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Bathed And Spanked
Part 2 – Josh Spanks

by Paul D

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This is another episode of that period in the summer of my 11th year when I was sent to my Aunt Carolynn's for three weeks while my parents were on a European vacation. Aunt Carolynn ran a day care for preschoolers with the help of her two daughters, Beth and Susan, aged 10 and 14 respectively. Rather than be a pleasant diversion in my summer vacation from school, it turned out to be one of the most humiliating experiences in my life, as Aunt Carolynn put my two cousins in charge of me in every way, and I was treated exactly like one of the kids in the preschool (aged 3 to 6).

One of the worst days of my stay at Aunt Carolynn's started out as though it was going to be one of my better days there. In the morning of that day a plumbing problem was discovered, and Aunt Carolynn called a plumber. Because it was a preschool the plumber was there soon after Aunt Carolynn placed the call first thing in the morning. The first thing the plumber did was turn off all the water. As a result, the morning bath, that horrible daily ritual where I, a big 11 year old, was bathed, powdered, and dressed along with the little kids, was canceled.

And to top it off Beth and Susan were working on some girl scout related project where the younger scouts were building a float in conjunction with the older scouts. That meant that they would probably be too absorbed in their activity to be spending their time bossing me around.

Except for a few times where I passed Susan during the day, and she gave me orders like "get to the bathroom and comb your hair or I am calling mom", or asked demeaning questions like "did you make your bed this morning?", it was a cousin-free day.

Around noon some of Susan and Beth's scout friends started arriving. Susan had about 5 friends over, ranging in age from 13-15, and Beth had about 4 friends over, ranging in age from 9-12.

I got to know their faces because Aunt Carloynn asked me to help set up the picnic table outside and assist in serving them lunch. I actually had fun doing that and was teasing some of their friends. I heard several comments about me from their friends, things like "you have a neat cousin", to "your cousin sure is good looking."

I thought the fact that my cousins' friends liked me would play well with Aunt Carolynn - that I would impress her with how popular I am with most people, and not some naughty boy who needs controlling.

Also at the table was Susan's 15 year old boyfriend, Josh. He was nice to me, called me "dude", laughed at my antics, and all the girls were smitten with his good looks and his way cool attitude. He was there to help the girls build their float, providing real man-like advice to the girls.

After lunch I went to play in the yard, and one of Beth's friends, Rona, left her scout activities a couple of times to say hello. I liked her, and got real shy when I realized she kind of liked me too.

But doom struck at about 2:30 in the afternoon when Aunt Carolynn came out on the back porch and made an announcement that went something like this: "The plumbing has been fixed, so we need to go ahead with the baths. Because we need to be completed with them by the time the first big rush of parents come to pick up their children around 3:30 PM, I'm wondering if some of you girls, and maybe you too Josh, wouldn't mind helping Beth and Susan with the baths so that they can get back as fast as possible to working on the float."

It sounded like every voice in the yard was saying, "O sure Mrs. O'Connell, we'd be happy to help."

I ran behind the garage, shell shocked. I must have been there 5 minutes when Josh came to me. "O, there you are guy! Your Aunt asked me to find you and tell you that you need to get in the house for your bath."

I said that since they were in such a hurry I would take my bath when everyone else was finished with their baths. Josh said, "Ok dude, that sounds sensible to me. I'll tell her." And off went Josh.

I had no way of knowing how that would play with the powers that be, but found out soon enough when Susan came out to get me, accompanied by some of her girl friends, acting all mad and officious. "Paul, mom told me to tell you she has no patience with your antics."

I protested, but when Susan just turned and started walking away saying "Mom is REALLY angry!", I just dropped my head and followed them into the house.

The bath area was fairly large, with a super sized tub that could easily hold 6 little kids. But when I walked into the bath area I was surprised at all the people there. Usually when I'm bathed in the morning it was with just about four other of the little kids, all boys. But today all of the preschoolers were there who are usually bathed at different times throughout the day. In all it was about 16 boys and about 5 girls, and all of them were already bare naked and standing in line.

And also in the room were not only Beth, Susan and Josh, but all their friends who wanted to help. Some of the friends were actually more outside of the bath area and there more just to watch than anything else.

On arriving little Beth says to me (a year younger than me and acting like an adult!) "Paul take off your clothes and get in line!"

"But its cold in here and I'm last in line. I'll undress when its my turn to get in the tub.", I said, on the verge of tears.

Aunt Carolynn, just passing by outside the bath area, heard that and sticks her head in. "It is not cold in this room young man. Do you think we would make these children undress in a cold room? Do you want to see my heating bill young man! You get those clothes off right now mister! - Josh, if he's any problem, could you sort of 'help' Susan and Beth out?"

"No problem, Mrs. O'Connell.", shouts Josh as Aunt Carloynn leaves.

