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Spanked Over the Principals Knees

by anonymous

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My High School Principal was a mean, ugly, man who used corporal punishment to keep you in line. During my school years, paddling was permitted and encouraged. The man had one eyebrow over both eyes and looked very strange. The students nicknamed him Chang and he hated it. If he every caught you calling him that, you were sure to be paddled, but I never thought I'd end up over his knees being spanked.

As luck would have it, I was goofing with some of my buddies in the hallway one day, saying Chang did this and Chang said that etc. Little did I know he was standing behind me. When he turned me around, I thought I was going to be paddled right then and there. He told me that he was going to enjoy punishing me, and that I was to go to his office and wait for him to show up. As I waited for him, I imagined what he was going to do to me. I had been there before, so I knew what to expect. He would make me bend over his desk and I would get 3 to 5 cracks with his paddle. I had heard stories that if he was mad enough, he would make you pull down your pants and get your smacks on your bare bottom. I was pretty sure that was a rumor, but I was worried just the same.

Chang didn't show up until 4:30. School let out at 3:00 so I didn't know what he was up to. When he did show up, he told me that he was making sure we were the only ones in the building. He said he didn't want anyone interferring with his punishment of me. Now I was worried. He locked the door to his office, and ordered me to remove my pants. I remember thinking with horror that the rumors were indeed true. He pulled out a small pingpong paddle from his desk and set it on top. He then told me to just remove all of my clothing, as my punishment was going to be administered bare naked.

I was now terrified but did as I was told. I didn't want to make him any madder than he was. Chang then told me to come around to his side of the desk. When I did, he grabbed my arm and pulled me over his knees. My mind was racing. Did he really intend to give me a bare bottom, over the knees spanking? The first crack of his large, heavy hand, brought me back to reality. He did. In fact he was. I was getting a bare naked, over the knees spanking from my Principal. This was not a 3 or 4 crack punishmet. Chang started spanking and spanking and spanking me. I think he spanked me for every kid who ever called him Chang. I was crying like a baby and my ass was on fire. After about 10 minutes, he stopped and announced that he had just spanked me 100 times. I thought it was over but he told me that now he was going to spank me 100 more times, but this time with the paddle. My spanking was going farther than I ever imagined. Spank after spank he hit my bare bottom with the paddle. I screamed and yelled and cried. He just kept spanking me again and again. After the second 100 smacks he stopped and let me catch my breath. My ass was red and swollen and sore. He then unlocked the door and grabbed my arm. He took me down the hall, naked and sore, to where he caught me that day. He had placed a chair at that spot and sat down. He pulled me over his knees again and gave me 100 more cracks with his hand. He said he wanted me to think about what was happening to me everytime I passed that spot.

Everytime I passed that hallway until I graduated, I thought about the bare naked, over the knees spanking that Chang gave me that day. Although I didn't sit for a week without pain, I found out that day that I love to be spanked. To this day though, it has to be bare naked and over the knees.

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