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Enslaving My Cousin

by Y Lee Coyote

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The following story is fiction about a boy who enslaves his older cousin in a society where slavery is becoming ever more common place.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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So you want to hear about how I got my personal slave even before I became a teen.  Oh, don’t look so shocked.  Slavery has been back for several decades and there have always been strong boys – like me – who are the leaders and who take charge.  Admit it, it is only my age that surprises you and that, unlike the spoiled brats of the wealthy who have docile slaves presented to them for their fourteenth birthdays, I conquered this one myself.  (The minimum age rule for ownership only applies for registered slaves.)

It started a year ago when I was just eleven.  My cousins and I were all shipped off to our grandparents’ place for the summer.  Karl and Kody, my father’s older brother’s twin sons, who were a year younger than I and Willie, my mother’s sister’s stepson, just shy of his fourteenth birthday.  The Grands lived in an old house on what used to be a farm in a very rural area.  I shared Dad’s old room with Willie while the twins got Uncle’s old room.

The suburbs we lived in were the pits in the summer since we were trapped at home or at whatever organized stuff we had been taken too.  Out in the country, we could run free.  There were fallow fields, woods and even a stream with a swimming hole to explore and reexplore over and over and more.  The natural world provided us with a huge playground even though there were not any neighbors for many miles.  Our parents visited some also but not much.  Our grands were great.  They raised our parents (well, half of them) back when it was OK to let kids run free so they let us do the same.  It was not exactly wilderness since we were on the power grid and even had broadband internet service but it was damn close.

As I said, the Grands were great.  They loved having us boys about as we made them feel young and useful again.  Grandma was a great cook and made delicious stuff from scratch which we voraciously devoured to her great delight.  Although they let us run free, there were some rules and Grandpa had an old-fashioned way to assure that we followed them.  It was hanging in the old barn since my uncle (his oldest son) was ten – a leather strap.  If any of us misbehaved it meant a trip to the barn like to a traditional woodshed.

The five of us would go out to the barn as this was guy stuff.  It was usually Willie who got it.  The naughty boy would have take the strap from the nail it was hanging on and after handing it to Grandpa, bend over some old box.  Next came the order: Drop your drawers, boy.  Then he got strapped – his comeuppance as Gramps put it.  I confess that I loved watching him get it and savored how each red stripe would appear on his naughty ass following sound of the strap connecting and his inevitable howl.  I even thought how much more fun it would be if I were swinging that strap which always gave me a boner.

Naturally, it was not as much fun when I was on the receiving end.  That strap hurt like the blazes although after just three to eight cuts and it was over – except for the pain.  Not to boast, but I took it better than my big sissy cousin who howled like a coyote does at the full moon for each cut.  This was the first year that the twins were going to get it from the strap rather than being spanked over Grandpa’s lap.  They had mixed feelings about the change – good not being treated as babies but the pain would be more.  Win some; lose some.

There is a lot that I could talk about doing but what you really are interested in is how I made Willie into my slave.  Willie was lazy and careless about protecting his privacy so I soon learnt of his deep interest in slavery.  He was not interested in the cotton growing plantation sort of a field hand or down in a sweltering dangerous mine sort laborer but in a more personal slavery where one had to serve a man not just like a valet (for lack of a better term) but also sexually.  I also found that interesting and it got me hard just like the porn sites did.  (It’s not that hard to get to the free ones.)  We were only there a week, before Willie and I were jerking off together with one of his master/slave sites on the screen.  I was surprised that Willie was still shooting blanks from his bald short popgun while my hairy long rifle was blasting real ammo.  He begged me not to tell the Twins about his lack of development and was clearly jealous of my greater maturity.

There was one other significant difference.  Willie was identifying with the slave while I was fantasizing as the master.  He was adamant that we mustn’t actually do any of the things we watched.  He would not even suck my rod nor jerk each other.

The Twins had the sniffles one rainy day so Grandma made them stay in bed but Willie and I went exploring in the old barn.  It was there that I found an old trunk and got it open.  It held a lot of old junk not of any interest which wasn’t any surprise.  However, on the bottom was an old slave collar.  We assumed it was dead because we could open and close it as it didn’t lock.  I even tried it on but that wasn’t of real interest to me although Willie couldn’t wait to get his neck in it.  His eyes were like saucers when he saw it.  He begged me to let him have it as I was teasing him by holding it back.

