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Weekend on the Water
Part 1

by Rolf and Gayspankee

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Marc was excited. Matthew and Rolf had invited him to the lake this weekend for the first time. He was busy packing, they were going to be there for three days. Marc just threw together some shorts, shirts, one pair of jeans, and his swimming trunks. Rolf would be by in about 30 minutes to pick him up. He was excited because the whole gang would be there, and that meant a BIG party atmosphere. He had met everyone at some time or another, but he would be able to get to know everyone this weekend. Which would be great. While Marc appeared in control when the situation called for it, he was in fact very shy. This would be the perfect time to begin loosening up. And Matthew was just the one to help him. Matthew was the one who would run down the toy aisle and push the tummies of ALL the Elmo dolls, until the only sound heard was that obnoxious giggling. Matthew was the one who initiated the conversation, when he saw an opportunity arise. Just then, he heard a knock on his door. Marc looked at his watch and realized he had stood there a little too long, and that it was probably Matthew at the door. It was.

Marc opened the door and Matthew bounded in, excited as always about any trip. "Are ya ready to go? Come on, COME ON, time to fly! You're holding up EVERYONE, come ON!"

Marc just laughed and playfully shoved Matthew down the hall. "Help me get my stuff out to the truck, and we can be on our way."

"Get your stuff? You should have had that at the door by now! Aren't you ready yet?"

"You know me, I always feel as though I am forgetting SOMETHING."

"Well, don't worry about it, whatever you forgot, I brought. Now let's GO!" Matthew said, grabbing three of the four bags.

"I need an aspirin. We haven't even gotten outside yet, and I already have a headache." Marc said, grabbing the fourth and following Matthew to the truck.

Rolf had his big SUV parked in the driveway, and Marc saw the other three couples in their assorted vehicles. He waved at them as he climbed into the truck.

"Hi Rolf, how are you doing?"

"Just wonderful. Ready to go have some fun?"

"Yes, very ready."

"Got everything?"

"Yes, I'm ready to go." Marc said, closing the door.

"Marc, come sit back here with me. We need to talk." Matthew said, patting the rear seat, as far from Rolf as possible.

"Uh, okay" Marc said, wondering what was up.

Rolf waited for Marc to buckle up, then cranked the engine and took off, the other three vehicles falling in line behind them.

Matthew wanted to tell Marc a little about each couple. He knew Marc had met them, but didn't know squat about them.

"Why so far from Rolf? Secrets?" Marc asked.

"No, no secrets, just wanted to bring you up to date on everyone, so you know how to act around each. Who's going to get you into trouble, and who to avoid misbehaving in front of." Matthew wanted to be sure to "protect" Marc from getting into trouble with anyone else.

Marc wasn't worried about that, he was sure everything was going to be just fine. He had no intentions of acting up, he was just looking to have a fun weekend with the group. But he was curious about Matthew's point of view, so he asked "Who do I have to look out for?"

Matthew said "First and foremost is Rolf, but you know all there is to know about him. The other three guys all have a part of Rolf's personality, you just have to know who has which. Joseph (the attorney) is laid back, and you can practically get away with murder if he's in a good mood, and Rolf isn't around to reinforce any messages. Stephen (the bar owner) has a temper. If he gets mad, just back off, and watch out. He will spank you, no questions asked, if you do something that he doesn't like. He has Rolf's temper, that's for sure. He'll only tell you something once, then punish you if you don't obey him. Then there is Eric (the officer). He is quiet, hardly ever raising his voice, but he is very forceful and expects complete respect and for you to obey him, or he will have no problem punishing you."

Marc just took all that in. Again, no big deal, he wasn't planning on any trouble, but it was nice to know from Matthew who to look out for. "Okay, that's the big guns, what about the rest of the gang?"

"Chris is a firecracker. He will tell you like it is, and will defend his position on anything, even resorting to fists if you don't get it. Todd is generally quiet, and lots of fun, but when he is out away from Stephen, he tends to try new and sometimes dangerous things. Has gotten me into a mess of trouble before. Then Michael. He is usually very well behaved around any of the other guys, but he likes to cause some trouble. Of course, he's never the reason, but he can incite "riots", so watch him. All of them are great guys, love them like brothers, but they each have their faults. Of course, * I am perfect *."

Marc burst into laughter at that remark. He didn't intend for it to be so uproarious, but Matthew knew just what buttons to tickle. Of course, Rolf's eyes ended up on the two of them.

"What's going on there, boys?" Rolf asked, looking into the mirror and giving them a bit of a glare.

"Sorry, nothing is going on." Marc replied.

