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Reform School Caning of a Juvenile Delinquent

by Brat Gary

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Gary sat, pale and frightened, in his cell, his whole body trembling. He had no clock and had no idea of the time but he knew that his caning was imminent. Every time he heard, or thought he heard, a distant door open or heard footsteps, Gary started to shake with raw fear as he thought that they were coming to take him to the Corporal Punishment Room.

Gary’s behaviour at school had been nothing short of horrendous and expulsion and removal to the local Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) had followed. A shocking attack on an eleven year old boy was engineered by Gary following a minor incident. As a result of this crime Gary was sentenced to thirty months detention at the notorious New Gate Reformatory for delinquent boys. After just two weeks Gary attempted escape and when caught was sentenced to six strokes of the cane across his bare buttocks.

Gary was told that the Reformatory’s Psychologist has lodged an appeal on his behalf and that he would resume his normal routine until the appeal was heard. Two weeks elapsed, two weeks of absolute dread fear for the boy. The other boys in his dormitory missed no opportunity to torment the frightened teenager telling him that appeals never succeeded and that the caning would be excessively brutal resulting in the skin being ripped from Gary’s bottom. The boy on Gary’s dormitory who had been caned told Gary The caning officer is a man called John Lambert, a caning from him is agonising, and I couldn’t sit down for well over a week after he caned me. The pain is unbearable when he canes your bare arse you just scream with pain, you can’t help it. Indeed the name John Lambert was feared throughout the reformatory and was mentioned in hushed tones, he was an almost mythical figure.

This particular morning had started the same as all the others: rising bell, assemble in the hall in vest and shorts, PT, showers, change into uniform and re-assemble in the hall. At the end of assembly the Principal read out the day’s announcements and concluded: All ’B’ Block boys will now go to the breakfast hall with the exception of Gary Steven who will remain here! There was a collective gasp; everybody knew what the announcement meant! Gary was overcome by fear, he felt that he could hardly breathe and his hands went, involuntarily, to his bottom!

Gary stood alone in the centre of the hall as two warders approached him. Momentarily, instinctively, the boy attempted to pull away from them as they pulled his arms behind his back and handcuffed him. The Principal now stood in front of the terrified youth, her voice quiet and steely she spoke again Gary Steven, your appeal against your punishment has not been upheld, you will be caned at 9.45 a.m. today! Gary felt his eyes fill with tears as he looked at the hard, unflinching face of the woman. A moment later he was manhandled away by the two warders.

Gary was taken from the hall by the back exit and was pulled roughly down some steps. The warders marched him along a subterranean, seemingly disused part of the building, past empty rooms that resembled medieval dungeons. Eventually they passed through successive sets of double doors and were now in a dimly lit corridor with a number of small cells on either side, when they reached the final cell on the left hand side one of the warders ordered Right, you, in there!

The cell was bare save for a hard wooden bench, on the bench there was a paper smock. A communicating door led the way through to an ancient toilet and hand basin. The hand cuffs were undone and Gary was instructed to Get naked, boy! The boy obeyed, and with hands shaking removed his plimsolls and socks. Gary’s heart was pounding as he divested himself of his shirt. Gary stood there in his shorts, and little briefs; biting his lower lip absolutely terrified. Move! the warders instructed in unison. Gary could now barely lower his shorts his hands were shaking so much but he finally took them off and threw them on top of his shirt. FOLD YOUR CLOTHES NEATLY, BOY! one of the warders shouted causing Gary to almost fall back in alarm. Now he replaced his shorts neatly on top of the bench and stood with his eyes downcast. The warders watched him with cold, hawk like stares. Gary was now naked save for his briefs, he looked down at the floor and then, after a moment’s pause, peeled down his little pants, leaving him naked, vulnerable and

Gary stood looking at the floor, with his hands covering his genitals. One of the warders proffered the smock which Gary donned; it scarcely covered the cheeks of his bottom. The other warder placed Gary’s uniform in a plastic bag that had been in his pocket. The first warder said You are to be caned at 9.45 a.m., that is in forty five minutes from now, shortly before that we will come back to take you to the Corporal Punishment room! You are the second boy being caned today. A boy from ’A’ Block is being caned first. Gary continued to look at the floor as the warders left the cell, locked the door and marched away. The frightened boy, alone in his cell, awaiting the cane, sat on the bench and started to weep. After a few moments Gary could not control the tears and he started to sob like a little boy.

