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Roland's Round, Ripped and Roasted Young Rump

by Bunbuster

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At the end of the story 'Tito's Tight, Tender and Tanned Tushie', Roland had just left Tito's house after he and Tito cornholed each other's tender cherry bottom holes and then Tito's mom's live-in boyfriend Bob took Tito over his knee and spanked his tight but tender tushie with a hairbrush.

Roland's mom, a pretty widowed African American lady, long putting up with her snotty 19 year old son, a beautiful but naughty, boy, watched Tito being marched out to mow the lawn by Bob. Then Tito did the lawn which shocked the woman because Tito was like Roland, he never did chores.

She also noticed that Tito was wearing the red shorts that Roland had on when he went over to Tito's.

Fascinated at what brought about the change in Tito, she watched him rubbing his ass but she wanted confirmation of what she suspected, she called over to Tito's house and asked Bob what he did to make Tito do chores.

"I put him over my knee and spanked his bare bottom of course, the tried and true method of getting boys to behave", Bob said proudly.

"How wonderful", the woman said.

"Want me to come over and beat Roland's ass for you?", the big muscular African American, eagar to roast that round, ripped rump, asked bluntly and of course it was an offer mom couldn't resist.

"So, where is our naughty little butt boy?", Bob asked.

"Taking his nap, the lazy baby", mom said which sent Bob walking into Roland's room where the young beauty lay snoozing on his washboard belly.

"Damn, what an ass", was the first thing that came to mind when Bob saw the totally round, ripped, from working out, smooth brown rump. Roland's rump was as gorgeous as Tito's tushie, with it's own special brand of beauty of course.

The brown cheeks were tempting and Bob bowed to temptation, giving the melon like shapes a stinging spank, Roland's first ever.

Spank "Yelp, whaaa, er, owww." The big hand tore into the hard brown buttocks which of course were boyishly tender and the sting made the baby wake up.

"Hey, what's the big idea, man", Roland protested in that sexy little voice that young guys usually have when they just wake up and he automatically turned on his back, stupidly thinking that if his ass was not sticking up then he couldn't be spanked.

"Damn, that must have set Tito's little asshole on fire, white hot enjoyable fire", Bob thought when he saw Roland's big fat brown dick, with a fat purple head, hanging over his adorable tight curly haired brown balls.

"I'm gonna spank your ass good and hard, young fellow", Bob said as he rolled up his shirt sleeve the way men do when their preparing to spank a pair of firm young buttocks.

"Oh no, no way, get the fuck away, hey, let me go!!!!". Roland started to inch away in his back but the experienced daddy/spanker pulled him by he feek, knelt on the bed and lifted the sexy legs up over the lad's head.

"Noooooooooo", was all Roland could say as he legs were lifted so far up that he could see the puckers of his farthole in it's curly circle of black curls. Roland missed having a dad since his own hard working pops had died when he was 2 years old. He had thinly surpressed dreams of being lovingly diapered by a paternal hand but he never thought that he would be in the diaper position to get his ass spanked.

When Bob looked down what he saw took his breath away and it wasn't because a wave of boyish odor came from between Roland's sweetcheeks.

"Damn, Tito must have had the time of his life fucking that tight little pooter" Bob thought when he looked between those big brown butthocks.

Since his own boys had brown buttocks and brown tinted pink walled farthole the spread cheekies brought back sweet memories of not only spanking his sons diaper style but of actually diapering the young buggers. A real hands on dad Bob would spank his boys bottoms as he would wipe them when needed and anything in between like anal temperatures taking or the very warm and paternal enemas that he gave to his boys' tight little poot holes.

As he eyed the succulent crack Bob also noticed how different Roland's fart hole was from his own sons' puckering holes and how different his boys' holes were from each other.

Bob's oldest son had what his daddy called a 'shit slit', a rosy line bordered by puckers and his younger son that one of those tight but gaping little butt buttons which was always breathing before, during and after a spanking, even when the kid was not farting and being a boy he did a lot of that.

