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Camp Spanko Adventures of Jeff, Jishnu, Shad and Spence
Part 06 – Jishnu Brings Jeff Home to the Reservation (2/2)

by Zyngaru and Y Lee Coyote

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original authors only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 26 Jun 2014

This story is total fiction, of two boys coming of age, with themselves and each other.  There is nudity, sex and spanking/strapping content in this story.  If this type of content offends you, then please move to another story, for it is not our intention to offend.

This is Part 2 of the story.  Reading the first part is a necessity.  It is best to start with the introduction.

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Because Jishnu is proud of his heritage, he uses Apache words and has even taught some to Jeff so here is the small list.

bikisn           brother
dii              this is
dikisn           blood brother
diyin            medicine man, shaman
ghoye            maternal aunt and uncle
izee kih         medicine lodge
kowa             home
maa              mother
magaanii         white people/race
megoshe          puppy dog
naiiee           coming of age
Ndeen Gochita    Manhood Ceremony
ohitika          be brave/courageous
shiaash          my friend
shidikisn        my blood brother
shiichoo         grandmother
shiitsooyee      grandfather
shijadaa         penis
shijadii         boner, erection
shikizzen        my brother
taa              father

Jeff is doing well.  This is his last day of practice.  I think he is just about ready.  I let him go naked all day today, except for wearing sandals to protect his feet and sunscreen to protect his golden skin.  Once at the lake, I paddle out to the center, and waited for him to swim out.  His swimming is good.  He makes it out to me, without any trouble.  His technique for swinging himself into a canoe, leaves much to be desired.  He just isn’t that good at it.  The times Jeff makes it inside the canoe, he half swamps it and the rest of the time he actually flips it over.  When, I see that he is exhausted and decide to stop, he is making it two out of three times.  That’s going to have to be enough.  Hopefully this will be the first test he does tomorrow and not the last, so he will be fresh and not tired out.  The sequence of the testing and the actual tests themselves, are always decided by the diyin, so no one knows what their tests will be or when or in what order.  I did get a concession for Jeff, in that I know what his tests are going to be, so I can train him, but even I wasn’t given the sequence of events.

After lunch I let Jeff, lead me up the mountain to the totem and then back down to the izee kih.  He manages both of the hikes without any mistakes.  So he should be fine with this test, as long as he isn’t eaten by anything, which I have been very careful not to mention anything about the animals that live on this mountain.  No reason to worry him over something he can’t do anything about.

We are just about to leave and go to the grotto to cool off and work the tension out of our muscles, when I hear familiar voices.  It is two sixteen-year-olds, from another family, that I used to spank in our spanking club.

Jishnu we heard you had a magaanii megoshe.

Jeff is NOT my pet puppy!  He’s my blood brother and tomorrow he is going to be my adopted brother.

Both boys start laughing at that statement.  Well if he’s dikisn and bikisn, then why don’t you come with us to the shack and let’s see what he’s made of.

* * * * * * * * * *

That’s when Jishnu and these two boys started arguing.  It got really heated.  There was a shove or two in there as well as some words that Jishnu’s mom would be mad if she knew he was using, or even knowing.  But what finally came out of this confrontation, is that for Jishnu to keep his honor, we both have to go to the shack and participate in a spanking dual.  OK, they are sixteen, and we are twelve and thirteen, so what kind of honor can there be in this, but if I am going to be part of Jishnu’s family, I have to go along with this.  On our hike to the shack, Jishnu is still arguing with them.  What he tells me in-between shouting matches, is that he negotiated some concessions on my behalf, because of my tests tomorrow.  It looks as though, I won’t be receiving any whacks, to save my pristine ass, which all of my new family will see in abundance tomorrow.  I will be giving these bullies their whacks for both Jishnu and myself, and Jishnu will be receiving whacks for the both of us, his and mine.  Since we are already naked, the bullies go first and whack the hell out of Jishnu’s ass.  I don’t know how he withstood it but he did even though they hit him so hard it knocked him off his feet.  They used a rawhide strap they keep here in the spanking shack.  It cut Jishnu’s ass a bright red.

