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Island Boy
Part 4

by Graham

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Following Esa Rask around, Cooper learned fast what work at this lodge would be like. He basically shadowed Mr. Rask, doing whatever he was told by him. That kept Cooper busy with jobs and tasks all over the lodge campus until noon.

The old man summoned him to tag along as they walked back to the lodge, into the kitchen, and asked for lunch. It was bowls of chicken vegetable soup, with bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. Cooper drank two glasses of water, and a glass of Milk. Mr. Rask had water and coffee.

At 1 p.m., Esa Rask left for the day. That was when and how Cooper learned the bid, old man worked from 6 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday, and 6 to 11 a.m. on Saturday. See you in the morning, boy. Don’t be late, were Esa’s parting comments.

Cooper found himself busy the rest of the afternoon, helping guys sweep off and pressure clean the tennis courts. He stopped at 5 :30 for supper, then returned to help put up new nets at both courts. They finished at 8:40 p.m.

At the end of Thursday, Cooper ascended the stairs slowly. His jeans pressed painfully on the sensitive flesh of his buttocks and upper legs as he raised his feet trudging up to the second floor.

The sun was still up and shining when he came out of the shower, pulled on a pair of boxers, and slid onto his bed on his face and stomach. It is was only shortly after 9 p.m. Once again he quickly calculated: he’d worked at least 13½ hours, another $135.

He was exhausted from the long day of work, as well as the severe, unexpected whipping that began his day by fervidly impressing on his butt and upper legs a lasting, lingering pain. Besides, he needed be up by 5:30 a.m., in order to be dressed and downstairs to meet Esa Rask when he arrived at 6 a.m.

His young manhood cried out for attention as he recalled and relived the spanking he’d awakened getting at the start of that day. Rolling onto his side, he fervently and vigourously ratcheted his rod until, his face contorted with the mixture of pain and passion, he exploded on his bed.

Almost immediately, he rolled onto his face and stomach again, panting lessening gasps as his consciousness faded as the calming relief of his intense wank washed over him. Mere minutes later, he was sound asleep.

5:30 came too soon, but he’d had enough sleep to be ready to get right up out of bed. He hastened to his shower, and by 5:55 a.m., was downstairs, sitting in the kitchen, waiting with two cups of coffee for Esa Rask to arrive.

The big, old man walked in, refreshed looking, and his face brightened as he spotted Cooper there. He smiled when he saw the two cups of coffee. They ate breakfast together.

Afterward, Esa led Cooper out and off on another day’s episodes of work at the lodge. While they were sitting eating, and as he walked miles along with Mr. Rask, Cooper’s damaged bottom reminded him how glad he was he’d gotten up and ready on time this day.

Over at the tennis courts, the older man told Cooper the courts needed to be freshened up with repainting next week. They’re looking washed out and faded, boy. Let’s make’em look first class, eh?

Yes, sir, Cooper replied, noting that this was something to get done that afternoon, if possible. Esa declared it was not only possible, but should be done and ready for his inspection on Saturday morning. Blushing with embarrassment from the unmistakeable rebuke, Cooper declared it would be.

By noon, they were back in the kitchen, he and Esa Rask, eating lunch. At 12:30, Mr. Rask left, reminding Cooper to be up and on time in the morning, Saturday morning. Cooper assured the big, burly, old man he would.

Immediately, that afternoon, Cooper joined with the maintenance workers still there, to blow off, wash off, scrape of, and then paint the tennis courts’ surfaces. It was 4:40 p.m., when the young man, standing with his older, co-laborers, looked over and approved their work on the tennis courts.

He suddenly remembered the golf carts that needed the two, new batteries. Leaving the lodge, he hastened to the maintenance building where he found the two carts in question and saw the new batteries connect to them. He felt relieved that what he’d ordered the night before had arrived and the problem corrected.

It was after 5 p.m. when he returned to the lodge. He learned that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights were usually the busiest nights each week. Tonight, with the golf tournament coming in to start in the morning, would be even busier.

No sooner was he inside the lodge than Jennifer Helminen called to him to get his attention. They were short a server in the dining rooms.

One of the women had left early, gone home sick. Friday evenings were always a heavy time for guests and visitors coming for dinner, and especially tonight, with people arriving for the golf tournament tomorrow,she explained.

Cooper really had no idea what to do, but assured he would find a way to deal with the problem. Thinking on his recent work over the past +8 months at the café, he walked straight back to where the other servers were located.

