane landed right across the center of Layton's buttocks with ungodly intensity. For a split second he did not feel it, but then he felt a narrow stripe across the center of his butt erupt into burning, ungodly agony. Layton began to cry harder than ever.

“And finally, we'll finish up Layton's taste test with a stroke of the strap!” said the announcer. Layton heard the strap whooshing through the air on its way to punish his butt.

SMACK! The supple leather strap spanked his bottom harder than it had ever been spanked before. His butt literally felt as though it was on fire, and it was stinging and throbbing like never before. Layton let out a scream as the terrible strap blasted his buttocks with agony. He just leaned against the bed as the burning, stinging pain throbbed on his butt while the guards undid the manacles and straps that had secured him in place during his spanking. They told him to go back to his seat, still in his underwear, and said he would get his clothes back after Travis' punishment. Layton descended the steps from the stage and returned to the front row, still sobbing. It was doubly humiliating, now that the audience got to see him up close in just his underpants while he was still crying from his spanking. At least the tent in his briefs was gone, as the spanking had proven much too severe to be arousing. He gingerly sat down on the hard wooden seat, which proved quite painful on his heavily-spanked bottom. He now realized why the front row was hard and wooden: so that boys like him who had gotten sample spankings would be forced to feel the spankings all the more when they sat down again. He fidgeted around in his seat but no matter how he sat it still increased the burning in his butt to an unbearable intensity.

Layton was still in tears as the announcer said “And now, the main event! Travis Killington will be justly punished for shoplifting!”

The two guards who had helped punish Layton opened a door in the back of the stage and led out a subdued-looking Travis. This was the first time Layton had laid eyes on him since the shoplifting incident, as his parents had forbidden him to hang out with Travis ever again. Travis was led to the front of the stage.

“And, since Travis has been a very naughty boy and had been caught shoplifting no less than three times, he needs to be spanked on the naked bottom to ensure that he finally learns his lesson!” the announcer guard announced. Layton watched intently and finally stopped crying as Travis began to strip naked. He felt his penis grow erect again. The intense burning in his butt combined with the prospect of seeing Travis naked and getting spanked was just too much.

Travis looked ashamed but sullen as he removed his shoes and socks, and then removed his shirt revealing his bare chest and belly. He looked truly humiliated as he unfastened his belt and took off his pants. He stood before the audience in just his blue boxer briefs. “Those need to come off as well!” one of the guards on stage told him, loud enough that the audience could hear. Some of the audience members laughed and jeered, as a humiliated Travis lowered his boxer briefs down to his ankles, his face beet red. He stepped out of his underwear and cast them aside, next to his other clothes which stood in a little heap next to the pile of Layton's clothes.

Travis' naked penis and scrotum were exposed to the whole audience now that he was completely naked. The guards made him turn around so the audience could get a good look at his bare butt, which would soon be spanked by the Spanks-a-Lot 3000. Audience members jeered at the naked boy on stage. Layton's penis grew rock hard as he saw Travis' pale, smooth butt and thought about how it would soon be bright red and covered with welts from being spanked.

Once the audience had had time to get a good look at Travis' bare bottom, the guards led him to the spanking bed and secured him to it the same way they had fasted Layton. Once the naked boy was firmly in place, the guard at the control panel pressed some buttons, probably presetting the spanking. Then, the wicked paddle descended through the air onto Travis' bare butt.

SPANK! The paddle quickly lifted, as Travis' butt cheeks jiggled from the impact, a large patch of angry red appearing where the paddle had landed. Layton could tell Travis was trying to be tough and endure his spanking as best he could, but having trouble. He grunted slightly as his bottom was struck by the evil paddle.

SPANK! The thick wooden paddle was fired into Travis' bare bottom by the spanking machine again, this time slightly below the place that was struck by the first stroke. And of course, the announcer counted out “Two!” as the audience jeered at Travis. This time, Travis let out a yelp and Layton could see that his butt was now quite pink as it jiggled in the aftershock of the spanking.

SPANK! The paddle was sent again to deliver a third spank to Travis' naked butt. This time, Travis let out a scream as his bottom was seared by the terrible spanking machine. SPANK! After a fourth stroke, Travis started crying in front of all the hundreds of people watching. His butt was already red, and he still had 46 strokes to go, 66 if you counted the strokes with the cane and the strap.


