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Mouthing Off,The Hairbrush and My Bare bottom

by Bouncing Boy

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I was 12 years old,very close to 13 and in the 7th grade. It was Christmas vacation and we were going back to scholl right after New Years. My brother jeff and I had been couped up in the house a lot due to cold weather. We had several arguments and were just getting on our mom's nerves.

One afternoon my friend Paul had come over. Paul, my brother Jeff and I were watching TV and just trying to find something to do.My mom came in to where we were and told me that I needed to get my part of our room cleaned up before supper. This was a simple request.I had a bad habit of being mouthy and I got plenty of spankings for it. It was about to happen again.

My mom used the hairbrush on our bare bottoms and my dad used the hairbrush or belt,bare also.My mom had been using the hairbrush for over a year. My friend Patrick had overheard my mom saying that her hand was sore after giving me a long hard bare bottom spanking one afternoon and was thinking about getting a paddle like my fiend Paul's parents used on him and his brothers. Patrick's mom told mine that they used a hairbrush on he and his older brother and that it was very effective to a boy's bare bottom over a lap. Patrick told me how much a hairbrush spanking hurt and was he ever right!

Anway, when my mom told me about straightening up my room, I smarted off. "Nag,nag,nag, I will do it" I said. The minute the words came out of my mouth I knew I was in big trouble when my mom stopped and grabbed me by the arm. "What did you say?", she said. "I'm sorry,I'm sorry I said.

My mom pulled me off the couch and said," You will be sorry, Mister, you are getting a spanking! You are not going to smart off to me,do you understand?" "I'm sorry,I'll be good,please don't spanke me", I said.It did no good at all to plead and apologize now,it was going to happen. We were heading for my room.

When we got to my room, my mom sat me down on the bed and said,"Sit right there, don't move!" She went to her bedroom and returned instantly withe hairbrush. She got the "spanking chair" out and placed it in the center of the room. Then she took by the arm and over to the chair. She sat down and took down my pants, pulling them right down to my socks,since I wasn't wearing any shoes.Then she pulled my "tightie whities" down to join them. Then again I pleaded not to get a spanking. Too late. Over her lap I went. I was laying there getting my hands braced on the floor and thinking of how much this was going to hurt. Also I knew that Jeff and Paul were going to get an earful,since my bedroom door was half open.

Then my mom started. She whacked me across my butt crack several times.I was screaming loudly by the third whack. then she went back and forth cheek to cheek. It really hurt and I was bouncing around a lot. My mom told me to hold still and continued. I had slid forward a little on her lap. she stopped and repositioned me and started again. She was really tanning my hide!

It hurt so much that I put my hand on my butt. My mom popped it with the hairbrush. She told me,"Keep your hand off your bottom,keep your hands on the floor!" Then she continued to spank me cheek to cheek,fast and hard! Then she gave me five or six cracks on my upper legs,then finished up with somemore to my butt.

Finally she stood me up. I had long before kicked off my pants and shorts and was naked from the waist down. I jumped around doing the "spanking dance",rubbing my very red and throbbing butt.
My told me to get my pajamas on and clean up my room right now. I would have rather laid on my stomach for a while,but I din't want another spanking and I would have gotten one if I argued.
After a while Paul was allowed to come in and talk to me. He said that I had really gotten a hard spanking for sure. I agreed !

Paul wanted to see my red butt and I showed to him, like we always did. I told him if my mom came in I would get it again and my mom would call his. I quickly pulled down my pajama pants and Paul was amazed at how red my butt was. I had seen his the same way many times. Paul told me that Jeff was laughing while I was getting spanked. that was nothing new. The next afternoon i was laughing when my mom used the hairbrush on Jeff's bare bottom for swearing.

Smarting off,swearing,school problems,chores undone or other infractions always meant a session withe hairbrush to the offenders bare bottom!

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