Then it was my turn to whack them so they both stripped naked and I was shocked at how huge they both were.  Talk about being hung like a horse, and I thought Jishnu was huge, especially compared to his dad and uncle.  Now I have some idea of what he could look like in a few more years, if he keeps growing.  Before I start on them, Jishnu selects a wider rawhide strap from the ones available and using their own hunting knife cuts the end of it into strips before handing it to me.  Jishnu just made an Apache version of a rawhide tawse.  Then he tells me to get them in the sensitive spot, they won’t be expecting it.  Sure enough when I draw back and give the tawse a flick of my wrist as I bring it in contact with the first bully’s ass, the cut strips, go straight for that sensitive crease and I see him jump with surprise and pain.  He yells at me using a new Apache word, that I can only take as a curse word.

Hey, is that the Apache for crying uncle, wimp? I say, nevertheless to shame him.  Even though he is in pain, that causes Jishnu to smile.

I get ready to give him his next cut, but Jishnu slows me down and chooses to give them both their due, at the same time, so my next cut goes to the other bully, which produces the same surprised shock, pain, and curse word.

You want to quit also, wuss? I taunt.

Then it’s back to the first one, and then to the second.  Back and forth until I give them what they gave Jishnu, making sure I hit the most sensitive places I can reach.  I wish I could have hit their nuts.  When I am done, they can just barely stay on their feet and their dicks are less than limp.  I know they want us to get out of there, so they can lick their wounds, so to speak.

Let’s leave these old squaws.  Shijadaa does not want to get filthy fucking such mangey bitches.  I say, adding another insult since this is all about honor.

You best remember that my magaanii megoshe claws are like those of the great bear and his fangs are like those of the mountain lion.  Jishnu snarls and then turns to me.  Let’s go, shidikisn.

They are happy to see our butts go out the door.  Jishnu is really hurting, but he keeps walking.  He does tell me, that he is proud of me, that I learned a valuable lesson, that it isn’t always the strongest that prevails, but the wisest.  Strategically placing my whacks on the bullies’ butts, so each one attained the greatest result, was much better than just trying to beat them down with power, because they were too big and strong for us to overpower.

We go to the grotto and just sit in the warm water, to help Jishnu’s ass recover from his own trial by fire.  I learned that day, just how much Jishnu loves me.  I must pass my tests tomorrow so he will be proud of me.  I will give him anything he wants from me, no matter what, to show I love him just as much.

* * * * * * * * * *

The water in the grotto never felt so good.  My ass is so sore.  The good thing is tomorrow the only ones that will see it will be those at the izee kih, because everywhere else I will be wearing my finest traditional Apache costume.  In the izee kih my bruised ass will be a badge of honor won over a test of strength against a rival family and it will even elevate Jeff in the men’s eyes also.  For right now, I have to think of a way to slip into my house without anyone seeing my naked ass, since I didn’t bring any clothes with me for Jeff’s practice.  I think maybe I’ll send Jeff in to get me something to wear, before making my presence known.  This evening I will be eating standing up.  Heck, I will be doing everything standing up.

* * * * * * * * * *

I wake up on my last full day on the rez and my testing day.  Jishnu is laying beside me with his boner sticking into my side.  It feels good having him so close.  I never thought I would feel this way about another boy, but I do.  Oh, I still like girls and am looking forward to my first real girlfriend.  Heck, if I got to live here, I would be looking to ask Liluye to be my girlfriend.  I really like her.  When Jishnu finally wakes up, we both take care of our bodily needs, and go into the kitchen where Maa has already placed our breakfast on the table.  Yes, I am already calling Jishnu’s parents maa and taa.  Since I won’t be able to have the full four-day ceremony, because of having to catch the train home early tomorrow morning, it has been arranged to condense everything to just one day starting this very morning.

