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A strict diet
Part 1

by Graham

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It was 2008. Bradley Brown and Loren Sorenson had been in graduate school together for two years, and were graduating with masters degrees. They had been friends for almost 5 years, and were now about to embark on seeking employment in the business world.

They met as strangers – undergraduate students in college, having the same major –, and quickly became fast friends. Their college days were fun, although also pressured and hectic.

When they were facing graduation, they both considered going on to graduate school for an advanced degree. They both applied and were accepted, within a couple of weeks of each other.

They also decided to room together for grad school. They rented a cheap apartment in a well-worn, run-down building, and the same summer after undergraduate graduation, they started grad school.

Graduate school was more intense and demanding, but they became maturing young men, growing more responsible over the time they spent in graduate studies. At the same time, they had a lot of fun in grad school too.

Both boys were slim – thin, really – young men. Brad was 5′ 10″, about 140 lbs, with a handsome face, straight brown hair, soft brown eyes, and an equally soft, slower voice and affect, with a hint of muscularity to his overall slender physique, having a trace of olive in his skin complexion.

Loren was only a bit smaller, 5′ 9″, 135 lbs, with the striking, Scandinavian features of blond hair, sparkling and piercing blue eyes, pale, alabaster skin, and a voice that was quicker and a bit sharper, and he was lean and skinny as a whitewashed stick figure.

Throughout undergraduate and grad school, Loren typically wore thin, old, slim jeans and a t-shirt, along with running shoes. Brad customarily wore thin khaki pants and a t-shirt or polo shirt, and deck or boat shoes.

Because of the distance of their surnames alphabetically, they were usually in different sections in common classes of grad school, which introduced them to different friends. They did take electives together, however; and they participated in the same study groups for the courses they took, they also had many of the same friends in common.

The young men lived like typical, single bachelors, graduate students, economizing and living as sparsely and simply as possible. It was that kindred spirit and willingness to be thrifty that had been one of the initial, common traits that attracted them to each other and made their friendship, and now their rooming together, workable. The skinny young men ate what they absolutely needed, but were noticeably far from well-fed or over-consuming with meals.

Once thing they both did, mostly together, was to go to the student center and use the free weights and workout equipment to exercise and condition themselves. Consequently, though lean, they were both in excellent condition.

Although they had grown up in different parts of the State, in communities more than 500 miles away from each other, Brad and Loren often laughed with amazement at how similar their home lives and upbringing had been. Both were from families with brothers and sisters, and parents who were loving, encouraging, and reassuring, while at the same time were nonindulgent, rigourously demanding, and unvarying and constant in administering discipline for bad behaviour, failure to meet requirements, and disobedience.

Both boys recalled receiving frequent whippings and spankings to punish misbehaviour and ensure they complied with, and conformed to, what they were expected or told to do. Loren got the strap, Brad the hair brush or belt.

Yet, neither of them harboured any feelings of resentment or ill will about the family regimens in which they had been raised. However severe or stern their punishment, once it was over, it was a matter of history, and their parents were immediately warm, accepting, and reassuring.

In graduate school, Brad developed a relationship with a girl. Loren did not, but he had some lingering, grieving emotions, because he had been engaged in college, only to have it ended early in his senior year.

The two friends spent a good deal of time together, in addition to studying and living together, going to free sporting events and movies, and other inexpensive activities. They truly were best of friends, appearing almost as if brothers.

One thing that was a recurring trait with Loren was his frequent swatting of Brad’s butt, but never in a menacing or malicious manner. On campus, if he came up to Brad talking with another student, Loren would simply walk up and smack Brad’s bottom with a book while joining them. Brad always blushed, looking momentarily flustered, but then welcomed Loren to the conversation.

Once, on their way across campus from a class they had together, they saw a student whom they both knew. He was Craig, a guy who was brash, self-assertive, and abrasive in his bold, forward actions and speech.

Craig had sneaked quickly and quietly up behind them and without their detecting him, poked Brad’s and Loren’s underarm sides, precipitating their arms flinging upward, tossing their books and papers into the air. Craig just laughed, and chided them for being too absorbed in themselves and not aware of what was going on around them, and raced off.

Loren called after Craig: You need your butt beat for that, man! He turned and muttered to Brad, Every time I see him I just want to turn him over my knee and give him the hardest spanking ever!

Brad looked at Loren out of the corner of his eye and asked, Why? What would that do?

It’d make him think twice before he acts and opens his mouth. Blistering his ass so he couldn’t sit down for a few days could only do him some long-overdue good. Loren answered.

Come on. They’re having buy one pizza get a second free at Leonardo’s, he added.

Brad smiled easily. No kidding? You’re on. Let’s go, and they both took off jogging off campus to the pizza parlour.

The third summer was the completion of grad school. Brad and Loren received masters degrees in August, and by September had been employed at jobs with the same company, but in two different towns, about 70 miles apart. The two friends stayed in touch, and visited each other occasionally, staying with each other when they did.

