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Bathed And Spanked
Part 4

by Paul D

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This is another episode of that period in the summer of my 11th year when I was sent to my Aunt Carolynn's for three weeks while my parents were on a European vacation. Aunt Carolynn ran a day care for preschoolers with the help of her two daughters, Beth and Susan, aged 10 and 14 respectively. Rather than be a pleasant diversion in my summer vacation from school, it turned out to be one of the most humiliating experiences in my life, as Aunt Carolynn put my two cousins in charge of me in every way, and I was treated exactly like one of the kids in the preschool (aged 3 to 6).

On the last Saturday I was staying with Aunt Carolynn she came to me in the morning (I was allowed to sleep later on the weekends) with a pile of my underwear and showed me the poopy stains in them. She told me to give her the pair of undies I was wearing because she was going to bleach all of them. She also told me that since I obviously didn't know how to wipe myself after going poopy she was going to have Beth show me how to wipe myself before giving me my bath that morning.

She asked me if I was ready to "do my business" yet, and I told her I was. She then told me to get Beth (who is a year younger than me) and tell her that her mom wanted her to go into the bathroom with me when I pooped so she could show me how to wipe myself, and then afterwards she was to give me my bath.

So I had to go all bare wearing only a T shirt to little Beth and ask her to teach me how to wipe myself. When I found Beth and told her she went complaining to her mom that some of her friends were coming over. Aunt Carolynn told her that she had to do her chores just like her sister and I did, so that she should just do it.

So Beth takes me into the bathroom (on weekends we used the regular bathroom with a normal sized tub, not the big one used for all the preschoolers) and I sit down and make poopy. Then Beth had me stand and showed me how much toilet paper to take. Then she ordered me to wipe myself with the first piece of paper. Then she said I was doing it wrong, so she had me bend a little forward and pull my cheeks apart, and then she started swabbing my crack, as she explained that I had to get all around the hole, not just the hole.

Then I had to rewipe so she could watch me and make sure I had done it correctly. During this demonstration the bath was filling with water, so now it was full and she had me get in. She was obviously in a hurry because I no more than sat down, and couldn't even soak, when she had me immediately stand up so she could start scrubbing me. She was in a hurry and was real rough. She did wash my poopy area real good, though, and she told me that from now on after every poop I was to go to her and have her check me out to make sure I was wiping myself properly.

She let me dry myself, but she always baby powdered me up. Because there was no counter in that room for me to lay on I had to stand up and spread my legs, and she would first sprinkle the powder in her hand, and then rub it on my body. She did me all over, and paid special attention to my little peepee and sack, and my behind. She said that it was good that I got a little stiffee as she powdered me because that way there was more to grab onto as she rubbed the powder into my little wiener.

When I got back to my room all my undies were gone. So bare naked and wearing nothing but baby powder I go to Aunt Carolynn and tell her I can't find my undies. She said they were soaking in bleach and that since it was a very warm day, I didn't need any clothes, and that I was to stay that way until the clothes were washed. I knew better than to protest so I just went to my room to read comix until my clothes were ready.

Around noon Beth's two little friends arrive, aged 9 and 8, to have lunch with Beth. When Aunt Carolynn called me to lunch, and I realized Beth's friends would be there, I told her I wasn't hungry. She demanded I get right down, so I had to down. There I was, an 11 year old boy having to enter the kitchen wearing nothing but baby powder, in front of my aunt and 3 girls all younger than me. Beth's friends started giggling as soon as they saw me. Fortunately I could sit and hide myself.

After lunch I start to run upstairs but Aunt Carolynn told me to make some iced tea for her and some of her friends who would be coming in a few minutes, and that I was to serve them.

So I'm in the kitchen making iced tea, while Aunt Carolynn is receiving her three friends in the back yard, and setting up lawn chairs and chatting, and Beth and her two friends are back there playing games.

Finally Aunt Carolynn calls out to me and tells me to bring seven glasses of iced tea out back. I ask her what I should wear, and she shouts, "just bring that tea out now, young man!"

So out little barenaked me goes carrying a tray of iced tea. Aunt Carolynn's friends smile real wide when they see me. She has two lady visitors, who seem even younger than Aunt Carolynn's 34 years, and a man visitor she calls Erik, who is a tall good looking Nordic blond type, about 30 years.

"My, my, what have we here?", giggles one of auntie's friends.

"I just didn't have anything else to put him in, all his clothes are being washed.", says Aunt Carolynn.

"Well", suggests Erik, "maybe he could wear some of your daughter's panties while his are being washed!" They all laugh as if that was the funniest thing in the world.

Boy, adults sure do have some sense of humor!! Anyway after serving them and Beth and her bratty friends, I head back into the house. As I go I hear Beth saying, "Mom, we need Paul to play JumpMan. We need four people."

Aunt Carolynn yells back to me just as I enter the house, "Paul, come here the girls want you to play with them."

"I don't wanna play, Aunt Carolynn, I wanna read.", I shout back.

"Don't you use that tone of voice with me, young man. Now get out here!"

So out I go to Beth and her friends, while the adults are all laughing and chatting. Their dumb game is some jump rope game. I don't know what the rules are but they want me to swing one end of the rope while they all take turns jumping. Boy, girls are dumb!

There I am naked in front of 3 girls younger than me having to do what they say while 4 adults watch and laugh and hoot.

Finally Beth tells me it's my turn to jump. I tell her I don't want to jump. "Mom! Paul won't jump. It's his turn to jump and he's on my team."

When Aunt Carolynn tells me to jump, I tell her I don't know how, and that I am not gonna jump. She asks Erik if he would go over and "convince" me, and Erik obliges.

Erik comes to us and says, "Hey Paul, what's the big deal?" I tell him I don't know how to play the game but he says I am to do whatever the girls say. I say a firm "NO" and he, to my complete surprise, pins my arms behind my back and starts swatting my behind real hard. I start bawling like a little baby, and he leads me to the center of the rope line, and says, "Ok girls, start swinging the rope now, because Paul is gonna jump, and if doesn't jump he's gonna get something a lot worse than just my hand on his bare behind!"

So there I am bawling, and jumping like a fool. Bare naked , and jumping some silly rope game with girls on each end of me swinging a rope. The adults laughing at me. Me crying and jumping like a trained monkey. My little peepee flopping up and down. Three girls younger than me ordering me around, with their eyes glued on my bobbin wiener. The more I jump the more ridiculous I feel so the more I cry.

But what the hell, Aunt Carolynn and all the girls were having fun.

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