Roland's asshole was a tiny lump of puckers, so tiny that it was almost like there was no hole there though there was and Bob saw it in all it's tender pink walled glory when the sexy Tito cornholed the tight young butt pussy.

Also, Bob's guys had a soft line of hair down both tender walls of their buttcracks and Roland's farthole was nestled in a soft curly ringlet, nature taking good care of that tender little rosy walled pucker hole. Bob loved how individual young guys' butts and pooters were, like the rosy red farter buried in a massive bush of soft black hair on Tito or the big platinum blonde butt bush and little tiny pink puckered farter on a Norwegian boy whom he spanked once on request of grandma.

It was time to stop admiring the goods and start spanking some ass so Bob held those muscular young legs up and started to whack that ass hard, peppering the smooth brown cheeks and upper thighs, diaper style spankings are great for good thigh spanks, and Roland screamed out in pain and outrage.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owww, damn you, oww, are you, owww, crazy, owww, stop owww." Roland was mortified in the diaper position. He looked up into Bob's eyes and he didn't see any hate or anger in the man's face. What he did see was a man determined to whale the tar out of his ass to teach him a good lesson, not that it made it any easier to get his bare can spanked, as his little asshole winked up at the big man but Bob had a been there done that look on his face. He had looked up young guy's stinky young asses countless times when spanking their bottoms and though Roland didn't know it the man was determined to spank his little asshole into action, knowing that one of the proofs of a good spanking is that the young guy's asshole puckers up a storm, sometimes a boyish stink storm but the loving dad of 2 stinky cute sons was used to that.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap

"Oww, damn, stop, owwww." As he spanked that ass Bob saw the little hole come alive, the tiny lump of puckers spreading and the little hole exploding, bringing with it thick droplets of Tito's sweetcream, and the rosy inner walls spread open so tender and delicate, warming Bob's heart the way his heart was always warmed when he spanked the poots out of a cute young guy's tender little asshole.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap

"Owww, oww, oh man, that hurts, stop, please, owww." The stinging pain to his ass and the mortification of being in the diaper position was compounded for cute Roland when he saw his little pink walled asshole poot out cream filled farts. It made the young guy lose it. His cocky defenses totally spanked out of his ass, along with his farts, made the lad go deep into himself and what he discovered was a sad little boy who buried all his pain about not having a daddy, thanks to the man who had the balls enough to step in and take his daddy's place and give him what he knew down deep that he needed most from a dad, a damn good spanking.

Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap "Owww, sob, sorry, sob, sob." Tears started to drip out of the youngman's eyes. Looking into the depts of pure inner boyishness in all it emotion and sweetness Bob stopped roasting Roland's round ripped and rump but he kept those muscular legs up.

"Madam, can you bring me an open jar of vaseline", Bob asked Roland's mom and when she did he tenderly rubbed vaseline over the little well fucked pooter, an act of such paternal love that Roland started to cry again, deep guteral weeping of a boy who was parented more in 10 minutes than most boys are in a lifetime.

When Bob gently let go of Roland's feet the young guy rolled into the fetal position at which point Bob kissed him on the head and left the room.

"Thank you, today's Roland's 19th birthday and I think that a spanking is the best ever present for him", Roland's mom said which gave Bob an idea.

"His birthday hah, you know, that youngun' needs lots of fathering, I'm going to give him a birthday spanking with the belt", Bob said and he headed back to Roland's bedroom.

"No, sob, sob, please, no more, sob", Roland begged as Bob approached doing his daddy thing of removing his belt, something that all boys should experience.

"Don't worry son, you're just getting a birthday spanking with the belt", Bob said and he wrapped his arm around Roland's waist and lifted him up like he lifted up Tito though Tito's cock was still buried to the hilt up Roland's cherry popped little farthole. The feeling of being picked up like a toddler a by a firm man was for the first time ever overwhelmed young Roland.

