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Terry Gets The Hairbrush

by Paulie's Childhood

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Most all of the stories I have posted have been about me and my two younger brothers getting spanked when we were kids. This time, I'm going to recall a story about my son, Terry, who I spanked with a hairbrush when he was 12 years old.

This was in the mid 1990's. I was still married at the time and living in a big city. My wife and 12 year old son, Terry, had gone back to visit my parents in the sleepy little Midwestern town that I had grown up in. My parents still lived in the same house. My wife and I were using the bedroom that had been mine as a child.

It was a typical fall Saturday at my parent's house. Terry was bored because he had been pulled away from his friends and usual surroundings at our home. He was clearly getting a bit mouthy and cocky. I remember telling him he'd better straighten up, but he kept up with his smart alec mouth. He even smarted off to his grandmother.

Finally, my mother said to me, "well, if you had acted that way when you were his age, I'd have your bottom stinging big time." And I agreed that it was time for some corrective discipline.

My brothers and I had grown up getting spankings by both our mother and father for pretty much any bad behavior. A wooden paddle always hung in the kitchen closet for just such an occasion. However, my mother had given the paddle to my brother, Todd, a few years before for him to discipline his own children with.

Even though it was now the mid 90's and spankings were pretty much a thing of the past, I happen to think that they are still the best form of punishment. So my son, Terry, was no stranger to getting his bottom spanked when he misbehaved.

I admit that he didn't get spanked nearly as often as I did when I was a child. Even though I was strict with him, I wasn't quite as spank-happy as my parents had been. I did, however, have a wooden paddle that I used on him, much like the one that was used on my as a boy.

When Terry was very young, I would paddle him on the seat of his pants. But for the past couple of years, I had been pulling down his pants and spanking him through his underwear, and even more recently, had given him a few bare bottom spankings. This was much the same as I got as a child. By the time I was 11 or 12, all of my spankings at home were given on my bare bottom. It worked for me so I thought my boy should experience the same treatment.

My wife would deliver punishments to our son occasionally and would even put him across her knee if she really felt he needed a good spanking. But generally, most the discipline for our son was left up to me.

After I thought about what my mother had said about Terry needed his bottom tanned, I lectured Terry once again about his inappropriate behavior and then I told him to go upstairs to my bedroom. He knew he was in trouble then and I'm sure he knew that his bottom would soon be stinging.

I hadn't brought my paddle from home with me and my mother reminded me that my brother was now in possession of the paddle that used to tan our bottoms. But mom said she had a "real nice large hairbrush" on her dresser that I was welcome to use.

I thanked her, went to her bedroom and found her hairbrush and headed up the stairs to my childhood bedroom. I had been spanked a few times with a hairbrush as a child and I knew some boys who got the hairbrush used on them regularly, but I had never used one myself.

I opened my bedroom door and found my 12 year old son sitting on my old bed. He saw the hairbrush in my hand and immediately knew what he was in for. I lectured him some more about mouthing off and not showing respect to his elders and how that was not acceptable and he was going to be punished. He understood.

I got a straight back chair from my old dresser and set it in the middle of the room. Then I took Terry by the hand and guided him over to me as I sat down on the chair. A total deja vu feeling came over me as I unsnapped Terry's pants and pulled his jeans and underwear down to his ankles. I had had this exact same experience so many times as a child, only I was the one getting my pants and underwear pulled down in those days.

Of course, Terry knew that I had been paddled as a child. I had told him about many of the spankings his uncles and I had gotten at home. Just as my mother used to do with me, I got a pillow from my bed and put it across my knees. Then I bent Terry down across my lap positioning his little penis in the middle of the pillow and making sure his Lilly white bottom was sticking up in a nice spankable position for me. His feet were off the ground behind him and he steadied himself with his hands on the carpet in front of him.

Terry turned his head around to look at me as I continued to lecture him. Mom's hairbrush was large and oval with a wooden back. I could tell it would be just right for tanning my little boy's bottom. Terry watched as I raised my right hand in the air clutching the oval hairbrush. I saw Terry's eye's shut tight as I brought the hairbrush down onto the middle of his butt crack. A loud "thwack" rang out in the room almost the same as the paddle sounded when it would come down on my bare bottom. Terry let out an "ouuuchh"

I raised up my hand again and brought the hairbrush down again and again now spanking Terry's naked bottom good and hard. I started out swatting him right on his crack, then began alternating from one butt cheek to another. Terry began crying on the third swat. He squirmed around a bit, but I held his little 12 year old body still across my lap as I continued to spank him. His legs kicked behind me as he kicked off his pants and then his underwear, leaving him naked from the waist down, except for his white socks. Just the same as I had done in that same room during many of my own spankings.

Even though I had spanked Terry many times before, a very strange feeling came over me as I listened to the echoed swats from the hairbrush smacking his bare skin and the cries coming from my son's mouth, which was just like what I used to experience in this same room. Only this time, I was the spanker, not the boy getting my bottom paddled.

How well I remembered the many many whippings I had gotten in this very room. Many times with my little brothers listening to every swat and cry from their bedroom right next to mine. I knew my wife and parents were downstairs and could hear every swat I was applying to my son's fanny and the screams and cries that came from him.

I gave Terry a total of about 30 good hard swats all over his bottom. Then, just like my mother used to do to me, I gave him about 15 good hard licks on the back of his legs. My mom used to give me way more licks that than. She would really tear me up with her leg whippings. I wasn't as hard on Terry, but I know I did sting the backs of his legs good.

Finally, his spanking was over and I lifted my son up off my lap. He stood in front of me crying hard, wiping his nose, doing his own version of the spanking dance (just like I used to do) and then rubbing his very sore bottom with his hands. I turned him around to inspect my work. His bottom and the back of his legs were a dark red just exactly like my brothers and mine used to be when mom had finished paddling us.

I stayed in the room with Terry as he laid down on my bed crying it out. Surprisingly, he laid on his back (I can remember when my bottom was too sore to lay on my back after a good hard whipping). Terry's soft little penis lay limp to one side as he finished crying.

After a few minutes, I stood him up and helped him put his underwear and pants back on. Then I took him to the bathroom where he washed the tears from his face. His eyes were still puffy and red from crying as I walked him downstairs to re-join the rest of the family.

Everyone downstairs knew exactly what Terry had just gotten. It had been a while since a child had been whipped in that house, but the sounds of the swats and cries came back in flooding memories to me and my parents.

My mother hugged Terry and kissed his tears away as she said to him, 'Don't feel too bad, Honey. Your daddy used to get spanked up there in that same room just like you just got. It's kind of a family tradition." I'm not sure that made my son feel any better.

But just like when I was a kid, a good hard spanking always put me on my best behavior. I sure didn't want a repeat trip across mom's lap again. This spanking worked the same for Terry. He was on his best behavior the rest of the weekend. Lots of "yes sirs" and "yes ma'ams." And no more smart mouth.

I returned the hairbrush to my mom and told her it worked just like the paddle did on me. A couple of my friends as kids, John & Patrick, used to get spanked with a hairbrush all the time. They both said their moms could really tan a boy's bottom with it. Actually, I got spanked several times with John by his mom with her hairbrush. He was right. She really tanned us good. And now Terry had been tanned good. His first experience with a hairbrush.


I always welcome e-mails from readers. I also enjoy chatting with readers and exchanging childhood stories. Feel free to e-mail me anytime. I'd love to hear from you.

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