And suddenly Josh, who I thought was my friend, comes up to me in line and says, "Hey dude. Lets not give the girls a hard time. Come on, dude, lets get these clothes off."

All of Beth and Susan's friends, who had been chattering away a mile a minute, were now suddenly silent. Everyone was focused on me. I try to unbutton my shirt but I'm so nervous that I fumble. Big hero Josh starts unbuttoning my shirt. I want to cry but hold back, because everyone is watching me. With the shirt off Josh asks me to lift up my arms so he can get my T off. "Come on big fella, lets get this off."

Here I am in a roomful of near babies, and I'm the only one that has to be undressed. I manage to kick off my shoes and socks, almost sobbing. Josh undoes my belt buckle and lowers my jeans and I feel as if I'm being readied for an execution.

And there I am in my underpants. I put my hands in the waistband, trying to act like its no big deal to me to take off my clothes in the middle of a room full of people, but my hands won't move. Josh does the honors, and there I am. Bare naked with my eleven year old boy-wiener on display for all to see, and I start crying uncontrollably.

Josh finds his stride as the adult in command, "All right dude, get in line and stop that crying. You don't see any of the other kids crying, do you? And you're at least twice as old as all of them." And all the girls in the room of course start giggling at big cool Josh's chiding of me.

Even as they giggle, all the girls eyes are taking the sights in. For many of these girls its the first time they are getting to see naked boys, and here is a whole roomful of naked little boys and their peepees. Seeing them all look at me was total humiliation. Seeing Rona eying my stripped body was total devastation.

Even while I was hiding in back of the garage I had an urge to pee, and now that urge was coming back even stronger. At first I started rocking back and forth to help hold it in, and as the urge to pee became more intense I soon found myself kind of hopping from foot to foot.

"Hey dude what are you doin? You trying to dance? What are you, one of those disco boys? You like to dance naked?" Needless to say, all the girls were in stitches.

"I have to pee", I say quietly hoping no one can hear.

"Well dude, do you know what that thing is for?", he says, pointing to the free standing toilet in the room. And, of course, everyone laughs.

"I can't go in front of people.", I mumble.

Susan chimes in with, "Paul, this is the only toilet in the house you can use now. You don't have any clothes on, you can't go upstairs now!"

"You heard the lady, dude. Get over there and take a piss!", commands Josh.

"I can't.", I let out, near tears again.

"Paul, come on buddy, you got an attitude problem, and it isn't good." With that statement Josh comes over to me, takes me by the hand and leads me to the toilet. "Now come along, little guy, let's go potty."

There I am, being led by my hand, naked, in front of a roomful of girls to a free standing, totally exposed toilet, and being made to pee in front of everyone. Not only had many of the girls never seen a naked boy before, now they were gonna see how a boy's peepee works.

At the toilet Josh gallantly lifts the toilet seat for me. As I stand in front of it taking hold of my little wiener, the room is almost silent, except for the splashing sounds of the first group of boys who are getting into the bathtub. I stand there and nothing happens.

"Come on Paul, get it over with!", encourages Josh.

"I can't go", I say.

"Look dude, don't give your cousins such a hard shit-ass time! Now go, dude! Do it!", Josh almost shouts, proving what a take-control kind of guy he is to the girls. "And stop that crying!"

I strain and strain and finally a dribble starts, and then the gush. And there I am peeing in a free standing toilet, with a bunch of girls both younger and not much older than me standing around, gawking. Seeing how a boy pees up close. Not much talk going on right now about the scout float. Just the sound of my piss hitting the water. One young girl is actually standing right next to me watching the piss as it hits the water.

Finished, utterly shamed, I make my way back to the end of the line as all eyes watch my little pecker swing back and forth with each step I take.

The bathing activity proceeds with more speed as eventually more of the girls come and take wash cloths, and help bathe the kids. Most of the scouts are volunteering to take one of the little boys rather than girls. After all, its a chance for some hands on experience.

But there are plenty of jobs to go around. When the washing is done, scouts are needed to do the drying and toweling of each of the preschoolers. And after that there comes the most fun job of all. Having the little boy lay on the counter top, spread his legs real wide, and get baby-powdered up. Lots of little scouts line up for this job. And they get the hang of it real fast. They aren't at all shy about rubbing the baby powder in all over, and taking their time especially with the little boys' peepee area.

With so much help, the bathing process actually goes relatively quickly and soon it is time for the last group of boys, including myself, to get into the bathtub.

Finally sitting in the tub, for the first time in the ordeal I feel a little less exposed. And I can concentrate a little more on what's going on. And one thing I notice is that there are also some bare naked little girls in the room, and for me it is the first time I get to see what girls look like down there. And it has an effect on me. My little peepee goes hard as I look around at all the other little boys and girls.

