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Mom Gets Spanked-Mom Spanks (Russell and Danny)

by Bunbuster

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Spank Spank Spank Spank "Oww, honey, stop Oww." Spank Spank "Oww, the, oww, boys are watching, oww."

"You don't mind watching them get their hineys spanked."

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank "Oww, but, oww, I'm their, oww, mom."

"And they're your sons and you don't mind looking up their fanny cracks when I whop their cans, this is a spanking household and that means that your butt is game when it needs it."

Russell and Danny, both in colorful boxer shorts, sat at the kitchen table, upon orders from stepdaddy, spellbound.

"Sit your butts down, boys", was stepdaddy's order and 2 fine young male butts were on those chairs, cheeks tingling and fart holes puckering and for good reason.

Stepdaddy was getting tired of his fine wife's lazy ways and since it was a Sunday and a stay at home day, he ordered his wife to cook up a big breakfast for him and his 2 stepkids, 18 year old Russell and 19 year old Danny.

"No, I'm not cooking for anybody", the boys heard their mom say and then, like a hurricane, out from the bedroom came stepdaddy forcing mom along by the arm and depositing her in front of the stove.

Mom had on nothing but her flimsy short silk night slip, her big feminine butt sticking out the back.

"No way, I'm not doing it", mom said and the boys watched their firm but loving stepdaddy take their lazy mom in hand in that most painful and embarrassing manner with of a good old fashioned spanking.

"If you don't get busy I'm going to put you over my knee and spank you, on the bare bottom", stepdaddy said firmly causing Russell and Danny to blush and their pooters to pucker and unpucker wildly.

"What???????, no way, in your dreams, hey, let go of me, hey, the boys are looking, don't!!!", mom yelled and struggled but stepdaddy grabbed her, sat down on a kitchen 'dunce' stool, pulled her across his lap and presto, the boys were privy to mom's big feminine bare ass.

Mom stuggled and her buns jiggled.

Russell and Danny, who had no incestuous feelings toward their mom developed boners.

There was no thought in either boy to come to mom's defense. That would only mean a spanking on their bare bottoms.

Above all, the boys had countless spankings under their belts and they had to admit it, though they hated to do so, that every one of their spankings were deserved, that stepdad was just applying some tough love discipline to their naughty fannies.

As stepdaddy started to spank their mom's bare bottom, the boys watched enraptured. Their stepdaddy was a piece of work. The man was relentless in getting people whom he was responsible for to do what they should do by just turning them across his knee and spanking their bare asses.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Whap Whap Whap Whap "Owww, stop, owwww, stop, please, owwww."

The boys' eyes were rivetted on mom's big bare ass as it bounced and jiggled to the tune of one hot spanking from the same firm man's hand that had soundly spanked their bare bottoms.

They watched as their mom started to cry and her big butt turned a blazing sore red and that weird feeling that anyone watcing a well deserved spanking feels came over them, that feeling that justice was being done, that when stepdaddy was done with mom's bare hiney then she would be at the stove doing what the man had ordered her to do.

"Owww, oww, sob, sob." A hot spanking delivered to a large smooth feminine caboose, stepdaddy lovingly helped mom off of his lap, the pink lips of her vulva, her very soft pubic bush, now we know where Danny got such a soft and full buttbush from, hairless fanny crack and tiny pink butt button, shades of Russell's rosy little butt button though his boyish rossette was a lot more tight and stinky, became visible to the boys and to stepdaddy, who smiled a manly smile, when he saw the feminine treasures that belonged to only him.

Stepdaddy lovingly hugged mom and tenderly walked her over to the stove.

Well, mom cooked breakfast and all enjoyed it, including mom though she ate standing up.

The sense of justice that now prevailed in the house was intense.

Stepdad was not a man to fuck with and if one dared his or her bottom would suffer considerably.

Stepdad was also a loving supportive man, a man who would put a loving arm around a tender needy shoulder or he would lovingly pat a tushie as he would spank it.

Stepdad ruled his roost and all under him actually appreciated the firm loving hold that he had on them.

About a month later stepdaddy had determined that both of his stepsons needed their bare young bottoms spanked. They were each due for a whoppin' of major proportions.

Stepdad wanted the boys to respect their mom and not to look at her as a peer just because she had now joined the ranks of the spanked.

So, he enlisted her help with the spankings, she spank Russell and he Danny. At first the woman balked.

"Er, I don't know about that", mom said but a quick pulling up of her short dress and a spank to the seat of her pink panties got her obeying.

Spank "Oww,ok,I'll spank him",mom said.

"It's early so they will both have big bull hardons, so just grip him by the dick and march him into the livingroom", stepdad ordered as he set 2 armless chairs in the middle of the floor.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Mom listened as Russell had an orgasm and then she burst into his room, unannounced of course.