The 3 ladies all smiled and greeted him as Cooper. He said he’d heard that another of them had left sick, which they confirmed. The confirmed that

I’ve worked for Mr. Tulko in his café for going on 9 months, so if you ladies will explain to me what and how you do things in the dining rooms, I’ll help out tonight.

The 3 ladies smiled with delighted surprise. Okay, come over here, Cooper, and we’ll explain and show you what we do. He did as they bid, and in short time understood the place set up, delivery of drinks, appetizers, and entrees, and the dessert menu.

Okay, ladies, thanks. I think I’ve got it. I need to go upstairs and clean off all this dirt and sweat, and change clothes. I’ll be back shortly. The all concurred, thanking him for his willingness to help out.

Feeling the physical strain and fatigue in his muscles and bone, he went to his room to shower, clean up, and change clothes. As he relaxed under the warm spray, washing away grime and aches, he realized in this job he was everybody’s lightning rod for problems, and mule for helping get work done.

With a preview of the amount of work and problems to do everyday, Cooper smiled as his supposition that he would be a supervising director of lodge activities. Instead, he was the jack-of-all-trades, come-join-in, fifth wheel, problem-solver that everybody would recruit to help. Still, despite the fatigue, he felt a sense of value from his position and role.

At 6 p.m., he came down the stairs, dressed in the clothes he wore when working at the café. Strolling quickly back to the servers’ area, he returned their smiles, and said, Looks like I’m the weed amongst the flowers. Gosh, all that long, hard labour in the rock garden has affected my thinking and speech, he thought to himself.

By 7 p.m., the dining rooms were filled, and a 10-minute wait list was strolling outside, awaiting summoning by vibrating hand alarm, or sitting in the great, lodge lobby. Cooper was busy immediately, handling a quarter of the two dining rooms.

He greeted and led people to tables, took initial orders, and returned to chat briefly while waiting for further orders. He was amazed and pleased that it was going so well, and he caught on so easily.

The only drawback was he could not bring and serve alcoholic drinks, being a minor, and under age 21. Improvising a way to deal with that, he went to the bar, got a tray and had all the beverages ordered placed on it, then asked one of the regular serving ladies, or someone from the bar, to carry the tray, and dispense beer, wine, and drinks to the appropriate diners.

He explained he was too young to be allowed to serve the alcohol, which invariably evoked a smile, laugh, or some other humourous response. Cooper usually added, I can get all the coffee and tea you want, though! smiling as he said it.

The thin young man, scurrying back and forth in his tight black pants, long-sleeve white shirt, tie, offsetting is pale, alabaster skin, white-blonde hair, and light blue eyes, was an eye-catching sight. He was surprised at the tips he got, but since he was a full-time employee anyway, he deposited them in the canister from which the regular servers divided up their tips.

At 10:50 that night, the lodge was closed, all patrons gone, and Cooper and the 3 servers had cleaned up the kitchen and set the tables for the next day. Fatigue from the long day of work was hammering him; so as the ladies filed out to drive home, he said goodbye, and climbed the now, seemingly long stairs to the second floor and to his room.

He knew he was too exhausted to shower before bed. Instead, he undressed quickly, but carefully, pulled on another pair of old boxers, and almost instantly fell into bed, followed by almost instantaneous sleep.

As worn out as he felt, however, he did not forget to set his alarm for 5:30 a.m. As he swiftly drifted off to sleep he added to his calculations another 15 hours, $150 earned.

Sluggish, and achy, but with his still battered backside to remind him, Cooper awoke, got out of bed, showered quickly, and dressed ready for the day. He walked into the kitchen downstairs just as Esa walked in from his truck. Staring directly at Cooper, only his eyes indicated his recognition the boy was on time to start the day.

After a quick breakfast, Esa took Cooper with him to the pro shop, to check on whether the tournament was ready to start. The golf carts were lined up for use, and clubs were available for anyone who didn’t have his own, or wanted to purchase one.

11 a.m. arrived quickly – even though only an hour earlier than during the week. Cooper sat with Mr. Rask as he ate a quick lunch, then said good bye, see you Monday, sir. Esa waved to him as he drove away.

Then he got up to see what next he needed to attend to. Almost at once a man came in to find him, inquiring about rocks, bushes, and flowers for a rock garden in front of the lodge.