One of Beth's friends, who seems even younger than Beth's 10 years, who has been shampooing the kids hair as they sit in the tub, now puts some baby shampoo in my hair and starts washing my hair. She is a pretty girl, and her washing my hair does not help my peepee to get any smaller.

The last five of us in the tub are all boys, and it is now time for us to stand up and get washed, and each of us has our own girl scout to bathe us. The girl who gets me (and she seemed eager to get me) is a friend of Susan's name Sammi and she is 13 years old. The little boys in the tub are already standing and are started to get washed by their respective scouts, but I am afraid to stand. So Sammi says, "Susan, Paul won't stand up so I can wash him."

Susan, dressing some of the already diapered boys, shouts back, "I'm busy here. Paul, I don't have time for you. Just do as you're told, or Josh will help you to stand up."

Reluctantly I stand with my hands covering my wiener area. "EEGGHHH gross!", screams Sammi, causing the entire room to pay me even greater attention. "His thingie is sticking out!"

Everyone looks at me, shuddering in embarrassment, hands covering my privates. "Hey dude", Josh says, "are you playing with yourself, dude, in front of all of these girls. Sick dude! Get your hands away from there now!!! You heard me, do it now buddy!"

My hands drop to my sides in utter defeat. Sammi takes her soaped up wash cloth and begins washing my back and chest, as the room is abuzz about my stiffee.

Josh leads the pack, "Dude, sportin' a boner in public ain't cool at all! You need to learn some manners real bad."

"I can't help it", I sob.

"You can help it! I saw you touching yourself down there in front of all these girls. Don't deny it. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your cousins are so nice to you, but I can see they are right. You are nothing but a lot of trouble for Mrs. O'Connell and her daughters."

I respond as firm as I can muster, "I was not Josh. I was trying to cover myself up."

"You ain't got nothing to cover.", expresses one of the few scouts in the room with some familiarity with boy equipment.

"Yeah", says another girl scout, "Paul is at least as twice as old as any other boy in this room, and his peepee, even sticking out, is only a little bit bigger than theirs." Everyone is practically in stitches with this remark.

I just start crying as Sammi gets to work wash-clothing that very peepee now the subject of so much conversation. For someone who was so grossed out at my stiffee, she sure doesn't shy away from it as she soaps the cloth, washes, re-soaps the cloth and rewashes my privates. She orders me to spread my legs real wide as she does my little nut sack and inner thighs. My peepee will just not go down. It bobs up and down as she brushes against it. A lot of the scouts have gathered around the tub for a closer look, now that there is more room in the bath area with most of the preschoolers already dressed and out of the room. So those girls who were at the perimeters before can now move in for a closer look at a naked eleven year old and his stiffee peepee.

When Sammi is finished Beth orders me out of the tub and starts toweling me, to the chagrin of one of the scouts who had taken a towel in hand and looked like she wanted to help out. When I am dried, Beth, who is a year younger than me, orders to get on the counter top. I refuse because Rona, who has been powdering and diapering some of the boys, is at the counter and I don't want her to see me up close naked.

"Susan!", whines Beth, "Paul won't get on the counter top."

Susan, busy with dressing the last of the preschoolers, irritated says, "Josh, could you help! I have had it with Paul! Mom has given you permission to help out. And we always have permission to spank Paul if he gets out of line."

"Dude, you heard your cousin. Get up on that counter so you can get powdered before you get dressed." I ignore Josh, hands clinging to the towel about my waist. "Don't make me do anything you might find painful, dude."

I pay no attention. Josh continues, "Look dude. I have been patient with you. Beth and Susan are patient with you. Mrs. O'Connell is patient with you. That woman is a saint, dude, and look at all the trouble you give her. Man, you are someone I don't have patience for. They should have done a long time ago what I'm gonna do to you now!"

With that, Josh pulls me over to the toilet, puts down the lid, sits down, pulls off my towel and throws me over his knee with my ass sticking up. And he starts a spanking that, because of my bath, stings furiously. And his lecture begins: "Man, you are nothing but trouble for this family!"


"You are gonna hop up on that counter buddy!" SPANK SPANK SPANK "You are gonna get powdered! SPANK SPANK SPANK "And because you are acting like a jerk, you are also gonna get diapered.


Are you gonna start behaving, buddy?" SPANK SPANK SPANK "Huh?" SPANK SPANK SPANK

"Yessssss!!!", I scream through my bawling.

The scouts are in awe of Josh's discipline prowess, as they gather around to see a naked eleven year old pervert with a public stiffee get thrashed and put in his place.

"Look at you buddy! Having to be over my knee getting it like a baby!" SPANK SPANK SPANK "You are twice as old as any of the other boys here and you don't see them having to get a bare naked spanking!" SPANK SPANK SPANK "And the only boy crying in this preschool is you, and you're the oldest!" SPANK SPANK SPANK "Man, I would be so ashamed if I were in your place!