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Our Testicle Spanking

by MoodFiction

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Our testicle Spanking

We knew we were in real trouble, when Ms Mendez entered our dormitory with the beautiful Sheila.

Ms Mendez was an extraordinary nursery governor. She was around her thirties, she was very good looking (I bet most of our roommates were fantasizing about her), she had dark curly hair and that typical erotic Latina figure and face. But contrary to her outer beauty, she was very rigid and when it was necessary, she used the most severe corporal punishments on us. She had an around four inches long strap in her hand with a wooden handle. One would think that a four inch long strap is not a serious instrument for a spanking, but at that time we were much happier to see a dragon cane in her hands.

Sheila was a girl around my age. She was on duty on that week, which meant that she was responsible for all tasks us children had to do. This also meant that she was the 'assistant' of Ms Mendez that week. Once while us kids were playing in the garden, I managed to get a kiss from Sheila in exchange for a small tinted bugle I found in the grass. It was not a real kiss, just a childish kiss with closed mouth, but for 12 years old boy it meant the beginning of a real love. Unfortunately she did not feel the same. Later I saw her 'kissing' with other boys too. My heart broke, but I couldn't feel anger with those beautiful eyes, which shined like stars.

Now Sheila was carrying a vessel of warm water with a piece of cloth in it. And that is why we all knew we were in real trouble. A normal caning didn't require such properties. We knew that what we did in the attic that afternoon should cause a strict punishment for the whole dormitory, but we didn't expect this. Because warm water in a vessel and a piece of cloth could mean only one thing: Testicle Spanking.

The other boys in our dormitory were also around my age. The oldest was 14 if I remember well, and the youngest was around ten. We were all sitting in our pajamas on the sides of our beds waiting for our fate when Ms Mendez entered our room accompanied with Sheila.

—Stand in a straight row facing the wall immediately! – Ordered Ms Mendez and we obeyed immediately. We knew exactly that not even the most perfect obedience would make Ms Mendez to change her mind or hit smaller, but at heart I think all of us was hoping that we can make it better if she recognizes the improvement in our behavior. Or maybe we were hoping that she would feel at least a little sorrow. Of course that wouldn't be her.

Ms Mendez ordered Sheila to bring two chairs into the centre of the dormitory, and both of them got seated.

—First from the right! – ordered Ms Mendez. I was the second from the right in the row, so I had a little more time. Peter who now seemed to be the first getting the punishment immediately turned around and went to the centre of the room. I didn't dare to turn my head off the wall, but I heard everything. It seemed that it was the first time for Sheila to assist in a testicle spanking, because I heard Ms Mendez instructing her. Three or four minutes passed when Ms Mendez ordered me (being the second in the row) to stand facing Sheila. I exactly knew what will happen, and I felt that my shaking –which I felt ever since Ms Mendez entered our dormitory – now got quite visible.

I stood facing Sheila while Peter was standing facing Ms Mendez, his PJ down to his knees. It was like a production line. While Sheila had to prepare a boy for the testicle spanking, Ms Mendez processed the punishment itself on the boy who was already prepared just before. Again, I didn't dare to look at the punishment, and I didn't want to look at Sheila either, because I exactly knew what were going to happen. I heard the swats landing on Peter's testicles, and I was looking at the ceiling, and tried to imagine that I was somewhere else.

—Please put your hands behind you. – I heard the gentle voice of Sheila. Her voice was as beautiful as her eyes. I obeyed, and I wished that the flow of time could somehow stop, and I could somehow avoid what was going to happen. But it happened immediately... She pulled my PJ down to my knees. I was standing front of her half naked, and I think I didn't have such a humiliating situation since then in my life. She picked up the cloth from the warm water, gently put it below my testicle sack (lifting it up with one hand) and then covered my whole ball sack with the full length of the cloth, and held it to stay there during the whole punishment of Peter. It was very strange and humiliating. Of course the cloth was not hot, only warm. Its purpose was to make the testicles loosen from the body, making them hanging lower in the looser ball sack. I knew that after this humiliating situation I don't have anything to expect from Sheila, but around the half of Peter's punishment, I don't know why I took a look at Sheila. She recognized it and she looked up into my eyes. I couldn't stand it for more than a second, I immediately had to turn my eyes up to the ceiling again. I might have seen a very little sorrow in her eyes, which seemed so beautiful even in that moment, when I was standing front of her , my PJ pulled down to my knees, and her holding a warm cloth around my testicles.. I was not sure.

Finally Peter's punishment was over. He was crying like hell. Ms Mendez ordered him to go to his bed. He laid down on his bed, holding both of his hands on his crotch, crying and hyperventilating. It was my turn now.

—Next! – ordered Ms Mendez the third boy in the row. Sheila put back the cloth in the warm water, and I stepped right in front of Ms Mendez. I heard Sheila instructing the next guy to put his hands to his back, but I immediately forgot Sheila and her stars-like eyes when Ms Mendez grabbed my scrotum with her left hand so that my testicles were tightly packed together. In her right hand she held the strap.

—Five lashes to each testicle. – She told. – You count. If you move too much or miscount, you get back to the end of the line.

I closed my eyes. A few minutes before, I wanted to stop the flow of time, but at this moment I wished that I could forward the time with at least a few minutes.

My eyes were closed so I didn't see it coming. Fist I heard it, and I felt it only a few seconds later in my left testicle.

