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Island Boy
Part 2

by Graham

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On the Sunday before classes resumed on Monday, after spring break, Cooper wasback at the Finnish Lutheran church, as was his custom. He saw the Tulkos there.

The warm weather that had temporarily and partly thawed the town during spring break, had been eclipsed by a cold front of arctic air with snow. Cooper had once again to dress in warm clothes for the walk in the returned winter weather.

Afterward, as it had become almost a custom, the Tulkos gave him a ride back to the building and invited him to Sunday dinner. A bit hesitant and reluctant in light of all that had recently happened between himself and the Tulkos, he nonetheless accepted their invitation.

As always, Sunday dinner was wonderful, reminding Cooper of the Sunday dinners he routinely enjoyed with his family, back home on the island. His traditional place at the table had been to the left of Steven Tulko, across the table from Madeline Tulko.

During the dinner, and accompanying conversation, Cooper had tried to focus his attention and eye contact towards Mr. Tulko. Whenever, accidentally, his eyes would rove to his left enough to connect with Madeline Tulko’s, Cooper would quickly look away, averting his eyes as he stared intently into Mr. Tulko’s.

After dinner, as had also become his custom, he helped clear the table and rinse dishes and put them in the dishwasher. While he was doing that, Steven Tulko had gone into the television-room-den, to find a Sunday afternoon hockey game to watch.

In the kitchen, alone with Mrs. Tulko, Cooper was apprehensive and nervous. She whispered to him, asking why he was mad at her. He said he was not. She asked why he was ignoring her. He denied doing so.

Shoving him quickly over toward the pantry, she ran her hands down his chest toward his stomach, while Cooper squirmed, trying to wriggle away from her. I know a young guy like you needs and wants some feminine closeness, Cooper. You can’t deny it, she cooed, then whispered, It’s true, isn’t it, Cooper?

He inhaled deeply, his face registering his alarm. Taking took hold of her shoulders, he gently pushed her back and away from him. At that moment, Steven Tulko returned, walking into the kitchen.

What’re you doing, Cooper? his question demanded an answer. This isn’t helping with cleaning up the kitchen, is it?!

Cooper’s face flushed red and hot, he released his hands from Mrs. Tulko, and hurried out of the kitchen, to the front door, exiting and walking hurriedly down the corridor to his apartment.

Undressing from his church clothes, he pulled on a loose-fitting pair of old jeans and a long-sleeve turtleneck shirt. He sat at the small desk, almost trembling with sensual arousal, fear, dread, worry, and embarrassment over what had just happened. He thought about lying down for a short snooze before work at 3 p.m.

Shortly before 2 p.m., Cooper’s door was hammered and he opened to confront a plainly unhappy Steven Tulko. He made no attempt to hide the thin, birch paddle he was carrying in his hand.

Before Cooper could say anything, the larger, older man was inside the tiny apartment, closing the door, as Cooper backed away. Mr. Tulko immediately fired off a series of questions and comments of stern admonishment.

I thought I told you to leave my wife alone, kid! Didn’t you get the message?!
What’s it gonna take to get you to obey?! Clearly, you are a boy who needs to be taught a lesson often – and harsh, unforgettable ones! That’s exactly what’s going to happen – what you’re going to get! Get your clothes off, now!

The youth reacted with wide-eyed, shocked dread – paralyzed with fear and abhorrence. He stood unmoving, staring shock-eyed as if a spectator to some odious event unfolding.

Last chance, kid. Get your clothes off, or I take them off – and you won’t like that at all.

The woke him out of his trance, from which he responded with defiant resistance.

Noooooo! You’re not going to do that to me again! I won’t let you!

Not a man of patience, Steven Tulko hesitated no longer. Striding right up before, and looming over, the short, whitish blonde-haired youth, he reached down, put both hands on each side of Cooper’s torso, and lifted him up into the air.

Raised high and held dangling above the big man, Cooper shouted, Let me down! Put me down – now!

Momentarily staring at the brazen youth hanging in his outstretched arms, Steven Tulko turned and deposited the boy backwards, supine on the unmade Murphy bed. Reaching down, he began unbuckling, unsnapping, unzipping the youngster’s jeans; but Cooper struggled, his light-coloured, lean arms resisting the longer, stronger arms of his employer.

That interference Mr. Tulko regarded as defiance. Grabbing Cooper’s arms, he pulled the grappling youth up before him, then turned and flipped him over, prone on his face, stomach and chest.

