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Mary the babysitter
Part 1

by The old man

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Mary had just turned fourteen years old, five feet seven inches tall with long black hair, she was proud of her body, thirty-four inch breasts, narrow waist and shapely legs, with a provocative jutting behind. Yes, she knew that the boys all wanted her, even grown men watched her as she walked by, often making lewd comments or whistling at her. She was brushing her hair, sitting in her room at her dressing table and looking at her reflection in the mirror when she heard her mother calling her from downstairs, “OK mum, be down in a minute,” she replied, as she stood up and went down the see what she wanted. “My friend Joyce wants you to babysit, will you?” Mary smiled, she'd been looking forward to this, her mother had told her that you had to be fourteen years old to be able to babysit, 'by law', and at last she was. “Who will I be sitting?” she asked, “Oh, Joyce has a little girl aged five, and two boys, one is eight and his brother is twelve, but you should have no trouble,” her mum told her, “Joyce is a strict disciplinarian.” Mary smiled again, and then said, “OK, what time should I go?” “Good lass, I'll give Joyce a ring and let her know.”

Two hours later, seven thirty, Mary was knocking at Joyce's door, it opened and a young boy let her in. An older women came through, “hello, I'm Joyce, you must be Mary, come on through,” and Mary followed her into the sitting room. A little girl sat watching TV and the young boy went and sat next to her, “that's Helen, and he's Sam, you'll have no trouble from them two,” Joyce told her, Tom's up in his room doing his homework, make sure they all have a bath before bed,“Joyce told her,”Start with Helen, then Sam,“she told her,”Once you have them in bed, do Tom,“she smiled, then carried on,”you do know how to bathe a boy, do you?“Mary blushed, she knew how boys were differant, had a penis and testicles, but she asked,”Well, I suppose you just wash them the same as a girl?“Joyce giggled, then told her,”Well, yes, but when you get to thier 'bits', pull the foreskin back and wash behind the knob, boys don't think of that and sometimes get 'dirty' there, it's OK for Sam, he's to young, but Tom, well, I know he's older and he can spurt, so make sure he's completely clean all over, if you get my drift,“and she giggled again. Then she added,”don't be afraid of him, I told him that you have Spanking rights, so if he plays up, give him a bare arsed spanking, I give you full permission, don't worry, it'll be OK.“Then she put her coat on and said,”Right kids, Bye, and be good.“

Mary Started the baths, Helen was no trouble and was soon washed, dried and in bed, then Sam was bathed, Mary enjoyed the feeling of power she felt, stripping this young boy, seeing his little cock and balls and getting to feel them as she bathed him, but he let her do as she wanted and was soon in bed. Now it was time for the main event, as Mary was thinking, time to have some fun with a boy only two years younger than her.

She went to his bedroom and was about to enter when she heard a grunt from inside, she hurriedly opened the door and went in, She was shocked, then embarrassed, then horny, Tom was lying on his bed, his trousers around his ankles and his shirt tucked under his arm pits leaving his body nude and his fist wrapped around his cock, jerking off. She watched his balls jumping between his thighs and his eyes were tightly closed, she watched his fist moving quickly up and down his erection and suddenly, with another grunt his spurted, four white spurts shot from his purple knob and splattered onto his chest, tummy and then dribbled on his fingers. It was at this moment that Mary found her voice and Tom realised she was there, “Well, Tom, quite a show, just as well it's time for your bath, you dirty little boy.” Toms eyes shot open, he tried to cover himself, then asked loudly, “Who the hell are you, what are you doing here?” he almost screamed at her, he tried to roll over onto his tummy and Mary smiled, She stood there with her arms crossed below her breasts, legs apart, “Well, Little boy, I'm Mary, your babysitter, and I'm here to give you a bath, then we'll go downstairs and watch some TV, unless it's time for you to go to sleep,” she smiled at him, “come on Tom, don't worry, I've seen all you've got so there's no need to be shy,” Then she had a thought and told him. “Any way, I think that what you were doing was kind of naughty, and your mother told me to spank any naughty boys, so I'm going to spank you.”She sat on the side of his bed and pulled him over her lap, she smiled down at his soft white cheeks of his bottom and stroked her fingers over them, then raised her hand and slapped down hard, she noticed the redhand print on the center of his left cheek and smiled, she had all the power here and felt thrilled, her hand rained down spank after spank and he began to sob, then cry openly, then she stopped spanking and stood him up in front of her, “There now, let that be a lesson to you.” She glanved down and noticed his cock, stood to attention again, “I think you enjoyed that spanking,” she smiled, she had a wetness between her legs but for now she had to ignore it, Tom was blushing almost the same colour as his well spanked bum, Mary stood up and she turned to go out of his room, “come on, hurry,” she told him.

Tom turned onto his back, he smiled, his embarrassment gone, he giggled, he'd always wanted to show a girl his cock, and now, an older, good looking girl had caught him wanking and shooting his cum but then she spanked him, still, maybe it would lead to something even better, maybe he could get her to wank him. He soon stripped the rest of his clothes off then he rolled off the bed and sauntered after her, stark naked. 'After all, she's already seen all he's got'.

