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Plantation Master

by Wasp

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Steve Masterton was a very lucky young man. At just 18 years of age, he had inherited from his uncle one of the largest slave plantations in the Old South. Now he was visiting his property for the first time, and taking stock of the 1,200 breeding slaves and 4,000 field hands which were part of his legacy. naturally Steve was only interested in a personal inspection of certain prime specimens - fit young males between the ages of 14 and 21. For unknown to his late uncle, Steve Masterton was a young man who longed to enjoy the power to experiment, so to speak, with young black bucks.

Steve, dressed in a loose fitting white silk shirt and tight-fitting white breeches, knee length black leather boots and carrying a riding crop, had ordered his overseer to select 100 of the finest bucks for personal inspection by him over a two-week period. "I want to test the breeding potential of these bucks" he had told the 26-year-old white overseer, Jonathan, "and maybe select one or two who don't look like they are up to producing whelps for duties as house-boys".

According, Jonathan had lined up the first dozen or so bucks for inspection. The first of these - a slim and almost hairless nigger buck aged 16 - was now shown into his new Master's private rooms for inspection. The buck was wearing a white loincloth. "Remove that fucking garment!" snapped Steve. "I don't want any nigger animal to wear clothes in my presence. If you ever forget this, I will have the skin whipped from your back".

The buck, trembling, whipped off his loincloth and stood naked before his master. "Over here" barked Steve. "Legs apart, mouth open". The black slave obeyed immediately. Steve ran his hands over the nigger buck's head, inspecting his eyes and nose, fingering his mouth anc neck. Then, moving down, he tested the buck's arm muscles and squeezed his nipples. Sitting down now, Steve ran his right hand over the boy's stomach, fingering his belly-button and finally grasping his cock. With his left hand Steve weighed the nigger's balls, remarking silently to himself on how heavy they were. The young slave inadvertently went erect, his cock standing out in his Master's hand.

"You f-u-c-k-ing animal, did I give you permission to get an erecton?" barked Steve. "No nigger animal gets pleasure from being fingered by me. You exist for my pleasure you black b-a-s-t-a-r-d and NOT the other way around".

Grabbiong the boy's balls, Steve painfully dragged him to the centre of the room and threw him over a writing desk. Shoving his booted foot between the boy's legs he made forceful contact with the buck's balls, causing him to scream in agony. The riding crop descended 20 times on the boy's back, ass and legs, leaving red welts which rose almost instantly and causing the young buck - who had been spoiled by the kindness of the old master, and had never really experienced a thorough trashing before, to faint with the pain.

Soon, the boy was slapped, kicked and punched into consciousness and forced to kneel before his new Owner and lick Master Steve's boots.

"Now animal", commanded the master, " you are going to learn a valuable lesson. The only lesson which you ever need to learn and one which will determine whether you live as a breeding animal or not. This cock between those legs belongs to me. Likewise these balls. And they will respond as I command, otherwise I may as well cut them off. Tomorrow you will be brought here and we will see what potential you have a breeder. You will stand before your master and that cock will be weighed in his hand, fondled by him and caressed. You will not produce an erection until I command you to. if you do so without my command, you ill be severely whipped. Likewise, you WILL produce an erection on command - within 5 seconds of the command being given. And you will empty those black balls which I own into the palm of my hand when ordered to do so. if you cannot obey this command, then clearly you have no potential as a breeder and we will have you gelded and used as a house slave. You are dismissed!"

The trembling buck, bowing and scraping, made his way in pain from his Master's quarters, terrified at the fate whi h lay in store for him the next day.

To be continued.

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