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Paddled In Gym Class

by Nwohioguy

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Hey there my name is Kyle Schultz and I'm standing here by my locker in gym class about to get a paddling from

my teacher. I'm fifteen and a sophomore in high school. The events leading up to me standing here started a week

ago when three other boys, Randy Mitchell, Kevin Gable and Don Foster were paddled for horsing around in the

shower. The three of them hang around together and have been riding my ass since school started a month ago.

They all play on every sports team at the school and since I'm not much into sports they think it gives them a reason

to make fun of me and give me a bunch of shit every chance they get. We were standing outside the shower drying off

when they started snapping me on the ass with their towels and I told them to stop.


Randy said “What a baby. What's the matter Kyle you act like your getting a spanking or something. Getting

snapped with a towel ain't that bad.“and I felt three more towel snaps on my ass.


I yelled “You better stop or I'm gonna tell Mr. Jackson!”


“What the hell are you boys doing in here?” Our teacher Mr. Jackson had heard me yelling and came to see what was

going on.


“Uh Mr. Jackson uhm we were just having a little fun and playing around with Kyle. We weren't really doing anything

to him. We all were just joking around really you can ask him.“


Mr. Jackson looked at me and I told him “They were snapping me with their towels and I told them to stop but they

just kept it up. I didn't want them snapping me and I told them I was gonna tell when you walked in.“


“You three boys get out to your lockers and wait for me while I get the paddle from my office!”


Randy, Kevin and Don headed to their lockers and I followed right behind them smiling to myself that they were going

to be getting their cute little cheeks turned red by the paddle. We all had lockers in the same row and when we got

there they started to get dressed real fast before Mr. Jackson showed up. I was taking my time because I wanted to

watch them getting their butts busted and only had my underwear and socks on when our teacher got there.


“Why are you boys dressed? I told you at the begining of the school year that if you were paddled during class you'd

be getting it in the clothes you wearing at the time. Since you didn't have any clothes on all three of you are gonna be

feeling the wood on your bare butts. Get your clothes off now!“


“But Mr. Jackson you can't paddle us bare ass. It's against the rules! You can't do it!” Don told him.


“Oh but Mr. Foster I am allowed to paddle you bare. The rules leave it to my discretion and you were warned during

that first class that if you were bare butt when I told you I was gonna paddle your ass that you would be BARE when

I paddled you. The rules also say I can give you up to ten cracks of the paddle and I was only going to give each of

you five for snapping Kyle with your towels but since you came back here and got dressed after you had been told

about the rules in my class I've changed my mind and all of you will be getting the maximum of ten. Now if your clothes

aren't off in one minute you not only will be feeling my paddle today but you will be getting it again every day before class

starts for the next week!“


I never saw three boys strip naked as fast as those three did. They were standing in front of Mr. Jackson and me

with their hands in front of their dicks trying tio hide them from view.


“Boys put your hands at your sides. You don't have anything down there I haven't seen before. Randy get over here,

bend over and grab your ankles. Usually I tell a boy that's about to be paddled that if he stands up or trys to cover his

butt that the swat doesn't count and I give him another one. Since you are getting the max today if you do either of

those things you will get the extra whacks before your next gym class. Do you understand Randy?“


“Yes sir I understand.” Randy walked up to Mr. Jackson and bent over with his butt sticking out.


“Kevin and Don do you understand what I just told your buddy?” They both said yes sir and Mr. Jackson told

Randy “Get your legs spread further apart and stick your butt way out.”


I got a big smile on my face when I looked at Randy and saw his bare butt sticking out waiting for the paddle to

start coloring his white cheeks red. I had a perfect view from behind him of his slightly spread cheeks and

his cock and balls hanging down between his legs. By the time Mr. Jackson picked up the paddle the rest of the

boys in the class had gathered around to watch the three jocks getting their bare asses paddled.


“Come on Mr. Jackson can't we go to your office and get paddled. It ain't right us gettin paddled in front of the

class like this. Come on please don't paddle us bare ass in front of everybody. PLEASSSSSSSSSSSE!“


“Randy I think paddling you boys bare butt like this is a good thing. The other boys will know they could be

standing here naked bent over waiting to get a bare butt paddling if they don't follow the rules.“




The first one landed across the middle of Randy's butt leaving a red mark the width of the paddle and then the

second one landed right below it and I heard a grunt from Randy and his legs started to tremble. The third one

landed and you could see him jump slightly when it connected with his ass. That one landed right at the bottom of

his cheeks right over where his asshole is. The fourth and fifth landed in the center of his ass.







