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Camp Spanko Adventures of Jeff, Jishnu, Shad and Spence
Part 12 – Shad and Spence Go to Camp Spanko (2/2)

by Y Lee Coyote

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The following story is fiction about teens spankophiles.  The story contains scenes of spanking, nudity and sex in a coed environment.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This is Part 2 of the story.  Reading first is a necessity.  It is best to start with the introduction.

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The best place to get educated is school so I am going to the camp school.  I know I’m going to get it but Jeff survived and I’m sure he expects me to match his experience.  He would surely call me a wimp if I did not get a real dose of the cane and paddle here and I should learn how much they hurt.  Of course, it will help to crush Percy who is such a loud mouth about other guys’ decades old tram tracks.  Today my guide is Spence.  We go to the wardrobe room to get fitted out in a proper UK school kit.  I get a choice of long or short trousers and Y-fronts for pants.  They sure talk funny but in American English that means I got long pants and tighty-whites.  The long pants indicate that I’m signed up for the full dose of the cane.

With my shirt tail flapping and my tie askew (they had to show me how to tie it) we head for the classroom.  We have to run a gauntlet of slipper wielding prefects.  I get immediate attention from two of them.  After I get a quick dressing down I’m required to drop trou, lift my shirt and blazer out of the way for three whacks from each of them.  I also got a couple of snide comments for apparently I have already gotten a reputation in Camp.  They did not hold back and alternating whacks with three on each check.  Spence told me that my ass was bright red.  It sure hurt and I had to concentrate not to yell like a wuss.  I fixed my outfit with some help and then it was into class.

We had some three minutes of lecture and then two guys were caught passing a note.  The teacher, er, master would have none of that so the two were called to the front.  The master had the criminals each hold out a hand supported by their other hand and A taste of leather will teach you to behave in my class.  Then he used a strap similar to Jeff’s tawse to give them three hits each.  Those cuts were not like when I first tested the tawse at home but hard ones.  The pain was evident on their faces although they were smiling as they returned to their seats.

I’m not any better at doing homework, er prep than my brother and when it was time to hand it in I was the only forgetful one this day.  So it was to the front of the room for naughty me.  Then I put my blazer on the coat hook, dropped my trousers and pants and leaned over the desk.  As I gripped the desk tightly, I could only imagine Jeff telling me to be brave like Jishnu had told him as he held his hands.  If Jeff could survive then so could I.  Then SWISH and a blazing hot iron bar crashed into my ass with a vengeance.  I have lots of words for Percy now.  Then again and again that blasted cane tore into me.  I lost count as I gripped the desk tightly and clenched my jaw so as not to move or yell.  Generations of school boys before me survived so I knew that I would also.  Then one that hurt extra and it was over.  I was told to dress and return to my seat for the rest of the class.  Sitting was, shall we say, uncomfortable.

After dismissal, we returned the school outfits.  I had to go bare the rest of the day but that sounded like a great idea although strange.  Spence told me that I had gotten a full gate which is why the last one hurt so much.  You took it most bravely, Shay..., er Shad.  We just talked until it was time for swimming in the cool pond.

After lunch I really did not want to do much so we went to the medical tent to see what was happening.  As you would expect uncooperative boys got spanked and had to submit to examinations which probed parts we think are private.  The play doctors and nurses seem to specialize in humiliation and being nasty.  Very little time is spent on listening to hearts and lungs and a lot of time on taking rectal temperatures and hernia checks.  They even measured cocks and the nurse laughed at the sizes gotten.  And the girls are treated the same as the boys as everywhere else in camp.

I got a most unexpected opportunity to learn about female anatomy.  One girl did not cooperate with the doctor so the nurse dragged her away and a guy playing a doctor’s assistant spanked her real good.  It seemed to me that her screams were real.  Then she was brought back and put in a special examination chair which held her legs up and apart fully exposing her sex.  The nurse took her temperature rectally and set up lights for the doctor’s examination.  The patient complained about the delay and was told it was her own fault that she missed her time slot and the doctor will be with her when he can.  Of course, covering was refused.  She was positioned where everyone who wished could get a good look.  I did my studies for this was certainly a rare opportunity to see a girl’s private places.  The doctor even embarrassed her more if that was possible.  Of course, this was what she wanted so she was loving it all.  Spence pointed out to me that she was very wet which meant that she was aroused.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next morning several of us took a hike with a counselor.  I asked to be instructed about switches so we all got a lesson in selecting and using them.  We all got a couple of cuts to see what it was like.  One guy made a fuss about nothing so the counselor decided he needed to be disciplined and naturally with a switch.  He was already naked so he just bent over a log and we all had a go at him.  I kept a switch for the cabin hoping I could use it later.  Perhaps it would be needed for the bedtime spankings.

