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The Seminar

by Rolf and Gayspankee

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original authors only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 11 Oct 1999

Wednesday after dinner, Rolf and Matt were watching a movie on television. The phone rang, and Rolf went to pick it up. It was his associate from the office, cancelling his seat to Fridays conference and dinner. Rolf had purchased two tickets, and now he had to find someone else to go. It wasn't so much the conference that he wanted to hear, but the dinner and show after that. The tickets were expensive, and he didn't want to waste them. "Matt, I hope you didn't make any plans you can't cancel for Friday. Kevin cancelled, and I don't want to waste the tickets. I'd like you to attend with me."

"Oh Rolf, you know I hate to dress up. I have movie plans, can't you take someone else?" Matt had made plans for a fun evening, and really did hate to dress up and act like an adult.

Rolf didn't want to argue, but he did want Matt to attend. There was no one else that could go. "Oh, come on. It'll be fun. The seminar is only two hours long, then we'll have a wonderful dinner and show. Dressing up shouldn't be the reason not to attend."

"Can't you just go alone? What's the big deal."

"Matt, the tickets are expensive, and they can't be refunded, which I wouldn't do anyway. It should be fun. I apologize, but please cancel your plans, I want you to come with me." Rolf hoped Matt would just accept it, he really didn't want to argue. But, Matt had other plans.

"Todd and I are going to the movies. I DON'T want to go to the seminar, I DON'T want to dress up, I DON'T care about the dinner and show. I JUST DON'T!" Matt punctuated his last sentence by slamming his feet against the table, nearly knocking the glass flower vase over.

Rolf didn't take kindly to Matt's childish behavior. "Matthew, I don't appreciate that tone of voice."

"I don't appreciate having to go Friday." Matthew was aggravated, and he didn't care.

"Go stand in the corner, now." Rolf said firmly, pointing his finger. He wasn't going to stand for Matt's impertinance. Matt stormed over to the corner, giving vent to his anger by huffing and puffing. "Matt, I said I was sorry. I didn't want to make a big deal of this. You're going, that's that. I suggest you settle down." Rolf settled back down to watch television, hoping that Matt would calm down. There was just no sense in being so upset about Friday. About fifteen minutes later, Rolf decided to test the waters. "Matthew."

Matt turned around, and said in a real smart ass tone, "What?"

"I didn't tell you to turn around. Get your nose in the corner, now." Rolf had expected a yes, sir, but Matt wasn't going to cooperate. He was still upset about the turn of events on Friday, and he was going to see if Rolf would break first. About fifteen minutes later, Rolf tried again. "Matthew."

Instead of turning around, Matt just whined "Whaaat?"

"If you want to spend the rest of the night in the corner, that's fine by me." Rolf left it at that.

Matt was starting to get tired. The corner was not a fun place to be, especially with Rolf right behind him enjoying the television. Another fifteen minutes went by, and Rolf didn't say anything. Matt was REALLY getting tired of standing here. Finally, after spending an hour in the corner, Matt was willing to cooperate.


"Yes, sir."

"Want to talk about this, in a civil manner?"

"Yes, sir"

"Come here."

They discussed Friday, with Matt agreeing that it probably wouldn't be that bad. As they headed off to bed that night, Matt asked how long Rolf would have left him in the corner. "You're going to have to pick your battles better than that. You'll not win a test of wills against me, at least in that fashion. You weren't coming out until you were civil."

Friday came, and they got dressed up and ready to go. On the way to the seminar, Rolf told Matt he expected that Matt wouldn't be interested in the seminar, but to at least look like it. He was "representing" Rolf's company, and Rolf wanted to make sure Matt did a good job. They arrived and had a few drinks before the seminar began. When they went in to sit, there was one large table that sat 25 people. Rolf was sitting across from Matt. He had given Matt a folder and pen, so he could look like he was taking notes, if he so desired. The seminar began, and within thirty minutes, Matt was ready to leave. The presenter had a VERY monotonous voice, and the topic did nothing for Matt. He began shifting in his seat. Rolf noticed that Matt was getting fidgety. He had hoped that Matt could last longer than this, but it didn't look like it was going to happen. He just hoped that Matt would settle down quickly. Rolf tried to get Matt's attention, but he never looked up. Rolf was becoming increasingly upset with Matt. He was almost continually moving, and it was becoming apparent that the people around him were getting distracted. Finally, Matt looked up and Rolf mouthed "settle down". Matt just looked back down, and began drawing in his book. Without even meaning to, Matt began to tap his pencil and drew a few more stares from around the table. Rolf wanted to crawl under the table he was so embarrassed. Finally, he had had enough, and decided to have a word with Matt in the hall. He had been embarrassed enough, and really hated to get up in the middle of the seminar, but Matt's behavior was far from what he expected, and he was going to let Matt know about it. Matt saw Rolf get up, but didn't think about it until he felt a hand on his shoulder, and Rolf hissing in his ear, "I'd like a word with you, outside please."

Matthew followed Rolf out of the building and into the paking lot.