Mr. Jackson gave him the last five one right after the other without a pause in between. The paddle would land on

Randy's ass and it came right back and then forward to land the next one. After number ten Randy stood up bawling

his eyes out and rubbing his ass and jumping around swinging his dick around. I was watching it all and loving

every minute of it. I was just wearing my underwear and was getting a hard dick watching that white ass in

front of me turning bright red. Even though those three boys were assholes and picked on me I still thought they

were hot and wished they would be more friendly to me.


Mr. Jackson told Kevin to get in position and walked up behind him and paddled him in the same manner that

Randy had gotten it. Kevin lasted through the first six with only grunting an ow once or twice but the last four

had him begging for it to be over just like Randy had. I thought he must have a tougher pair of cheeks than

Randy and that maybe he got his butt spanked by his dad a lot. Kevin stood up doing the spanked boy dance

rubbing his ckeeks but he wasn't crying any where close to the way Randy had been. He had tears running from his

eyes but wasn't sobbing real loud.


“Don get over here and get bent over.”


“Mr. Jackson please don't paddle me. It was Randy's idea to snap Kyle and I only snapped him once. I shouldn't

get as many as they did. PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE!“


“Don get your ass in position or you'll be getting paddled again before class tomorrow.”


Don went over to Mr. Jackson and bent over. He had tears runing down his cheeks before the paddle had even

touched his ass. Our teacher picked up his paddle and went to work on the bare butt in front of him. I think he

took a little pity on Don because it didn't seem as though he was cracking his butt as hard as he had Randy and

Kevin. He also seemed to be smacking him faster in order to get it over with. The way Don was yelling and

begging though you would have thought he was getting it worse than the other two had. I was surprised Don

stayed in position by the way he was acting before that paddle had even touched his ass though.


After Mr. Jackson finished paddling Don he had the three boys stand in front of him and told them “I want you

boys to remember this because if I catch you doing any thing like this again during class I'll have you bent over

again getting your bare asses blistered once a week for the rest of the school year. Am I making myself clear?“


All three mumbled a yes sir and Mr. Jackson told them to get dressed.


They all started to get dressed and when I glanced over to them Randy and Keven were glaring at me while Don

was standing with his head hanging down. I stood up to get dressed and turned toward my locker real quick to hide

the bulge that was sticking out in front of me. I was hoping no one had noticed and thought I had lucked out since

no one said anything to me. Gym was the last class of the day so after getting dresssed I grabbed my gym bag and

left the school to head home. I didn't live very far from school so on nice days I rode my bike. Randy and Kevin

had followed me out of the building and as I was getting on my bike to leave Randy stopped me.


“Hey you little perv you liked watching us getting our bare asses paddled didn't you? Don't deny it I saw your

hard cock making your underwear bulge out. I don't know when or where but it's gonna be your bare ass getting

the wood. It's your fault we got our asses whipped. You could have told him we were just having fun and you

didn't mind but nooooooooo you have to tell him that you told us to stop and we wouldn't. Well I'm gonna see to

it that you end up getting your bare ass paddled even if I gotta get another one myself. Let's see if your cock gets

hard when it's your bare ass bent over getting hit by that damn board!“


“Leave me alone Randy!” I got on my bike and took off.


This brings us back to the beginning of the story and how it came about that I'm standing here bare ass waiting

to get paddled. Oh I forgot to tell you Randys standing here beside me waiting to get his ass busted again too.

True to his word he started messing with me in the showers again when I yelled at him “You mother fucker

I've had it with your shit and you better leave me the fuck alone!“I walked up to him and hardly touched him

but he went down to the shower floor like I had pushed him real hard. I was standing over him calling him

a bunch of names when Mr. Jackson showed up.


“What the hell are you doing Kyle?”


“Uh Mr. Jackson Randy was screwing around with me and I got tired of it and was telling him to leave me alone.”


“He's lying Mr. Jackson. He came up to me and pushed me down for no reason and started cussing at me. I

didn't do anything to him honest. I learned my lesson when you paddled me last week.“


“Kyle get your ass to your locker while I get my paddle!”


