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A Dorm Room Spanking
Part 2

by Brians Sister

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"Hey Kevin," Christian said as he stretched out his hand in greeting to the younger boy as he arrived at the get together, "glad that you made it. Welcome!" "Um, no problem, thanks for the invite." Christian took Kevin around and introduced him to a couple of other guys who would be his neighbors.

The small talk continued for a while as they exchanged room numbers and cell phone numbers. There was a little bit of an awkward pause until Scott spoke up. "So this afteroon....was that you getting a spanking in your room from your Mom?" Kevin blushed a deep crimson and shook his head. "Yeah, my Mom treats me like a kid. She thinks that spanking me will help me stay out of trouble. She wanted to make sure that I knew that she was still in control as she is paying for school. Message received loud and clear," Kevin said. "Wow, my parents haven't spanked me since I was like twelve. Did she pull down your pants?" Scott asked. Kevin blushed even deeper. "Yeah, my Mom thinks that bare is the only way to spank," Kevin responded.

"That is unreal man...sorry. Are you sure you are in college or a man dude?" Scott responded. "I think it is hot," Christian walked up and interjected. "Kevin has nothing to be ashamed of, particularly down there," Christian said signaling to Kevin's pants. His Mom may spank him, but he took it like a man and is definitely hung like a man where it counts. Stop harassing him or I will have Ms. Beecher take the paddle to your butt Scott! I would be happy to introduce you to Ms. Beecher, the dorm mother who lives in apartment 101. She has been known to spank more than one college freshman with their pants and underpants down over the years. She spanked my Freshman roommate Brent my freshman year and he told me that she really made him cry," Christian responded.

"Oh sorry Christian...sorry Kevin, I didn't mean to be a jerk. I am sure that it is cool," Scott responded with a blush on his cheeks. "No problem Scott," Kevin responded relieved that Christian came to his rescue. Kevin felt his flushed cheeks diminishing as the conversation moved to other topics.

Kevin quickly integrated into college life. He made a lot of friends, studied, worked at the local coffee shop all while regularly calling home to check in with his Mother. His Mother reminded the young man of his responsibilities and obligations, praising him where appropriate, chastising him where necessary. She told him that she was keeping track in a notebook for "further discussion" when he came home during the holidays. The family didn't have extra money to bring him home during the Thanksgiving holiday so the Christmas holiday was going to be the first time he was going to make it home since he arrived.

Early in November, his RA Christian Merkleson stopped by his dorm room. Simon, his roommate was at lacrosse practice. "Hey man, do you mind if I come in and talk?" he said through his open door. Kevin was sitting at his desk studying his freshman chemistry textbook. "Sure, any excuse to escape this chemistry reading," Kevin responded. The two spoke for several minutes about a variety of subjects. Christian, a college senior at the age of twenty asked Kevin now eighteen years old the golden question. "Kevin, tell me a little bit about your family life." Kevin explained how his Father had been killed seven years prior and how his Mother was raising the family single-handedly. "Is that why she still spanks you?" Christian asked. Kevin blushed deeply. This was the first time anyone mentioned his spanking the first day in the dorms. "I guess so. She is a traditionalist and believes that as long as I am under her support I will subject myself to her rules and obligations. That means being spanked, regularly," Kevin explains. "Does that mean naked?" Christian asked. "No, not always," Kevin responded answering honestly about how most spankings in their house involved his Mom pulling down his pants and usually his underpants, but how Thursday evenings were a regular routine. He explained how Thursday spankings were conducted with Kevin naked except for his socks and his underpants around his ankles.

Christian responded, "you are really lucky! My Mom split a long time ago and my Dad basically ignores me except when I really mess up when he then takes the barber strap to me. He will beat me however he finds me. At least your Mom dialogues with you and takes the time to explain what you did wrong and to praise you for your good behavior." The conversation ended in kind of an awkward place with Christian inviting Kevin to come to his place for the Thanksgiving weekend.

The next couple of weeks pass and soon Kevin and Christian are headed in Christian's jeep to Christian's home. Christian was right; his family is quite well off, but Christian is largely ignored and he and his younger siblings are subject to the whims of the nanny Ms. Sanchez. Ms. Sanchez took care of all the care of the children while Christian's Father was largely absent hidden away in his home office. One evening Christian and Kevin were asked to meet Christian's Father in the den.