Spence talked a lot about how he wished he had a younger brother like his best friend Jimmy had Shayne, who was Jeff’s age.  He told me about how he saw Shayne spanking Jimmy and that he was certain that it was more than an one time event.  You know I’m a lot like Jimmy for we both goof off a lot however Shayne is different.  He’s only twelve but a lot more serious so does well at school and is even on some teams.  I wish I had a brother like that who would look after me. he paused and then continued complaining about only having sisters.  Unfortunately, I can’t quote the rest because he proved that he had, as is said about little kids, a potty mouth.

He also showed that he was not mindful of where he was or of others around him.  There was this young lady, Terry, about twelve the same as his kid sister, who was deeply offended and let it be known.  They say that you should be careful what you wish for because you might get it and now I know why.

Spencer Oliver Taft your behavior is totally unacceptable.  You are going to be punished and then apologize to this young lady both in her own right and as a stand in for your sister.  I’m going to start with a spanking.  Now stand still as I strip you, boy. I yelled at him.  He looked shocked but did not resist as I pulled off his T-shirt and opened his shorts.  I immediately yanked them and his briefs down.  I knocked off his sandals as I had him step out of his pants.  He was in his birthday suit and the young lady was now smiling.

I dragged him to a spanking spot in the Spanking Pit and got him over my lap.  I started to hand spank him and then realized I needed something better.  Try this. the young lady said and held out a leather paddle that she had fetched from the well stocked chest.  That was exactly what I needed so I took it and thanked her before starting to use it.  I lectured Spence about his attitude and inappropriate language as I spanked him hard.  I could feel how effective my spanks were as he jerked about when Terry spoke again.

May I, Sir?  She was holding a lexan paddle.  I nodded and she gave it to him – one whack at a time.  I had to hold Spence tightly with both hands to keep him in place for that little thing packs a big wallop.  She soon had him bawling like a naughty wittle boy.

I was about to stop her, when she said: Hold him, please, it is time his potty mouth got treated.  She returned the paddles and came back with a wash cloth wet with soap.  Please hold back his head. she requested and I grabbed his hair and pulled back his head.  Since I was rough he yelled and she popped the soapy thing into his mouth.  He did not like that especially as she kept moving it about.  As he fought it, he squeezed more soapy water out of the cloth.  Once she removed the cloth, he begged to rinse out but I did not allow that rather insisted that he apologize once I stood him up.  He was most miserable by this time.  He begged forgiveness for his terrible words and thoughts from Terry.  She demanded he include his sister in the apology so he repeated it all.

Little naughty boys like you don’t rate pubes. she said.  She grabbed his cock and suddenly was running a small clipper through his bush.  In just seconds it was like a field of wheat falling to a reaper out of control.  All that was left was some stubble.  I took him over to the sink and he rinsed out his mouth not that it did much good.  Terry was not finished with him yet.  Lay him down so I can finish the job.  I saw that she had a disposable safety razor in her hand.  Using the soapy cloth she wet down the stubble and shaved it away so that he looked like a little boy.  That will help you to remember to be good and respectful.

I took him back to the cabin and he tried to wash out his mouth again.  I made him write a letter of apology to his sister for all his bad thoughts.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was on my way to breakfast with my cabin mates when Errol and Frank, a couple of twelve-year-olds, wanted to talk to me.  I let the others go on and learnt that they admired how I got the older guys to obey me.  When they told me that they said stuff like Please come here for your spanking, Tim. I saw the problem.  They were being too polite and thus seemed wishy-washy.  You have to be forceful and bossy.  I told them to come to my cabin right after they cleaned up after breakfast and you can practice with my cabin mates.  I suggested a couple of scenarios for them and added that I would start with Spence while they could deal with Stevie and Monty.

It was a little later that they showed up.  Monty had wanted to get out but I discouraged him.  I started.

Spence David Taft you are in big trouble.  You came in late last night.  That has earned you a spanking.  Get me the switch.  Spence looked a bit puzzled so I continued.  GET IT NOW OR ELSE YOUNG MAN.  That got him moving.  Once I had it, I ordered him to drop his shorts and bend over his bed.   ... and don’t move until I tell you may, boy.  I gave him six, eliciting some yelps and leaving small tracks.  You may get up now, boy.  Next time it will be twelve.

All he could say was Yes, Sir. as he rubbed his painful marked tail.

My two acolytes were beaming.  Note that rudeness and vulgarity are not to be used but be decisive and commanding.  Errol had the moxie to try next.  Stevie Rackley this note from school is most unacceptable, Big Brother.  I will not have you fighting and risking suspension.  It’s time for a hard reminder.  Get me the paddle – IMMEDIATELY!

Stevie was taken by surprise and simply obeyed his little brother.  Errol was broadly smiling as he accepted the paddle from Stevie.  Drop your shorts and panties, boy! which he did immediately.  Up on your bunk on your hands and knees.  Stevie hesitated at this so Errol continued by barking:  NOW BOY OR THERE WILL BE EXTRAS! and I gave him a thumbs up that he was doing well.  He moved about some to find the proper position and then delivered the first WHACK.  It resounded through the small cabin and much to Errol’s delight Stevie gave yell.  Errol gave him two more WHACKS, warned Stevie to behave in school and gave him another three which left him crying.  He dropped prone and continued to cry into his pillow.  Frank congratulated his cabin mate for a good job.

