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Sent to Bed and a Hairbrush Spanking for John and Jeff

by Bouncing Boy

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I was 12 years old and in the 6th grade and my brother Jeff was 11 and in the 5th grade.We had about a month left of school. When we came home from school that afternoon, we were arguing constantly with each other. Our mom told us to settle down and we each went our seperate ways for a while with our own friends.

When we were getting ready for supper we startedin arguing again,like brothers often do.Finally we sat down for supper. Our dad was gone that night,so it was just the three of us.

After supper Jeff and I were watching television and we continued to fight.Our mom told us to settle down,again. Then she said to me,"Settle down or I will get the hairbrush,take down yoyur pants and warm your bottom,do you want that?" "No , I don't ", I replied.So, I serttled down for a while.

Finally it got to be around eight o'clock and another argument flared up,with me getting a little too loud with my brother. Our mom said,"That's it, go to your room,both of you get your pajamas on and go to bed!" So, we did. I was telling Jeff that it was his fault.

We were both getting ready to put our pajamas on, and I was down to just my tightie whities. Allof sudden our mom came in the room withe her hairbrush. I wasn't expecting a spanking,but it looked like one was going to happen.

My mom got the spanking chair out,grabbed me by the arm and pulled my tightie whities down to my ankles. I said," Please don't spank me I'll be good, I promise." My mom said," You have been asking for a spanking all day,Mister and you are going to get one right now!"

With that she pulled me over her lap. I got my hands braced on the floor and immediately felt the first crack of the hairbrush across my butt crack,folowed by another and another. Then she started cheek to cheek,as I kicked and screamed and kicked off my tightie whities. I was now over my mom's lap naked as she blistered my bottom good and hard. Finally she stopped and stood me up and asked me if I was ready to behave. After a long hard spanking,I quickly replied"Yes,mam."

My brother Jeff was smirking as I did the spanking dance. Much to his surprise my mom grabbed him and pulled down his pajama pants and pulled him over her lap. He begged and pleaded,but it wasn't long until the hairbrush was doing it's job on his little white bottom. As I pulled my pajama pants over my very sore bottom, I watched and enjoyed watching my younger brother get his butt tanned and boy she tanned his hide,just like she did mine!
Then she stood him up,naked from the waist down ,after he had kicked off his pajama pants and asked him if he was ready to behave. Of course he said that he was. Them our mom told us that we better get to bed and if she heard one more word from us, she would use the hairbrush on both of us again. Believe me , we never made another sound.

The next day, as we walked to school Jeff told his friends that I got a spanking the night before. I said," So did you,Jeff!" He didn't have much to say about that. Then my friend Patrick asked me about it and I told him. He said ,"Well don't feel bad, my mom tanned my bare butt with the hairbrush last night too!" It must have been the night for it he said!

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