I soon relented and quickly slipped it about his neck.  Even though it did not lock he popped a boner and bowed his head whispering Thank you, Master.  I don’t think he wanted me to hear that although I did.  I definitely got a charge out of putting the collar on him.  I pounced telling him to get on his knees and to my delight he obeyed.  I immediately started to take it further by ordering him to open my shorts.  As soon as he did that, they fell down and my cock sprung out happy to be free especially as it was super hard.

Suck it, slave. I commanded.

Well, to my great pleasure Willie opened his mouth and took my hard cock in.  He didn’t know how to suck and, truthfully back then, I didn’t know how to instruct him.  I grabbed his ears and did what came naturally and thrust in and out.  It was not great but better than my hand and it was exciting being in total control.  I quickly came and I forced him to swallow my man-cream for I held him tight and close.  He got scared after that and took the collar off not wanting to play the game any more.  But he was still hard as a rock.

Willie said he wanted to be alone and went to our room.  I nosed about more in the trunk and found the owner’s manual for the collar.  It made great reading for it explained all the great features of the collar and how to use it.  It was powered by the slave using their psychic and electric auras.  I was anxious to check out the web site hoping it would have the program and its wi-fi would match what we had.

That evening while Willie was showering, I was busy on the web.  The site was still active and I downloaded the program.  I put the collar on and checked the report.  It was reporting that the current wearer – me – was not a good candidate to be a slave.  Duh!  I knew that.  But what would it show for Willie?  I put some protections on the program and left it running in the background so that when Willie put it on again, I would get a report.

When I returned to our bedroom after my shower, I saw that Willie was wearing it and jerking off under the covers.  I checked out the report.  It was fantastic.  He was a NATURAL BORN SLAVE!  The composite index was off the scale.  It took a lot of will power not to click the lock collar icon right then.  What I did click on was the reinforce slave tenancies hoping that Willie would wear it all night.

In the morning, I was delighted that Willie was still wearing the collar.  Pretend that I am your master, slave, and suck my cock like a good obedient slave should.  He was strangely hesitant but I persisted while promising not to tell and reminding him that he enjoyed it the previous day.  He was struggling a bit with himself but his slave persona quickly prevailed and soon I was getting sucked.  Good boy; good slave. I kept saying as he tried harder than the first time to please me.  I praised him for swallowing once again.

Before we went downstairs for breakfast, I took the collar off him and put it away telling him that it was our secret.  At breakfast Grandma insisted that the Twins stay in bed all day meaning that I would be alone with Willie for another day.  Before we went out for the day, I took a peek at the report and it was good for it indicated that Willie was prime slave material.  I slipped the collar into my pack with lunch.

We had decided to climb the mountain and at the first rest stop, I offered to collar to Willie.  Perhaps you would like to wear this since we are alone. I said, offering him the spellbinding device.  He tried to feign disinterest but I pushed and he agreed.  I even snapped it about his neck saying: You’re my SLAVE now, boy.

Yes, Master. he replied not trying to hide it like the first time.  I made him talk about slaves and slavery as much as I could.  He admitted to have fantasized about being a slave for a while although he never saw one except on the web.  After we ate and were hanging out on the top of the mountain watching the majestic raptors soaring about hunting for lunch, I said that he had been a naughty boy for not having cleaned up his mess a few days before and thus had earned a spanking.  I insisted that he had to be spanked and that as a slave he did not have a voice in the matter.

I was sitting with my legs out and had him lay across my lap after dropping his shorts.  I spanked him hard with my hand.  It was awesome seeing my handprints form and then fade into the red background.  I had to stop before I hurt my hand too much.  Afterwards, he was most contrite, apologized for his failing and even thanked me for the spanking.

Why is it OK that I spank you when you are three years older than me? I asked him.

Willie wasn’t sure of the answer so I had him repeat the answer I gave him twenty times so he would remember it.  Because I’m your slave and you are the Master so I must obey you.  I asked him how he liked wearing the collar and he said it was comforting.  I put the collar back in my pack as we got back home.  Later I checked the report and it showed that Willie was very happy wearing it and following orders.

At dinner I asked Gramps if he had ever had any slaves.  A long time ago we had one. he explained.  The boy was a delinquent and he was here for a couple of years to help with the farm chores under court order.  He wasn’t happy but he served his time well.  When it was up he was freed and went on with a normal life.  He wanted to know why I was asking and I explained that Willie had mentioned it and I was merely curious and certainly did not want to be one.  Both Gramps and I noticed how interested Willie was.