"Do you know why I asked you to meet me here Christian?" his Father said. "No Father," Christian responded. "I got a progress report from the Resident Mother Ms. Beecher. She told me that you spend all your time socializing and you often skip your classes. I spend a lot of money for you to be in that university. Is this true?" his Father asked. "No Father, I have only missed a few classes and..." Christian started. "Why would Ms. Beecher lie to me? Does she have an agenda to get you in trouble young man?" his Father said as he crossed the room and opened a cabinet. Inside the cabinet door hung a three-foot long leather strap which he took off the hook. "I don't like being lied to or like that you are calling Ms. Beecher a liar. Take off your pants and bend over that sofa young man!" Christian's hands dropped to the fly of his pants and unbuttoned and zipped his jeans and quickly took off the tight jeans. Before Christian had his pants off the strap swung and struck the boy a half-a-dozen times. "Get those skivvies off too boy! No reason for them to be on," his Father instructed.

Christian quickly stripped off the black boxer briefs he was wearing as his Father continued to beat him. Kevin was astounded both by the severity of the way Christian's Father beat him with the strap and by the nearly seven inches of meat swinging freely between Christian's legs. Almost as quickly as his Father started, he stopped and turned his attention to Kevin.
"Boy, I bet my son has been wasting time with you. You are the cause of his distractions," he said as he swung the belt and struck Kevin three times across his denim-covered butt. "Get those pants off too boy and be quick about it!" Kevin was ordered. Kevin didn't even hesitate as he quickly unbuttoned the fly of his Levis and yanked them and his underpants down and off in a matter of seconds. "Dam* boy, I didn't say anything about your skivvies, but now that they are off," his Father declared as he beat Kevin's naked butt with nearly the severity of his own son's.

Like with Christian, his Father stopped, crossed the room and hung the strap back in his place and closed the cabinet. "What the *ell are you boys waiting for? Get the hell out of my office!" his Father ordered. Both boys didn't hesitate as they both stooped and following Christian's lead sprinted out of the door carrying their pants and underpants through the house their male appendages flopping freely between their legs as they scaled the stairs up towards Christian's room.
Christian closed the bedroom door and locked it behind Kevin as he ran in behind him. He dropped his clothes and as he turned Kevin could tell that Christian's penis was rock hard. "Dude, that was *ucking hot! Jerk me please dude! I feel like I am going to explode!" he said as he extended his hand and took hold of Kevin's flaccid penis. "What, don'," Kevin started but his penis betrayed him as it immediately sprang to attention with two quick jerks. Kevin hesitated for a few moments. "Come on man! Reciprocate and jerk me man!" he pleaded all while jerking Kevin's erect penis manically with one hand while cupping his dangling testicles with the other. Kevin could feel the pressure building up in his testicles and before he could do anything he was spewing. "Okay man! Your turn! Hurry man!" Christian pleaded as he wiped the spew on his bare leg. Kevin tentatively extended his hand and wrapped it around his friend's shaft. "The nuts too man; don't hold back! I serviced you man!" Christian pled as he rocked his hips against Kevin's hand quickly emptying the contents of his testicles into Kevin's hand.

"You see man! You're not the only one still spanked in college! At least your Mom talks to you and communicates with you during your spankings. My Dad just beats me and the sends me off by myself. Do you think your Mom would spank me too if I misbehaved while at your house?" Christian asked. "I don't know; probably. She spanked my friends growing up even into their senior year in High School. I think my friend David liked it as it seemed like he did stuff in my house just to piss her off. He seemed more than willing to take off his pants when she ordered him. He also had a boner almost every time before and after my Mom spanked him," Kevin said with a nervous laugh.

"That's what I thought," Christian said almost to himself, "I need to get myself to your house at Christmas. Do you think, if you asked, your Mom would go for it?" "I don't see why not, but why do you want to be spanked Christian?" Kevin asked, "besides if she catches you masturbating she will take the wooden spoon to your penis and hands. She did that to me once when she caught me when I was like fifteen. It hurt like crazy," Kevin said.

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