A hard, repetitive barrage of smacks began pelting the small, narrow, curved rump smoothly covered in the jeans which the face-down youth was wearing. The first couple of swats elicited surprised, outraged, and desperate gasps, followed up by cries of protest against what was happening.

Please, Mr. Tulko. It wasn’t what you thought before, and isn’t now. I didn’t disobey you – not now, not ever. Please, don’t! Staaaahp!

Cooper thrashed around on the bed, turning over, only to find himself roughly manhandled by Steven Tulko, who threw the slim, lean youth back over onto his chest, and resumed the paddling assault – but harder – on his bottom. He tried the writhing, rolling maneuver again and was met with a faster, more powerful throw-down on his face, and an even harder volley of blows to his butt.

He squealed with frustration, defeat, and pain. His behind was being assailed by fast, sharp smacks of the thin paddle that increased the heightening heat and the pain.

Nooooo-aaaaa-pleeeeze! he shouted in vain. Oooo-aaaa-nooo-aaaa-pleeeez! Nooooo! The hard, inflexible paddle continued its delivery of a painful, smarting pounding.

Cooper quit resisting. Unlaxing his tense, fighting body, he lay flat, surrendering to the spanks of the paddle swatting his posterior.

All at once, he felt himself being ripped up off the bed. He reached his arms and hands back to massage his smarting rearend, but not before another 8 smacks propelled him upward, though not forward, held firmly as he was in Mr. Tulko’s grip.

This time Steven Tulko’s determined actions to disrobe this rowdy, rebellious kid, before administering the intended lesson, were undeterred. He unbuckled Cooper’s belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, and had them sliding down the slim, pale, muscled legs before the kid could even think about reacting.

His turtleneck shirt followed, then his t-shirt, and Cooper was stripped down to his short, scanty, white briefs, in front of which a boner was emerging. His hands returned to rubbing his stinging globes through the thin cotton seat of those briefs.

Partly doubled over, looking up at Mr. Tulko through teary watering eyes, Cooper realized this man was about to dispense another spanking to him. Nuh-oooo, Mr. Tulko! Please! Not-ah-ahn-uther wonnnnnn! Pleeeeeze!

He completed his desperate entreaty as he was being dragged along and dumped across the older, stronger man’s lap, who was now once again seated on the edge of Cooper’s bed. Like drumsticks rapping repetitively, the paddle peppered his already reddish mounds and thighs through what sparse protection the tiny, cotton seat of his briefs afforded.

Realizing he was in the grip of a nasty, unforgiving spanking, Cooper screeched his undisguised pain and humiliation at being back in this situation. It did him no good, except to accelerate him toward the defeat that was inevitable – especially when he shrieked his disapproval on having his briefs tugged off his butt, down his ivory, lean legs, and off his skinny, bare feet.

Trying to object and disagree, and even while pleading and begging, he knew he was no match for Steven Tulko. The older, stronger man who was his boss and landlord was also his superior in strength and force, and in authority, insisting the youngster receive the punishment he had coming, that was due and needed.

He wrenched the youngster around on his knees, turning his face up, leaning back against the older, bigger man’s left arm, which grabbed under Cooper’s bare, lean legs, pulling them up high toward him. In turn, the young man found himself dumped backward, his arms reaching back to prevent him falling and his head striking the floor.

Holding the youth’s legs high up, in place, Steven Tulko wielded the paddle all over Cooper’s bare rump and upper legs, especially stressing the stretched, sensitive areas where his cheeks meet his thighs. That intensity, in those spots, got Cooper’s riveted attention at once.

The red-faced, squalling, nude youth was driven to an apex of sharp pain and shame beyond even what he’d last experienced at the hands of Mr. Tulko. He squealed, then shrieked, then completely collapsed, sobbing, bawling, succumbing to the pain and dominating authority and control.

The peppering popping of the paddle on his upturned bottom and upper legs demolished any resistance, along with any notion he was in a position to do so, much less to prevent or halt the licking he was getting. He was once more, as Steven Tulko emphasized with each smack and swat, just a blubbering, young boy being spanked for misbehaving again.

Eventually, capping off the spanking he was administering so soundly and effectively, Mr. Tulko flipped the sobbing, quite limp and acquiescent youth back over the knees of the boss and landlord. He then finished up the licking of Cooper Jerkenlein, with the boy’s face to the floor, feet off the floor, fully resigned and yielding to whatever bites and blows of the paddle were being applied to him.