Willie could only wear the collar at night when we were alone now that the Twins were out with us during the day.  I showed Willie the running report in the computer and he did not want to believe that he wanted to be a slave.  It just a silly game, Rey. he insisted foolishly trying to avoid admitting the truth.

Yea, but that’s because you can remove the collar anytime.  Suppose it was locked and you couldn’t?  Would that desire indicator drop?  I paused a bit and added: I don’t think so.  He made some silly comments and I suggested that he could try it.  He was cocksure of himself and clicked the lock icon.  Instantly the indicator jumped – higher.  I put the program into display mode with a password required to make any changes.  We would see what would happen.

In the morning the indicator was higher than ever.  Since we were going to the mall for the day, we put on shirts with collars which hid his slave collar.  He knew that he had to obey me all day or his secret would be exposed.  He was happier than ever.  I did my best to be unobtrusive so he would only have good feelings about wearing the collar.

That evening after dinner, I took a walk with Willie so that we could be alone.  Once we had some privacy, I told him of all the things that he had done wrong during the day.  Those really weren’t much but it was a reason (excuse!) to punish him.  I guess that I could have taken him to the barn but I just had him drop his jeans and bend over the lower rail of a fence while kneeling.  It was great fun to remove my belt, double it and strap his slave boy butt.  I missed the intimacy that we had when he was over my lap but this did not hurt my hand as spanking his butt had.  The stripes were a delight to watch as they formed after each cut.  I did not last very long when he went down on me when I was finished with belting him.  I sure felt like I was on top of the world.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was some two weeks that Willie had been wearing the collar every night but not during the day (except for that day at the mall) when others could see it.  Although Willie was always subservient to me, he still was nasty to the Twins just because he considered them to be babies while he was a big teenager.  He definitely needed to be taken down a peg or two.  A super hot day gave me the perfect opportunity for we would be at the swimming hole all day.

I took the slave collar in my pack and when we had our first rest break I showed it to the Twins.  They surprised me as they knew a lot about such things and they had actually seen a domestic slave boy who served naked in one of their friend’s households.  They were curious and examined it carefully.  Karl even put it around Kody’s neck getting them both giggly and then noted how he was properly naked, just like the real slave they saw.  After a few minutes they switched.  Then they wanted me to try it and I objected just a little bit so that they would force me.  Then when I was wearing it, I kowtowed to them and apologized for my disobedience. Naturally, it was easy for me to take it off.

They now said that Willie should try it on.  He objected but they insisted and I agreed that he must try it like the rest of us had.  They jumped him and slipped the collar around his neck and closed it.  Willie raised a rumpus and discovered a terrible fact – the collar had locked and he could not remove it.  (I had the computer program set the collar to lock automatically when it detected that Willie was wearing it.)

Slave,  I ordered, Explain how you have been playing my slave boy for a while.  After he had told the story, I added that the collar reported that he knew that was his proper role in life.  The Twins were greatly amused at all this.

One of the things I had found out was that Willie was unhappy that he was a late developer.  Initially I had gotten some peeks at the beginning of the summer because were sharing a room but once we jerked off together I saw the full truth.  In order to hide this fact, Willie always wore a bathing suit even though the rest of us skinny dipped.  He claimed that only little kids went naked.  The Twins had pointed out that I certainly was not a little kid with my bush and all but he said it was age that counted.  Well, now as you would expect, they told him to strip and be naked like a proper slave.  He tried to resist but once I ordered him to do it he had to obey because of the collar.  It had some persuasive powers that made Willie unable to resist proper orders.

Once he was exposed, the Twins made fun of him for just having a little boy’s weenie.  Karl did it most and even noted how they both were more developed although much younger.  Of course, I was far more developed being a year older than the Twins.  They quickly agreed that Willie had been lying and even outright disobedient and should be punished.  I think they might have wanted to whip him if we had a whip or even a belt.  Not being British, we did not think of using our sneakers but a more American item – a switch.  We made Willie find and harvest some.  Kody went first and started by ordering Willie to assume the position.  Then he went to work with the fresh switch.  The switch must have really stung because of the way Willie howled.  I was used to seeing the wide stripes from my belt form but the switch was different making thin stripes.  From the grins on the Twins’ faces I could tell that they were enjoying this as much as I was.

Karl wanted to do something different so he just sat on a fallen tree.  Willie not only are you a slave but you are a very naughty little boy and have earned a good hard spanking. and then patted his lap.  Get your botty over here, immediately.  Willie did not look happy but he complied as he had to.  A few hard spanks made Willie