Rolf just put his eyes back on the road.

"Good going." Matthew whispered to Marc. "We aren't even halfway there, and already we are on Rolf's shit list."

"Hey, we aren't on his list, but you will be with language like that. Watch it, okay?" Marc didn't want to start out the weekend in trouble, either himself or Matthew.

Matthew mumbled to himself, but didn't say anything more.

It was four hours to the lake. About halfway there, Rolf stopped at a rest area to give everyone a few minutes to stretch. They spent about ten minutes there, and when they were ready to leave, ALL boys ended up in Rolf's large SUV.

"Whoa. Doesn't anyone else need company on the way up?" Rolf asked, making sure that everyone was okay with the situation.

"No, no problem."

"Looks like the bus is ready to leave. Everyone buckled in?" Rolf asked after he had climbed in, looking in the rearview mirror. As soon as he got affirmation, he put the truck in drive and headed back out onto the highway.

Matthew and Marc were sitting behind Rolf. Todd was next to Rolf. The other two were way in the back. Even though they were all grown adults, they tended to act like children when thrown together. Michael and Chris were giggling away in the back. They kept poking each other and whispering. Every time Rolf looked in his mirror at them, they would stop. They were up to something, but what?

Marc had fallen asleep on Matthew's shoulder, who was becoming annoyed by his loud snoring. The more he tried to push Marc to his own side, the louder he snored.

Rolf was trying not to get angry. He wanted the boys to have fun, but they were making it hard to concentrate on driving. The two in the back looked guilty every time he caught them in the mirror. He was wondering if he was going to have to say something when all hell broke loose.

Matthew shoved Marc hard, tired of hearing the loud snoring in his ear. Marc was startled awake, something he detested. He preferred to wake up slowly. All of a sudden, his hat was slapped on his head from behind, and Matthew, Chris, and Michael all burst into loud, raucous laughter. Marc was disoriented, confused, and starting to get really pissed off, wondering what was so damn funny. He took his hat off, intending to hit Matthew with it, when he noticed the "art" that the guys in the backseat had drawn on his new, white hat.

"What is so fun..." Marc stopped in mid sentence. "What the f_u_c_k did you little shits do?"

Suddenly the car came to a screeching halt. Rolf had zero tolerance for swearing. The car came to a stop on a deserted country road. Rolf got out of the truck, and came over to Marc's side. He opened the door.

"Get out now!"

Everyone knew this was not good.

Marc's stomach dropped to his toes. He started to stutter "B..b..but... Rolf.." intending to tell him about the mess the guys made of his hat.

"MARC! Right here, RIGHT NOW!" Rolf said in a very stern voice, pointing to the ground in front of him.

Marc undid the buckle, and scooted over and out onto the ground. He could feel all the eyes on his back. He also saw the other three vehicles pulling up behind Rolf's truck. He was the CENTER of everyone's attention. The only one he cared about at the moment though, was Rolf.

By the time Marc got in front of Rolf, the others were getting out of their cars to see what the hold up was. Rolf didn't acknowledge them, he had matters to take care of.

"Marc there is NO excuse for language like that. There are hundreds of thousands of words in our language that can be used instead. If I had a bar of soap and water right in front of me, I would clean that mouth so well, you'd be tasting Ivory for the rest of the trip. But instead I guess a good whipping will have to teach the same lesson. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

"Sir I am sorry, I know there is no excuse for that language. But my hat. I just bought a brand new hat, it took me two months to find exactly what I wanted and they totally ruined it."

Rolf reached inside the vehicle and pulled out the hat. His blood pressure went up after seeing just what was on that hat. Suddenly, Marc wasn't the only one in trouble.

Chris and Michael shrunk back in the seat, they were suddenly aware that their asses were now on the line. They had given no thought to what Rolf or anyone else would say about their artistic talent. Todd and Matthew had nothing to worry about, they were just wondering exactly what Rolf was going to do. Rolf's face had gotten a little redder, his jaw a little more set, and the eyes a little icier.

Joe, Stephen and Eric were now at the back end of Rolf's truck, and they saw how angry Rolf was. They saw a very frightened Marc taking the brunt of Rolf's anger and they wondered what he had done to cause Rolf to stop the truck. They didn't say anything, they knew he had matters under control.

Rolf looked up from the hat. The art consisted of crude drawings of the male anatomy, as well as more of the language he detested. He tossed the hat back on the seat.