By 2:30 p.m., having been thoroughly and unsparingly spanked, Cooper Jerkenlein lay hanging, sobbing, upended over Mr. Tulko’s legs. He could no longer speak for his bawling, wailing sobs. There was no need. He had been disciplined.

Get up now, Cooper and get yourself ready for work. I expect you to be on time. Don’t add another reason for further correction, if you understand what’s in your best interest, boy. He yanked the squalling youth up off his lap while uttering that admonition.

Reduced to a bawling, bad boy, spanked and bouncing, while displaying a saluting boner, he stood before Mr. Tulko. The older man stood up, put away the paddle, peered intensely into Cooper’s eyes, declaring, You better straighten up and behave, boy. He then left, closing the apartment door on the chastened, stunned youth.

At 2:58 p.m., Cooper Jerkenlein walked into the café from the stairs he had just descended, to begin working. His reddened eyes, strained face, and stiff, wooden walk would have been an unmistakeable giveaway, had anyone any inkling his life was now being regulated by getting spankings for straying from the required course of conduct and behaviour.

Subdued and somewhat distant all evening, he nonetheless provided the high calibre service people expected and desired from the café. Closing at 9, he cleaned up and locked up, and was upstairs in this third-floor apartment, lying in his bed, whimpering as his bottom throbbed and ached, and in recollection for his remorseful shame and regret.

Once again, he reverted to the only therapy known to ease for a time the pain and humiliation of a blistering licking, like Steven Tulko administered. Cooper intently sought to assuage his pain and shame by an obsessive, vehement, urgently preoccupying wank. In its wake, he swiftly slid down the slope into the slough of exhausted slumber.

Monday morning, he rose early, showered, and headed head off to classes with a sore, throbbing bottom under the seat of his small briefs and corduroy pants. Monday evening, while working, Madeline Tulko continued to eye and observe Cooper closely over the time, with the added step of periodically grasping a handful of his small, narrow, sore buttocks whenever they were close.

For the next 6 weeks, he worked steadily concluding his classes for spring semester of his first year of college, heading toward final exams. He also worked diligently at the care, while doing his best to try to keep a distance between himself and Mrs. Tulko.

He declined any rides in their car, or invitations to Sunday dinner. He made sure he did his own laundry at the laundromat. He was especially circumspect, polite, and deferential around Mr. Tulko.

While the single, virgin youth routinely relieved morning wood daily in the shower, over the next 6 weeks he found himself immeasurably and constantly horny, necessitating frequent – often numerous – wanks as he could find opportunity throughout the day. He realized the increase and intensity in his hot-blooded arousals, but could not understand why, seemingly all at once, they had so suddenly begun to beset him.

Just as finals were about to begin, Mr. Tulko stopped him on his way into the building. Walking along with the slight, but fit, pale, blonde-haired youth, he spoke. I know we’ve had some disagreements in the recent past, Cooper,...

Disagreements?! Cooper thought to himself. Since when is being stripped bare, turned upside down, and getting spanked furiously a disagreement?

But you also work hard and reliably, and I’ve noticed you’ve been even more scrupulous and careful, which I appreciate.

Cooper wanted to say thanks, but Steven Tulko continued. I don’t know if you know we own small lodge at a lake about 4 hours from here. We need somebody to take care of things, make sure everything that’s needed is done – on time and right – over the summer season we’re open.

I don’t know what your plans are after you finish this semester, but if you need money, and would like to consider a job for the summer, we could hire you immediately after your last final. It pays $10 an hour, and you could earn about $7000 over the summer, maybe more.

What about the job here? Cooper questioned in reply.

Well, I didn’t know you were going to be around here this summer, but this job can be filled over the summer with students going to summer school. The job at the lodge pays almost 50% more, and requires somebody who we can depend on, will work hard, be good with guests, please and accommodate people. All those things are you, Cooper.

Looking down into the youth’s quizzical face, he smiled. When he’s not angry, Mr. Tulko is a handsome, cordial guy, Cooper thought to himself.

You’d have your own room at the lodge, eat your meals there, and there’s a lake nearby, Horseshoe Lake, where you can swim or boat on your time off. It’s responsibility and work, I’m not pretending otherwise; but still not a bad way to spend a summer, and make some good money too.

Cooper was immediately more than tempted. He needed to make money, didn’t have much prospect for that going back home to the island, and it sounded like a nice place. Can I let you know tomorrow? I want to talk to my Mom and Dad tonight.

