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A North Queensland Houseboy
Part 4 – Bedtime Spankings

by Auzzie Spanko

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Daddy invited Josh to stay for lunch and I prepared it, whilst they swam in the pool.

I called them when it was ready and the three of us settled down at the dining table.

"So Hunter," Josh grinned. "Are you going to stay on as Daddy's houseboy?"

I was actually still thinking the matter over and hadn't come to a final decision. I was hesitant in answering and Daddy took the opportunity to chime in and set some prospective ground rules.

He looked me squarely in the eye and said; "If you do chose to stay on, son, you will only receive punishment spankings for actual infractions of my rules, like rudeness, disobedience or neglecting your duties. However, as you know, I don't allow my boys to masturbate. I was thinking that masturbation should be punished with a firm, bare bottomed, hand spanking, at bedtime. I have a number of boys who visit me for their punishments and I usually punish them in my study. I keep two canes, a leather school strap and a Scottish tawse, in my study, for their visits. I think perhaps six strokes on the bare bottom for minor infractions and twelve strokes, for major ones with the implement I believe to be most suitable, would be a fair punishment regime. What do you think, Hunter?"

I thought for a moment. The pay was excellent for a boy of my age and although my bottom was still a little touchy from the belting, I reasoned that I should be able to avoid punishment spankings most of the time and a bedtime spanking most nights, shouldn't be too hard to handle. I agreed to the terms of my employment with a handshake.

Josh and I enjoyed another brief swim, before he had to go and then he invited me to shower with him and wash off the chlorine. Washing quickly turned into a mutual masturbation session and Josh helped me to earn my first bedtime spanking. I added to it with a solo session, later in the afternoon and again in the shower, right before bed. Sixteen was a very horny age for this houseboy!

Bedtime rolled around and I waited naked on my bed for Daddy. He didn't keep me waiting long and we simply changed places, after we confirmed that I had earned a spanking, I laid across his knee, when ordered. I closed my eyes and totally relaxed my body, resigned to my impending fate.

Daddy's hand struck hard and he quickly settled into steady rhythm, alternating the smacks from cheek to cheek. The pain quickly built to a stinging crescendo, as I kicked and wriggled and tried to put my free hand between my bottom and his hand. He held it out of the way and continued to spank, hard and with increasing speed. I don't know how many smacks I received that night, but I think it was well over a hundred. I was yelping and blubbering, by the time he finished and was glad when he finally put me to bed.

As the sharp pain of his smacks subsided and the muscles in my buttocks relaxed, an incredible glow of warmth began to radiate through both globes of flesh. The warmth pulsated with each rush of blood, from my heart and the warmth of the spanking seemed to course through my entire body. It was the most incredible sensation I had ever felt. Daddy and I had a chat about after-glow and endorphins, at breakfast the following morning, but that night I was content to just pleasure myself in my favourite way and reached a natural high, the such that I had never experienced before.

I fell straight to sleep in the knowledge that the exercise would be repeated the following night, for I had already been a sufficiently naughty boy, to warrant another sound bedtime spanking.

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