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Spanked By Mom and The Neighbor Boy

by Bouncing Boy

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I was 12 years old and almost finished with 7th grade. One afternoon a neigbor kid by the name of Terry that lived over on the next block was talking to me outside. He was 16 and in the 10th grade.

Anyway, I had done something wrong,I don't remember exactly what,but my mom came outside and confronted me. She took me by the arm and told me that I was getting a spanking. I tried to protest and explain,but as always it did no good at all. Rick stood there and watched as my mom marched me inside.

Since it was late May my bedroom window was open and Terry would hear the action,if he stayed by the driveway and he did. Very soon we were in my room. My mom had the hairbrush with her and she quickly pulled up what my brother Jeff and I called the "spanking chair" and sat down. She quickly got my jeans pulled down followed by my tightie whities and pulled me over her lap.

She got me posistioned,got my shirt raised up and proceed to give me one her famous bare bottom ,over the lap hairbrush spankings. It was a typical spanking for me. She paddled my bare bottom all over until I was screaming and pleading and also applied the hairbrush to my bare legs a little too. All the time she was lecturing. When it was over I jumped around and rubbed my sore butt,then flopped down on my bed on stomach bawling my eyes out.

I got my spanking a little after one o'clock and at three that afternoon,my mom let me leave me room. I started walking around the neighborhood looking for one of my friends to hang out with.
I ran into Terry and started talking to him.

He said boy that was some spanking you got and I replied that it sure was. I asked him if he hard it all and he said yes. He wanted to know all about it and I told him that it was bare butt and my used the hairbrush.I said that my dad used the hairbrush on my brother and me sometimes,but now he mostly used the belt on our bare butts. Terry told me that his dad used the belt on his bare butt too. A couple of months later I heard Terry get a licking from his dad.

Then Terry said to me,"Show me your butt, I wanted to see how red it is. Let's go in the garage."
Terry had never seen my butt before and I didn't know if I wanted to do that. I said," Will if you show me yours?" Terry said ,"OK."

We went in the garage and I pulled down my pants. Terry said,"Man your butt is red."."I . I said " Yeah, it's red a lot." and I laughed. Then Terry dropped his pants and showed me his butt. It was white,but muscular.

Then Terry suggested we go in his house and told me no one was home. Then he asked if he could spank me.I agreed but said don't do it hard. Terry sat down on his bed and said pull down your pants. I did I went over his lap and he spanked me very lightly with his hand. This was more a fun spanking than the walloping I got two hours before and I kind of liked it. Nothing else happened that time but later Terry spanked me again a few times.

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