Once breakfast is over we all go outside, to greet the rest of Jishnu’s extended family as they arrive to celebrate my becoming a member of the family.  Jishnu explained to me that the party is dual purpose for it is for the Summer Solstice and for all the boys who pass their tests.  Everyone is dressed in quality traditional Apache costume – none of that shoddy tourist crap here.  There is a lot of buckskin, beads and feathers, both on the men and the women.  Even the kids are dressed up.  No one is naked today, except me.  Liluye is the most beautiful girl there.

As the last of the family arrive, I notice two naked boys getting out of a pickup truck, but before I can ask any questions, Shiichoo, Ghoye, Maa and Liluye take me off to the side, and Maa presents Liluye with a bottle and before I know what is happening, Liluye is rubbing sunscreen all over my body.  Now it was embarrassing when Maa did it when I first met her, but now with Liluye touching me all over, it is both embarrassing and exciting.  In no time I have a shijadii which isn’t supposed to be displayed in mixed company, but Shiichoo explains to me, that we are family and personal things like a shijadii are nice to share with family.  With a giggle, Liluye rubs a generous amount of sunscreen on my boner and pubes, leaving them covered, instead of rubbing it in, so that I am white down there.  This intense attention to my standing member, causes me to almost loose it but somehow I am able to control myself, just barely.  When she finished, she leans over and whispers Good luck, cousin Jeff. and gives me a little kiss on the check.

Once everyone has arrived, the men and women separate into two different groups, with me in the women’s group along with the other boys who have not yet passed their manhood tests.  Then Shiichoo, guides me and the two other naked boys, who are cousins, towards the men, and presents us to them, for testing.

DiYin Lupan, Izdzan Shiichoo deyaa tiaagi ishkin atiigo ndeen Gochita. meaning Shaman Lupan, this woman, Grandmother leaves three boys to make men in Ceremony.

As Diyin Lupan and Uncle take possession of the three of us, Shiichoo goes back to the group of women.  That’s when two men, one on each arm, lift me up, carry me over to a truck and sit me down on the lowered tailgate, and then push me back so that I am laying in the bed of the truck with my legs dangling over the tailgate.  Uncle then pulls out a razor and begins shaving off my much beloved pubes along with the excess sunscreen.  Uncle doesn’t take much time skinning me of my pubes, even though I am sure he has never shaved anyone in his life.  When he is done, I am once again bald down below just like my little brother.  All I can think of at this moment is how much Shad is going to laugh when he sees me.  I feel even more naked now that I don’t have my little patch of hair, than I have at anytime, over the last three weeks.

As we leave the field and begin climbing the mountain, everyone is shouting and singing in Apache.  When I look back over my shoulder, I can see women setting up tables and benches and chairs, getting things ready for the celebration to follow our testing.  We trek up the trail that I know leads to the lake.  Once we arrive, Diyin Lupan, tells us about our test and what it means about survival.  One of the men, gets into a canoe that is already there on the bank of the lake, and paddles out with three other canoes in tow.  To me, he seems to be going even further out than what Jishnu had me training for, but maybe it’s just the way I am seeing it.  Then one by one, each of us boys being tested, has to swim out to the center of the lake and climb into a canoe and paddle it back to land.

What I found out from Jishnu, is that he did this test during the winter solstice, and the water had ice in it.  I got lucky I get a lake that although, it is still cold is without ice.  It was a long swim for me, but since I am a good swimmer, I was able to handle it.  The hardest part for me, was getting into the canoe without tipping it over.  It’s a good thing Jishnu made me practice and practice and practice some more, or I doubt that I could have done it.  By the time I finally made it back to land, my arms were so sore, but in a good way, because I accomplished my goal.  All three of us passed this test, with my, soon to be, two cousins doing it with ease, or at least it looked easy, as I watched them.

When the swimming test is complete, Diyin Lupan tells each of us about our next test.  This test is different in that each of us get a different goal to achieve.  He speaks to my almost cousins in Apache, so I don’t know what their tests consist of, but I know even theirs were different from each other, because the words Diyin Lupan used were different for each of them.  It is a good thing he told me my test in English, or I would still be on that mountain, trying to figure out what I was supposed to do.  After receiving our instructions, each of us was sent out in a different direction to fulfill our test.  My test was to climb the mountain, by myself, and when I reach the family spiritual site, pick a carved figure and bring it back to the izee kih where everyone will be waiting for me.

