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Rich Brat Spanking
Part 2

by Michael Paine

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Well true to form. My friend John couldn't wait to get his spanking. He tells me what happened in the following. As always this is the land of make believe so don't take it too seriously and I hope you enjoy it. Rich brat spanking 1 is fictious too .M. P.

I go to school with Michael and we had been curious about what is was like to get a spanking. Wow, boy Michael really got his good. I am allot more "preppy" but not overly so than Michael is. He likes his baggy pants and a t-shirt that is 2 sizes too big for him. I am sure his parents wouldn't approve.. That is if they were ever around.

Well I get home and do my homework as usual. I am a pretty good student and I don't have difficulties with the work. I am normally a good kid. I do what I am told. Unlike Michaels parents, my parents are always around. My mother is very patient but pushed beyond that point look out. I found it many times, but it was always just go to your room and it was forgetton later. The servants are nice. They really just take care of the place more than me. My parents do that part.

It was Saturday, and I wanted to go out and play. I was wearing some Tommy Hilfiger corderoy trousers and a polo shirt. I am the opposite of Michael. Just to offset the look I wear Nike air sneaks.

Well it was getting close to lunch time and I wanted to go out and play. Michael was going to meet me and were going skate around. I would just borrow a skateboard from Michael. My parents won't let me have a skateboard. Michael taught me how to use one and has one I can always borrow. So we skate out of my parents view.

My parents can be so protective, I just can't believe it. It was like I was made out of glass or something and if I fall, I'll break into a million pieces. Well I couldn't believe it when my parents said I could go so close to lunch and all. I had to be back in half and hour. They told me to not let Michael get me into any trouble. And no skateboards. Those things are dangerous. I said ok no problem.

Well I met up with Michael at the end of my driveway. It is far away from the house. I hopped on the board and we were off. Our property has lots of curves and fast straights. I was having a great time. I thought about how Michael got his spanking. Something told me I wanted one too. Today was the day. I broke away from Michael and skated up the driveway and in front of the house. Michael said or should I say yelled, hey come back are you nuts??!! Your parents will kill you for skateboarding. Michael tried to catch me but I had too much of a lead. Michael caught to me when I got to the top of the drive. He was cussing me out pretty good. Well with all the yelling Michael was doing my dad heard and came out to see what the comotion was all about.

I am busted I thought. And I was right. My dad called me into the house and called Michael in too. My dad was real mad at me and Michael too. After lecturing me about how he told me not to skate with Michael, I thought I would be sent to my room like usual when I am bad. Imagine to my surprise, and delight if you can imagine. I was going to get a spanking for disobeying my parents for skateboarding. My dad told Michael to sit on couch. My dad grabbed me by the arm and spun me around and spanked the seat of my cord pants real good and hard. Ochh, this is a first for me, I could now understand what Michael was talking about now. My pants were protecting pretty good though. Well, my dad moved me over to an armless chair, he sat down and then pulled me over his knee and continued to warm the seat of my cord pants good. Swat after swat, my butt was cooking good. Then my dad rolled me to my side and unbuckled my belt and then unbuttoned my pants and unzipped and pulled my pants down below my butt. Now my satin blue boxers though upturned and ready to be spanked.

My dad didn't wait long and spanked my butt good. It hurt allot more than with my pants on. Whack whack whack...soon I am crying and kicking my legs trying to ease the pain abit. It was no help. Neither was the thin material of my boxers. My dad was laying it on good. I thought he was going to pull my boxers down, but he didn't. He just kept spanking me. Ouch. I begged my dad to stop. He just kept swatting my seat of my boxers. Yeooww. It hurts allot. Finally my dad stops spanking me, and allows me up. I am rubbing my boxer short covered bottom. I can't believe how much it hurts. I am jumping up and down like a jumping bean from the pain.

I thought my dad would done. He told Michael to get up and come over to him. Michael obeyed. Michael was wearing a pair of nlyon mesh basketball shorts and oversize t shirt. My dad told Michael that he would just get spanked on his shorts because he helped his son disobey him, so without further ado, my dad pulled Michael over his knee and spanked that butt of Michaels' hard and fast. Before long, Michael was kicking and carrying on as the barrage of spanks on Michaels shorts. Michael was crying pretty good. My dad didn't spank him as much as me, but as I peeked a look, I saw the pain on Michaels' face. Clearly his shorts weren't protecting his behind at all. Michael frequently wouldn't wear boxers under his basketball shorts since the shorts have a double layer. Well, with Michael spanked enough in my dads eyes. He let Michael up. Micheal rubbed his butt.

After, my dad let me pull up my pants and we all had lunch together, but sitting down was alittle hard. Now I know what a spanking feels like, and Michael knows how my dad spanks too.

My dad warned us, that if we did anything else, the hairbrush will polish the seats of our shorts, and even our bare butts if needed. We just knodded and said yes sir and ate our lunch, and then played in the game room after. Much safer for our warrm behinds...M. P.

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