Cooper immediately went outside with the man to a flatbed truck with shrubs and flowers on it. The shrubs looked low, while the flowers were bright, with many buds still on them. Where is this supposed to go? he asked.

Stating it was to rejuvenate the garden in the front of the lodge as people drive up to it, the man began lugging the plants and flowers off the truck bed in order to begin on the flower bed. Cooper joined in, helping to take off all the vegetation, and the man drove the truck off.

The man returned with two shovels, obviously expecting Cooper to join in and help. The young man did just that. The dug up all the soil, moved the boulders around to allow for more direct view of the garden, then began the serious work of digging and planting the shrubs, followed by the same for the flowers.

During the afternoon, the man told Cooper he had to go back to the maintenance and repair building to bring something for the garden. He left Cooper still digging and planting shrubs, with the flowers next.

When he returned, he had several cut boards of lumber. Laying them down behind the flower bed, he joined Cooper in completing the planting in the garden. After finishing the garden, the man called to Cooper to come help hold the lumber pieces, to assemble and install a large, pine bench for people to sit and enjoy admiring the garden scene.

When he was done, Cooper stood back to admire their workmanship. They had turned this large garden bed into an attractive setting of stones, bushes, flowers, with a welcome bench from which to enjoy the view.

While he was standing in front of the entrance doors to the lodge, they opened and Jen Helminen called out to him. Cooper, we’ve got the same problem as last night. Helene is still out sick, and we couldn’t get anybody to come in to replace her. Can you do it again tonight?

In just a few days, he had been working labourious tasks, long days. Yet, from it all he felt a growing feeling of self-confidence and assurance of his ability to do this job, and really to take command of the lodge operations.

So, despite his feeling of weary fatigue, he summoned up the inner resourcefulness that is intrinsic to youth. Sure, Mrs. Helminen. Of course, I will. I just need to go upstairs and clean up. You can see, I’m really dirty and sweaty right now.

Tell the ladies I’ll be their pest again tonight, he joked. I’ll be down and get right at it in less than 30 minutes, okay?

Thank you, Cooper. You’re a lifesaver, Jen replied. The white-haired, fair-skinned youth with grimy hands and face smiled with his mouth and eyes, then walked in and began climbing the stairs to the second floor.

Inside his room, he quickly undressed, leaving all the dirty clothes in a pile on the floor and racing into the minuscule shower. As the warm downpour rinsed away dirt and sweat, he re-confirmed his earlier realization of his role as universal helper and problem-solver for everyone, at their beckon call to come and jump in and help.

He again felt the weighty weariness of the long hours in just 3 long days of hard work, but also quickly calculated how much he was earning in such a short number of days. Plus he had a feeling of importance to all who sought him out for help and solutions with almost everything happening at the lodge.

Careful to keep his knotted ties in tact, Cooper dressed again in the customary serving attire for the café (as he’d worn the previous night). Feeling the shower’s rejuvenation that youthfulness affords, he descended the stairs with more energy than he’d gone up them.

He was hungry and hastened into the kitchen to request a quick meal to curb his rumbling hunger, and give him the energy to work another 4 hours of so. After almost inhaling the food, he left to join the ladies who were already preparing for the onslaught of patrons that night.

Cooper followed the same regimen as the preceding night, securing someone to deliver and dispense alcoholic beverages, but otherwise working his quarter of the dining rooms with full attention and service. Once again he divulged his substantial tips received into the common pool to be divided amongst the 3 ladies.

It was after 11 p.m., when the lodge was closed, all tables reset, clean-up completed, and the non-resident personnel and staff leaving. Cooper said good night to all of them, then alone for the first time in a long day of work, he climbed the stairs again to his room.

Tomorrow was Sunday, a day off for Mr. Rask and for Cooper. He knew he was ready for a day of rest. Cleaning up the pile of dirty clothes he’d left lying on the floor, he thought about the need to do some laundry downstairs tomorrow afternoon.

After brushing his teeth, disrobing, and donning just the faded, old boxers to sleep in, he crawled wearily into bed. He could lie on his back, for the first time, without his butt throbbing in pain from Thursday morning’s licking compelling him to turn over for relief.

The next thing he knew, it was 10 a.m. He’d slept almost 10 hours! Suddenly realizing it was Sunday, he quickly got up, showered and cleaned up, dressed in some tight-fitting, khaki pants and a tan, brown, & navy tartan polo shirt.