He was soon in the bath, sitting and letting Mary wash his hair, then his face, neck, back and chest, his arms and hands. Then she lifted his leg out of the water and soaped it from his foot, which made him giggle, right up to his balls, then the same to his other leg. She noticed his cock had began to stiffen, she also noted how her juices were flowing, soaking her knickers, god, she was feeling randy. “Come on Tom, stand up, time for your wobbly bits,” she blushed, then told him, “your mum told me to make sure you were clean all over,” she explained as he stood up, his hand instinctively moving to cover his genitals. “Come on Tom, there's nowt to be shy about, I've already seen it so put your hands on your head and let me wash you there.” She felt really powerfull as he did as she told him. Then she soaped up her hands and reached to take hold of his now fully erect cock, peeling his foreskin back and revealing the purple knob end, she blushed as she washed around his knob, she felt his cock twitch as she held it. Then she rinced it and gently rolled his balls in thier bag of wrinkled skin, she looked up at him, he was watching her, “do you want to do it to me?” he gasped, blushing. Mary smiled, and then asked, “What would your mum say if I did?” Tom was quick to answer, “I wont tell if you don't,” Mary looked at his hairless cock, it was about five inches long, rather thin, his small balls hung below, her fist began to slowly move up and down his shaft, pulling the skin on and off his knob. “Oh yes,” Tom whispered, his hips began to slowly thrust against her fist, “That's lovely,” he whispered, “squeeze it a bit tighter,” he told her, “now faster, faster, yes, please, I'm gonna cum,” he whisperesd. Mary pointed his cock to the side so he'd cum into the water and watched as his cock squrted his spunk into the bath, she licked her lips, and then felt a mini orgasm of her own, tingling her nipples, fluttering in her tummy and her cunt muscles throbbed. Mary quickly rinsed his cock, then said, “come on Tom, let's get you dried off, then we can go down stairs and see what happens,” Tom looked at her and blushed, “but Mary, you havent finished,” Mary looked at him, “what do you mean Tom, what have I missed?” He blushed even redder as he explained, “well, mum always washes my bum, er, you know, pushes her finger up and moves it in and out, then repeats to wash the soap out.” They both blushed at this but Mary then told him, “OK, Tom, bend over and let's get this finished,” as she soaped up her hands and fingers. Once he was ready she pulled his bum cheeks apart and slowly, gently but firmly inserted her finger into his tight arsehole and began to finger fuck him. She loved how tight it was, she carried on for a couple of minutes then pulled out, washed her hands then pushed inside again for another minute of fingering his arse hole, “OK, Tom, that sould do, stand up and get out. She smiled as he stood up, he had another erection and it wobbled as he moved to get out. Soon he was dried off and they went down stairs,”I needn't get my pajamas on Mary, cause I sleep nude, 'n mum does'nt mind, she likes to see my body,“Tom told Mary when she questioned him.

Down stairs, they watched the TV for a while, Mary kept glancing over at him and he kept glancing at her, after fifteen minutes, Tom asked, “you wanna do it to me again?” Mary smiled at him, “excuse me?” she asked, knowing what he asked, but wanting him to beg, “Please, Mary, will you do it to me again?”

She looked at him, then said, “stand up here in front of me,” he moved over and she opened her legs, reached out and pulled him by his cock to stand between her thighs then reached with her free hand and grasped his balls, she began to manipulate his bits. Tom was soon thrusting against her, “oh yes Mary, this is fantastic, I never dreamed it would be so good.” Mary looked up at him, “Is this the first time anyone else has done it with you?” she asked, knowing deep down that it was, “Oh, yes Mary, and it's great, please don't stop,” he whispered, Mary smiled, this was her first time as well, but there was one thing she wanted to do, “Well, you're gonna love this then,” she told him as she bent forward and sucked his cock into her mouth and began sucking his cock as she continued to wank him and rolled his balls at the same time. Tom was amazed, he'd fantasised about this, ever since his mate boasted that he's been sucked off, and he couldn't help himself, “Christ, Mary, i'm gonna cum, Mary, Mary, Oh.” Mary tasted his spunk, watery, bitter, yet sweet, a young boys' spunk, and she was hooked as yet another mini orgasm shuddered through her body.

Eventually she put Tom to bed and kissed his forehead and told him goodnight. Twenty minutes later, Joyce returned, “Hi Mary, any trouble with the kids?” Mary blushed, then told her that she'd spanked Tom, but it was all alright now. Joyce smiled, Good, Tom dosent know how to be good, serves him right, good lass.“Ten minutes later, after Joyce paid her, Mary headed off home very happy with herself. She just knew, this was just the beginning, she wanted more, and she was sure to get it, if not from babysitting boys, she'd chat up her shool friends (the boys) and get her cock and spanking fix there.

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