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Balloon Boy, Bare Bottom Boy

by OnlyBareBottom

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Sheriff Thomas was standing on the Heene front lawn, watching little Falcon Heene laughing and running around with his friends, completely unconcerned about the trouble he had caused hundreds of people who thought he had floated away in a balloon constructed by his moronic father. All the while Falcon had been hiding in his family's attic like such a naughty little boy.

Richard and Miyumi Heene didn't believe in discipline for their three cute little boys. Never had a cute, naughty bad boy bare bottom been turned over a grown man's knee and soundly spanked in the Heene household. It was this failure, Sheriff Thomas concluded, that likely accounted for why Falcon had felt he could get away with letting people think he was in such danger. The Sheriff reflected on how a lack of proper consequences often led bad little boys astray. If a boy's parents weren't prepared to put him over the knee, pull his pants and underpants down, and spank the daylights out of him bare bottom, perhaps a total stranger could do a better job and thereby get the boy to behave.

The Sheriff did have to admit to himself, though, that Falcon was a cute little devil. He had short black hair and a light tan complexion that went together nicely with his thin and lean seven year old body. Clad in a t-shirt and little boy jeans, Falcon's caboose caught the Sheriff's eye. The boy's bottom jutted out from his jeans, as if struggling to be released from such confinement, and the bottom demanded the attention of all passers-by who had the privilege of beholding it. The Sheriff couldn't take his eyes off of the naughty bottom and thought about how it would surely jiggle, bounce, and buck if it was properly spanked by a man who knew how to deal with bad boy bottoms. Thomas' hand began to itch at the thought of grabbing Faclon, tucking him under his arm, yanking those pants and underpants all the way down, putting him over his large and experienced knee, and giving Falcon a bare bottom spanking with his experienced hand for all to see and enjoy. He imagined performing this public service in front of a crowd of onlookers like the one assembled now in retribution for Falcon's deception.

Meanwhile Falcon was running with his friends John and Todd, kicking a soccer ball. He had seen himself and his family on TV last night and knew that a lot of people were pissed that they had all gone to such trouble for nothing. The crowd of onlookers and camera crews at the edge of his parents' front lawn didn't bother him though. He even enjoyed the thought of taunting them and he would intentionally turn his back to them as often as he could while he was playing with his friends and gave his cute little boy bottom a few shakes and bounces as if to say "Nah nah na nannah, you can't catch me, and even if you could you couldn't do anything to me. My parents don't believe in any rules and no stranger would dare lay a hand on me." Indeed, the onlookers who now watched Falcon and saw his behavior had to question if the seven year old, lightly-tanned naughty boy (but with a white, unattended-to-derriere) even knew what a spanking was.

All of a sudden Falcon's friend Todd took off down towards the other end of the Heene lawn. When he reached the end he turned around and motioned for Falcon to lob the soccer ball deep to him.

"Come on Falcon, pass it to me, I'm open!" he yelled.

Falcon kicked the ball a few yards in front of him and then took a running start towards the ball, catching it on the edge of his foot. The ball sailed far to the right, towards the group of onlookers. Sheriff Thomas yelled out "heads up", but it was too late – the ball slammed right into the face of a fat, middle-aged woman who was a producer for one of the television crews covering the balloon boy story, knocking her to the ground. Sheriff Thomas rushed over to the woman.

"Are you alright, ma'am?" the Sheriff asked as he knealt beside her.

The woman had tears in her eyes and the side of her fat face had a large red spot on it from the impact with the ball.

"Wwwwaaahh", she blubbered, "he wasn't even paying attention to the people who were nearby!!! Ohhh my poor face! That bad boy!"

The Sheriff knew what had to be done and responded "Don't worry ma'am, I'm going to teach that rude, naughty little boy a lesson he won't soon forget. A little bare bottom time over the knee is exactly what he needs. And I intend to see that he gets it!"

Without uttering another word, Sheriff Thomas walked over to the grinning Falcon (who seemed completely unconcerned and even content with having hit a woman), gripped him by the arm, picked him up, and draped him over his shoulder, his naughty little boy bottom sticking straight up in the air for the delighted crowd to observe and admire, still clad in jeans (but not for long).
"What the fuck are you doing man?!!???" shouted Falcon as he punched, kicked, and bucked up and down on the man's shoulder. For the first time in his life he began to feel real fear and dread at what the man was doing. His heart began to race and his face started to flush. But Falcon still just thought the heavy-set man was just going to take him into his family's house or tell his parents about what he had done. And then of course his parents would do nothing to him. But being draped over the fat sheriff's shoulder and being constrained and dominated like that was embarrassing enough for Falcon. He didn't want all the onlookers seeing him for the little boy he was. Plus there were boys and girls in the audience his age who were seeing all this and he hated that.