"Mom, get outta here, mom, stop that", the 18 year old blushing beauty balked when mom picked up a pair of his dirty tightie whities from the floor and mopped up the huge creamy puddle from his flat tummy and then ran the cotton along the shaft of his cock to de-cum the boner.

"Mom, what the, mom are you crazy?", Russell yelled as his mom pulled him off the bed by the wrist and then wrapped her right hand around his thick cock and marched him out to the livingroom.

When the boy saw the 2 chairs in the center of the room he figured out immediately that a double spanking was planned. He was beside himself with embarrassment when his mom sat down and with her hand still around his cock pulled him over the maternal lap.

"Mom!!!!!", was all Russell could say when his palms and long hair hit the carpet before mom, a strong woman, grabbed his right arm and pulled it up and held him firmly while she patted and squeezed her baby's cute little tushie, warm loving memories of her baby when he was a baby coming forth when his stinky little baby pink rosette of a butt button came into view across her lap.

"Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!", Russell yelled out as his mom gently pulled on the sparse bush of soft sweaty hair that framed his 18 year old tiny baby pink fart hole.

"Yawn, ahhhhhhhhh." As stepdad approached Danny's bed, the blond beauty was just waking up with a big yawn, an even bigger stretch and an even bigger fart. A thick drolling pink boyish boner was literally throbbing on the lad's flat belly.

Stepdad realized that if he gripped that boner as it was to lead the boy to his spanking it would probably result in big white puddles on the floor in various parts of the house. He would have to first milk the hot young stud-muffin.

"Dad,what are you doing??", Danny yelled when he was pulled up from the bed by his wrist and then led to the bathroom and put in front of the sink.

"Ahhhh, dad, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Proving the law that men, since they have dicks, give the best blowjobs and handjobs, stepdaddy was all business as he milked the thick pink young cock, gently and tenderly running his thumb along the drolling piss-slit and Danny found himself thrashing around as he exploded in a huge creamy orgasm. As he moaned and shot his massive boyish load stepdaddy kept on running his fingers along the sensitive cock tip and pulling on the studsy young pud till Danny was completely milked.

"Damn, he not only gives good hard spankings and good sudsy enemas, he gives the best handjob ever", Danny thought but then he found himself marched back to his room, his fat dick given a rubbing to remove the drool and cream with a sweat soaked pair of his sexiest bikini briefs, gripped by the fat cock and marched to the living room for a good hot spanking.

It's said that a young guy goes where his dick takes him and Danny was finding that out big time.

Mortified as all hell he felt himself going exactly where stepdad wanted him to go as he led the young lad along with his big spanking hand wrapped around his thick pink shaft.

The first thing that Danny saw when he entered the living room was his mom sitting down and a naked slender smooth skinned young cutie face down across her lap, at one end 2 tight little buttcheeks spread so that he could actually see a little pink pooter breathing and at the other end a long mane of soft hair mopping the floor. Russell tossed his hair through the air and looked up at his brother with a frowning red face.

"Oh, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", Danny yelled when stepdad sat down and pulled him over his lap by the dick and then yelled 'spank' and the very satisfying sounds of 2 bare young bottoms getting soundly smacked along with the resultant yelps filled the house.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap "Oww, damn mom, owwww." Russell yelped as his mom smacked his little round buttcakes surprisingly hard.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Whap Whap "Ahhhh, dad, owwwwwwwwwwww." Danny kicked his legs and yelped as daddy fire permeated the tender skin of his muscular young sweetcheeks.

Spank Spank Spank Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap

"Oww, mom, owwww, yelp, oww." "Ahhh, my, yelp, ass, owwww." The sounds of spanking could be heard on the street.

"Sounds like both of them are getting their bare bottoms spanked", an elderly man said to his wife.

"And they both have such cute fannies that I can't blame the man", the wife responded.

Some teenaged boys who were shooting hoops felt embarrassed since they were the same age as Russell and they scattered as passing adults looked at the seats of their tight speedo riding shorts, the last thing a boy wants to have on at a time like that, their peer getting his bare ass spanked.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap "Owww, sob, sob, no more mom please."

Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap "Yelp, sob, yelp, please dad owwww."

"Awwww, I guess my baby needs to go potty, what an adorable little bottom hole", mom thought as she continued to spank Russell and she could see his pink little butt botton pooting.

"Damn, young guy even has a pretty bunghole", stepdaddy thought as he spanked Danny's dimpled rump melons and through the massive sweaty bush of boyish fur pie he could see that pretty and tender multi-puckered rump chute exploding boyishly.

When the boys were put on their feet to dance the spanky hustle stepdaddy wanted to enforce on both boys' minds who the boss of the house was.

