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A Leather Strap to a Big, Wet, Bare Young Ass (Jose Gets His Due)

by Bunbuster

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"Ah, but dear, he's such a cutie", my wife lamented.

"He's such a brat", I countered.

We were speaking of my wife's 19 year old nephew Jose, whose mom, my sister-in law, is trying to pawn off on us for the summer.

Can't blame her, the boy is a major brat, cocky, wild and spoiled, and she and her hubby are to blame.

If he were mine he'd have gotten his ass tanned since he was 6 and Jose has quite the spankable ass, large, round and cheeky.

My own boys got their bottoms spanked since they were 6 and when they reached 13 they of course still got dad's palm to the pink skinned seat of learning but at times they got the strap, a short wide leather one that does a job on a tight yet tender young tushie.

In fact, the damn thing still hangs in the closet for use, frequent of course, on the bare little ass of my 14 year old grandson Chris.

Here's the only kind of contact that a firm man's hand had with Jose's bum.

Years ago, when Jose was 6, we were visiting his house when his stepdaddy Mark took him out of the tub for a drying before being off to bed.

I was passing by and looked in to see Jose in a full temper tantrum, jumping up and down, which made his plump baby bottom bounce, because he didn't want to to to bed.

Mark, not knowing the score, promised the little brat the world as he patted and squeezed that wet fat little baby bottom.

I wanted so bad to go in the room, sit next to Mark on the rim of the tub, put the little 'cutie' over my knee and spank his chubby wet young tushie, which I know would bounce delightfully, till he was screaming and weeping before getting tucked into the sack.

Whenever I saw Jose after that, and watched him in bratty action, I remembered that time when he was a bareassed 6 and the urges that I had to spank his bottom, which as time went on seemed, to become more spankable, go figure. Jose's teenaged tush was large, round and very full bodied and still with some of that baby fat to give it a bounce as he swaggered so it would sure still bounce over my knee.

My wife's sister Maggy is Irish and on a graduate school trip to Spain she hooked up with a handsome and wealthy Spaniard which produced the world's most handsome brat, Jose.

Jose had the best of both cultures, long beautiful wavy black hair, big blue eyes which were filled with devilishness, smooth baby skin and a very beautiful face, the pink bow lips of which were always in a cocky smirk/sneer.

Blessed with a perfectly formed and toned young body the kid could fill a pair of tight jeans with his big cock bulging up front and his big pretty ass out back.

I remember once walking past Jose's room on my way to take a leak and the cocky, cocky indeed, brat left his door open in his bedroom after he came from taking a shower, and practically flooded the room.

Jose's cock looked like a long fat pink eel and his balls were plump and pink and they looked exquisite in the bush of baby soft black hair.

Then Jose turned around and I was so smitten with his ass that I considered it a sin that the hot young can was never given the proper spanking.

Jose's buttcheeks were a real full, round and bouncy Latin booty and it was covered in Irish skin that was creamy white with pink overtones.

I flashed back to the bathroom incident with the bareassed baby and his stepdad many years before and just like back then I wanted to barge into the room, toss the brat over my knee and spank his bare ass which was still kind of wet from his shower which would increase the sting to that smooth baby skin.

Jose saw me being mesmerized, as many people were, at seeing his bare ass and I wondered if he knew that I was looking at it from the viewpoint of a spanker. Most likely he was since I'm sure that the fact that I had spanked my own sons and grandsons got back to him or maybe it didn't.

Well, anyway, you'd never guess what the then 18 year old little brat did.

He trust his big ass out and pryed his left cheek from the right cheek, revealing his crack filled with soft wet black hair and his tender pink baby bottom hole.

Then, after he dried off his furry crack he winked his butthole at me and farted as he looked back over his shoulder with one of the most cocky smirks that I had ever seen on a boy.

Jose must have thought that he was shocking me by first presenting me with his hot pink little pooter and then farting but I had seen that countless times when I spanked my sons and grandsons over my knee, the last time being a week before when I soundly spanked the bare pooting bottom of my 13 year old grandson Marcus.

Seeing that hot and healthy little pink butthole, that furry bum crack and those big beautiful ass melons may have had other men wanting that ass sitting on their faces but more than ever I wanted that big bare caboose over my knee and I would give it something to fart about.