It was most fitting that Frank selected undone chores to punish Monty for since he messed up in camp for real several times.  Frank was inspired in his lecturing of the older Monty.  I guess that he had heard his parents lecturing his brother back home.  I could see that Monty was deeply affected.  He ran to the implement board to fetch the slipper as ordered.  Frank sat on Monty’s bed and after accepting the slipper, he opened Monty’s shorts and yanked them down leaving him bare as he was going commando.  A small tug got the older boy over Frank’s lap.

Getting a good grip on the naughty boy’s waist, Frank began spanking Monty with the slipper.  I could see that Monty was trying not to cry but I was sure it was a losing battle and in a couple minutes I was proved right.  Frank stopped after Monty promised to do his chores through his sobs.

I spent some time with my new friends who were feeling very good about themselves.  They were looking forward to spanking their big brothers just as I had done.  I warned then that their brothers would probably take some convincing unlike my cabin mates who were known bottoms.

I hung about with my two new friends talking about spanking older brothers and then going swimming and having lunch.  We got back together and were wandering about Camp when we happened on an improper encounter.  We were down past the last cabin and saw Nelson and June kissing.  That would have been OK except June was objecting.  Get your hands off me, you pervert!  She managed to give him a slap in his face which made him pause.

My two friends acted immediately and grabbed him so he had to stop.  They then began yell at the fifteen-year-old as I watched with June.  YOU’RE IN BIG TROUBLE NELSON ALTON.  FORCING YOURSELF ON THIS GIRL!


Nelson began to whine about that and they recognized that they had struck a nerve.  YOU HAVE BEEN A VERY NAUGHTY BOY AND HAVE EARNED A GOOD HARD SPANKING!

GIVE ME YOUR BELT, BOY. commanded Errol.  Nelson meekly obeyed pulling his wide garrison belt from his jeans.


They found a place for him to bend over and the used his own belt to thrash him good.  They each gave him fifteen cuts each turning his butt red hot and looking like a baboon in heat.  Nelson yelled at the beginning but soon switched to bawling like a baby.  I was proud of my trainees.  June was delighted and thanked us.  We told the Camp Director and he made sure that Nelson was watched for the remaining couple of days of Camp.

* * * * * * * * * *

All too soon came the last day.  It has been fantastic here.  Except for the cane emblazoned gate on my butt, I don’t have any marks from the few spankings I got.  Yes, I tried a few things just to know how they feel.  How else can I be a great top?  An hour after breakfast, I’m in the pond going for the cross pond swim.  It takes longer than I expected but the guys in the safety rowboat encourage me and remind me that it is not a race against the clock.  When I’m finished, exhausted, they congratulate me for having a great time for my age group.  I rest up and then  with a mixture of implements practice spanking my cabin mates.  They are delighted that they are getting the attention of a young top like me.  It’s lots of fun.

Dinner is early because we have the awards and (boring) closing speeches.  Because Jeff got a tawse, they give me a leather paddle.  Like Jeff’s award it has the Camp’s logo but, of course, my name.  At the end, before I can head back Terry takes hold of my wrist and invites me to take a walk.  I assume that she likes me and maybe I’ll get a kiss and a hug which would be nice or even more.  It turns out she has her own very different agenda.

We talk.  Well, actually she does most of it.  She’s on a crusade to make sure that boys respect girls and women.  That was the problem with Spence and why she felt that he deserved such harsh treatment.  In principal I agreed with her but wasn’t sure that she did not over do it.  I tell her that I do respect girls and women but that does not satisfy her.  She even pointed how I stared at the poor girl in the doctor’s setup.  But she wanted that. I said as my explanation but it does not cut it with her.  She insists that I must be spanked so that I truly understand I must be respectful.

She is very persuasive or should I say forceful.  She promises that she won’t over do it for she claims she could make me bawl like the wusses all do.  I give in and yield to her after a while since her last argument is that I’ve never been spanked by a girl and I should know about that.

Terry proceeds to strip me.  A week ago this would have bothered me but not now after all that skinny dipping.  I’m just not as modest like before.  Once I’m in my birthday suit, she sits on the ground and gets me over her lap.  I can’t fall and she doesn’t have to keep me in place.  She gives me a brief hand spanking after admiring my gate and then a little lecture about woman power.  She uses my brand new Camp paddle to do the job.  She is thorough for sure and I truly know that a girl can really spank and must be respected.  A few hand spanks for fun let me know the paddle did a thorough job.

When we stand up, she gives me big kisses and hugs.  That definitely distracts from the pain in my butt.  She takes hold of my rock hard shaft and asks: Does this mean that you like me?

Yes, ma’am, I do.

Terry then jerks me off until I shoot.  I thank her and promise to be respectful.

I sleep prone that night but with lovely dreams.

The next day it’s back first to LA to drop several kids off in several places and eventually me at Union Station to get my train.  I have a lot to discuss with Jeff.

© Copyright A.I.L.  June 13, 2014

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