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All The Boys In The House Get Spanked By Dad
Part 1

by Nwohioguy

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I walked in the door at my house to the sound of dad yelling at someone in the livingroom. I headed to the stairs to go to my room and as I was walking by I saw dad standing in front of my sister's husband, David yelling at him. My nephews, thirteen year old Taylor and Donnie who is eleven were sitting on the couch watching. My sister Sue and her family came for a two week visit and this was only day three and David had already pissed dad off about something. David and Sue got married when they were eighteen and had moved to a town about three hundred miles away from us. We saw them a few times a year and David and dad usually got into an argument about the boys. Taylor and Donnie ran around doing their own thing and didn't think they had to listen to anyone when they were told to do something. David had no control over them, he always threatened them about having time outs or sending them to their room but never followed through with anything he said.

“David I told you yesterday that those boys had better start behaving or there would be consequences for you and them. Today has been more of the same old bullshit and I'm tired of it. I'm going to show you how to take control of those boys. Sit your ass down and all three of you wait right here for me.” dad said as he headed for the door.

I thought this might be getting interesting. Dad has yelled at me like that before then made me sit and wait for him. When he came back he always had a paddle or hair brush with him that he used to spank my fifteen year old bare butt.

Dad saw me in the hallway and told me, “Patrick go wait in the livingroom until I get back.”

I didn't need to be told twice, if dad was going to spank those two brats on the bare ass I wanted a front row seat to watch their little bare butts squirming around while they were turning red. I went in to sit down on the couch beside Taylor. I don't think Taylor and Donnie knew what was coming their way.

Dad came back with the paddle and hairbrush then sat down on a chair, “David get over here and stand in front of me.”

“Why dad, what are you going to do? Why do you have that paddle and brush?” David asked.

“Have you ever been spanked David?”

“No my parents didn't believe in spanking. They grounded me or took away privileges.”

“Well that explains a lot. Grounding and taking away privileges is fine and dandy but when they aren't working I find that a good old fashioned spanking on a boys bare butt works wonders. I told you there were would be consequences for you and the boys and that consequence for all three of you is going to be a bare butt spanking!”

Did dad just say what I think he said? He's going to spank my thirty one year old brother-in-law on his bare ass. I always thought David was hot looking with a nice butt. David always wore tight pants which showed off a nice looking bulge but the view from the back was even better. The seam from his jeans went right up his crack seperating those two hot mounds of butt flesh.

“Dad you can't be serious, I'm thirty one and way too old to have my butt spanked. I'll talk to the boys and you won't have any more problems with them while we're here, I promise.”

“Save it David, I've heard it before. They behave for a few hours but then it is right back to running around doing what ever the hell they feel like doing. I blame you for most of it. You threaten them but never follow through and because of that they think you won't do anything so why listen. That's why I'm going to spank you first, now get your pants and underwear down and get over my knee.”

“You're crazy if you think I'm gonna take my pants down so you can hit my bare ass with that paddle or brush. I'm going to my room.”

Dads face turned red but then he stood up and grabbed both of Davids arms then said, “Patrick get over here and undo his pants and strip him.”

I went over to David then undid his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. I pulled his zipper down taking his jeans by the sides pulling them down to his ankles. David was standing there in his white Hanes boxer briefs, but not for long. I put my fingers in the top of the waistband pulling them down. His eight inch cock came into view along with a big set of balls. His cock hair had been trimmed away so that the only hair he had was some around the base of his dick. As soon as I had his underwear down, dad sat back down pulling David over his lap giving me my first view of his perfect bare butt. David had the perfect bubble butt with a nice deep crack. His crack spread very slightly as dad was positioning him across his lap. I could see a small line of brown hair which ran down Davids' back into his butt crack.

Dad picked up the paddle and said, “Taylor and Donnie I want you to watch closely. I'm going to paddle your daddys' bare butt and then the both of you are going to have your pants taken down for a bare butt paddling also. I hope this lesson for your daddy leads to both of you getting your butts spanked by him when you misbehave.”

While dad had been talking to the boys, David had been struggling to get up but dad held on tighter and then put one of his legs over Davids pinning him down causing his butt to arch up higher and spreading apart more. Dad picked up the paddle and started laying licks on the two perfect bare cheeks that were over his lap.


Dad kept swatting Davids bare butt with the paddle the whole time he was begging him to stop. I had been over dads' knee with my bare ass on the receiving end enough to know that the paddle was going to keep burning Davids' bare ass until dad decided to quit and not one minute before. David was moving his butt around as much as he could but being pinned like he was, the only thing he could do was lower his butt when the paddle cracked it then raise it back up again to wait for the next lick.