When he swaggered in the door, yes, the wife talked me into it, Jose looked like he was swaggering into a disco circa 1976.

The 19 year old was resplendent in a startched pink silk dress shirt unbuttoned at the chest, a single gold chain bringing out the dewy pinkness of his smooth chest, and skin tight Sasoon jeans.

With his dark brown eyes glowing with naughtiness and sexiness and his long wavy black hair blow dried to perfection the kid wouldn't last a minute on the dance floor before being gobbled up by a girl, a cougar, a young guy who wants badly to cornhole some hot pink stink hole, or an older man who wants a hot, bare and sweaty young male stink ass sitting on his face. Maybe all of the above.

"Where's my room, I'm outta here, gonna try out that new club in this one horse town", the boy said cockily and as my wife marched him to his room with her loving maternal arm around his shoulder I looked at his big beautiful ass bouncing in his skin tight designer jeans and fanned my hand through the air in spank mode as my wife looked back and grinned.

Suffice to say Jose was not only a cocky brat but he was the worst young guest ever at our house and we've had a lot of young boys staying over, grandsons, sons' friends, nephews etc.

That first night Jose came home from the disco tanked to the gills. He stomped up the stairs at about midnight singing loudly.

The next morning Jose woke up and swaggered to the bathroom with a shorty designer towel wrapped around his little waist. He had aleady christened his bedroom as a real boys' room by clouding the air with his farts and decorating the floor with his drawers and other clothes.

He flooded the bathroom during his shower, ate like a horse, didn't even put his empty plate in the sink much less washing it before swaggering out the door in a clean white Calvin tee-shirt and skin-tight white speedos and his big ass was so squeezed into the garment that it presented the most ravishingly spankable target ever, and I mean ever.

Me and the wife don't expect perfection from a boy but each time that we requested that the kid not flood the bathroom he flooded it the next day and when asked to put his dish in the sink he would shove it away from him, get up from the table and swagger away, big ass bouncing.

Jose was the kind of boy who was never told what to do and when he was asked even nicely to do the right thing he considered it an affront to his 'do whatever the hell I want' lifestyle. Well, not on my watch kid.

After 2 weeks of blatant bratiness I had almost reached the end of my fuse and the boy certainly pushed me over the edge one morning.

My wife was headed out shopping, the boy could sure eat, and out of his bedroom swaggered Jose in his shorty designer towel on his way to flood the bathroom.

He saw me looking at him with daggers in my eyes and instead of heeding the warning that was in my eyes the kid really did it.

Right before he entered the bathroom he lifted the towel up in back, thrust his big baby ass out and farted as he looked at me with that real cocky smirk.

"That's it, that kid is getting his bottom spanked", I said to the wife.

"Well, you've gotta do what you've gotta do", the wife answered with a sigh of relief before she went out the door.

I decided to use the leather strap first on Jose's big wet bottom while he was in the shower before putting him over my lap for a good hard spanking on the big wet and welted baby ass.

I snuck into the bathroom to hear Jose panting in the shower.

I peeked in and found him pumping what had to be a thick throbbing 10 incher. The kid was a shower bopper and as his big pink cheeks tightened and dimpled he stroked that pink piston and when he orgasmed he screamed out in a highpitched wolf howl and his cream bomb was so powerful that it shot straight to the ceiling after which is oozed out in thick creamy wads as the brat enjoyed himself to the fullest.

"Hey, what the fuck, let the fuck go of my arm, no way are you whipping me", the shocked boy said when, right after he orgasmed I pulled the shower curtain opened, pointed the shower spray on his big pink ass, pulled his right hand tight to his waist and soundly whipped that large wet ass with the leather strap.

Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap "Ahhhh, are you, owww, you can't, oww."

Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, owwww, you'll pay, yelp, for this."

Jose howled like a wolf and thrashed around to no avail as I spanked that big pink ass like a man possessed with the paternal determination to spank the stuffing and hot air out of a too big for his britches boy and the way his pants clung to his big buns that was in no way just a figure of speech.

Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap "Owwwww, please stop, sob, my ass, owwwwww."

The strap broke the boy. His ass, tender thighs and furry muscular calves were covered with welts and when the shower water going down the drain turned yellow I realized that I had spanked the piss out of the formerly cocky teenager.

"Owww, sob, my ass, owwww, sob, oh, sorry, owww."