After a few minutes there were distant voices, orders being shouted. Then there was quiet for a few moments and then an absolutely blood curdling scream followed by the distinct sound of a crying boy, sobbing uncontrollably. Gary’s blood almost froze; clearly they had started the caning of the boy from ’A’ Block. Gary literally felt his whole body shaking in terror as there followed, at about two minute intervals, further agonized screams of pain. Also, the boy from ’A’ block was wailing continuously, he was clearly in absolute agony. Gary realised that soon he would be in the Punishment Room being mercilessly caned, soon it would be him screaming in pain. Finally there was more shouting and orders being barked and it appeared that the crying boy was being led away as the sound of his cries became muffled as he was taken, presumably, in the opposite direction; Gary heard distant doors being banged as the punished boy was, presumably taken back to ’A’ Block. Then there was absolute quiet again. It seemed that an eternity elapsed.

Once again Gary heard distant voices and a door unlocking, once again he tensed. These things had happened about five times since Gary had been locked in but each time the sounds had faded in the distance; this time however, the footsteps and the voices were closer, outside his cell, he clutched the bench, his whole body now shaking with terror. The key was in the lock and Gary watched with terrified eyes as the door opened. Put your hands out in front of you said the warder and Gary meekly obeyed and was again handcuffed. Without another word the boy was then pulled out into the corridor and was manhandled through another set of double doors and down another very long, disinfected corridor.

At the end of the corridor there stood a large well lit room and a moment later Gary could clearly see the writing on the door: CORPORAL PUNISHMENT ROOM. Gary felt quite desperate with fear as they approached the room, when they were outside it one of the warders said Down on your knees to attention and face the wall, boy, with your hands on your head! Gary knelt facing the wall and he heard the warder enter the Punishment Room and say The boy from ’B’ Block is outside and awaiting punishment, Sir! Gary felt his entire body shaking violently as, a few minutes later; the warders roughly grabbed his elbows and swung him around ’Right, you get in!

Gary was pulled through the door where he stood blinking in the completely artificial light. There were a number of people in the room. A very tall warder (the chief warder) was standing immediately in front of him behind a table on which there were various documents. In the background stood a tall, muscular man, of military mien, with iron grey hair; he looked at Gary with absolute contempt. By the wall, on the far side of the room was another warder and standing next to him a young, female doctor wearing a white coat and with a stethoscope around her neck.

Behind the very tall warder stood a cupboard marked CANES, and below the cupboard there was a type of vase protruding from which was a single long, crook handled cane! However, almost the first thing that the terrified boy saw as he came into the room was on the far side by the blacked out basement window: raised on a low platform was a type of vaulting horse with three sets of straps attached to it, two straps at the front, two at the back and one across the middle. Here was the dreaded, terrible Caning Easel of which the boys in the dormitory had whispered and, lately, had spoken of openly as they had taunted him about his impending caning.

Take off his smock ordered the chief warder and the two warders who had brought Gary to the Punishment Room roughly tore the paper smock from his shoulders. Put your hands on your head, boy the man continued. Gary placed his handcuffed hands on his head, vulnerable almost beyond description, naked and awaiting the cane. The chief warder read from the document in his hands:

Gary Steven! You have been sentenced to six strokes of the cane across your naked buttocks for attempting to abscond from custody here. The sentence will now be carried out!

Meanwhile, the muscular man walked forward and drew the cane from the vase; again he looked with contempt at the frightened boy. The man flexed the cruel cane a few times and bent it between his hands. Gary felt physically sick at the thought of that vicious instrument of punishment biting into his bare buttocks, and he felt himself sway slightly. The boy then noticed the name badge of the man flexing the cane, it bore the legend: JOHN LAMBERT – CANING OFFICER.

The chief warder spoke again: RIGHT, PUT THE PRISONER ACROSS THE EASEL! The original two warders grabbed Gary by the arms and roughly manhandled him across the room to the platform. The boy suddenly, instinctively, struggled against the warders and he felt his eyes fill with tears as the two men practically dragged him onto the low platform. Get in position over the punishment frame commanded one of the warders and the boy obediently draped himself across the caning easel. Now the third warder came forward and the three of them pulled Gary further forward causing the boy to gasp in pain and fear. Firstly, having removed the handcuffs two of the warders secured Gary’s wrists in the straps at the front of the easel whilst the third warder secured the strap tightly around his slim waist. The boy was so far forward that his toes only just brushed against the floor. The warders now pulled his ankles together and secured these to the easel with the lower straps. The straps were fastened really tightly and chafed against Gary’s wrists and ankles. He was now secured in the punishment position, strapped down with his taut, naked buttocks exposed for the cane. John Lambert was now standing to Gary’s side, still swishing and flexing the cruel cane; he was indeed a man of quite terrifying appearance.