Dad had been paddling David for ten minutes when he said, “Get up David. I want you to go stand over there by the corner and watch while I spank your boys. You should have been giving them spankings when they continued to disobey you after telling them to do something. Taylor get your butt over here right now!”

David stood up red faced with tears running down his face. He put his hands behind him to rub his red hot cheeks then walked over to the corner with his big cock and balls bouncing in front of him. He turned around when he got to the corner then started to bounce from one foot to the other rubbing his ass while his dick swung around in front of him.

Taylor stood up then slowly walked toward dad. He was standing in front of dad when dad said, “Taylor take your pants and underwear off then get over my lap.”

“Please grampa I don't wanna get a spankin. Please grampa PLEASE!”

“Taylor I'm not going to tell you again. Your daddy just got paddled because of the way you and Donnie have been behaving so do you think it would be fair for him to get a spanking and not you?”

“It's daddys fault so I don't care that he got his bare butt spanked. I'm not gonna take my pants down so you can hit my bare butt. I won't do it I WON'T!”

“Ok Taylor you won't have to take your pants down, I'll do it for you!”

Dad grabbed Taylor then undid his pants puliing them and his underwear down and off. Taylor stood there long enough for me to see his four inch cock and a sparse sprinkling of dick hair before dad pulled him over his knee. He lay over dads knee squeezing his pale slim white butt cheeks together. His hands were touching the floor while his feet were about two inches away from the floor. Dad picked up the brush raising it high in the air then bringing it down to crack Taylors' right cheek then the brush was back in the air before it came crashing down on the left cheek making a loud CRACK. Dad continued going from right to left up and down both cheeks with a few cracks to his upper legs.


Dad spanked Taylors little ass cheeks for five minutes then finished the spanking with five cracks going up and down Taylors' crack.

“Get up Taylor and go stand beside your dad.”

Taylor jumped off dads' lap and ran over to the corner then stood there rubbing his sore little cheeks jumping up and down causing his little four inch dick to swing around while he sobbed loudly.

“Donnie get over here. Get your pants off along with your underwear.”

Donnie had been siiting watching his dad and brother getting their butts spanked for the first time and now it was his turn to find out how a burning set of bare butt cheeks felt.

Donnie walked over to dad then began slowly undoing his pants before taking them along with his underwear down then off. Donnie must not have started puberty yet, there wasn't any hair aound his dick which looked to be about an inch in length. He crawled over dads lap giving me a nice view of his white chubby cheeks. Dad started cracking the brush down his cheeks causing them to turn pink then bright red. Donnie started kicking his legs and twisting his bare butt all over dads lap trying to avoid the brush that was burning his bare ass. The way Donnie was bucking around on dads lap was causing his cheeks to spread wide apart giving me glimpses of his little pink puckering butt hole.


Saying fuck wasn't the smartest thing for Donnie to say because after he said it dad started spanking his ass faster and harder. Donnie got a longer spanking than Taylor had because of him saying it also.

“Donnie get your ass up. I better never hear you say that f word again or you'll be finding yourslf over my knee again for another spanking after I wash your dirty mouth out with some soap. Get over there by your brother and dad.”

Donnie crawled off dads lap clutching his red hot cheeks then stood in front of dad jumping up and down rubbing while he screamed his displeasure at having his little bare butt spanked.

“Donnie stop that screaming and get over there by your dad or I'll put you back over my knee for some of the paddle that I used on your dad!”

Donnie quieted down and walked over to David and Taylor but he continued to sob loudly.

I was sitting on the couch hoping no one had noticed the bulge that had formed in the front of my pants. I went from spectator to participant when dad said, “Patrick get your butt over here and get it bare right now!”

“Dad why? I didn't do anything.”

“Did you tell Mr. Montgomery you would mow his lawn today?”

Oh shit. I started mowing the neighbors lawns this summer to earn money. I was supposed to mow Mr. Montgomerys lawn this morning but forgot and went swimming with my buddies instead. This wasn't the first time I had missed doing a job, dad yelled at me last week for it and told me the next time I was going to get my ass spanked.

“Yeah dad but......”

“He called today and I got to listen to him bitching and complaining before I made up excuses for you. What did I tell you last week would happen if you 'forgot' another job?”

“I would get a spanking, but dad I forgot and I'll take care of it right now. I'll call Mr. Montgomery and go over to his house now to mow his lawn.”

“You're going to mow his lawn this afternoon but you'll be doing it with a sore ass because you ain't leaving to do it until after I spank your butt. Get your pants and underwear off right now!”

“Ok dad I know I have a spanking coming but let's go to my room please. Don't make me strip my pants off down here in front of them. Come on let's go to my room, PLEASSSSSEE!”