I start my trek, which I know will take two hours to go up and another two hours to come back, so it is going to be mid-afternoon before I get back.  When Jishnu and I took this trek, we wore sandals, but now I am naked and barefoot.  It feels weird being naked by yourself out in the middle of nowhere.  All kinds of things go through your mind.  I know I am reasonably safe, although Jishnu did tell me that wild animals do reside in these mountains.  Even though most predators hunt at night, ones imagination goes wild in a situation like this.  I was overjoyed when I finally reached my destination, without being eaten by anything, except a mosquito or two and thank the stars they did not attack my shijadaa.

I looked around and there were hundreds of carvings in the shrine.  Standing above everything are three totems.  One really tall one and two lesser ones. This is my first time actually getting to see the carvings, because Jishnu always stopped short of actually entering the site, when he showed me the way up here.  I had asked him what should I pick, and all he would say is that I would know it when I see it.  Looking around, I don’t know what to take.  There are birds, fish and animals of all kinds.  There are even snakes and turtles and lizards.  There are carvings of things, I have no idea what they are.  There are carvings of people, all kinds of people.  There are people in boats, people on horses, people walking, sitting, laying and jumping.  There are so many carvings laying around all over this place, that I don’t know how I am supposed to pick the special one for me.  Then I see it. It’s a carving of two boys straddling a log facing each other.  I don’t know why I like it, but I do, for it speaks to me so I pick it up and begin my hike back down the mountain.  It’s funny how hiking down a mountain goes faster than hiking up a mountain, or at least it seems to for me.  It only takes me an hour and a half to get back down.

I arrive at the izee kih where both the other boys are waiting and sitting off to the side with one of the adult men talking.  What catches my interest, is what is laying on the ground in front of them.  One has a dead rattlesnake and the other has a dead rabbit.  That lets me know what their tests were and I am happy that I wasn’t given either of those tests.  The one with the rattlesnake had a test of protection and the one with the rabbit had a test of provision.  Seeing the dead animals, gives me a sense of pride in Jishnu, knowing that he performed these same tests.  No wonder he isn’t afraid of very much, if he killed a rattlesnake with his bare hands.  When they see me, I am ushered over to sit with the other boys and the man, yet another cousin, walks into the izee kih to let everyone know I am back.  I discover the boy with the rattlesnake was the first one back.  The boy with the rabbit, told me that they both had to get back before me, to pass their tests, and he was concerned because catching a fast rabbit can take awhile.  They were both glad that I walked up the mountain, instead of running, like they would have done.

Then the final tests began.  All the men in the izee kih came out, and to my surprise they are all naked.  I shouldn’t of been surprised, because there was a pile of clothes outside the lodge, but somehow I missed connecting the pile of clothes to them being naked until I saw them. Diyin, looked at what each of us had laying in front of us, then explained, that we would be called inside one at a time, for our final testing.  The boy with the rattlesnake was called in first.  I could hear singing and chanting coming out from the lodge, but other than that, I couldn’t tell what was happening inside, and the boy beside me wouldn’t say anything about what was going on inside, except to say this would be his second try.  He did tell me, that he started testing, after his twelfth birthday, which means his first attempt would of been at the winter solstice like Jishnu.  That got me to thinking, about how many tries did Jishnu make before he passed, if he started testing at twelve also.  After about thirty minutes, rattlesnake boy came out shaking his head, gathered his stuff and left, taking the trail back down the mountain towards the canyon.  Then rabbit boy went in, and about thirty minutes later he came out, shaking his head, and leaving down that same trail.  If neither of these boys can pass the last test, how am I supposed to pass it.  Then it’s my turn and in I go.