Stepdaddy took off his belt and the boys screamed out 'no!!!!' in unison as he started to whip them both, across the tender young sholders and arm, tender boyish thighs and firm calves as the 2 cuties jumped from foot to foot, their virile young cocks swinging like 2 elephant trunks.

Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap

"Owww, sob, oh please, oww, sob." "Ahhhh, oww, sob, sob." The hot licks of the belt on their tender skinned young bodys making the boys dance in pain was proving without a shadow of a doubt that stepdaddy was in charge. He was the man of the house without a doubt.

Stepdad put his belt back on and marched the 2 punished lads into 2 corners.

"How about I love some ass now?", stepdad said to mom as he put his arm around her and they walked to their bedroom.

After spanking some ass stepdaddy wanted to fuck some ass.

"I'll have to think about it", mom said coyishly.

"And think about this", stepdad said and he reached down and pulled his wife's dress up and gave her a spank on the seat of her tight pink silk panties which made her big hiney jiggle.

Spank "Oww, ok,ok." Mom walked to the bedroom for a good buttfucking.

The boys rubbed their blazing sore young bottoms and listened to the hot scene in their parents' bedroom. Stepdaddy was taking full loving control of his wife. He wanted some ass and damn it, he was going to get some ass.

"There, get down on all fours, or do you want me to spank you?", stepdaddy ordered his wife, playfully but seriously threatening to spank her if she didn't do what she was told.

"Wow, you have a tasty ass", stepdaddy said as his wife moaned from the licking of her ass.

"Loosen up that hole, don't make me have to spank you", stepdad could be heard saying and mom could be heard moaning as her husband corked his dick up her ass and when it was fulled inserted all hell broke loose as mom could be heard grunting with satisfaction as her hubby plowed her butt till she screamed out from multiple orgasms as her husband shot a load up her pink rump hole.

As they rubbed their blazing hinies Russell and Danny were forming some definate opinions about stepdaddy.

The man was a freakin' force of nature.

Totally undisciplined when stepdaddy came on the scene, he reined both boys in by taking them in hand with lots of firm stinging spankings and whippings, relentlessly tanning naughty young boy tail till the boys panned out and flew right.

He also gave them sudsy tushie hole cleansing enemas most of the times after a good cheek tanning spanking. He tenderly parted the boy's sore cheeks by gripping unspanked crack skin and even more tenderly greasing up their little poop chutes, running his greased finger on the rosy outer poop chute lips and then running the finger in and out of the little rump hole to grease up the tender soft butthole walls.

The tender loving enemas after a good old fashioned spanking proved to the boys that even the spankings were given with love. The man just wanted the best for the boys and spankings were part of the equation.

Stepdaddy was always there for the boys too, making sure that they had a shoulder to lean on as he made sure they had a knee to lay over. The boys couldn't help but love the man.

Also, the man took full loving control of his woman, sending her into multiple orgasms as he fucked her up the butt and taking her across his knee for a good spanking when she got out of line.

The firm loving enemas had opened up the boys to the pleasures of their little poopchutes. Whenver he beat his meat Russell now fingered his farter and thanks to stepdaddys loving poopchute cleansings Danny had received some hot buttfuckings from a few of his buds who adored his ass, maybe because the hole was so aborable.

The boys also noticed that since their mom got that bare assed spanking over stepdaddy's knee she seemed to be more free in the butt area, wearing clothes that accentuated her bottom and kind of swinging her fanny as she walked, just like Danny and Russell liked to wear skin-tight speedos and cutoffs, even though getting spanked in them was murder, since stepdaddy was more apt to lovingly pat their irresistable young tushies when they wore tight britchs. Since stepdaddy arrived the boys were definately more free in the butts too, along with the rosy young fart throwers between their sweetmelons.

The silence in the livingroom was broken when a boyish poot snapped out of Russell's little booty button.

"Oh, sorry", the embarrassed teen said little boyishly as he put his head down to cover his red face with his long mop of soft hair.

"No problem, little brother", Danny said and he stuck his sore red dimpled muscle rump out and cut one from his multi-puckered pooter, which kind of cheered Russell up.

"Sit on it woman", stepdad could be heard ordering his wife to sit on his dick till the whole shaft was up her ass, and backing up his order with crisp smacks to the womanly ass, which made Russell and Danny wince and rub their hot cakes.

They then heard stepdaddy order, 'ride that cock,woman', and giving more spanks to mom's ass till the woman was moaning in pleasure and then screaming out again in orgasm.

Stepdad was a force of nature alright and the perfect role model for the boys.

A forceful loving man who took firm and loving control of his home, his stepkids and his wife, assuming the throne of king of his castle and treating his subordinates with love and firmness, spanking their butts soundly, giving the stepkid's good loving tushie hole washings and his wife some good orgasm producing buttfuckings.

Both boys wanted to be like him but they realized that they had a lot more spankings coming before that would happen.

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