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Cody challenged the belt and the belt won.

by UncleCharles

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17 year old Cody had just got dressed in his jockey strap, very tight fitting thin cotton shorts, and t shirt when the coach told him that the principal wanted to see him. Since all the teenage boys in his gym class knew that his mother had not signed for him to get spanked they didn't harass him about going to the principal office. He knocked on the door and was told to come in. He opened the door and said give me my detention slip so that I can get back to gym. Just as he finished he looked up to see the principal with a big wooden paddle with holes in it standing next to his new stepdad.

Cody's mother had just married this man a week ago. Since then every night at the dinner table his new stepdad had said little boy what you need is a very long and very hard bare ass spanking and remove his belt. But his mother would say now John you and Cody need to get to know each other before you take over disciplining him. John would then say what his butt needs is to get to know this belt and then he would lay the belt on the table and go back to eating

Mr. Brown, the principal said not so quick Mister you are going to get a taste of this paddle, something you have needed for a long time. My mother didn't sign off on me being paddled. Your right but your stepdad did and that's all that required. Now bend over that chair and grab a hold of each side of the seat and don't let go. Just as Mr. Brown was about to swing the paddle, Cody's stepdad said just a minute. Cody was just about to open his mouth and say think you to his stepdad when he walked over and pulled Cody's shorts and jockey strap down to Cody's feet and said to Mr. Brown, the principal, I know you can't do that but I can and I think it will be more effected. Mr. Brown said it's too bad I can't do it to all the teenage boys because it would be more affected. He raised the paddle high and brought it down on Cody's bare butt. Cody said son of a bitch. Mr. Brown said that will cost you another five. Cody promised himself that he wasn't going to cry in front of his new stepdad and Mr. Brown but before the ten licks was applied to his bare butt he was crying.

When he was finished Mr. Brown said pull up your shorts and go to the bathroom and then get back to gym. Cody's stepdad said I think it would be more affected if I walked him straight to gym, if that's alright with you. Mr. Brown had a big shit eating grin on him face and said certainly. But sir the guys in gym will see the snoot and tears running down my face. Cody's stepdad said I guess next time you will think twice before getting in trouble at school. When Cody and his new stepdad got to the gym his stepdad said I will have Joe drive your car home. Then Cody's stepdad slapped him across the butt and said we will discuss this again when you get home.

All the guys in Cody's gym class turn and looked when they heard the slap across the seat of gym shorts and saw Cody's s face as red as a beet and then noticed the tears and snoot signs on his face. The coach also saw the sings of a boy who had just got his butt blistered and since Cody had been a horse ass in his class the coach realized a way to bring Cody's down a notch or two. He walked over to two of his jocks and whispered in their ears. The coach hollowed line up against the wall and get ready to do some laps. Cody's hadn't got five feet into the laps when two big jocks ran up behind him and pulled his shorts down exposing his red butt to all the boys.

The school had a strict rule about the playing a plank of pulling boys shorts down because girls had to go through the gym to get to some of their classes. The punishment was 5 licks or 5 days suspensions. The two jocks took the five licks and the coach turned to Cody and said which one you choose. Cody's butt was too sore to take any more licks so he chose the 5 days suspension. The coach sent Cody to the principal's office.

He knocked on the principal door and was told to come in. Cody opened the door and his new stepdad was standing next to the principal. He was now clear why his stepdad said that Joe was going to drive his car home. He had been set up by his new stepdad.

On the way to the car Cody's new stepdad said little boy by the time your mother gets back and you go back to school there will be no doubt who wears the pants in this family. Cody remembered that his mother left this morning to go to his grandmother, who was sick. Cody knew that without his mother here to intervene the next 5 days was going to be pure hell.

When Cody open the car door lying in the seat is his stepdad big brown belt. Cody bends over and pushes it in the floor board of the car. His stepdad lays two big hard licks across Cody's already sore butt and said pick that up. I want you to get to know it on a very personal basics because your bare butt is going to start know it on a very personal basic as soon as we get home.

As soon as they left the school grounds, Cody's stepdad says to Cody remove your shorts and boxer, you want be wearing them for the next 5 days. What in the hell will I be wearing. His stepdad replied I suggest you watch you language that belt is going to be kissing your butt enough times you don't want the belt to kiss your butt because of your language.

To answer your question as to what you will be wearing, I brought you some new sleeping shirts to wear. When you are not butt naked getting that belt applied to your bare ass, a sleeping shirt is all you will be wearing.

Now get those shorts and boxer off unless you want me to stop right here in the middle of the street and take that belt to your bare ass. Cody removes his shorts and boxers. Cody's stepdad gets a big smile when he notices that Cody had gotten a stiff hard on, like all teenage boys' gets when they know that they are in for a very long and very hard bare ass spanking. Cody places his hands over his dick in an attempt to cover it. His stepdad reaches over and slaps his hands and say put those hands behind your head.

When they get home, Cody's stepdad reaches into the back seat and get a sleep shirt and hands it to Cody and said remove that Polo shirt you are wear and put this on. You stink; go take a shower, I will be waiting when you get out to have a very long one sided discussion with you.

Cody lays the belt in the seat. His stepdad in a very loud and anger voice says pick that up you will have that with you at all times. When you are taking a shower you will lay it across the towel holder and when you are at the dinner table you will lay it next to your plate.

When Cody starts up the stairs his stepdad says bend over and put your hands on the third stair step above you. Now spread your legs as far apart as you can. Cody's stepdad raises the belt as high as he can and applies 10 licks across Cody's bare butt.

When Cody gets upstairs he noticed that the door has been removed from his bedroom and bathroom. He removes the sleep shirt and steps in the shower. When he steps out of the shower he sees his stepdad wearing nothing but a pair of tight white briefs. Cody wonders how long the SOB had been standing there watching him because the shower curtain had been replaced with a clear see though one and like he always did when he took a shower he masturbated.

Cody's stepdad had been watching his stepson masturbate and got a big hard on. But instead of using his hands to satisfy his desire; he was going to let Cody's butthole take care of it for him. But first a long hard bare ass spanking was awaiting Cody. Cody's stepdad knew that he was going to enjoy every second of applying his belt to his stepson bare ass. What really made it so enjoyable was that it would not be the last one during his stepson's suspension from school and he was going to enjoy every one of them.

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