Stepping into a pair of brown boat shoes, he hurried downstairs to find out where a nearby church was – especially Lutheran if there was one. A lady filling in for Jen Helminen told him the nearest church was a Baptist church about a mile away, to the right after reaching the roadway from the inclining drive to the lodge.

Deciding on the spot to maintain his habit and routine of Sunday worship, he began the trek down the slant to the roadway, then turning right and heading along on the side of it until he reached a sign that read, Horseshoe Lake Baptist Church.

He slowed down enough to regain his breath and avoid arriving winded. Entering, he was greeted by two older men, about the age of Esa Rask. They ushered him into the sanctuary where he found a small group of parishioners sitting awaiting the start of the service.

Although his grumbling stomach reminded him throughout that he was hungry, and had not eaten, he was greeted by many, friendly people afterward. One of the older men he’d met when he arrived offered to drive Cooper back to the lodge.

It’s on our way, he said, introducing himself and his wife, as Micah and Trina Aho. He accepted the lift, and as they came to the ascending drive, he suggested they pull off to the side, and let him out to walk up the lodge.

They would not hear of it, and drove him right up to the front entrance portico to the lodge, letting him out at the doors. They offered to pick him up at 10:30 the next Sunday morning, if he would like a ride, and gave him their telephone number to call and let them know by Saturday afternoon.

Cooper stood and waved goodbye to the older couple as they drove off, then walked into the lodge, headed to the kitchen for a solid, Sunday dinner. He was surprised when he was led to, and seated at, a table near the servers’ area, instead.

There he was brought a superb meal of roast goose, mashed potatoes, squash and onions, and milk, followed by a large slice of apple-cinnamon pie. He understood it was a way of expressing appreciation-admiration for him work and help in the exigencies of the last couple of days.

Afterward, he bussed his own table to the kitchen, then headed upstairs to change into older shorts and a t-shirt. Bringing down his laundry, he went to the basement, started the washer load, and then went across the hallway to the fitness room.

Cooper ran the elliptical machine for 25 minutes. Leaving to take his clothes from the washing machine and put them into the dryer, he returned to try lifting 15 lb dumbbells in a variety of exercises while lying on a mat. After 30 minutes of that, his upper body muscles were crying out for relief, and he quit to retrieve and fold his clothes from the dryer and take them to his room.

The rest of the day, from 2 p.m. on, was Cooper’s to enjoy. He sat in the shade for a bit, then decided to hike around the golf course, followed by a walk to the lake. When he returned, it was nearing 5 p.m. He though he’d eat an early supper, then rest outside for a while, before going to his room to be sure he was ready for the upcoming week.

Instead, his arrival was greeted by the same concern, Helene, the missing server, was still sick, and no one else was willing to come in and work Sunday evening. So, once more pressed into service, Cooper went upstairs and dressed up again into serving attire.

For a third, busy, weekend night, he worked his quarter of the dining rooms. This night they did close earlier, about 9 p.m., however. He was able to be back in his room, with daylight just beginning to fade, before 10 p.m.

He picked out the jeans and shirt he would wear in the morning, then got ready and was in bed before 10:30. It was almost luxurious to be able to let his tired, thin body stretch out and relax in the bed, and in seeming no time he was fast asleep.

Monday morning’s 5:30 alarm intruded rudely on his deep slumber; but Cooper quickly realized he had no choice, and had to get up and going immediately. By 5:59, he was in the kitchen downstairs when Esa Rask arrived. He nodded his greeting (and unexpressed approval) to Cooper.

The day, and the week, progressed like the preceding Thursday through Saturday, with an almost unending need for attention and assistance with various projects and operations at the lodge campus. Esa Rask, as usual, took charge and Cooper followed him around, lending assistance as directed.

Cooper continued working after Mr. Rask left at 1 p.m., until after 5 p.m. each day. Surprisingly, no emergencies or incidents needing an answer arose all week long, and he was able to clean up, and have a relaxing dinner and evening – sometimes relishing sitting out on the little deck from his room – until he turned in for the night at 10 p.m.

Friday morning, he was up bright and early, with vim and verve for the nearing end of the week. He was waiting for Esa Rask when the big, older man walked in at 6.

After breakfast, they headed to the maintenance building to look at the tractor-mowers used daily for maintaining the grounds, especially the golf course. While they were engaged in considering whether to repair or replace one of the mowers, a man came in from the boathouse and informed Esa that one of the motors on the 3 rental boats wouldn’t stay running.