I glared at Randy and he had a big grin on his face and mouthed the words “I told you I was gonna get your

bare ass paddled.“I walked out of the shower room and headed to my locker knowing my ass was going

to be feeling the paddle. I walked right into that assholes trap and there wasn't anything I could do about it.

Don and Kevin had been standing there and knew what had happened but didn't say a word. The three of

them followed me to my locker. Randy sat down on the bench in front of our lockers waiting for Mr Jackson

to get there with his paddle. I didn't see Don or Kevin and wasn't sure where they were.


Mr. Jackson walked up holding his paddle with Don and Kevin standing beside him.


“Mr. Mitchell I just had a little talk with your two buddies and they both told me the true story about what was

going on in the shower. It doesn't look like the paddling you received last week was enough to make you change

your ways. You're getting ten with the paddle again today and if you recall I told you last week I would paddle

you bare ass before class once a week for the rest of the year if I caught you again. You can expect a paddling

every Friday from me for the rest of the year. Each Friday when you come to class I want you to strip then pick up

your gym clothes and come out to the gym floor for your paddling before getting dressed for class. Just so you

know I also called your father and he said to have you wait in my office after school today until he picks you up.

Kyle I know Randy was messing with you again but that doesn't excuse your language or putting your hands on

him even if you didn't shove him the way Randy made it look like. You will be getting five with the paddle. Kyle

stand up and get in position.“


I stood up and bent over grabbing my ankles and spread my legs wide apart. I could feel my cock and balls

dangling down between my legs and knew my cheeks were spread. I hoped my crack wasn't spread wide

enough to be showing everyone my asshole. I could sense Mr. Jackson standing behind me and then I felt the

wood on my butt. The paddle left my cheeks and then WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK five

cracks one right after the other and it was over. It happened so fast I didn't even have time for the pain to register

until it was done. My buttt was throbbing from the top of my cheeks to the bottom of them at the the sit spot.

Tears were running from eyes down my cheeks and I one hand rubbing my ass and the other one was wiping

the tears away.


“Randy get your ass over here. You know what to do!”


Randy got up and bent over. His ass was slightly pink and I thought that he must have had his ass spanked

not to long ago. Mr. Jackson wasted no time and cracked the paddle down on Randys bare ass fast and hard.

The whole thing was over in less than two minutes but I knew he was going to be feeling the sting in his ass

for days. He stood up clutching his cheeks in both hands and scrunched his face in pain letting out one

continuous sob. I had gotten five and my butt was hurting so bad I couldn't imagine how much my ass would

be hurting after getting ten.


“All of you boys get dressed and get out of here. This better be the end of this bullshit or we might be spending

our entire class time with my paddle busting bare boy butt!“Mr. Jackson walked back to his office. All the

boys in the class got dressed in silence. Randy headed to the office and I left the building and headed over to my

bike. Don and Kevin were waiting for me by my bike.


“I don't know why you two told the truth about Randy but I want to thank you for it.”


Don said “After we got paddled last week we got another whipping from our dads when we got home. My dad had

a nice long talk with me after he strapped my bare ass and told me how disappointed he was with me. He said

how ashamed he was that a son of his would act the way I did. He told me there was never a good reason for bullying

anyone and that he would spank my ass everytime he heard of me doing it. He asked me if I would like it if

the shoe was on the other foot and I was the one being pushed around. I told him no I wouldn't like it. It made

me think of how I've been treating people that might be different from me and I know I was wrong. Can you forgive



Kevin piped up and said “Kyle everything he said ditto it for me.”


“Yeah I can forgive you guys. The only thing is why didn't you tell me what Randy was going to do?”


“We talked to him and we thought we made him understand but then he started in on you again in the shower. We

told him we were gonna be done with him if he didn't let it go and stop his crap. I don't feel sorry for him. He told

us his dad gave him the brush last week when he got home and told him he was gonna switch his bare ass in the back

yard if he got a call from the school again. I live next door to him and I think I'll go home and watch the backyard

show. Wanna come with me and watch.“


“Yeah Don why not. Maybe this time his dad will get through to him and if not he ought to put on a pretty good

show moving his bare ass around getting it switched. I can't believe we're gonna get to see him gettin his bare ass

paddled every Friday for the rest of the year. Hey does this mean you wanna be friends now?“


