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Just Put Him Over Your Knee and Spank Him!

by Bunbuster

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"Just put him over your knee and spank him!", 19 year old Jared's daddy said bluntly to me over the phone.

I own a small but highly successful marketing business and Jared is one of my young marketers.

Jared is a good kid for the most part but once he starts going off the rails it takes a lot of coaxing to get him rolling again.

Jared knows that I don't want to fire his cute little ass since me and his daddy were army buddies but he would never guess that his daddy suggested that I 'fire up' his cute little ass.

When I say that Jared had a cute little ass I'm not joking.

The youngster dressed inpeccably, dress shirt and tie, wool Gaberdine dress pants and shined shoes and he had a feisty, engaging and endearingly boyish personality which made him a big hit with clients, another reason that I was loath to fire the little stinker, and an even bigger hit with the girls.

The handsome slender kid was a real alley cat and he was hung like Godzilla, you could see it hanging down in his pants and I saw it several times at the urinal and all I could say was 'wow!!!'.

I remember telling the handsome lad to 'either pee pee or get off the pot' a few times when he was standing at the urinal stroking the glans of his thick monster cock in his perpetual horniness.

One evening when a few of us were working late, I went into the men's room to piss and I heard muffled moans in one of the stalls, peeked in and saw Jared on the pot under the full control of his dick, pumping massive loads of sweetcream out of the massive fat pink boy cock. When he was done there was cum hanging down from the ceiling and in a thick puddle on Jared's flat pink tummy.

Oh, I digressed. Sorry. You want to know about Jared's cute little ass.

"He has an adorable tiny hiney." "What a cute little booty." "He's got one hot little ass."

Those are some of the descriptions from the gals of Jared's round little buttocks which stood atop his long boyish legs like 2 highly pumped little butt balloons on 2 stilts.

"That kid could sit his bare little butt on my face and cut loose and I'll continue licking his rosy little bunghole", the dirty old man janitor, a real old fart, no pun intended, said once about cute butted young adult Jared.

So, that's the appeal of little Jared and his 'high arched tiny hiney' but his dad had another more utilitarian use for those sweetcheeks when I answered the phone one day to hear him on the other end inquiring about his cute kid.

"Spank him, you're joking, right?", I said to Jared's daddy when upon hearing my complaints about the little bugger he said that I should spank Jared. Visions of Jared's hot little fanny getting smacked across my knee filled my thoughts. Passing by Jared when he was bent over a desk flirting with a girl was a major event in our offices, the dress pants tightened over the little sweet cheekies, like only wool pants can do, boyish panty line visible and the succulent aroma of fresh boyish sweat mixed with a clean soapy smell, Jared was a clean well scrubbed little bugger, waving up from between his fanny crack.

"Not joking at all, works for him at home and I have no doubt that it will work at the office", the man explained.

"Man, I have boys and I never spanked them, a big regret in my life, so I wouldn't know what the hell to do", I asked and my buddy put it point by point.

"You have to start somewhere, he has an ass right, you have a hand and a lap right, so pull his pants and panty briefs down, put him over your lap and spank his cute little butt till the cheeks are raw and he's kicking and weeping like the baby that he really is", was the instruttions.

"Bare ass????", I said in shock.

"Damn right, bareassed, why do you think that nature gave that little stinker such a cute little tush?", was the blunt response.

"Er, ok, I'll spank him, anything else I should know?", I asked.

"Well, be sure to spank his upper thighs, that brat spends too much time on the pot if you know what I mean but if he can't sit on the pot he's outta the can in a flash", my buddy said.

Now determined to spank that cute little bottom I went searching for Jared and where did I find him?

Bending over a desk talking to a chick, his lean young ass bulging out of the seat of brown tweed gaberdine dress pants, the clean/sweaty boyish aroma waving from between the firm little melons.

"Give me a minute, will you, I'm on my brake", the little brat looked up and said while still bent over when I politely asked him to come with me and my polite manner was shattered when I looked down at the delightfully egg shaped little booty cheeks sticking out.

Spank "Owww, hey man, what's the big idea???", Jared, in a real boyish manner, jumped up and yelped when I smacked him in the center of his hot little tail, relishing the firmness yet tenderness of the little buns and thinking what a treat it was going to be baring that little ass and going to town on the tender little muscle melons.

"What's happening, where are you taking me, man?", Jared protested as I took him by the arm and led him along. The girl that he was rapping to looked astonised. The hot little item with a developing boner in his trousers who was sweet talking her was just slapped on the ass and was now being led away protesting, the only thing left of him at her desk was the big boyish fart that he left behind, compliments of my hand coming down hard on the kid's lower crack right above the little farthole.

As I dragged him along the other employess watched with grins at the little company stud-muffin was led farting along by the boss.

It happened real fast and it was obvious from the way Jared reacted that he had been spanked before. He was nervous and pooting and sweating his little ass off as opposed to being outraged as I took him to an empty office at the end of the hall to spank his bottom for him.

I sat down and pulled Jared to me by the waist of his pants, unzipped the trousers and pulled them down along with his Calvin tightie whities and was immediatly smacked in the kisser by what appreared to be a hot/sweet sausage with a big blob of bubblegum on the tip.