This is where I have to stop.  I am not allowed to tell anything of what happened inside the lodge as it relates to my testing.  I am allowed to say, that I passed my test with flying colors.  I can say that Jishnu administered the test.  I can say that Diyin Lupan wasn’t surprised by which carving I brought back, but then how can you surprise a diyin, when they have spirit guides that tell them everything.  I can tell you that my Apache name is Ighaa Nitis, which means Hairy Friend.  Everyone in the lodge thought that was the biggest joke, and laughed for a long time when Diyin Lupan  announced it.  I will also tell you, only because I wasn’t told I couldn’t, that I was in the lodge for about an hour.  When we all came out, everyone got dressed in their finery, and they surprised me with some finery of my own.  It wasn’t a lot of clothing, well in fact it was just one piece of buckskin and braided rawhide, but at least now my shijadaa was covered.

* * * * * * * * * *

I’m extremely proud of Jeff.  He did very well in his testing.  I was a little concerned about the swimming test, because he was having difficulty pulling himself into the canoe without tipping it over, but during the test he did it, just like he had been doing it his whole life.  I was surprised by which carving he picked out.  I expected Jeff to pick out a wolf, or bear or maybe a cougar, but what did he pick-out, the carving for friendship, two boys facing each other.  I guess I should have known.  As far as Jeff passing his final test inside the izee kih, that was already foreseen, even before he entered, he just didn’t know it.  I mean, heck, he’s shidikisn.  He had to pass it.

After testing, I had a surprise for him, an authentic Apache outfit.  Now, Uncle wanted to get him a complete outfit, like we were wearing, but I explained to him, how Jeff thinks about things.  He only knows Apache from the movies, well until now anyway.  So he thinks Apaches should wear loincloths and have feathers in their hair.  So that is what we got him.  We presented him with a really soft buckskin loincloth and a braided rawhide rope to tie it on with, and of course I had my old pair of sandals for him to wear, so he wouldn’t have to walk back barefoot.  We all painted him up nice and pretty, and tied an Eagle feather in his hair, and I think Jeff was really pleased with how he looked.  We didn’t tell him and he still doesn’t know, that the painting on his face, was his Apache name.  So anyone looking at him, will know he is Hairy Friend, named for what grows between his legs.  Everyone thinks that is just the greatest joke, and so do I.  I think he’s awesome looking.  He isn’t pale like when I first met him, he has a nice golden brown tan that looks great with his hair.  Of course I would keep him naked if it had been up to me, but Jeff does look great in a loincloth too.  I bet when he shows that off to his kid brother, there will be some interesting talk.  I do have to remember to get a few photos of him in and out of his loincloth.

When we get back home, in the canyon, the party has already started.  There is lots of music, dancing, eating, singing and just people having a great time.  Uncle is the one to announce Jeff as the newest member of our family and told everyone his new name, Ighaa Nitis, which gave everyone a chuckle.  Both Jeff and I, did get the chance to take a few photos on our cell phones, so we can remember this day.  Too bad we couldn’t take the phones with us up on the mountain, but it’s forbidden to photograph sacred ceremonies, so we had to leave them in the trailer.  Itza-chu, told us he would be back at 2am to take us to Winslow, so Jeff can catch the train home.  Although the party was still in full swing, shortly after ten, I took Jeff down to the creek, so I could wash the paint off him.  It was also a good excuse to get him naked for again and for some private goodbye time together.

After we played in the creek together for a short while, we lay in the grass along the bank, and stared up into the night sky, looking at the different stars.  I pointed at The Seven Stars.  Jeff immediately gave me his name for the group: That’s the Big Dipper.

See the one in the middle?

Jeff grinned.  The TWO in the middle.  They are Mizar and Alcor and are known as the Horse and Rider.

Now they are The Eight Stars for you have joined us shidikisn.  So Jeff, what you want for your going away present?

A simple question with a simple answer.  Jeff wanted a real spanking from me, with his trophy tawse, that he got from Camp.  He told me how he wanted me to give it to him really good, like I got yesterday, so that his ass would still be red when he got home, because his little brother would want to inspect it.  We agreed maybe we should wait until we got to Winslow, to do the deed, to give it a better chance of staying red until he got home and could show it off.  Of course I already made up my mind, that I wouldn’t give it to him as hard as I got it, but I will honor him, with a good thrashing and a very red ass.