Sure. Let me know at work tomorrow evening, okay?

Okay, I will. Ah, thanks, Mr. Tulko.

You’re welcome, Cooper. I hope it works out.

Cooper left his small apartment about 5 p.m., to go to a final exam beginning at 5:30 p.m. When it was over, at 7:30 p.m., he walked back to the cafe-apartment building.

At the café, he walked in and back to the kitchen, found some vegetable lasagne that was still there. Helping himself to a large piece, along with some vegetable soup, and a large, vanilla smoothie, he returned to the public seating area, sat down at a table, and ate his dinner.

While he was sitting, eating, some classmates from school came in, ordered for themselves, and came over to speak with Cooper while waiting for their meals. A couple of the guys had been in the same final exam as Cooper, and the talk focused initially on the test questions.

When their meals came, the classmates returned, pulled up chairs around the table where Cooper was sitting. The conversation turned to the forthcoming summer, and plans.
Several people named places where they expected to work back home during the summer break. A couple said they were staying in town to go to summer school.

Cooper told them one or more jobs at the café might be opening up for the summer, so if they were interested, they could inquire. He stated he was unsure yet of what he was going to do.

After eating, and the group dispersing, Cooper hiked up the stairs to the 3rd floor, to his apartment. Closing the door behind him, he went over and sat down at the small desk where he studied over the school year.

He called his parents. Their warm and pleasant voices answering were welcome sounds. He told them of his job opportunity.

They were a bit wary about what it entailed, and wondered what would happen to his apartment, and his current job. He suddenly realized those were questions that hadn’t occurred to him, and he hadn’t asked about. He paused, then blurted out, if I can get those things assured for the fall, can I take this job at the lodge? Is it okay?

Cooper, in almost 3 weeks you’re going to be 18, an adult. We trust you to think carefully, make good decisions. If you can get those things assured for the fall, and you’re sure this job is acceptable, you have our permission to make the decision. You will be even farther away, and we’d like to see you before the fall semester begins; but it’s your choice, son. We’ll support you on whatever you decide – only just be very careful.

Cooper felt instantly buoyed and encouraged, taking fresh confidence and vigour from his parents’ loving care and trust in him. Okay, Mom, Dad. I will. Thanks a lot. I’ll keep in touch with you. I love you both. Bye.

Arriving for work the next evening at 5 p.m., Cooper sought out Mr. Tulko in the back. He asked if he could talk with him about the job. Steven Tulko agreed, but said it would be better after closing.

After the café closed at 9 p.m., Steven Tulko remained while Cooper and another employee cleaned up for the opening the next morning. When they were finished, he said he’d walk upstairs with Cooper.

Arriving at Cooper’s apartment, Mr. Tulko said, Let’s go in, Cooper. We don’t want to talk about things in the hall. Cooper agreed, although he felt an almost ominous apprehension over Mr. Tulko being in his apartment again.

Okay, Cooper, what’s your decision?

Well, ah, Mr. Tulko, sir, I’m concerned about whether my job and this apartment here will be available to me when I come back, if I take the lodge job.

That’s a good question. Of course. The reason we’re offering you the job at the lodge is because you proven yourself to be a good, hard-working, reliable employee here. We’re always glad to have people like that come back to work.

So, yes, you’ll have your same job here at the café when school starts in the fall. And you can keep your apartment here, just as if you were working here. In fact, you can leave a lot of things you don’t need – your winter clothes, for example – in the apartment. It’ll be locked, and only you and I will have a key.

He could see the relief wash over the kid’s face. So, what’ll it be, Cooper?

Okay, Mr. Tulko. I’ll take the job. My parents said it was okay, so I’ll do it.

Great! We’re really pleased to have somebody like you we can trust and rely on, Cooper. You’ll do a great job. We know it, and it’ll be a great summer for you too.

Beaming with confidence instilled by the compliments, he asked, So, ah, when do I start?

When’s your last final, Cooper?

Wednesday morning at 10.

Okay, then, we’ll leave at 2 Wednesday afternoon. You be packed and ready to go. Remember what I said about leaving things stored here, too. Oh, and there’s no cell phone service there, and internet service is limited to just the lodge itself. There are two desktop computers available to the public in the main lobby area.

Cooper was stunned. He’d never even considered the prospect of the technology benefits of current, electronic media not being available. Wow! That’s going to be different, he thought to himself. Maybe he could suspend his cell phone plan for 3 months and save money.

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