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Spanking your teenage Boy - An Essay and Personal Reflections

by Matty

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My name is Matty and I am an author on I write the Maple Street Bare Bottom Boys series (although I haven't written any new chapters in a few months.) In reality I am a normal teenage boy (18, almost 19) and like to hang out with my friends, go to school, etc...I also happened to get an interest in spanking from a young age. It probably started when my own dad used to spank me when I was a kid. The first spanking i remember was when I was about 5 years old. I was getting a bath from my older brother and I was splashing around and making a mess. Both my brother and myself got called down to the kitchen. I didn't even bother putting on a towel because at that age I showed no shame in being naked in front of my parents. When we got downstairs, both my brother and I got a spanking from both my mom and dad. I remember i went over my dads knee and he used his hand and spanked my still wet bottom about ten times. I don't remember if it hurt, but i remember crying really hard. My brother was made to hold onto the kitchen counter and he got about ten slaps with the wooden spoon on his bare butt. I don't think he cried, but his face got all red and he made a cute little 'ow' after each spank. From that point on spankings became a regular part of my life. Usually I got spanked in my room, with my dad sitting on my bed and me over his lap with my pants and undies around my ankles. This continued until I was about 13 or 14, and then my punishments started to turn more to grounding, extra chores...etc. At the time I was greatly relieved not to get spanked any more. It was totally embarrassing, not to mention it hurt like heck! Plus I was just starting to hit puberty and although I didn't show much changes until i turned 16 it was still an awkward time and I remember feeling very closed off from my parents. I was embarrassed by their affection and was just starting to test my own independance. But as time went on, and I went through high school, i started to notice a disassociation from the other kids. True, I was growing mentally and starting to grow physically, but I still felt like something was missing from my life. It was around the time that I turned 17 that i realized I hadn't felt complete for a long time. Not since my dad stopped spanking me. I realized that I missed that connection that we had. That i missed the feeling of being a kid and having someone take care of you and make sure you're safe and grow up to be a well disciplined, behaved boy. I think my dad started to notice it too – my attitude was sullen all the time, i was acting distracted and disrespectful. I wasn't sure how to deal with the feelings I was having. Then I stumbled across and spankthishookups, and other spanking sites and realized what I was missing. It wasn't the sexual element of these sites that was turning me on, it was the feeling of being a little kid again and having a dad that cared enough about you to discipline you and help you grow. I must have read hundreds of stories, finding out what I liked and what I didn't. And when i turned 18, I met a few guys that I had been chatting with online. They were good spankers and they were fun guys to meet, but something was still missing. The routine was the same (pants down, undies down,) but it felt more like foreplay than a real spanking. It made me sad to think that I was practically an adult and would never have a genuine spanking experience again. But then I met this great guy online, a pastor as it turned out, and he lived in my area. We chatted a long time online and I told him my story. He understood where I was coming from and said a lot of boys my age have these kinds of feelings. He said his own son needed to be spanked until he was out of college and that was when he was 25! So it made me feel good to realize that I wasn't alone, there were other kids out there like me who need real, genuine discipline from their fathers, even though they are past the accepted age. Finally we met and he gave me a good lecture about being a better kid, and taking care of my responsibilites, then he pulled me over his lap and spanked me really hard. I even cried a little at the end, my bottom was stinging so much! And although it was a great spanking and felt very real – in my heart I knew it still wasn't completely what I was looking for. As great as substitutes can be, there is nothing like getting a real spanking from your own dad. He's the only one who completely knows you, loves you, and wants nothing more than to help you be a better person. I told this to my pastor and he counselled me to share these feelings with my dad. I approached my dad many times, but always felt too awkward to bring up the subject. Finally one night, I was out with my friends and I was supposed to call and say when I was coming home, but we were drinking and I got caught up in the moment and forgot to call. I didn't get back until after two in the morning. My dad was waiting for me in my room. He was very disappointed in me. He lectured me and I started to cry, being a little drunk and feeling so guilty. I broke down and told him I still felt that I needed discipline and rules in my life. He let me sit beside him and i cried into his shoulder and he rubbed my back and told me he understood. He helped me off with my shoes and my shirt and was about to put the blanket over me when I asked him if he'd help me off with my jeans too as i didn't want to sleep in them. He understood and pulled them off for me. I was just in my briefs and he pulled the cover over my head and gave me a kiss on the forehead like when i was just a little kid. It felt great and i fell asleep almost immediately, tired out from the night and the emotional talk I had with my dad. The next morning he came into my room while i was still sleeping. I had kicked the covers off during the night and I was still just clad in my white briefs. My dad sat down on the edge of the bed beside me and started rubbing my bare back. This woke me and i turned on my side to face him. If he noticed i had a small tent in my briefs he didn't say anything. He told me that he agreed with what I said the night before about needing more discipline. He said he understood about the spanking and that his own dad had spanked him until he was 18. He had thought I wouldn't need that kind of attention as I was usually a pretty good kid. But he understands how important it is for a young man to still feel that he is loved and cared for by his parents. That's when I noticed that he had brought the belt in with him. He told me that I was going to get a spanking this morning for coming in late last night and not calling. He eased down my briefs and I held onto the pillow as he spanked me 20 times with the belt. I started crying almost right away, although it didn't hurt as much as i was expecting. I think my dad was holding back a little as it was the first time in a long time. He put down the belt, sat down again beside me, put his arms around my chest and pulled me close, then started hand spanking me. I was already in tears and just held on to him as he spanked my already red bottom. The handspanking only lasted a few minutes then he pulled my briefs back up. My penis wasn't hard any more and I rubbed my sore bum for a few seconds while my dad continued to lecture me. He told me to stay in my room for the next half hour and think about things, then we would have a serious talk about my continued discipline. I sat in bed, in disbelief, not quite sure how to react. I have been wanting my dad to spank me for so long, and now it finally had happened. After I had waited the appropriate length of time I got out of bed, pulled on a pair of loose shorts over my briefs and went down to the kitchen where my dad was waiting. I immediately hugged him and my tears started afresh. He rubbed my back and told me it was ok and to calm down. Finally i sat across from him and we worked out how my spankings were going to work in the future. I told him that I wanted him to take my discipline fully into his hands. The only thing I asked was that he not use a cane, as i preferred discipline that allows me to be close to him. He agreed that caning is more judicial and doesn't really have a place in a normal family home. He also said that he would only use the belt on more serious occasions and that most of my spankings would be over his knee with his hands, brush, and ruler.
This is a very long introduction but I wanted you to know where I was coming from before I presented the next bit. Getting spanked again by my dad has been such a profound experience in my life that I can't help feeling that other boys would benefit from it too. The main problem I had was finding a way to talk to my dad about being spanked. That is why I have created the small essay below, as it might be a good way to break the ice between a father and a teenage boy who still needs a dad to spank him.