Esa sent Cooper with the man, Nick, who looked to be in his late 30’s or early 40’s to get the motor and bring it back to the maintenance building for repair. Cooper took a golf cart with Nick riding along with him.

When they got to the boat house, Cooper asked Nick about the problem. He told the young man it was hard to start, but then began running, only to sputter and hesitate before stalling.

Nick thought the problem could be solved quickly by taking the motor off the boat and cleaning the spark plugs before putting it back on and starting it. Cooper was surprised and asked why he hadn’t done that.

Nick told Cooper he’d come to the maintenance building because Esa wanted to be informed right away when there was a problem, but he thought he could fix it himself – if Cooper would help him take it off, and then hold it while they worked on the plugs. Cooper agreed, and together they removed the motor, and busily began removing and cleaning the plugs.

With shock, Cooper’s head snapped around as he heard the greeting interrogation booming from Esa Rask as he walked into the boathouse. What’s taking so long?! Wait a minute! What’re you guys doing?! Why isn’t this motor up at maintenance, Cooper?! He ended his inquiry focused at Cooper.

The startled youth replied, Oh, ah, Mr. Rask, Nick thought maybe we could figure out and fix the problem with the motor. So we took it off and were trying to...

Nick, take the cart outside and take the motor to maintenance – right now!

Yes, sir, Esa. Sorry, sir, Nick quickly cowered and complied. He grabbed the motor and hurriedly marched outside with it, where they heard him depart on the car.

Now, what did I say, boy? Esa demanded of Cooper.

To, ah, bring the motor back to maintenance, but Nick said maybe,... and we thought we might be able to...

The big man’s hand clamped down on Cooper’s thin arm firmly and pulled the youth to his feet. When I tell you to do something, I expect you to do what I told you, boy! he barked in a harsh, but muted voice.

Still gripping Cooper’s arm, the big, strong, old steered him along out of the boathouse, across the grounds, applying a quick, smarting series of swats to the seat of young man’s jeans, as they headed toward the building where the large stacks of firewood were stored. He frogmarched Cooper along the way to the building, continuing to swat the youth’s jeans-clad bottom.

The boy’s face, neck, and ears flushed deep red, and heated in reaction to being treated like a naughty child. Several times he attempted to apply resistant pressure back against — to stop — his being directed along to the storage building. That, however, simply evoked a stronger, faster barrage of swats to behind as the big man muscled him along.

You move along, boy, unless you want this to take place, and be dealt with, right her4, out in the wide open, Esa admonished. He emphasized his warning by unleashing another series of stinging swats to Cooper’s rump, propelling him to jump upward and forward, then twist from side to side, trying in vain to elude the spanks swatting him.

At the same time, Cooper anxiously and furtively glanced around from the sides of his eyes to see if anyone was watching. It was difficult to do because the continuing barrage on his butt, while was undertow by Mr. Rask, increasingly shifted the boy’s attention to his growing discomfort.

He felt himself shoved through the opened door, into the firewood storage shed. Esa closed the door hard and locked it. Still holding the slim, blonde youth in his powerful grasp, the old man flung him across the long, amply filled shed.

Cooper fell backward and down, landing on his butt and sliding away on the hard, wood floor against a wooden bench. His face registered his shock at the anger and force of the towering, old man.

Esa Rask stormed over to Cooper still sprawled on the floor, yanked him up, and stood him on his feet directly in front of him. Looming over and looking down on the young man, the livid, older man grasped the front waistband of Cooper’s jeans, pulled him right up close, and began unbuckling the belt, unsnapping and unzipping the youth’s jeans.

Scared by everything that had transpired in about 5 minutes time, Cooper was now quite sure he knew what was in store, what Mr. Rask intended to do. As he felt his jeans being peeled off his hips and butt, down his legs to his feet, his face flushed deep, hot red. Stripping off his skimpy, white briefs followed next.

Calling out in desperation, he pled, Please, Mr. Rask! I’m sorry! It won’t happen again! I promise! Oooo-aaaa-ow-ow-oooo-aaaa-ow-ow-ow-aaaa-nooo-hooo-dooon’t-spaaanghk-meeeee-aaaa-pleeeez! I’m-saaaaar-uh-uh-eeeee–aaaaa-ow-ow-ow-ow! I won’t do it again-aaaaa-neverrrr-aaaa-I’ll-uh-uh-dooo-aaaa-whuh-aaat-youuu-saaay!