Many in the crowd of onlookers felt their hearts start to race at the thought of such a cute boy's pants being taken down and his naked bad boy bottom being thoroughly spanked by a fat, not very attractive man like the Sheriff, whilst in the over the knee position. When a cute naughty boy is over a man's knee, especially when that man is a stranger, it is at that point that that a boy's bad behavior can begin to be tamed. It also doesn't hurt when there is an audience present for the course of such a disciplinary session. Falcon was particularly incensed that there were several little girls his age in the audience who had come with their parents and that they were now delightfully watching him being so easily picked up, flipped over, and placed in an iron tight grip.

Sheriff Thomas walked over to a large tree stump on the side of the lawn and sat down with Falcon still over his shoulder. He then grabbed the boy by the waist and flipped him over and across his giant lap. Falcon was struggling with all of his might and screaming like a banchee, but it was all to no avail. No one within ear shot had any sympathy for him and the Sheriff had no trouble keeping the naughty boy pinned down across his giant knee with one of his giant hands.

The Sheriff calmly responded to the boy's protests by saying "Falcon you've been getting away with bad behavior for far too long. Well, that ends today. I'm going to spank your little bottom so soundly that you won't be able to sit down for quite a while."

With that the Sheriff hooked his fingers into the waist of Falcon's jeans and in one motion yanked them all the way down past the boy's knees. OOOH what a sight to behold, as Falcon did not have on any underwear. The Sheriff feasted his eyes on the cutest little boy bare bottom he had ever seen and that now lay completely bare before him. It was indeed pearl-white in color and possessed the smoothness and roundness suggested when it was still confined by seven year olds' jeans. The Sheriff had to wonder to himself if in general there was a direct correlation between a little boy's naughtiness and the spankability of his bottom.

As Sheriff Thomas was in the midst of preparing Falcon for his bare bottom spanking, the crowd of onlookers had gathered in a semi-circle around the stump in order to get the best possible view of both Falcon's naked caboose as well as the spanking that was soon to commence.

As Falcon continued to kick, hit, buck and bounce up and down, and yell every obscenity he could think of, the Sheriff raised his broad hand high above his head, and as the crowd of onlookers collectively gasped, brought it down with expert force right in the center of Falcon's upturned bottom. SMACK. The man's hand collided with the full moon boy's butt and generated a tremendous, thunderous smack, slap, spank sound. As the Sheriff raised his hand again, he was delighted to take note of the fact that Falcon's bottom was small enough and his hand large enough such that a single properly placed spank could cover the entirety of the boy's bottom. There was thus no need for the Sheriff to aim at different sites on this upturned bottom in order to ensure a proper distribution of correction to the little devil's backside.

Sheriff Thomas continued Falcon's spanking with a tremendous and glorious volley of hard hand spanks, all of which were expertly aimed and placed right on the misbehaving bottom and resulted in Falcon ending up with a wonderfully red-colored caboose that now matched the red-faced yelling banchee that was finally where he ought to be – over a strict man's broad knee and of course bare bottom. The Sheriff ended the symphony-like spanking session with Falcon with one last thunderous slap, smack, spank to the boy's behind. Then he stood Falcon up, quickly and firmly yanked up the boy's pants for him, and sternly marched the bad lad towards the front door of the Heene family house.

The crowd of onlookers was left speechless by this display. Many in the crowd had flushed faces and were sweating after observing such a remarkable and expertly performed demonstration of how to correct a naughty little boy's bad behavior. The spanking had had almost a music-like quality to it, what with both the thunderous spanks delivered by the Sheriff onto the surface of the at first white bare bottom and the yelling and fighting fit and tantrum put on by the misbehaving seven year old. The little boys and girls who had watched the spanking with their parents were delighted with the performance, especially the ferocity of Falcon's attempts at escaping the man's iron grip and how the boy's bottom had at first been white and had then been turned into the most remarkable fire engine-red color. But the little boys and girls also were profoundly thankful that they were on the observing side.

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