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There's a Temporary Spanker at Russell's House
Part #5 – Danny's Sweet Young Ass 3 Years Later

by Bunbuster

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Not long after the spanking marathon, covered in part 4 of this series, where studsy Roy spanked 4 hot young bottoms, he, his wife and his cute teenaged stepson Cam moved to another county.

Cam continued to receive sizzling hot spankings from stepdad Ray whenever he needed to be punished.

Cam was like Russell and Danny in that he hadn't had a male authority figure in his life till his stepdad came along when he was in his teens and took him under his wing and over his knee when punishment was needed.

Cam received about a spanking a month. It wasn't that Roy just spanked him at a certain time each month. It was just that Cam was a feisty teenaged boy and his need to have his bottom spanked seemed to come along each month and Roy was more than willing to spank his plump young bottom whenever the little stinker needed to be put in his place. Like Russell and Danny Cam found himself riding stepdaddy's knee quite often and he was spanked good and hard and each and every time he learned a valuable lesson.

On the day of the spanking marathon Roy also fucked Danny up his hot young butthole and it was the last time that he had any youngmale ass and he was getting horny for some, namely the hot pink hole of blond stud-muffin Danny.

Roy had hot pounding sex with his wife but he was yearning for Danny's tasty puckered young poot pussy, the way the juicy tight satiny walled pooter gripped his cock, the way Danny's baby soft blond crack hair tickled his plump brown nut sack, the way he wrapped his arms around the sweaty hot young moaning muscle stud to hold the bucking young bronco in place so he could fuck every nook and cranny of that tender baby red farter.

At this time, young Danny, now 22 and almost 23 and still a ravishing young bunghole of a lad, was yearning for a good hot cornholing from Roy, the cornholing that he received from Roy 3 years before the last time that he got his hungry tight poopchute plowed.

Danny lived with his girlfriend and they had hot sex and how could they not. Danny had a long thick pink cock and his girl had a hot pink tight pussy, but Danny yearned for another hot buttfucking from Roy. Getting buttfucked by Roy was hot as all hell and very sexually liberating for Danny. All he had to do was moan and groan in pleasure as the massive brown cock plowed his juicy pooter, or if he wished he could slam his ass back on the hot invading cock or sit on it, riding the big tootsie roll like organ as Roy held him by the hips and made sure that he assisted Danny in riding the juicy big dick.

Danny's asshole and Roy's penis were a match made in hot juicy heaven and were karmically destined to be together again.

One day Roy, now 41 going on 42 and still a hot sexy fox, was sitting at the bar with his buddy Tom when news of Danny came up.

"Hey Roy, know who moved to town, that handsome blond kid Danny, remember him?", Tom said. He had no knowledge of Roy spanking or cornholing Danny.

"You're kidding, how's he doing?", Roy answered, trying not to sound too happy but he had a hard time hiding the massive boner that raged in is tight jeans, not that Tom minded. He had wanted to mouth that hot cock since he met Roy.

"He's still a naughty boy, an investment banker with 2 misdemeanors for unethical behavior", Tom explained.

"Sounds like he could use a good spanking", Roy said matter of factly, the thought of giving Danny the sound spanking that he obviously needed impinging on his penis and balls as much as the thought of fucking him up the rearend did.

"Oh yeah, all young punks need their cans spanked and I tell you, that young stinker has one spankable muscle butt on him", Tom said and he licked his lips as he eyed the pipe-like erection in Roy's pants.

Roy found out where Danny worked and he hung out around there a bit to catch sight of the sexy young pup.

Roy went into a drugstore for an energy bar and then his dreams came through.

Blond stud Danny, still a pink skinned young sex puppy, came into the store resplendent in a crisp starched power blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, an expensive watch and hot fitting wool pin stiped pants. An immediate boner developed in Roy's pants. Danny bent over to get something from a bottom shelf, the pants tightening around his muscle cheeks, the pantyline of his sexy briefs showing.

"How's it going sexy?", Roy said and he patted Danny's fanny and ran his fingers along the moist sweaty crack.

"Roy!!!", Danny said and he put Roy in a good man hug.

"Want to go have a beer, kid?", Roy said to the sexy blonde bugger and of course young blondie said 'sure'.

Over coffee it didn't take the 2 men long to decide that they wanted to fuck, namely Roy's monster cock up Danny's rosy farthole and the 2 horny fuckers worked out where to do it.

Roy, the older and more experienced of the 2, Danny still was little brat, said that it would be good to go into the woods, strip naked and go to town with the assfucking.

Danny agreed but unknown to him Roy had planned on not only fucking him up his juicy butthole but he also planned on spanking his naughty young bottom.

"Hey kid, can we stop off at that housing good store?", Roy asked the young blond. As they drove Danny's pink asshole was puckering and he reached over to run his hand along the thick shaft in Roy's pants.

"Sure, whatcha getting, I could use some towels, maybe use one as a cum towel for after my cornholing", Danny said and he looked so cute that it took everything in Roy to keep from ripping his pants off, lifting his legs up and fucking his tender young tail hole in the diaper position.

"Great, I need a nice little pillow for a chair I have at home", Roy answered."

"Ok man, but let's go fast, my asshole is puckering in desire for a long overdue cornholing", Danny, none the wiser that the pillow was for him to sit on in the car later but he was still a kid so to be expected, said as he swaggered along in front of Roy.