"Matthew I ask you for one night. ONE night. I know you can care less about what is going on in there. BUT it is important to me, and my company. All I asked was for you to sit there quietly and appear like you were paying attention. And what do you do? You embarrassd me. You might as well have been snoring on the table!"

"Rolf I'm sorry, but..."

"But nothing!"

Matthew always became nervous when Rolf yelled at him, especially when they were in public. Matthew inadvertently began playing with his swiss army knife in his pocket. The more he twirled it around, the more he drowned Rolf out.

"damn it boy," Rolf said grabbing Matthew's arm, "what the hell are you playing with?"

At this point his knife fell to the ground, and Rolf picked it up. Rolf just shook his head.

"I take you out for a nice night, which just happens to include a brief lecture, and you don't pay attention. I take you out here, and you don't pay attention. It seems the only time I can get you to pay attention is when I am beating your ass!"

After saying that, Rolf looked down at the knife, and got an idea. An idea that certainly would get Matthew's attention. He grabbed Matthew by the arm, and took him to far end of the lot. This was a private, secluded area with lots of trees. Everyone was inside, so no one would be bothering them. Fortunately, they had trouble finding the place, so their car was parked back here, at the end of the lot. "Take off your jacket and put it neatly on the car seat." Matthew did as he was told. "Put your hands on the hood of the car, and face down. Don't even think of turning around."

"Rolf please, I'm sorry. We don't need to do this, really. I'm sorry."

"You will be sorry. Now shut up and do what you're told, or this will be a lot worse. Normally, my belt would be doing the talking, but I didn't wear it tonight. So I have to improvise."

Rolf walked over to the tree and grabbed a branch. He took Matt's knife, and cut the branch off, and began clearing the leaves off it. "After I'm through with you, you will be more considerate, and think before you embarass me. I think a good switching will get your attention. Now take down those dress pants, I don't want any snags in them."

"Oh please Rolf, not the switch, PLEASE." Rolf had only switched Matthew once, and that was more than he cared to experience again.

"Take down those dress pants now, or I will do it for you, and you best believe those underwear will come down with them, if I have to do it."

Matthew reluctantly lowered his pants, he had to have the protection of those thin briefs, it wan't much, but it was something. "Now keep your hands on the hood. Spread your legs as far as you can, and bend forward."

Matthew got into the position. Swish. The first slash land across his ass. Matthew screamed out in pain, as the firey line lit up across his ass. Rolf swung that switch again hard. And again Matthew screamed out. Matthew was soon sobbing as Rolf worked the switch up and down Matthew's ass. He was careful not to break the skin, but the welts would rise for sure. After twenty, he stopped. Matthew thought he was done. Not yet. Rolf lowered his briefs to mid thigh.

"Five more. Five more to teach you to pay attention." "I promise(*sob*) I will...ahhhh."

Matthew's promises were interupted by the switch. Rolf applied the five slashes with a pause of fifteen seconds, to let each one sink in. After the last one he tossed the switch into the schrubs. "Now get your pants up. I want to get in there and catch the rest of the lecture, before dinner."

Matthew was still sobbing, and could hardly believe that he would have to go back in there and face those people. He knew everyone would know what had happened to him, between his bloodshot eyes, and gingerly walk. How humiliating. But for fear of worse to come, he complied with Rolf's orders.

"Here, clean your face." Rolf handed Matt his hanky, and Matt wiped the tears and snot from his face. He really, really didn't want to go back into the conference, and tried again. "Rolf, please, can't I just wait in the car? I don't want everyone to know...." Matt sobbed again.

"For the last time, NO. You should have thought about that BEFORE I had to drag you out here. Do you think I'll enjoy returning to the meeting, everyone knowing that I can't get you to behave without resorting to this? That I missed what for me was an informative lecture, just to teach you a lesson? No."

Matt was looking at the ground, trying to get his emotions under control before he had to return. It wasn't working too well.

"I'm only going to say this one more time. We have approximately an hour to go on the lecture. You WILL sit still, and pay attention. You are NOT to pout, and when we break for dinner, you WILL be a perfect dinner guest, joining in the conversation. If you act like the host of your own pity party, I assure you, I will give you every reason to feel pity. IS THAT CLEAR YOUNG MAN?"

Matt sobbed out "Yes, sir". He was still feeling the pain of the switching, and Rolf's lecture wasn't helping Matthew feel any better.

"Get your jacket, and let's go."

Matt shuffled over to the door and got his coat. He trailed Rolf, slowly, not wanting to reach the door, where his humiliation could be seen. Rolf reached the door to the hotel, and turned around to find Matt not even close. "One" Rolf said menacingly, causing Matt to get a jump in his step. "Two"

"I'm coming, I'm coming." Matt said, hurrying along. He hated when Rolf counted. He knew he had pushed Rolf as far as he could go, without suffering any more consequences. Rolf took hold of Matt's arm, to help steer him along quicker. Matt was still trying to figure out a way to get more time before he had to face everyone. The bathroom....

"Rolf, I need to go to the bathroom, before we return."

