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Camp Spanko Application Essay Challenge
I want to be a junior counselor at Camp Spanko because...

by Y Lee Coyote

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Name: Denisse Dillman               Age: 19               Sex: Female

I want to be a junior counselor at Camp Spanko because there are so many, especially boys, that need spankings and I can help for I'm an experienced spanker.

When I was twelve my mother taught me how to spank as one of the skills I required to babysit.  It wasn't long before little five-year-old Billy found himself over my lap with his shorts and briefs about his ankles learning that disobeying his babysitter earns a hot red tushy.  Of course, he only got a few (age appropriate) spanks but he was a good boy for a long time after that.  As I got older, so did the boys and girls I sat and the spanking got longer and harder.

It was when I was fifteen that I was watching my ten-year-old brother and he was being very bratty.  I told him that I would tell our parents.  Immediately, he begged me not to because they would spank him.  This was a very common response of the naughty boys I sat and I have learnt that they would rather be spanked by me than an angry parent.  All the boys (including my brother) would eagerly cooperate with me allowing me to lower their pants and briefs and roast their naughty bottoms.  As long as I kept the spanking proportionate to the misbehavior, the boy would behave better and never again worry about his modesty.  Even now, my brother will strip and get over my lap rather than risk getting a strapping from our dad once he knows that I know about some misdeed or other of his.

Recently, I realized that my brother actually liked being spanked by me as long as it wasn't extreme.  Initially, he denied it but I insisted that he get over my lap for lying and he did.  Once there he confessed his true heart and now I spank him regularly.  We both enjoy it and he always rushes to masturbate afterwards.  If I actually have give him a punishment spanking then I must be more severe and he not allowed to pleasure himself.  Not only are our parents pleased that we have a good relationship (although they don't know why) but my friends are amazed that he is not bratty.

I certainly can help in the spanking of boys who want spankings like they had from babysitters, sisters, cousins, nurses and even their mommies.  I would also imagine that some would even like to get spanked by their girlfriends and teachers.  Others might like to be babied and be diapered after being spanked.  I can play all those parts.

Everything I said about boys would also apply to the girls that attend Camp Spanko as their bottoms need the same TLC as the boys'.  Although my experience with spanking girls is more limited (because they were better behaved), there is not anything different about the procedure.  If the addition of cross-gender humiliation is needed, then those spanking can be done in view of other campers to simulate brothers and other male peers.

Mostly I have spanked OTK with just my hand but I also have experienced (thanks to my spanko brother) other methods including although not limited to the hairbrush, flip-flop and belt.  My brother has challenged some of his friends to a spanking endurance duels so I have experience with two boys at once.  Of course, in these cases they are just bent over on a bed.

I'm certain that I could provide the campers the spanking experiences that they desire and need.  Since I have swimming life saving and first aid certificates from the ARC I'm additionally qualified for pool duties.

I look forward to your offer of a position.


© Copyright A.I.L.  September 3, 2012

Your votes and comments are appreciated.

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