Layton's penis was fully erect as he watched the paddle spank Travis' butt with ungodly force, leaving his butt a deeper shade of red with each stroke and causing the punished boy to cry harder. Layton had always wanted to see someone get spanked, but this was the first time he had actually gotten a chance to. This was the most exciting experience of Layton's young life, and he was delighted to watch the mechanical paddle spank Travis' butt again and again and again.




After about thirty spanks, Travis was sobbing uncontrollably. Layton thought about how badly his bottom still hurt after receiving only five strokes with the paddle, plus one each with the cane and the strap and tried to imagine how badly Travis' naked butt must be burning. As exciting and perversely stimulating as he found the punishment, he did feel sorry for Travis now, even though he would not have gotten in trouble himself had Travis not pressured him into shoplifting. Even as his fully erect penis longed to be pleasured to the point of ejaculation from watching the spanking, Layton felt great pity for Travis.


Travis' butt was now bright red and covered in welts, and it looked as though bruises would soon be forming. He was sobbing uncontrollably and he let out a hearty scream with each searing stroke of the paddle. And still the whirring machinery sent the paddle into his butt repeatedly, with just as much force as ever. Some people in the audience were clearly feeling sorry for him, as there was not as much laughing, jeering, and merriment, but the delinquent, soundly punished boy was still getting taunts and jeers from the crowd. Layton truly did feel sorry for him but he was still enjoying watching the naked boy getting spanked. No one was watching him so he put his right hand to his crotch and started stroking his erect penis through his underwear, feeling jolts of ecstasy with each rub as he watched the motorized paddle punish Travis again and again.

Finally, one last stroke of the paddle burned Travis' bare bottom and the announcer counted “Fifty!”

Travis simply stood there against the bed, sobbing uncontrollably, his body shaking somewhat. His naked butt was a deep reddish-purple, and it was covered with welts and bruises from the fifty incredibly hard spankings he had just been subjected to.

“And now” said the announcer “Travis the thief will receive the next part of his punishment: Ten hard strokes to the naked buttocks with the leather strap!” No remorse or empathy was detectable in the announcer's voice, even though he was standing just off to the side of the stage and could plainly see the state of Travis' bottom“

“NO!” Travis screamed through his tears “please no more spanking!” he begged, having lost all of his dignity, buck naked in front of hundreds of people sobbing and crying with a burning red butt.

“Just for that” the announcer said gleefully “You'll get three extra strokes with the strap!” Travis cried even harder at the prospect, as the strap was fired at high speed into his naked butt. SPANK! He screamed louder than ever as the strap whipped into his naked butt, leaving the area it struck an even brighter shade of red.



Layton watched intently as the remaining twelve whippings with the strap were delivered to Travis' naked butt by the Spanks-a-Lot 3000. His penis was still fully erect, and he stroked it vigorously through his whitey-tighties as he watched the strap whoosh through the air and land with ungodly force on Travis' bare bottom, leaving the disgraced boy's butt cheeks jiggling for a few seconds, and turning them deeper and deeper shades of red and leaving more and more bruises and welts. Layton could only imagine how much it must hurt to be spanked that many times by the spanking machine. His butt still hurt terribly from his spanking, and it was very uncomfortable to sit down. In a way, however, Layton wished he could find out what it was like to get such a severe, prolonged punishment from the Spanks-a-Lot 3000. Even though he had barely been able to withstand the “sample spanking” he had gotten, he was irresistibly aroused at the thought of being completely naked for an extremely long, hard spanking with the spanking machine like Travis was getting now.

Travis was no longer screaming with each stroke. He just leaned against the bed and sobbed as the strap punished him again and again. He seemed resigned to his punishment, and was submitting to it since there was no escape.

“And now that Travis has gotten all ten of his whippings for stealing, plus three extra for begging to get out of his punishment, all that's left is ten hard strokes of the cane!” said the announcer. Travis just lay chained to the bed crying uncontrollably as the cane on the shaft to his right descended with a threatening swoosh. THWACK! Layton watched as the cane cut as white line of agony across Travis' bare butt, which quickly turned bright red.