Rolf was no dummy, and realized that Matt wanted a few more minutes to compose himself. He hated to make a scene, in front of collegues, so he allowed Matt to go. "I'm going on in. You have EXACTLY ten minutes, and you had better be back in your seat. Understood?"

"Yes, sir."

Matt escaped to the relative privacy of the bathroom to nurse his injured pride. He splashed water on his face, trying to cool off the redness, to no avail. His backside was really stinging, and he was going to have a hard time trying to sit still and look interested in the lecture. The only thing to be thankful for was the fact that nobody actually saw the spanking. The ten minutes were almost up, time to return to the lecture. Matt walked up to the door, took a deep breath, and walked in. He kept his head down, not looking at anyone. When he went to sit down, he grimaced. He looked up to see if anyone had noticed, and sure enough, a puzzled look from across the table turned into a knowing smirk, then a look of a job well done when he looked towards Rolf. Damn. Matt was the one that now wanted to slide under the table. There was nothing worse in Matthew's book than some total stranger knowing that you just got your ass beat, and whether or not you deserved it didn't mean a damn thing.

The lecture seemed to Matthew to last forever. His backside never seemed to cool, and since he had to sit still, there was nothing he could do to relieve it. He knew Rolf would go ballistic on him if he interrupted the lecture again.

Matthew stewed the entire lecture, the only thing he could think about was his flaming backside. He was upset that he had to go, upset that he had been taken outside for punishment, and that at least one person figured it out. He did NOT want to be here. Finally, the old windbag giving the lecture shut up.

Time to break for dinner. He stood up, wincing as he did. The same guy was looking at him, and it infuriated Matthew. Matt really wanted to ask him what he was looking at, but Rolf would probably fly over the table the second he shut his mouth. Matt bit his tongue, and walked stiffly over to the window, looking out at the sunset, wishing he were somewhere, anywhere, other than here.

Rolf approached Matthew and told him he was happy with Matt's behavior through the rest of the lecture. "Now, come on, we are heading to the dining room, and we need to mingle."

Matt followed Rolf to the dining room. Matt was introduced to everyone, and found out that the guy who smirked at him had a name, Travis. Unfortunately for Matt, when they sat down to eat, Travis sat at their table. Matthew's ass was still giving him trouble. The dinner that was served was fabulous, but it still did nothing to improve Matt's mood. He was "allowed" to have wine with dinner, and managed to down two glasses in quick fashion. He didn't get enough to get a buzz going, but they had about 1/2 an hour of open bar before the show began. Rolf was busy talking with the other architects, he wouldn't notice if Matt had more to drink.

Matthew needed something to cool him down. Something that would help relieve his tension. He carefully slithered over to the bar and ordered a shot of Tequilla. Within minutes, the alcohol had taken its effects. Alcohol affects everyone differently, but for Matthew, it made him obnoxious. He made his way back to the table. Rolf wasn't there yet, but Travis was there. Travis couldn't help but smile every time he saw Matthew. The thought of someone as old as Matthew still being spanked just amused Travis. Now that Matthew was no longer sober, he couldn't control himself.

"What the fuck are you looking at jerk? Would you like to see Rolf's handywork you piss ant?"

Matthew stood up and started unzipping his pants. "You have been oogling me for hours, ass wipe."

Just as Matthew was ready to expose himself, he was grabbed by his arm and hauled towards the door. It was Rolf, and his blood pressure had just risen past boiling point. He hauled Matthew by the arm through the conference room doors, and slammed him up against the wall. He grabbed hold of Matthew's shirt collar and spoke to him, eye to eye. "Zip your pants up. AND DON'T EVEN THINK OF MOVING UNTIL I RETURN!"

Rolf went back into the room. He immediately went over to Travis. "I am so, so, sorry for his behavior. I assure you he will be dealt with, and when I am through he won't dream of acting like this again."

"It's okay, no harm done."

"He knows better than to speak to people like that, regardless of the situation. Again, I apologize."

Travis nodded in acceptance, and Rolf headed out to deal with Matthew. Rolf grabbed Matthew by the arm and hauled him to the front desk of the hotel.

"I would like a room."

"Double or single occupancy?"

"Single will be fine!"

Rolf was less than pleased to have to pay for a hotel room to discipline Matthew, but the drive home was too long. This needed to be dealt with immediately. He dragged Matthew up to the room, and slammed the door behind them.

"I am just outraged at your behavior tonight. I thought after our 'discussion' outside earlier your behavior was improving. I guess I was wrong. You better believe that you will NEVER act this way again. Your behavior was totally unacceptable. And the filth that poured out your mouth. You cannot even BEGIN to imagine how that made me feel."

Matthew had quickly sobered up on adrenalin alone. He knew he was in for it, and in for it good. But Matthew was determined to make things worse, by offering the wrong defense.

"Rolf I'm sorry, I didn't know what I was doing. After that shot of Tequilla, I sort of..."

"After the shot of what? You took it upon yourself to have another drink? You know how I feel about alcohol like Tequilla. I let you have some wine as a treat. You know I would never allow you to drink Tequilla, let alone mix it with wine. Your actions have just completely disappointed me. You have to