'One' – I counted immediately. The pain started to expand towards my stomach. The lash was very hard. Only a woman can hit a boy's testicle with such force. Only a woman, who will never feel such pain. She may not know what pain she causes with such a hard lashing. At least these lashing were quite slow paced, around 15-20 seconds passed between each strokes. Now the second was coming to my left testicle.

'Two'. – While it seemed to me that the force of this lashing was quite exactly the same as the first, it hurt much more. If she was hitting both testicles it was better, or even if she was hitting my testicles alternating between the two. But it was not my choice... She was going to hit the first five on my left testicle, and the second five on the right, and now the third lashing was coming.

'Three.' – This time she hit the upper part of my left testicle and it was the most painful among the first three. Since then I learned that it is the epididymis there, which is even more delicate than the rest of the testicle. Ms Mendez didn't take any care about it... or maybe she hit on purpose sometimes there to cause more pain? For a second I felt like my left testicle was splashed like a tomato. I couldn't help looking down to it. My two testicles were squeezed by her palm, and while the left side of my scrotum was carmine red, both of my balls seemed to be there. And the next lashing came.

'Four' – It was hard even to count properly. I had to force my muscles to manage myself to stay standing. If this fight with my muscles failed, I would have been ordered to stand back to the end of the line. It was not the pain which I felt during a simple caning. This pain was expanding slowly, and it was somehow a very deep pain. Almost unbearable. At this moment I thought that if I manage to make it through this, I will behave like a robot in this institute. I will do whatever I am told, and nothing more. But now I saw the last lashing coming to my left testicle. And it hit again the epidemidys.

—Five. – I was hoping for a few minutes of rest. Or at least a few seconds her letting me to recover a little by letting my scrotum off a little. But she didn't let my scrotum off.

—I n a few seconds I am going to give you the five lashing to your right testicle. Prepare yourself.

SO I had a few seconds and I saw in the corner of my left eye that Sheila was looking at me. I looked at her too, but she immediately looked away. I saw her holding the warm cloth on Ivan's ball sack. And to be quite honest, I couldn't identify any sort of feeling on Sheila. I wouldn't say she enjoyed watching our inhuman torture, but I don't think she felt any sorrow towards us either. I was hoping that I can get back her attention, but now that she knew I discovered she was looking at me, she was never again taking a look at me that day. Rather the first smack came to my right testicle.

—Six. – Though the pain was the same, it was strange at first, because the pain came from the other side. I felt a terrible pain from my left testicle (which lasted a few hours with similar intensity), but now a new pain started to develop in my right testicle.

—Seven – I don't know whether it was intentional or not but this time she hit my right testicle with the side of the strap. It produced much less sound, but about two or three times the pain. Like if my testicle was hit with a cane. I started shivering. Maybe it was accidental, because she showed a great amount of mercy (at list in her term), because she waited quite long with the next lashing, until I could manage myself to breathe again. It took about a minute, but then she hit again.

—Eight – Now only two strokes are coming. I was hoping that she will not hit again accidentally with the side of the strap, and I was also hoping that she will not hit purposely on the upper part of my testicle (epididymis). Of course it was completely out of my control. But hope dies last, as I heard once. Soon the ninth lashing landed on my right testicle.

—Nine. – Only one is coming. I knew exactly that by this time the amount of lashing caused serious (and hopefully temporary) damages in my testicles, and I remembered that after my first testicle spanking my right testicle got swollen for 3 days. I could hardly walk. At that time Ms Mendez was assisted by a boy from the next dormitory, which meant lesser humiliation than the presence of Sheila. But to be honest, at that moment the pain was so unbearable that it started to be no matter whether it is Sheila or anyone else. And I also knew that Ms Mendez has a nasty habit. She believes that the last stroke should be the hardest, to make a final good impression on the bad boy. While the strengths of the first nine strokes was quite equal, I could just hope that because I managed to stay in a relatively disciplined manner, she will reward me by forgetting about the necessity of a severe last stroke. But it was just a dream.

—As you know, the last is always the best – told me, and the meantime she took an even closer hold on my ball sack, making three of her fingers colligate behind my testicles around my sack pulling my testicles as far away from my body as she physically could. She waited a few more seconds, like if she was enjoying making me waiting my fate, and she hit.

It took me ten seconds to get breath again. I knew that if I don't count properly, I risk being sent back to the end of the line, but without breathing first, no word came out from my mouth. My body didn't obey to my mind. She hit me with her full force, and with this force she actually hit on both of my testicles, not just on the right one. She was still grabbing my scrotum, and was looking at me waiting for the counting.

—Ten – I could manage myself to say this word, and she finally released my testicles.

—Pull up your PJ and go to bed. – She ordered, and tough I should have felt happiness being over with this. I could just feel the pain which extended throughout my whole body. The last thing I saw was that Sheila was gently taking off the warm cloth from the scrotum of Ivan, who was already crying silently and shivering.

I could manage to pull up my PJ, and to take the few steps to my bed, and then I dropped myself onto it, and turned facing the wall. I heard the spanking of the other six boys, but the pain between my legs took my attention. I was trying different postures, but neither helped. It was an inhuman pain lasting for hours, and I am still wondering how such a beautiful lady as Ms Mendes can be as heartless with such small kids as we were.

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