Gary felt himself shaking uncontrollably as the chief warder shouted COMMENCE THE CANING! The boy tried to tense his defenceless buttocks as he heard the caning warder walk behind him swishing the cane. The man laid the cane across the boy’s vulnerable, bare bottom and then raised it high in the air before bringing it down with a terrible crack. Gary screamed in agonised pain and started to cry uncontrollably. The pain was excruciating, worse than he could possibly have imagined. The boy was panting and crying as John Lambert raised the cane again. Gary closed his eyes and tried to somehow push his body down as the second vicious stroke cracked down on his helpless buttocks. Again there was an ear piercing scream. After what seemed an eternity the caner was resuming his position, again the boy tried to somehow push his body down. The third stroke was every bit as hard as the first two and Gary felt that his buttocks were being torn apart like a piece of raw meat. The cane was raised again and the boy tried to twist himself but he was securely strapped to the easel and there was no escaping the next biting cane stroke as it too tore into his buttocks. Gary was sobbing and gasping so much that the chief warder decided to call over the doctor.

The doctor came over and examined the boy’s welted bottom cheeks. She then pressed the stethoscope against his back in a very perfunctory manner. Finally she lifted the boy’s chin and looked coldly into his face. Gary looked at the woman plaintively. After a moment she concluded It’s okay. Continue with the caning!

No, please, no, they’re killing me! screamed the boy, but the caning warder was already standing behind him again and once again the cane slashed down across the boy’s tender, well punished bottom. Gary’s face was wet with tears, he sobbed, gasped and shook uncontrollably and .his backside felt that it had been torn to shreds. Again the cane was raised and Gary again tried to tense himself. John Lambert hesitated for a few moments and then brought the final stroke down on the delinquent boy’s bottom. The final stroke seemed to be somehow diagonal and cut across all the existing weals.

After about a minute the chief warder said Gary Steven! You have received your punishment. Six strokes of the cane across your naked buttocks! Take him to the medical centre. With that the warders unfastened his straps and having done so helped the punished boy to his feet. Gary’s buttocks were agonisingly painful, he was crying bitterly and he felt unsteady on his feet. A warder stood to each side of him and they took him by the elbows and started to take him, still naked, towards the door. Gary could barely see anything through his tears but he was aware of being taken out of the Punishment Room and along one corridor, then another. Finally they reached the medical room where a young, Oriental nurse was waiting for them. She pointed to a medical couch by the window and said, in a matter of fact manner, Put him face down on there! The warders helped Gary onto the couch but certainly not in a gentle way, he was a juvenile delinquent and had received exactly what he had deserved. Gary lay face down on the couch still crying bitterly.

The nurse lifted the boy’s chin You have had your caning now, and your buttocks are very severely welted. I know that you are in a lot of pain but the punishment is over. Here take one of these, they are Valium and will help you recover from the shock. The nurse gave Gary a tablet and held a glass of water for him to sip, and then she wiped his face with a towel. Okay, your buttocks will be very sore for quite a few days but I am going to put on some cream to soothe them a little. This will sting a tiny bit but only for a second. Gary gasped as the nurse applied the cream; she appeared to be using some type of spatula, to his agonisingly sore bottom. She was right, for a second the cream really seemed to sting but as she started to rub it into his skin it did seem to soothe the terrible soreness slightly. However, even the gentle contact of her hand seemed abrasive against his welted, ill treated, caned bottom. After a couple of minutes the nurse finished rubbing in the cream He will be okay she told the warders leave him here for around half an hour then I think he can go back to his dormitory, he probably won’t need to stay in the Medical Centre.

Gary continued to lie face down, still crying quietly. His bottom cheeks felt like two pieces of raw, brutally beaten flesh that hardly belonged to him at all! He had been humiliated, strapped down naked and had his bare buttocks thrashed with a cane. He had believed beforehand that he would remain stoical but all that he had felt leading up the caning was abject fear. He had been humiliated and made to cry like a baby. Now he would be taunted by the other boys in his dormitory as his bottom would remain welted, crimson and very, very sore for days to come. However, the worst thing about the punishment had been the sheer agony, the excruciating pain, such a level of pain that he had never even imagined in his life.

The nurse had gone into the small ante room next door and Gary heard her whisper to one of the warders When you see a delinquent boy like that, humiliated, chastened and crying like a small child, how can anybody doubt the efficacy of corporal punishment?
How indeed mused the warder How indeed!



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