“Yeah Kyle you ain't a bad guy and it was Randys idea to mess with you. We thought we had to go along with

him to stay friends but now we see what an asshole he really is and Kevin agrees with me that we don't need friends

like that.“


We jumped on our bikes and rode over to Dons house. About a half hour later we heard Randy and his dad

in the backyard next door. We looked out the window in time to see Randy stripping his white boxer briefs off his

butt and his dad grabbing him by the arm. His dad had a switch in his hand and began doing a circle dance with

Randy while switching his bare ass. We heard his dad telling him that he could expect a bare ass whipping on

Saturday every time he had his bare butt burnt with the paddle at school and if he didn't change his attitude he

might start whipping his ass in the middle of the week also. They were out in the back yard for a good ten minutes

and when the switch broke his dad continued spanking Randys butt with his hand. I got hard watching the show

and when I looked down at Don and Kevin I saw thery were hard too. I started rubbing my cock through my pants

and when I saw the other two guys doing the same I just went for it and pulled my zipper down. I got my hard dick

out and started rubbing my cock. Don and Kevin seen me with my cock out and didn't want to be left out so the next

thing I knew the three of us were standing by the window jerking our cocks hard and fast. It wasn't long and the three

us of shot off about the same time. I put my cock back in my pants and told them I hated to shoot and run but I

had better be getting my ass home.


I got home and walked in the house to see my dad waiting for me with his belt in his hand.


“Kyle I recived a call from your school and was told you received a paddling today. Is it true and if so why did you

get paddled?“


“Yeah dad Mr. Jackson paddled me but uh it uh wasn't my fault. Randy Mitchell has been riding my ass since school

started and I lost it today.“


“You should have told Mr. Jackson about it. From what I was told you were swearing at him and used the F word. Is

that true?“


“Um ahhhhh um yeah I called him a mother f__er and a few other names.”


“There's no excuse for using language like that and even though you were paddled at school you are going to get

a strapping from me. Go to the livingroom and get your pants down and bend over the arm of the couch.“


“But dadddddddddd Mr. Jackson paddled me bare. Please don't strap me. I'm sorry I said those words. PLEASSSSSE!”


“You heard me. I'm gonna give you fifteen and if you argue any more I'm gonna double it. Get your butt bared and over

the couch.“


I walked over to the couch and pulled my pants and briefs down to my knees and bent over the arm and waited for dad

to restart the fire in my ass that Mr. Jackson had begun. Dad walked up behind and I felt the belt on my cheeks which

meant dad was taking aim to start whipping my already sore butt. I heard the belt whistling in the air and then felt and

heard the crack as it landed against my bare ass. The first one was followed quickly by the second. Tears started to

flow from my eyes as I buried my face in the cushions. Every lick of the belt felt like another piece of skin was being

lifted off my butt and I started sobbing loudly. When the last lick landed and dad told me it was over I reached back to

rub my butt. I had never felt my ass so hot after getting spanked before and stayed bent over sobbing into the couch.


“Kyle come here.” dad said as he gently took my arm and guided me into his arms to give me a hug. “I'm sorry I had

to do that but I had to let you know how disappointed I was in you and that it not ok to act the way you did at school

today. Now what's going on with these boys at school?“


“Dad I think it's going to be alright. Two of the boys stuck up for me today and told Mr. Jackson what had happened.

The three of us talked after school and hashed every thing out and I think we're gonna be friends now. As for Randy

I don't think he will be giving me any more crap either. Mr. Jacksons gonna take care of that. Don, one of the other

boys lives beside Randy and told me his dad was pissed after what happened last week and gave him a spanking.

I don't think there will be any more problems.“


“Good now pull up you pants and go to your room until mom calls you down for supper. Kyle I love you.” Dad

gave me a kiss and I told him I loved him too. I went to my room and as soon as I closed the door I stripped my pants

down to look at my ass in the mirror. I was red from the top of my ass crack all the way down to just below my

cheeks. I started to rub my butt and my dick started to grow again. I stripped myself naked and lay down on my

bed and started to think about Randys bare ass being spanked and then my thoughts went to seeing Don and

Kevin with their hard cocks in their hands jerking off. For the second time that afternoon I got off and started

thinking about the possibility of Randy becoming friends with me. I thought if he got enough spankings and his

dad talked to him he might just might change and we could become friends. I got up and put my underwear on

and lay back down on my bed and fell asleep thinking about Randy and how great it would be if he joined Don and

Kevin in being my friend.



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