"Take it easy birthday boy, you get 18 hot licks with the belt and 1 to grow on, good hard hot licks to give you an idea what the belt feels like on a bare ass", Bob said as he put pillows in the middle of the bed on top of each other and dropped the pretty birthday boy over them, his round ripped rump looking good enough to kiss and lick and of course good enough to spank.

"Ok birthday boy, count the spanks, no sir needs to be added but count them boy", Bob said with a voice that was stern yet loving, a dad's voice, and he knelt on the bed, firmly held Roland's right arm down, took aim and started whipping the beautiful young brown buttocks.

Whap "Ahhhh, sob, one."

Whap "Ahhh, sob, oww, two."

Whap "Owww, oh, sob, three."

Whap "Ahh, sob, that kills, four."

Whap "Owww, sob, sob, five, sob, sob, choke."

Whap "Ahhh, my ass, sob, my poor ass, six, owwww."

The first six 'birthday' spanks blazed across each meaty cheek 3 apiece.

Whap "Ahhhhh, sob, sob, seven, wow, my butt."

Whap "Ahhh, shit, I, sob, can't take much more, sob, eight."

"A big tight butt like yours can take a lot more, birthday boy", Bob lectured as he continued the birthday whacks, concentrating the hot licks on the tender boyish sitter, left, right and of course, the poot producing whacks on the center sitter right about the pink walled little pooter/butt pussy.

Whap "Ahhh, sob, my booty, powww, oww, nine, owww."

Whap "Owww, oww, ten, owww, damn, you're, sob, tearing me, sob, up back there, sob."

Whack "Ahhhh, sob, oww, it kills down there, sob, eleven." Roland screamed out when the belt sizzled over his very tender thighs, knowing that he, like Tito before him, were going to be off limits to the shit-pot for awhile.

Whap "Owww, sob, twelve, owww."

Whap "Ahhhh, my ass is on, sob, fire, owww, thirteen, owww."

Whap "Owww, sob, choke, owww, fourteen, owww."

Roland's mom watched her baby get his ass whipped and him laying over the pillows ass up reminded her of the days when she put the naked baby Roland on his tummy while she rubbed baby oil on his cute little ass and sprinkled baby powder in the little fanny crack so her baby didn't get diaper rash. Now he was getting his ass soundly punished which was the present action that the young cutie needed from a parental hand.

Whap "Ahhhhh, fifteen, sob."

Whap "Owww, sob, oh man, sixteen."

Whap "Owww, shit, my, sob, butt is on, sob, fire, sixteen."

Whap "Owww, owww, sob, seventeen, owww."

"Hang in there baby boy", Bob said in his most maternal and as sore as his rump was Roland felt the paternal love in the man's voice. Roland knew that he needed to get his sexy young ass whipped.

Whap "Owww, oww, eighteen, sob, owww."

Whap "Owww, oww, sob, nineteen, sob."

"Stay put son, madam can you bring some soothing lotion", Bob said as he put his belt back on and tenderly stroked Roland's tight tapered back.

"Ok son, calm down now, there you go kid", Bob spoke gently and lovingly as he tenderly stroked Roland's back and rubbed soothing lotion over his round, ripped and roasted rump, making the young man weep as much from the tender loving manly touch, which he had craved for years, as from the scorching hand and belt spankings that he had just received, which he had also in a sense craved for years.

"There you go son, how's your little farter, need more vaseline on the tender little bunger, I know that was a real fat dick that cornholed your tight little bottom hole?", Bob lovingly asked.

"No, it's ok, and thanks alot", Roland said in his most boyish and respectful voice.

"He'll be fine, call me if he needs to be punished again", Bob said to Roland's mom loud enough for Roland to hear, which made Roland's rosette of a bunghole poot out one last drop of Tito's white dick sauce.

"Man, he did a job on my ass but he sure knows how to sooth a spanked ass and a well fucked butthole", Roland thought as he rubbed his round, ripped and roasted rump and puckered his rosette before falling into a deep contented sleep like all well punished and well loved boys do after a punishment session from a loving daddy.

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