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Part 1 – My Two Nephews Spanked for the First Time

by Uncle Marc

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Last summer, my brother-in-law and sister have been fighting alot and were discussing getting a divorce. There were the parents of two boys. They decided on a trial serparation, however there jobs required them to travel extensively. My parents who usually took care of my nephews if my brother-in-law or sister were away on business were heading on an 8 week motor home journey across the United States. My sister asked me if I could take care of her son's when she was away on business.

"Sure... there no problem."

My nephews Tommy (14 years old) and Eric (16 years old) were good kids, but were typical teenagers. There idea of a typcial summer day was getting up at 11am, eating, playing video games until the afternoon, eating some more, finally taking a shower, heading out for about 6 hours of rollerblading, eating, playing more video games, watching movies and finally ending the day around 2 in the morning after some final video games and eating. As you can see, they had no ambition to work. They thought "life was a picnic."

I had always believed they needed some structure and discipline in thier lives. Both my brother-in-law and sister gave them anything they wanted and never required them to help around the house or do chores. Their reasoning... "There live's were miserable growing up. Each of them was the oldest of their families and they said that they were required to do ALL of the chores." So they let there kids have it easy. I knew they were never punished as I had been growing up. Tommy had received numerous F's during the school year and barely passed 8th grade and maybe he would be grounded or lose his rollerblades for a week. Howeve, I never butted in, but I always thought that a boot in the arse was needed.

It was agreed that they would stay with me from Sunday evening until Friday. They would spend the weekend with their mother or father, switching off between them.

The first week went relatively smooth. I had sat down with them the first night and gone over some basic rules - I was not going to be their maid. I would be home each night to make dinner, but it was their responsibility make their beds each day, put all dirty clothes in the hamper, make their own breakfast and lunch and keep my house clean. They would be given a short list of chores (i. e. take out trash, mow lawn, water garden, etc.) that they would be responsible for and would be paid $10 at the end of the week. Since there had been so much fighting in thier house, I didn't want to go overboard.

They agreed and things went pretty smoothly the first week.

By the second week, they were forgetting to do the chores and my house was beginning to look a bit sloppy. I would come home at 6pm and find them in their boxers or sweats playing video games.

"Haven't you even showered yet?"

They would look at me and say "We just lost track of time."

I was beginning to lose my patience and had numerous discussions with them.

I took Eric aside and told him, "Eric, you are the oldest and I expect you to lead by example. If Tommy sees you picking up after yourself or doing your chores, he'll probaly follow. "I looked at Tommy and said, "I expect more out of you and am asking you both of you for the last time to shape up or else. This is is your final warning."

I came home the next night and couldn't believe my eyes! It was if the boys had used every pot, pan and dish out of the cupboards to make lunch. Nothing was clean. The milk had been left out. The refrigerator door was partially open. I went upstairs and looked in there room's. In Tommy's room, the bed wasn't made and there were clothes all over place. Eric's room looked even worse! In the bathroom, there were towels on the floor, toothpaste on the sink and floor and the shower looked like it hadn't been cleaned in weeks.

Finally, I had had it. That was the final straw. I was pissed!

"Tommy! Eric! Come with me." I led them down to the basement and informed them that the discussions were over. The threats were over.

"Nothing seems to work. It seems you need to learn your lesson the hard way." Neither was aware of what I had in mind.

"You've gotten away with everything but murder with your parents. You are under my authority and I've decided that each of you need's to be disciplined."

Eric looks at me and say "Uncle Marc, we promise to start following your rules and..."

"Too late! Tonight, each of you will receive a spanking."

Two wide-eye, mouth open boys stared me in disbelief. I was seated on the sofa. I had decided since this was their first spanking, I would take it easy on them. It would not be with a paddle or on the bare ass, but it would get their attention. Strictly an OTK hand spanking.

"Uncle Marc, your going to spank us?

"That's right, Tommy. I'm going to spank you and Eric."

Our parents have never spanked us." says Tommy.

"And look at you... your lazy spoiled brats! This has been coming for a long time."

You're going take off your shirt and pants, bend over my lap, and I'm going to spank the living daylights out of you."

They weren't going to be the first I had ever spanked. I've had a few guys over who've enjoyed a good hard OTK bare-ass spanking or paddling as foreplay to sex, but Tommy and Eric were going to be the first to receive a spanking from me as a punishment.


"Tommy, come here." He looks over at Eric and stands completely still. I get up from the sofa, grab him by his right ear and walk him over to the sofa. "Pull down your pants to your ankles."

Tommy was scared and visibly shaking.

"Either you pull down your pants or I do... and if I do, you won't be sitting for a week! Eric, you might as well pull down your pants too, save us the time. Oh, and take your shirts off too."

They both followed my instructions. Tommy is standing in front of me with no shirt on, his jeans around his ankles and wearing a pair of striped boxers. As Eric is taking off his shirt, I take Tommy over my knees and give him the final lecture. "You didn't take me serious, I hope for your sake in the future you do."