Marc took in Rolf's reaction. He knew he was going to get a whipping, and he dreaded that thought with all the fibers of his being. He cursed himself silently for not thinking before speaking. He had been punished before by Rolf, but NEVER in front of anyone but Matthew. He was absolutely mortified that EVERYONE was going to see him. Rolf never gave an easy spanking, Marc knew he'd be in tears in a few minutes, and he hated the thought of all these witnesses to his shame. He was hoping though, that the other two would be dragged out and given the same treatment with him, so he was NOT the center of attention, just part of a three ring circus.

"Michael! Chris! Out of the vehicle now." Rolf said sternly.

Marc began to think he was in luck.

"You two will be riding with your respective partners so you can tell them what you just did. Now get out of my sight."

Marc knew he would be alone in the spanking, but at least they wouldn't have front row seats to the main event. Both Michael and Chris were hauled by their ears to the other cars, by Eric and Joseph.

"Marc, drop your pants and underwear, and place your hands on the hood."

Marc got that horrible sinking feeling as he realized there was nothing he could do to prevent the spanking from happening. Rolf had made his decision, there was no going back. And he could tell, Rolf was still VERY angry. Marc wanted to beg, plead, whatever he could do to get Rolf to change his mind. He didn't waste his breath, he knew it wouldn't help, and he didn't want anyone else to see how worried he was. He slowly walked to the front of the vehicle, starting to work on his belt and button. He noticed that Stephen was still standing there. And he saw Todd in the front seat, all ready for the show.

Rolf WAS angry. He had hoped to at least make it TO the lake before having to discipline anyone. He understood Marc's anger, but there were NO excuses for that language. He unbuckled his belt, and pulled it out. He was going to make sure Marc quickly forgot how to curse.

Marc made it to the front passenger side quarter panel of the truck. He planted his feet in the gravel on the side of the road. He slowly lowered his pants and they fell in a heap at his ankles. He then reached for his briefs, and slowly slid those down as well. He could feel the heat of shame building in his face. He heard Rolf's belt being unbuckled, and the unmistakable swishing sound as it was pulled out of the belt loops. His insides quivered at the sound, knowing that the cool leather was soon going to heat up his backside. He stared straight ahead, across the hood of the truck, dreading the first lick.

Matthew scooted over in the seat to get a better view. Todd had the perfect seat, he could see everything. Both boys were so relieved that they weren't part of the action. Todd knew that Stephen was still outside and hoped that he wouldn't be pulled out of the truck and made to drive with Stephen. He enjoyed Rolf's truck, and his friends Matt and now Marc, though Marc wasn't going to be good company for a while.

Rolf placed his hand on the small of Marc's back to keep in him place. He drew back his arm, and let the first crack come crashing down. It landed right across the center of both cheeks. Marc jutted forward a bit and let out a loud yelp. Then the next crack hit, just above the last. And before he had a chance to react a third crack was landed just above the thighs. Marc let loose with another loud yell, and began to squirm. Rolf landed another three well placed cracks in rapid succession. By that sixth stripe Marc was in tears. Rolf then slowly applied 14 more cracks of the belt to Marc's butt and upper thighs. By the tenth crack Marc was sobbing and pleading. By the twentieth crack he was a blubbering mess. Rolf had a strong arm, and knew just how to lay down those cracks just right.

"I don't want to EVER hear language like that from you again. If I do, I will not only go out of my way to get my hands on a bar of soap, but I will also make this seem like a smack on a diapered behind." Rolf said very calmly in Marc's ear. "Do you understand me?"

Marc managed to nod in compliance. Rolf helped Marc to an upright position again, and gave him a long hug. Marc sobbed for a few more minutes on Rolf's shoulder before gritting his teeth and pulling those pants up, ever so gently.

The rest of the trip on those bumpy roads was less than pleasant for Marc. He spent the time in the very back seat regretting the words he spoke.

Stephen had just checked to make sure Todd wasn't in any way involved in the trouble and let him continue to ride with Rolf, with a very stern warning NOT to get into any trouble. Matthew and Todd kept up a pretty good conversation. Marc was sitting alone in the back, pouting and in pain. That was not the way he had imagined starting the trip. He wondered what had happened to Chris and Michael.

Todd and Matthew got a little more excited as the lake came into view. They had a short distance to go around the lake to get to the cabin. They all stopped at store at the main marina to pick up last minute supplies. Matthew and Todd were the only youngsters to get out, the other three stayed in their respective vehicles. Matthew tried to talk Marc into getting out, but Marc still wasn't ready to face anyone. They loaded up on the essentials, bait, junk food, more beer. Matthew made sure to load up on Marc's favorite junk food, didn't want him to be left out. They soon had all their purchases in order and headed back out to the vehicles, and off to the cabin. 15 minutes later they pulled into the driveway.

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