So Jishnu, what do you want for a parting gift from me.

This isn’t as simple a gift, as me giving him a spanking, this is more personal than that.  Shidikisn, I want to ride you one final time.  See Jeff, you will be the only one.  I won’t ever have another shidikisn.  Oh, I will screw around with other boys.  Heck, a guy has to take care of his shijadii or go crazy and since I won’t ever marry or be with a girl, because of becoming diyin, I will have other boys and men as friends, but none of them will ever be shidikisn.  That is for you and only you.  Actually, after you leave, when I return to the rez, I will be going to go live with Diyin Lupan.  I will live and train with him, until I become diyin myself.  My parents told me earlier today, that mom is pregnant, so they will be having another baby to continue the family line and you and I, will be getting a baby brother or sister. That’s when Jeff rolled over on top of me, and things went on from there.  Let’s just say, he didn’t stay on top, for long, and let’s also just say, that the ride went on for more than one trip.  We are Mizar and Alcor.  We are Horse and Rider.

I think we would have gone on until the sun rose had not our alarms reminded us that we must stop our gift sharing, and return in time to get Jeff packed up, just as Itza-chu pulled up to the trailer.  Neither one of us had been to sleep, but we are still young and sleep is overrated anyway.  Not that we didn’t nod off a few times on the ride to Winslow.  We did pull through the drive thru at MacDonald’s, to get Jeff something to eat on the train.  Then when we got to the station, I asked Itza-chu to pull off to the side in an out-of-the-way place for I had a gift to give Jeff.

Once parked, I got out of the truck with Jeff getting out behind me and then I turned him around facing the truck.  I positioned his hands on the bumper so that he was bent over.  Then for the fun part, I reached around and undid his pants and pulled them down along with his underwear.  I pulled the tawse out of the top of Jeff’s bag and laid it across Jeff’s bare ass cheeks.  Now, Itza-chu was surprised as heck.  He came around to the front of the truck to watch.  Since Jeff was still not in the position I wanted him in, I had him stretch out backwards until he was on his tip toes, so that his ass was sticking up in the air, and his whole body was stretched out.  It was like a push up position.  I tapped his bare butt a few times with the tawse until I had him exactly how I wanted him.  Then without warning I pulled back and flicked the tawse across Jeff’s butt cheeks and he let out an Owwwww.

Caught you by surprise didn’t I?

Ya is all he said, before I began to lay it on his ass cheeks.  Once they were getting a nice shade of red, I offered Itza-chu the tawse to give Jeff a swing or two, but he refused.  He explained that he was having too much fun watching.  So I laid the tawse a few more times on Jeff’s ass, until it was a solid deep red.  It probably took a little longer and I had to swing a little harder now that his ass is tanned to get that perfect color, but then what is a dikisn for.  Jeff, actually took it very well.  There were tears in his eyes, but he wasn’t jumping around screaming or anything like that.  Then I heard the train whistle, so I knew I was out of time, so I gave Jeff, one last flick of the tawse to remember me by, making sure it caught him in the crack of his ass.  Jeff, yelped like a wolf cub caught in a trap.  Then all too soon, it was time for Jeff to pull his pants up and go board the train.  When I returned the tawse to Jeff’s bag Itza-chu slipped an envelope in with his Apache ID card.

Itza-chu silently let me watch long after the train disappeared in the east before speaking like a wise man destined to be an elder.  Jishnu, you chose most wisely.  Jeff was very worthy to be your dikisn.  Now you must join Diyin Lupan.

We drove off and I kept looking out the side window so that Itza-chu would not see the tears in my eyes.  All I can think of is that the great iron horse neighed loudly and galloped off taking Shidikisn Jeff far, far away from me.

The End

© Copyright Zyngaru and A.I.L.  May 30, 2014

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