It had been almost 3 months since they saw each other when Loren came to visit Brad. As Brad opened the door to welcome his friend, he was stunned to see Loren, who had obviously put on more than 40 lbs. Still lean himself, Brad was taken aback and initially at a loss for words to see his buddy now quite plainly chubby.

Loren sensed Brad’s reaction and spoke: Yeah, I know. Too much sitting around and munching all day and all night long. I need to get active again, and watch my diet, I know. It’s just that it’s so hard ’cause I’m so busy.

Tell me about busy, Brad replied. But you’ve always been in such good condition, Loren. How do you stand it?

I don’t, Brad. I hate it, really. It’s just I can’t seem to find an incentive to get up off the chair or couch and get out and get active, and to refuse the goodies.

Loren, I’m your friend, you know that. I can’t just sit back and watch you degenerate like this, and not try to do something about it.

What, Brad?! Are you going to spank me or something?

Should I? Do you need it? Will that help? Is that what it takes? Brad interrogated.

Maybe, Loren blurted out, then quickly added, Noooo, of course not. I’ll just have to do it on my own. I will. You’ll see. N, ext time you see me, I’ll be back to 135 lbs and in great condition again.

Okay, Loren. I hope so, for your sake. Anyway, you’re still my best friend, and always will be, Brad responded.

After Loren unpacked his things for the weekend, the two young men left to go out for dinner. Over their meals, Brad noticed that Loren drank 4 beers, and after dinner had coffee and a dessert. Brad held his tongue though, and once they got back to Brad’s apartment, the two buddies opened up another brew each while they watched Friday night football.

Saturday morning, they both awakened about 9 a.m. Brad proposed they go to the gym first thing, but Loren was reluctant. Get your lazy butt out of bed and come with me, Loren, Brad shouted. We both need the workout, and he ripped the blankets off his formerly gaunt, now overly plump, buddy, who was lying face down in his pillow.

Heeeey, cut it out! Let a guy have some rest, will you? Loren called out.

All at once, before he could formulate conscious thought about it, Brad’s right hand let loose with a series of 7 hard swats to the thin seat of Loren’s boxers. For a now-overweight young man, Loren flipped over with lightning speed. Heeeeey, Braaaad! What’you think you’re doooing:?!

I’m giving a buddy of mine, a guy I care about a lot, some motivation to get off his haunches and get active, working out, getting in shape, if that’s what it takes.

Although his clear blue eyes peered intently at Brad, Loren said nothing. Grudgingly, he slid out of bed. Good man, Brad encouraged. Get some workout clothes on, and I’ll be right back in to ... .

Ah, Braaad. I didn’t bring anything to work out in, Loren interrupted.

Okay, buddy, I’ll be right back with some old workout clothes of mine you can wear – if you can still fit in’em, Brad thought the last part to himself. In a couple of minutes he came back with a baggy pair of basketball shorts, and an old, stretched out t-shirt.

The two young men got into Brad’s car and drove off to the gym. Once there, they worked long and hard, like in the old, college and grad school days, conditioning their muscles and body.

Afterward, the came back, each showered, and changed into clothes to go out into the city. They ended up at the mall, and then stopped by Olive Garden for lunch of soup, salad, and bread sticks.

Brad took the uncommon initiative to tell Loren he could have 2 bread sticks, that was all. Loren looked surprised, but then acquiesced. They had an enjoyable lunch, then left to go to a movie.

If was nearly 7 p.m. when they came out of the theatre. Brad suggested a Greek restaurant in a downtown hotel, and the two drove there. They each had a classic, Greek salad, together with fresh pita bread, and a couple of beers.

By 9:30, the two, close, young friends were feeling relaxed and tired. Let’s head back to the apartment, Brad suggested, with which Loren had no disagreement.

Once at the apartment, Brad stripped down to just his boxers and t-shirt, as they usually did in the days when they roomed together. In minutes, Loren followed suit.

The two, young adult friends were fully informal and relaxed with each other, watching basketball on television. By midnight, they were both nodding with fatigue.

Come on, man, let’s call it a night. Go get into your bed; I’ll see you in the morning, Brad spoke, while tugging Loren’s arm to pull him up, out of the chair, to get going, heading to bed.

Whooaaa, Loren! You’re harder to get up on your feet than I remember!

What’s that supposed to mean? Loren demanded.

Nothing – except you got to get these extra pounds off, buddy! Loren blushed, then looked at Brad with agreement.

Okaaaay, you’re right, Brad; but it’s hard to, especially when you’re not able to be as active as you were for so many years.

You’re right, because we don’t have the freedom and discretionary time we had in college and grad school; but you’ve got to be motivated and do it, Brad replied.

I know, I know... . but it’s hard, like I said, Loren answered.

Well, maybe you need some motivation furnished, like applied to your butt! Loren blushed again, with a skewed smile – but did not protest to the contrary. I tell you what, buddy. We’ve got tomorrow – until you leave tomorrow night – to get you losing 5 of those 40 pounds.

