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My Cute Little Spankable Nephew

by Robert

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For the past year I had trouble keeping my eyes off my cute little 10-year-old nephews chubby little butt. A really good-looking bubble-butt and very spankable. You know the kind I'm talking about. The kind of girlish butt that you sometimes see on cute little boys. What constantly went through my mind was how much fun it would be to spank that boy's little ass. Across my lap and pants down.

I knew that he sometimes received spankings from his daddy because the boy told me about them. Sometimes he even went into details about how his daddy would take him into his bedroom and make him take off his pants. Then go over his lap and get a spanking with his underpants pulled down. "My daddy spanks my bare bottom, Uncle Bob," he would announce. As if he was proud of it.

Then one Friday evening the boy's daddy called me and asked if I could take young Jimmy for a few days while they went back East on an emergency business trip. At first I hesitated, but when he said, "Jimmy will be all right. But if he gets into trouble, you have my persmission to spank him. A few slaps on his bare fanny will straighten him out."

I still hesitated, not wanting to seem too excited after he told me I could spank the boy. However, I didn't hesitate long. "Of course, I will be glad to watch him for you until you get back. And I am certain that we'll get along quite well."

So that night 10-year-old Jimmy appeared at my front door holding his suitcase. A few minutes later Jimmy's parents were gone and I was staring at the boy's cute little round, chubby spankable butt. And his girlish little ass was outlined quite nicely by his short and tight little cut-off jeans. Very tight and very sexy. This boy had the cutest little ass in the county. And as soon as he got into trouble, I would pounce on the opportunity to give him a good, hot spanking. I just couldn't wait for him to "mess up."

But it took awhile. He was an angel that first night. And the next day. Can you imagine how hot I was getting while staring at his cute little butt and not getting a chance to spank it? I wanted to spank that boy so badly that I "could taste it." I didn't even get a chance to see him with his pants off. In fact, I was getting "shut out."

Then some very good luck came my way on Saturday night. Jimmy was running through the house making a nuisance of himself. I warned him to "settle down," but he just kept it up. Then suddenly I heard a very loud crash! Jimmy had knocked over a lamp. And it dropped to the floor in pieces.

"Please, Uncle Bob," the boy pleaded. "Please, I didn't mean to do it."

"Well," I answered. "You did break the lamp and I think you should be punished. What would your daddy do?"

"He'd spank me."

"Then maybe I should do the same."

I was so excited. I was finally going to get to spank Jimmy's little chubby bubble-butt. And I didn't waste much time. "Come here, Jimmy. For not minding me, you are going to get your little butt spanked.

He walked over to me as I sat on the couch. He stood in front of me with his head down, bare foot, wearing a t-shirt and those tight cut-off jeans. He didn't say a word. I reached out, and with very nervous fingers and a pounding heart, I began unbuttoning his jeans. First the top button. The the next button. Soon I was looking at his underpants--his little Fruit of the Loom briefs. I grabbed the tops of those little cut-offs and gave them a tug. They dropped to his ankles, his underpants now clearly exposed. He looked so cute standing there. And so spankable.

He stepped out of his cut-offs and I removed his t-shirt. Jimmy was now standing in front of me in his little white briefs. So cute. I broke the silence, "Your daddy spanks you bare bottomed, so I think that's the way I should do it." He didn't say anything and he didn't resist when I cupped my fingers in his briefs and slid them down. First uncovering his mid-section and exposing his little privates. Then I slid his underpants to his knees and down to his ankles. Within moments he was stepping out of his little briefs and was standing there naked.

I placed his cute little unclothed body across my lap. For the first time in my life, I finally got to see Jimmy's cute little naked bubble-butt. So round. So smooth. So white and fleshy. A perfect, spankable girlish little ass. Large for a boy his age.

I couldn't help but stare for awhile, still lecturing him about his misbehavior. Then I began the spanking."Naughty boy, Jimmy!""Naughty little boy!""Next time when Uncle Bob tells you to stop running,I hope you will mind.

I gave the cute young lad a pretty good spanking. He squirmed around. Cried out a little. And his butt turned a bright crimson.

I will always remember that Saturday evening when I finally got to spank cute little Jimmy. And after the spanking, I had him stand in the corner of the living room for one hour in his underpants. In fact, that's all he wore for the rest of the evening.

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