1. Why Spanking is Essential for a Teenage Boy

Every teenage boy feels insecure about himself. He's just starting to understand some of the nuances of the world, but is still a litte boy at heart. Most parents stop spanking their boys around the age of 10 – 12. But this is when a kid needs his parents guidance more than ever. Boys will be starting to deal with peer pressure around this age and he needs to realize that at home he's still a kid and still has a parental authority to respect and look up to. Spanking helps a teenage boy realize that he is still accountable and that there are rules and consequences.

2. A Teenager's Body and Health

Teenagers are notoriously shy about their bodies. In movies they always show the high school jock and his friends playing around in the locker room and shower. But this is rarely the case. In the school I went to, when we were in the locker room the main thing on our mind is not getting made fun of by the other kids. I was a pretty small kid myself, under-developed chest and legs, my penis remained small and hairless until i was practically sixteen. So there was a lot of anxiety about my body during this period. And one thing a teenage boy should never feel at home is anxiety about being naked. Talk to your teenager about his body, it might even be a good idea to periodically have him disrobe in front of you so you can check his development and ease any concerns he has about his body.

3. Boxers or Briefs

I started wearing boxers around the age of 14-15 in high school. The main reason for this was peer pressure. All the other kids were wearing boxers and i was afraid to be seen as being different. I think it's important that other teen boys don't feel the same way. There's nothing wrong with being yourself and being comfortable. I wouldn't let your teenager switch to boxers if the only reason is because their friends are wearing them. If that's the case they can always make their own money and go out and buy their own boxers. Another good option is letting your kid wear boxers to school and making them wear briefs at home.

4. How to Spank

Obviously this is the main point of the essay. It's very important hat you talk with your teenage son before you start spanking him. Spanking can be a very traumatic experience for a teenage boy that hasn't been properly prepared. Spend some time with your son, explain why you are switching his discipline to spanking, and how it is going to be carried out.
Bare bottom or not?
The main question will be whether to spank your son on the bare bottom. For some parents this might be too embarrassing. Most dads (or moms) don't really want to see their teenaged boys naked. But the important thing to consider is how your teen is going to feel. For some teens the embarrassment and humility that having their pants and underwear pulled down by an adult would be useful. Teenagers put on a lot of bravado to cover the fact that they feel so awkward inside. Having their pants and underwear pulled down strips them of this bravado and reveals them for what they are – scared little boys who don't want their parents to smack their bare bums. You'll find the cockier the teenager when his pants are up – the more contrite the little boy they'll be when they are pulled down.
Boys have long memories. When you mention a spanking to a teenage boy they immediately conjure up pictures in their heads of a young boy, pants pulled down, over his dads lap getting spanked. This is a strong mental picture for your son to have. That's why I believe an over the knee spanking to be the most effective. It creates a safe enviorment for your teenage son to get spanked and cry like the little boy he is inside. Plus it's comfortable for the parent and provides a good view of the spanking area.
The most important implement a parent has is their hand. I can tell you from personal experience that even at 18 years old getting spanked by my dad with just his hand hurts a lot and can turn me into a humbled little boy very quickly. But as effective as the hand is, a parent also needs to have a few other tools nearby. A paddle is very effective at turning a teenagers bare rump red and will produce a crying little boy very quickly. A hairbrush works about the same. A long ruler is also very effective as it's thin and can get into some of the more tender and vulnerable places on a teenage boy. A belt is also a good reminder and can hang on the back of your teenage son's door.

Spanking can really bring a dad and a son together. Some teenage boys might complain at first having spanking back in their lives. But after a few months most would agree that their attitude is better and they have a better outlook on life. Now that my real dad spanks me again, i feel more like myself than I have in a long time and I hope my thoughts will help other young boys out. I'd be more than happy to chat with anyone who has had similar thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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