When I stopped the strap spanking and turned off the water Jose bent forward at the waist, rubbed his can as piss continued to come out of his cock and he excused himself when he farted which was something new coming from this little poot ass. A stink assed teenaged boy doesn't feel very cocky getting the poots spanked out of his hind end.

"Oh, sob,no, what are you doing, no more, you can't spank me too, no way, sob, no, sob, shit."

I was going to fulfill the goal that I had over 18 years before when I saw the little bareassed brat giving his stepdad a hard time after his bath which was to upend Jose over my knee for a fiery spanking on his plump young fanny.

When I looked down at the boy over my knee I was in 7th heaven. His big welted buns trembled and his little bunghole winked and stinked as he looked over his shoulder in boyish terror.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, sob, sob,owwwww."

The strap spanking was the perfect setup for Jose's first trip over a man's knee. By the 10th spank he was totally inside himself, his fanny bouncing as his puckered baby red srink hole seemed to be absorbing the sting and sending it to his naughty brain, resulting in not only Jose's first tears in years but enabling him to contact long buried emotion which blew away like the farts that continually snapped out of his ravishing red little poop pit. Kid really needed to be spanked and it seemed like he realized it himself.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owwww, sob, sob, owww, sorry, owwww, sob, please."

I stopped spanking the boy and let his arm go so that he could rub his flaming caboose.

I then let him up and dried his perfect young male body, even his genitals, crack and puckered asshole, letting the tiny rosy red orifice know that I didn't hold a grudge that it was such a little stinker, and Jose was overwhelmed with my loving touch. His stepdaddy didn't dry off his ass and asshole after a bath but then again stepdaddy didn't have the guts to spank him either.

"Ok, let's go son", I said and I marched the naked new spankster out of the bathroom with my arm around his tender young shoulder. My wife had just returned from the store and when she saw Jose's welted red ass she gave me a big thumbs up as she smiled maternally. She had bathed and diapered that cute young baby bottom.

Since all the garments that Jose had were tight, he was never spanked so why not, I found some old baggy sports shorts that my youngest son had left behind and had Jose, as he held onto my shoulders, step into them.

With a pair of flip-flops on his big puppy dog feet the gorgeous, barechested and well spanked teenager, his muscular welted calved visible, a rake was put in the boy's hand and for the first time in his life Jose was doing a chore which was raking leaves.

Me and the wife watched how diligently the kid raked the leaves with a look of quiet contentment on his face. Every now and then he reached back and rubbed his ass which, along with his baby tender thighs, was both whipped and spanked.

"You were right dear, he needed a good spanking, so cute, his big baby bottom looks cute even in those baggy shorts", my wife said.

"Oh yes, he's got quite the spankable young bottom", I, with my one track mind, said.

"You know why I save those baggy shorts, because it was on the seat of those shorts that you gave Robbie his last spanking, over your knee in front of the neighbors as you sat on the front steps, remember that, dear?", my wife said, referring to a hot spanking that I gave 6 years earlier to my then 21 year old son Robbie.

"I remember it like I remember the back of my hand, or in this case the front of my hand, I'm gonna bring little Mr. cutie butt a bottle of water", I said.

"Ahhhh, thanks alot, Uncle Eric", Jose said with a big open boyish smile that was totally unusual for him. It was also the first time that he called me Uncle Eric rather than the very disrepectful Eric.

"No problem kid and you're doing an excellent job", I said as I lovingly stroked the kid's smooth sweaty muscular back.

"Thanks, Uncle Eric, I guess that my buddy Russell's stepdaddy was right", the kid said as I began to walk away.

"In what way kid?", I asked.

"Well, he said that all boys could benefit from a good hard spanking", Jose said as he stuck his butt out, rubbed the meaty cheeks and farted as he looked back over his shoulder with his cocky boyish grin.

"Son, you not only have a big cock and a firm ass but you've got a real tight little rosy red bunghole, now, back to work unless you want some more spanking", I, not expecting perfection from a boy, joked and I reached out to tenderly swat Jose's ass but he pulled his bum inwards and avoided the swat.

I looked back before I went back into the house and Jose was looking at me with his cocky grin but the grin had a look of youthful love and utter contentment on it. Yes, poor Jose just needed his bottom spanked, that's all.

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