I forced the little brat face down over my lap and right after being hit in the nose with a hefty combination of healty boy sweat and soapy clean smell I was stunned by the beauty of Jared's smooth young buttocks, so round, so firm and so baby tender with that sexy soft boy bush in the crack. It was no wonder that this kid's dad decided to use spanking to discipline his kid. The buns seemed to be aching to be spanked and when I looked through the soft sweat forest I had the same urge that the old janitor had, for little mr. fartass to sit his tender little pooting hiney on my face for me to lick that rosy little pussy like orifice.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owww, yelp, oh god, oww, oww." The feisty little bugger was shocked that he was being spanked at work and he knew that the paddy whacking sounds of 'one hand clapping' could be heard throughout the office along with his highpitched yelps which he couldn't stifle since I was putting a major hurting to his sexy tender little bare bon-buns.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Whap

"Owww, sorry, sob, oww, sob." It didn't take very long to turn the little company stud-muffin into a kicking, pooting and weeping little stinker with a little ass that resembled 2 cute shiny red apples.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owwww, owww, sob." As I spanked Jared's bottom a parade of 4 employers peeked in, saw the spanking, flinched and rubbed their own pants seats.

These four were of course all cute young guys.

First there was Jared's 21 year old fellow marketer Cory, cute in his brown suit.

Then 3 cute mailroom workers.

Longhaired, long legged Ronnie, his little ass hugged by worn tight black Wranglers.

Sweet little 18 year old Brian in a mismatched shirt and tie ensemble, his plump baby bottom bulging out of too small black Dockers.

Spiky haired blonde jock Jason with a small hoop earing in each ear and wearing a colorful tight tee-shirt and tight white jeans which did wonders for his pumped young bubble bottom aka little jock stink bottom. Jason had that stinky yet clean smelling thing happening in his deep bottom crack too.

After I spanked Jared I firmly pulled up his drawers and gaberdines and marched him along by the arm.

As we walked out of the office we walked into a cloudy mixture of boy poots, compliments of the rosy little boy holes of Cory, Ronnie, Brian and Jason. One spanking of a young male bottom goes a long way in the discipline of other feisty young buggers and for months afterwards a few stern words brought better behaved little stinkers in the offices albeit stinky offices.

I sent Jared home for the day and when he came back on Monday he was embarrassed and sheepish and his behavior approved drastically from than on. I also noticed that Jared had no pantyline but his massive cock and balls were contained so I figured he had on thong to keep anything tight away from his still sore tushie.

About 2 months later me and the wife went to dinner at Joe's, Jared's dad, house.

When we arrived Jared's mom and 2 other middleaged couples were in the living room but no Joe.

"Hi, Joe will be out soon, he is disciplining Jared for coming home pissy drunk last night", Jared's mom said and at that very second I heard the loud highpitched voice of Jared.

"Nooo, dad, please don't spank me now, there are peple here, owwwwwwwwwwww, not on the bare ass at least, yelp, yelp."

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap

"Ahh, dad, oww, sob." We all winced and blushed when the sound of spanking filled the house, the crisp sound of a hand smacking down hard on what was definately a firm spankable boy bottom and highpitched little boy, almost girlish, yelps.

After about 5 minutes of steady spanking that got Jared weeping the spanks stopped.

"Son bend over and spread your buttcheeks", I could hear Joe yell out.

I had to see this so I slipped away to see what was happening. I peeked into the bathroom to see one of the hottest scenes ever.

Jared, in nothing but a navy blue cutoff muscle tee-shirt, his asscheeks like 2 ripe healthy tomatos was bending over and spreading his spanked cheeks which gave me a view of his little asshole that put the view that I had when he was over my knee to shame.

Jared's asshole was the epitome of what can only be described ass succulent young male buttpussy, rosy red, highly puckered and so hot that it seemed to be aching to be licked as much as Jared's firm young buttocks had seemed aching to be spanked.

I watched with my tongue hanging out as Joe tenderly lubed the little pooter with vaseline, which I would have done with my wet tongue.

Joe then took an enema bulb and put it to the lips of Jared's adorable little poot hole.

"Ok son, press down", Joe lovingly ordered. He was fierce with Jared's buttocks but he did not want to cork the enema nozzle up the tender little orifice.

"Grrrrrr, sob, sob." The soundly spanked little teenager dutifully pressed his little bottom hole down and the enema nozzle was buried to the hilt up that juicy rosette of a butthole.

As I watched I realized how perfect mother nature was in creating a youngman's rearend.

The perfect baby smooth spankable young buttocks, and the succulently juicy little puckered fartchute, good for you know what, and a line of soft baby hair along both walls of the pink bottom crack which when the cheeks were closed the little bottom hole nestled in the soft fur which also acted as a filter for the sweat that accumulated in a young guy's tight asscrack.

El perfecto to mom nature.

After squeezing the bulb and pumping the sudsy stuff up the little farter Joe pulled it out and we both walked away to let the cute little guy, his big fat cock hanging down so rosy pink and virile, to squat and explode over the pot, or potty, since Jared was so baby cute.

I went back to the living room with Joe and nobody mentioned the spanking.

Before we left I peeked into Jared's room and the rugged yet tender beauty of what I saw blew me away.

Jared was on his tummy with his legs spread, maybe to give his flushed out little farthole some air, the damn little rosette was pretty good natured in giving it, sleeping like a baby.

His pouty pink mouth was open.

Sweat dripped down his lean tapered back and dripped into his asscrack and his little puckered pussy hole looked like a healthy expensive American Beauty Rose though I highly doubted that it smelt like a rose, but there's the beauty of mother nature again.

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