I place my right leg over his legs to prevent him from kicking and firmly grabbed his right wrist. He is no position to move and his butt is ready for the punishment. I begin by giving him 10 quick slaps switching between his right and left cheek. SLAP!! SPANK!! SLAP!! SPANK!! SLAP!! SPANK!! SLAP!! SPANK!! SLAP!! SPANK!!

"Owwwww! Please stop Uncle Marc, I promise to be good."

I spanked him so quickly, and with such force, that within seconds - seconds! I'm sure Tommy's ass was a glowing pink.


I caught a glimpse of Tommy's face a few times. He was more howling than crying, but there were tears streaming down his cheeks now.


I continuted with the spanking. They weren't slow, measured strokes, either. I spanked him hard and quick. Blow after blow after blow landed across Tommy's butt.


Tommy struggled, but I held him firmly and continued.


Finally, I stopped. Tommy was lay over my knees with tears coming flowing down his cheeks. He kept repeating "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'll be a good boy..."

I told him to go stand in the corner. I watched him walk over to the corner rubbing his very sore backside.

I looked over to Eric who was standing about 5 feet from me wearing nothing but his grey Tommy Hilfiger boxers. His 5'10" 150# frame was only about 2 inches shorter and 25 pounds lighter than me, but he looked very timid and scared from what he had just witnessed.

"Get over my knee." I ordered, grasping Eric's arm and urging him down.

He was bent over my knees and lay with his nose a few inches from the carpet, a position I had was very used to when I was his age. I wrapped my left hand around his waist and positioned his ass for the spanking.

Eric lay perfectly still across my legs. SMACK!! I slapped his right asscheek with full force.

SMACK!! SPANK!! He made a small "Ugggh" noise.

SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! As I did on Tommy, I alternated from cheek to cheek.

SMACK!! left. SMACK!! right.

My hand was sore from giving the boys a spanking, but I didn't let that stop me from giving them there due punishment.


I could tell Eric was trying to act macho in front of his brother and not cry or beg for me to stop. SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!!

Finally, he couldn't take it any more and cried out "Ow!" SPANK!! "Please, Uncle Marc!" SMACK!! SPANK!! SMACK!!

"Owwwww..Uncle Marc, please...Ow!"

I held him firmly with his strong left arm and kept him squarely centered to receive punishing whack after whack.

SPANK!! SMACK!! He was crying, begging for me to stop.

I paid no attention to his begging, I continued with the tired and stinging palm of my hand against his backside.


Slowly the hollering changed to pleading, then begging him for me to stop. SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!!

He promised to be good and obey all the rules. I'm sure he would have promised anything to get me to stop spanking him. I'm sure his ass reallly hurt. SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! I looked over at Tommy and saw him peeking over his shoulder catching a glimse of his older brother getting spanked.


As I continued with the assault on the Eric's very sore backside, I told him, "Eric your the oldest, I expected more from you! You've disappointed me."


"I'm sorry Uncle Marc... pleasssssssse stop." cried out Eric.

I decided to make an example of Eric. I stopped with spanking him and realized I had forgotten my paddle. I reached down to Eric's pants and pulled out his belt from his jeans. "Eric, stand up. Tommy, come over here and see what you can expect if you ever leave my house in this condition again."

"Eric, bend over the arm of the sofa. Maybe a good whipping will help you remember to clean-up after yourself!"

"No-o-o-o-o, please Uncle Marc, I've learned my lesson. I promise to do my chores."

I paid no attention to his begging. I firmly grabbed his arm and positioned him over the sofa. I folded the leather

belt in half. The belt was about 2" wide and probaly 1/4 thick folded. I looked at Eric, tears that were already flowing down his cheeks and his his underwear-clad ass which was quivering. I reached back and...

... S-S-S-S-W-I-S-H! CRACK!!

and the belt landed directly on his tender backside. "O-W-W-W-W!!" screamed Eric.


"OWWWW Please no more!!!!OOOOOHHH!!" Eric screamed as the sharper, more vicious pain of the belt cutting into his buttocks.

CRACK!! He was crying and sobbing. CRACK!! He was pleading with me, "Please stop!", "Please, sir!" "Uncle Marc, I'm sorry!" but the belt landed again and again. And again. CRACK!! CRACK!! CRACK!!

The only sound in the room was a long wail of "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" and the SWISH!! of belt in the air and the CRACK!! of the belt across Eric's butt.

I stopped after 15 and told Eric and Tommy, "Put your clothes on and meet me upstairs."

Tommy, quickly put on his jeans. Eric just stayed where he was, rubbing his sore backside. As I was heading upstairs, I looked over at Eric and saw him pull down his boxers to reveal a very red butt with some black and blue welts where the belt had landed. A smile came across my face... "Hmmmm, a job well done" I said quietly.

I gave each of the boys some lotion to rub on their backsides and a long hug when they arrived upstairs. I told them that I loved them very much, but they had pushed the envelope too far and each agreed they had deserved what they got.

Needless to say, after the punishment, the boys spent the next 3 hours cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom and their bedrooms. I'm sure they knew I meant business from now on, however, during the summer, there were some more sessions just like this one.

... to be continued.

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