THWACK! The cane cut a second stripe of searing agony across Travis' butt, an inch below the first. Travis continued to cry and sob uncontrollably, and Layton could see that the cane stripes were becoming long, red raised welts.








Layton was mesmerized as he watched the cane descend seven more time onto Travis' naked butt, each time burning a white stripe across both of his butt cheeks that quickly turned bright red. The mechanism on the shaft which turned the end of the shaft where the cane was attached, diverting the cane to just left or right of its default course, caused each stroke to land on a different part of Travis' bare bottom. The machine's control computer randomly decided which part of Travis' butt to land the next stroke on, but by now there were cane stripes all across his naked butt, from just above his thighs to less than two inches below the top of his butt crack.

“And now, just one more stroke to conclude Travis' punishment for shoplifting! One final stroke with the cane to teach a very bad boy a valuable lesson about why he needs to change his ways!” the announcer said. It seemed as though he was trying to drag out the spanking as long as possible, so Travis would have to wait even longer before his punishment was finally over. “And, since this is the finale, it's going to be given extra hard!”

Travis seemed to start crying even harder at this news, but some of the audience members laughed. Layton truly did feel sorry for Travis at this point. The guard at the controls adjusted the settings, and the last stroke was fired into Travis' naked bottom. The motor was running on a higher setting, and the implement shaft brought the cane swishing at much faster speed than normal onto Travis' bare butt. Travis let out a scream as the cane cut burning stripe across his naked butt, even harder than all the others. This cane stripe had come very close to tearing his skin. He cried and sobbed uncontrollably as the guards undid the straps and shackles holding him in place. They made him stand at front center stage with his back to the audience, so they could get a good look at his naked, thoroughly punished butt.

“Thank you for coming to today's punishment!” said the announcer “be sure to come back next Saturday, when we will be punishing two 15-year-old boys for using marijuana!” The other spectators began to exit the theatre, after they got a good look at Travis' naked, well-spanked butt. A guard came up to Layton and told him he was not to leave until everyone else had left “You need to get a good, long look at Travis' bottom” he said sternly “your butt will end up like that, too, if you break the law again!”

So Layton sat and waited until everyone else was left, and then the guards led him back on stage so he could redress. Before he put his clothes back on, they told him to feel the heat on Travis' butt. Travis was still in tears, as Layton touched and rubbed each of his butt cheeks once. They felt very hot, and Layton could only imagine how much it hurt. His touch seemed to aggravate the burning, as Layton sobbed louder but made no move to stop him, as the guards had ordered him to keep his hands at his sides. Then the two punished boys were allowed to put their clothes back on, and one of the guards cut the “delinquent” bracelet from Layton's wrist.

Travis tried to put his boxer briefs back on, but the tight material aggravated the stinging, burning agony in his butt, so he just put his pants on without them. Once he was fully dressed minus his underwear, the guards led him away, and that was the last Layton saw of him, forbidden as they were from seeing each other by Layton's parents.

Once he was dressed, Layton was led out of the theater, where his parents were waiting to pick him up, and that concluded Layton's one and only encounter with the Spanks-a-Lot 3000. But he remembered the ordeal as long as he lived, and masturbated to fantasies of the Spanks-a-Lot 3000 often. As soon the Osterhauses got home, Layton went to his room, took off all his clothes, and lay face down in his bed buck naked. He reached back with his hands and rubbed his butt, still warm and burning with a hot stinging, tingling pain from his spanking. He wriggled and writhed around so that his fully erect penis was rubbed between the mattress and his belly, while reliving his encounter with the spanking machine in his mind, only this time it was much more severe, and had many more strokes, and he was completely naked in this fantasy. Soon he reached his climax and his erect penis ejaculated several squirts of semen into his sheets. It was the best orgasm he'd had in some time, what with the long build up that started at the punishment center.

Layton had already resolved never to steal again after his very severe, very memorable spankings on the day he had shoplifted back in July. But as much as he enjoyed the idea of getting punished by the Spanks-a-Lot 3000, he did not enjoy the reality at all. So the Spanks-a-Lot 3000 was just one more reason never to commit a crime, and Layton never did steal again as long as he lived.

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