Five pounds by tomorrow night?! No waaay! I can’t do that, Loren objected.

Yes, you can, buddy; and you are going to. We’re going to the gym in the morning, then after that out on bikes for the day. When we return tomorrow evening, you will already be on the way back to the Loren I’ve always known til now.

Oooooh, Braaad, nooooo! That’s crazy! It’s so much work! Let’s wait to start this dieting regime until later, Loren protested, turning and walking down the short hall into the bedroom where he slept.

As he was about to close the door, it was pushed wide open, and Brad walked in with a long-handled, wooden spoon in his hand.

Whuh-uht’s that? Loren squacked his question.

The motivator, Brad answered. Grabbing his smaller, but now heavier, buddy by the arm, he pulled him along until Brad sat down on the side of the bed Loren was headed to. Almost with a single motion, Brad pulled his friend forward, downward, tumbling over and across Brad’s lap.

Heeeeey! What d’you think you’re aaaaaah! Haaaaaaa! dooooo-aaaaa-ing?!

Loren reacted audibly to the beginning of a barrage of swats from the wooden spoon, assaulting the thin, stretched seat of his boxers on his upended behind.

This is the beginning of your strict diet, Loren, Brad explained. From now on, you’re going to start exercising, working out, getting back into condition, and watching what, and how much, you eat, or else! And the or else is going to be your sorry fanny!

You can’t do that, Brad! Loren protested.

Think not? That’s what you’re finding out right now, and with that lecture, he intensified the spanking of his buddy’s overturned bottom with the wooden spoon. In short time, Loren was squirming and thrashing around, trying to evade or flee the spanking spoon. When he could not, he began bucking and kicking, while fighting ferociously to try to make this experience end.

When he could not do that either, he began wriggling and grinding on Brad’s lap, while starting to promise and beg and plead and bargain, endeavouring to get his long and close friend to cease the whipping. His voice began rising in volume and pitch, as in desperation he promised he would work out, exercise, go back to eating wisely, and lose the pounds. Brad simply replied they could beat them off, by blistering and frying Loren’s rump until the extra pounds melted away.

Even as an admonishing joke, it drove Loren to shriek, especially when Brad grasped the waistband of Loren’s boxers, and yanked them down over his hips an buttocks, down his legs, to fall to his ankles and feet, thence to be kick of flying across the room.

Before long, a vanquished, defeated, and calmer Loren emerged, even while his bare bottom and thighs were being scalded by his friend. Eventually, the young man was calling out, then crying, then wailing and sobbing convulsively, as Brad perpetuated the licking he was now determined to finish to his buddy’s behind.

When Brad decided he had applied enough motivation to Loren’s butt for now, he stopped, letting his shaking, weeping friend empty his emotions and grief, as his pride and denials had been emptied some while earlier over Brad’s knees. When Brad pulled his buddy up, wearing only a t-shirt, onto his bare feet, he pulled down the bedcovers for Loren and swatted his friend’s backside several more times with the wooden spoon. Loren jumped into the bed on his stomach, wailing louder again.

Tomorrow we hit the training hard, buddy. Good night, Brad called out as he turned out the light and left the bedroom.

The next morning, Brad woke a sheepish-looking Loren at 8 a.m. We’re going to get at it early, Brad announced, and left to shower. When he returned, Loren was still in bed sleeping.

Brad swiftly pulled the blanket and sheet off his friend, and his eyes widened as he spied Loren’s dark red, hot and hard-spanked rearend. Not wasting words, Brad reached out and grabbed Loren’s waist, pulled the surprised, young man up onto his knees, and then sat down and pulled his buddy around, dumping in back across his lap.

Training time! Another motivation session, Brad teased, as he began peppering Loren’s bottom with the wooden spoon. Loren screeched with shock and pain, trying to free himself, but once more in vain. In little more than 10 minutes, Brad had once more soundly spanked his buddy’s bare behind, evoking squalling tears and sobs from him.

Now, get into that shower, and let’s get going, Brad barked the order. Still sobbing, Loren raced into the shower and emerged 15 minutes later, calmer, more tranquil, and more docile to do what his friend commanded.

They both completed dressing and headed out to the gym. After an almost 2-hour work out, they again showered, and pulled on shorts to get bicycles for a long ride.

The rest of the day was spent on an almost 70 mile ride, stopping for healthy snacks and lots of water. Loren commented that he could have ridden the bike home they had been gone so long. The riding was excruciating agony for Loren because sitting his wounded bottom on the narrow, hard bicycle seat just drove the shifting waves of pain into his brain.

By 5:30 p.m., they were back at Brad’s apartment, showering, and preparing to eat a chef salad that Brad prepared. By 7:30, Loren had packed up, and saying his goodbyes and thank yous to his friend, promised to remember and stay intent on getting back into condition. Brad smiled, but reminded Loren that if he didn’t, their next meeting would be another – stronger – motivation session.

Oh, no, no, you won’t need to do that! Loren promised, then sat carefully and uneasily down onto his car seat, before waving and driving away.

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