"And you're long overdue for a good spanking", Roy thought as he watched the 22 year old muscle melons bouncing along.

"Hey Roy, how's this for a cum towel?", Danny asked Roy as he held up a small black towel, the perfect color for wiping thick young sperm.

"How's this to sit your pretty ass on after I spank you?", Roy thought as he picked up and small firm red pillow which was the perfect size for Danny's asscheeks and the color that Danny's firm young buttocks would be after Roy got done punishing him.

When they got to their destination the 2 walked about a quarter of a mile, Roy patting and squeezing Danny's buns as they walked, causing Danny's rosy multi-puckered asshole to clench and unclench in desire.

When they got to the desired spot, a grassy area with a log, daddy Roy went into manly action on the young stud-puppy.

Roy stripped Danny naked, kissing the strawberry-like tip of his cock, his plump pink balls and each of his delectable dimpled buttocks before making the hot young blonde lay on the grass on his back.

Roy then sat his still boyish big brown ass lightly on Danny's face and Danny, turned on by the exqusite smell of the curly haired buttcrack started to lick and tongue Roy's brown puckered pink walled little asshole and then licked the sweat off of Roy's tight plump brown balls.

"Damn son, you know how to tongue a guy's asshole, ahhhh", Roy said as Danny feasted on a meal of tight farthole and sweaty balls as Roy pulled his legs up so far that Danny's asshole was winking at the sky.

"Damn, what a fucking piece of buttpussy", Roy said and he licked and tongued the rosy red hole as Danny moaned in pleasure till the hot young ass pussy was moist and ready for a good hot fucking.

With no effort at all Roy put Danny on all fours, slowly and gently corked his cock into the rosy poot pussy and when his massive cock was fully inserted he wrapped his arms around the bucking young bronco's muscular young body and rode that ass, moaning in pleasure as the tight puckered farter gripped his pecker warmly in it's silky pink walls.

"Ahhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh." Danny, both palms on the grass, bucked and moaned in pleasure, his head up like a wolf braying at the moon as his hot young ass got a cornholing that was juicy as hell and just as hot.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, damn, your cock is heaven." "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, what a hot and juicy shit pit." Both Danny and Roy screamed out as Roy shot a boat load of thick white love juice up his favorite piece of youngmale ass pussy and Danny shot his thick load on the grass.

After withdrawing his still rock hard cock from the juicy butt box, Roy sat on the log and made Danny straddle him with his asshole pressed down on the head of his thick brown hardon which was slicked with sperm and butt juice, thus lubricated as all hell.

This was to Danny the most challenging and juicy of all the cornholing positions.

"Try to poot, ok kid", Roy gently said to Danny and the youngman wrapped his arms around the manly neck of his sexy cornholer as his bunghole pooted at which point Roy pressed the youngman down so that the tip of his boner entered the unclenching exploding pooter.

"Ahhhhhhh, oh man, so hot", Danny said as the full shaft entered his asshole again. This position was also the most cooperative of all the cornholing positions. As he rode up and down on that cock, which was like a white hot brown battering ram that nearly came through to his throat Roy held him by the hips and helped him ride the big brown long horn. The young arms around his neck and the succulent smell of youngmale poots and perspiration as that hot hole gripped his cock and the soft blond crack hair tickled his plump brown balls put Roy in a sexy swoon that he never wanted to come out of.

All good things must come to an end though and after Danny came on Roy's chest, Danny had some thick boyish sweetcream, and Roy shot another load up hiney heaven. Roy kept his dick up Danny's farthole, gently patted his young tush, told him that he had heard about his fucking people up at his job and announced a good spanking was in order.

"What??????", was Danny's shocked reaction but he was lifted off of Roy's cock, which snapped out of his tight pink shit pit and firmly put ass up over Roy's knee.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Whap Whap Whap "Owww, oww, oww, Roy, my ass, owww."

Danny kicked and yelled as the man who had just given him a good hot tushie hole plowing spanked his ass hard.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank

"Owww, sob, sob, owww, owww." Danny started to weep as Roy spanked that ass. As he spanked Danny pooted out a big drop of sperm and it went so far that Roy was amazed. All boys poot during a spanking but the distance that the sperm ball went was because Danny had a very healthy tight young bunghole on him, a real juicy cornholing little poot pussy to be exact.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap

"Owww, sorry, sob, please, sob, stop, yelp, yelp." Spanking complete Roy sat the youngman on his lap, ass hanging off, lectured the hot young blonde about his behavior, used the new cum-towel to wipe the sperm off of Danny's and his own genitals before tenderly wiping Danny's well fucked young farthole.

"Oh man, my keester, how am I going to sit for the ride home?", Danny moaned when they got back to the car.

"I got this pillow for you to sit on, I thought the color red was appropriate", Roy said.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Danny eased his can onto the pillow, feeling his juicy wet butt pussy through his pants.

"Thanks for the butt fuckings, man", Danny said to Roy as they man hugged each other.

"My pleasure son", Roy answered.

"And, I guess, thanks for the spanking", Danny said with a blushing grin as he lifted his pretty booty off of the pillow and rubbed the sore surface.

"My pleasure", Roy said, another boner developing as he watched the young lad rub his sweet young caboose.

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