“Why should we go to your room? You watched them get spanked and I don't see why you are so special that they can't watch you getting your bare tail paddled. No more arguing or your going to get it worse. Do you want to make a trip to the backyard for a bare ass switching before I paddle your ass?”

“No dad please but I don't want to get spanked in front of Donnie and Taylor.”

“I spanked David in front of them and he has a lot better reason than you for not getting spanked in front of the boys. Last time, get those pants off or let's go to the backyard!”

I knew I wasn't going to win the argument so I unfastened my pants then pulled them along with my white Fruit of the Loom briefs down and off. I walked up to dad covering my five inch dick and balls with my hands then got over the lap I was so familiar with. My hands were on the floor while dad seperated my legs forcing my butt up in the air. I knew my cheeks were spread apart exposing my asshole to the view of dad, David and the boys. I know because I have looked at my ass in a mirror every time after dad spanks me and I don't have to bend over very far before my asshole comes into view.

Dad was rubbing the paddle up and down my butt then I could sense him raising it in the air to begin setting my cheeks on fire. One loud crack then a stinging burn on my left cheek followed by another loud crack with an equal sting on the right. The third crack landed across both cheeks adding some more heat to the fire building on my bare rear end. The fourth lick landed starting the tears falling from my eyes along with my promises and begging for it to end although I knew dad wasn't going to stop until he was ready to.


Dad had landed a few licks to my upper legs and the crease between butt cheek and leg. Then he stopped and I thought it was over but then I belt the brush rubbing in my ass crack and touching my pucker hole, then it wasn't touching me any more and I closed my eyes waiting for the fire in my crack and asshole to be lit. The brush came down on my exposed hole first followed by the brush going up and down my open crack then another one to my hole. I lay over dads knee sobbing loudly shaking my head and moving my ass all over his lap trying to avoid that damn brush.

Fianlly it was over and he told me, “Get your butt over the back of the couch. David get over the back beside Patrick. Taylor get over one arm, Donnie get over the other arm.”

Oh fuck damn, we're all going to get the fucking belt. Dad stood up unbuckling his belt then pulled it through the loops. David and the boys got in the positions dad had told them to then waited to find out what he was going to do.

“Boys all of you are going to get ten licks with my belt then you can get dressed.”

He came up behind Donnie first then I saw the belt in the air before it became one big blur as he brought it down on his bare butt with a loud crack. Dad waisted no time licking Donnies bare ass, landing all ten licks within a minute. Donnie lay with his face buried in the couch crying and moving his butt from side to side trying to shake away the sting. Dad went to the other end of the couch to give Taylor his belt whipping. Taylor had started to cry again as soon as he saw dad whipping his brothers ass but when dad landed the first lick to Taylors' butt he opened his eyes wide and the tears really started to fall from his big blue eyes. Dad whipped Taylors' ass as fast and hard as he had Donnies' so that in no time at all he was standing behind me and David with the belt ready to add sting and fire to our bare red ass cheeks.

I heard the belt crack on bare flesh but didn't feel a burn to my ass so I knew David was going to get his ten first but then dad surprised me with a lick to my butt. He started alternating between Davids ass and mine. David got a lick then it would be my turn. We were so close together laying over the couch that the end of the belt would catch me on the side of my cheek that was closest to him when dad whipped Davids' ass so I was pretty sure the belt was catching David too when dad belted my ass cheeks. It was like we were both getting more licks than the ten dad had said we were getting. Me and David had started crying after the second lick had landed. We both lay over the back of the couch shaking our butts and lifting our legs as that damn belt continued burning our butts. It seemed like dad had been cracking our asses for an hour but I know it only could have been for a couple of minutes when he stopped.

“All four of you get dressed. Patrick give Mr. Montgomery a call to find out if you can mow his lawn this afternoon. If he says it's alright get your ass over there and get it done. Taylor and Donnie, you can expect to have your little bare tails spanked like that as long as you're here to visit when you don't listen and do as you're told. I hope it will be your dad giving your butts the spankings you deserve but if he won't, I will. David I hope that will be your first and last spanking but if you let those boys continue to act the way they have been, I guarantee you that I won't hesitate to bare your ass again for another spanking!”

David said, “I learned my lesson dad. Taylor and Donnie, you heard your grandfather. You better start minding us when we tell you to do something or I will take your pants down to paddle your bare butts. Do you understand?”

They both said, “Yes daddy we understand.” Then Donnie added, “We're sorry daddy and grampa. I don't want to get spanked again. It makes my butt hurt.”

The four of us walked over to where our underwear and pants were laying