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Father Learns
Part 1

by Spank God

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 15 Aug 1997

I used to spank my kid Rick when he was younger. A little boy. But now he's older, and I guess he's too old for that now. Boy did I ever learn how wrong I was. I have a net tracker program on my computer; tracks every website or online database ever visited. I check Rick's logs sometimes. You know, at a robust 15, he probably is visiting Playboy sites, and other lude material not appropriate for him. Then one day I noticed that he visited a spanking site on the internet. Strange. A lot of spanking stuff. I noticed more sites like these visited over the next few months. I checked 'em out, and yeah, I gotta admit, some of the material there turned me on! But, I didn't know Rick was into spanking. The first visit, fine, could've been experimenting, but he continually visited other spanking sites, so I knew he was very interested in this! Huh. Anyway, I saw a text file sitting there, out of place, and I opened it. It was some sort of Rick's computer diary, I would have to say. Here's an excerpt of it. It read:

"I've been looking at some of these spanking sites. They turn me on so fast! So easily. It's weird. I don't think I'd tell any of my friends. They might think it's gay, or something. I wish I could be spanked, though. It's funny, but I picture getting spanked, but not by who. It'd be weird getting spanked by some big dom, or something. Actually, I wish my dad would spank me. He should wise up and just turn me over his knee and give me all he's got, like he used to. I don't know why or when he stopped. It'd be so great if he spanked me again, but I know it'll never happen. But if it did, it would make me feel closer to him, I know. More affectionate, closer. I guess. I don't know. But maybe I should bring it up to a friend, like as a joke, then I..."

It went on. But that surprised me! I'd love to start spanking Rick again. His 15 year old, smooth, white butt would do well under my hand once again. I've seen him, anyway, wearing shorts and sneakers, and a t-shirt, the way he arches his back stretching, and his butt is so perfect, so round. I could probably improve his slacking grades that way. Yes, Rick's diary opened up my eyes. But I couldn't just start spanking him like that again, just out of the blue. Hmmm...I'd have to plan a day where I could make like I'm REALLY mad, at some shitty day or something, then let him set me off. Well, I did, and it took 2 weeks to get it just right. I came home furious...

"Dammit!!! Fucking traffic and a parking ticket, to boot! Why are some days so fucking pissy!!!!!!" SLAM! I hit my fist on the table. Rick came in the room.

"Oh, hi dad. You had a bad day again?"

"I don't want to discuss it now, you hear?" I sat down and sighed, rubbed back my hair. Stretched my neck out, looked at the ceiling. "Damn... hey, Rick get me a glass of water please."

"Ah, dad! I gotta go to the kitchen, and"

I struck at the oppurtunity presented here. "Dammit!!! I've had a bad day, while you sat here all along, now don't complain about some little shit like that!!! Go get me some ice water right now, before you regret it!"

He sort of looked for a second, then went and got the water. I clicked on the TV, but it failed to come on. "What the hell!!! How the fuck does‹" The TV failing genuinely pissed me off, and since I was already pretending to be mad, it sort of made me real mad. I got up and smacked the TV, and sure enough spanking it got it to work right!!! But it also made a small brown envelope fall out from under the TV Guide. "Hello, what's this?"

It had Rick's high school name on it. I opened it up, and his grades were revealed. What??? 4 C's, a B and one A- in PE??? How 4 C's??? Inside, though, I smiled.


"Yeah dad?" He came in with a glass of water.

"What, no ice?? Are you too lazy to get ice for me??"


"Just like you're too lazy to get decent grades???" And I held open the grade report.

"Where'd you get that??"

"Listen, young man. I've had enough of your laziness, and now these grades!! I had enough today. Come with me." I got up and walked him up to his room, holding the back of his neck. Of course, that made him walk a bit more bent over. "You're in for a spanking!" I placed my hand on his butt and continued forcing him to walk upstairs with me."

"What? No, dad, please!!! Not a spanking! You haven't spanked me for years! Aren't you just going to ground me again?"

I didn't reply. We went into his room, and I shut and locked the door behind me. "Pull off your shorts!" He pulled off his black "gotcha" shorts, which were about mid-thigh length. He stepped out of them. "I'll spank you 100 times on your boxers, and another 100 on your bare." I sat down on a straight back chair.

"Come here." He slowly walked over, and I knew he was thouroughly enjoying this. I grabbed his wrist and gently guided him across my lap so that he was bent over my knee, almost nearly a 90 degree angle, top of his head pointing towards the floor. I secured his wrists against the small of his back, very firmly so he couldn't escape. I placed my hand gently on his now upturned butt, and I felt him immediately get rock hard. It was funny, him in just a t-shirt, boxers, socks, and sneakers, turned over my lap once again, hand resting on his butt.

"You've been lazy, Rick. You loaf around all day, and your grades are going down. Everytime I am not satisfied with your work I'll spank you." I discreetly moved my middle finger, to rub his cherry, skimpily covered by his boxers. He moaned a little and arched his back. I know his toes were stretching out real hard inside his sneakers, too.

"Please don't spank me, dad. Please. Just lemme go." He tried to get up and I strongly held him down and swatted his butt hard. "OWW!"

"No, Rick. You have to be punished, and grounding you doesn't seem to work. Do you agree, Rick?"

"Y--yes, dad." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!!! I continued spanking him until I reached 100. By then Rick was kicking and crying, but not yelling or screaming. That came when I then pulled off his boxers to reveal his bare, reddening butt. SMACK!

"OWWW!!! Daddy, please, no more!!!" That really surprised, yet pleased me, that he called me daddy. I was making him a little boy again, like he deserved, like he needed. I let go of his wrists and now restrained him by holding his waist. Then, I went under farther and took hold of his teenage cock and balls. It was erect as erect can be. I firmly held them, and controlled him with them. I forced his butt higher in the air, and his legs to open even more. SMACK! Times 100!!! There. I was done. His ass was red fire now. He was sobbing.

"Did you feel you got what you deserve?"

"Yes, daddy--dad. Yes."

I reached towards the desk and got some cream, to help out Rick's sore backside. I slowly rubbed it on his ass. He squirmed. I also rubbed it along his crack, and fingered his cherry. "MMMmmm..." Still holding his dick, I began to jack it off, very slowly, and intimately. ", what are you doing?..."

"Your punishment must not only be painful, but humiliating. I think embarrassing you now should do the trick." I rubbed the cold cream slowly and gently on his sore butt while I jacked him off.

"Please, stop, dad..." He started to move rythmically with me, arching his back while I jacked him off, moving along with his pelvis, and his ass dancing in the air as I rubbed it. He was tightly holding on to my ankle and the leg of the chair. I continued rubbing.

"Oh, dad!! I'm gonna cum!!"

"You better hold it in, Rick. You don't want another spanking."

"Awww, dad!!!" He was bucking and kicking and moving faster. Then I started spanking him again, right before he came. But I positioned him so he came onto the chair between my legs and not on me. When that was all done, I promptly got up with him, and he hugged me.

"I have to start acting like a father, Rick. I know you don't want me to spank you, and I don't want to spank you either, but if you force me to, it has to be done."

"I know, dad. I know."

Then I let him shower (he was real sweaty) while I cleaned up. When he came to dress, I told him to put on his boxers only. His socks and shoes if he wanted because the floor was ice cold to a barefoot one. I said no pants or shirt after a spanking! Throughout the rest of the night I couldn't get enough of his ass. I patted it periodically, when I was close to him. During TV, I just picked him up and placed him over my knee, and just held him there, holding him, and his butt. Finally bed time came, and that was it.

Stay tuned for Cyborg part 4!!!

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