His frantic pleas raced swiftly toward the break down of flooding tears and crying.

As if in a single, undifferentiated motion, what occurred next happened so fast, there was no time to try to prevent or prepare for it. Esa sat down on the wood bench, hauled the young man upside down across his lap, and picked up a flat piece of firewood, and began lambasting the small, bare, narrow bottom of the overturned boy.

Shocked by speed and intensity of what was happening, as well as the traumatizing pain inflicted on his rearend and upper legs, and humiliation on his young ego, Cooper at once began resisting, struggling, fighting against the position he was confined in, and the punishment being dispensed; but it was useless. All his wrestling around only inflamed the older man’s ire and determination to teach this rebellious boy a lasting, unforgettable lesson.

Over and over he pommeled the youth’s behind like as the hard piece of wood hit his buttocks and thighs. After profuse, frantic pleading and begging, apologizing, promising, imploring him to stop and give him another chance, the overpowered, blonde-headed, fair-skinned youth collapsed into bawling, gasping sobs.

Esa’s vigorous, hard-hitting, weighty smacks against the hot, scorched skin of the young male backside reverberated around the wood walls of the building. He spanked the insolent, disobeying boy’s fanny burning hot, with unrelenting smacks that cumulatively were devastating and demolishing to any remaining trace of pride and resistance.

Quickly and easily defeated, Cooper hung trounced, impaled on the adult man’s left knee, like a helpless, bad child upended for a spanking, while Esa spanked and spanked until the youth was utterly emptied of any fight, opposition, or control over his emotions and reactions. He gagged and cried, sobbing rapid, gasping, hopeless sounds, bouncing slightly on the big knee as each blistering swat seared his rump and upper legs.

As the length, force and intensity, and magnitude of this whipping took place, Cooper unintentionally regressed, crying his heart out with uncontrollable wailing and sobbing, in loud, high-pitched, repetitive sorrow and regret, pleading for a stoppage, a cessation of the licking Cooper’s occurred.

He sounded and felt like a naughty boy being punished with a severe, unsparing spanking for his misbehaviour. Faintly hearing himself crowded out by the blistering pain and humiliating manhandling, Cooper realized he sounded and felt like a little kid every time he found himself getting his butt roasted.

When he’d finished, Esa Rask dragged the sobbing, broken boy up off his lap. The devastated, young man stood heaving and shuddering, his hands glued to his globes and upper legs, wailing and bawling.

He did not know whether it was because of tightening, cumulating sexual tension; or his nagging, gnawing, nervous anxiety and apprehensive insecurity of realizing he was subject to being spanked for wrongdoing; or the static charge generated by so many blistering smacks against the exposed, sensitive flesh of his globes and upper legs.

Whatever the cause or causes, the thoroughly spanked boy was sporting an engorged, stiff, saluting boner to which, at the moment, he paid no heed at all as he dealt with the incineration of his fundament, and the decimation of his psyche.

Mr. Rask grasped the bare, sobbing, shaking, spanked boy and towed him, his feet dragging across the rough wood floor, to the door. Unlocking and opening it, he tossed him out through it.

Cooper thumped down onto the grass with a thud, lying prone, his jeans and small, white briefs ensnarled around his feet, his bare, battered, angry red-marked rump and thighs on display for anyone within eyesight to see. He lay there, helplessly and involuntarily sobbing and squalling in crushed pain and shame

Standing over the vanquished youth, with the disciplinary piece of wood still in his hand, he stooped down, pulled Cooper up and to his feet. Applying another volley of swats to the screeching boy’s bottom, he ordered him to redress – pull up his white briefs and jeans – immediately.

Cooper shrieked louder bawling sobs, but hurriedly and clumsily pulled his briefs, followed by his jeans, up painfully over, and scraping, his charred buttocks and upper legs. He hurt too badly to fasten the waistband button and his belt, ore even zip up all the way.

Mr. Rast once again seized the weeping, chastened boy’s skinny arm and began hurriedly guiding him across the grounds toward the lodge. Cooper’s face, still red and wet from his streaming, reddened eyes, was contorted by his painful squalling, his shorter, lean legs hastening as he was forced along.

Although keenly aware of the embarrassment of being seen in this condition, Cooper was nonetheless still unable to recover composure, and stop sobbing and feverishly rubbing the seat of his jeans. They entered a side door near the back of the massive, log building, where only a few employees were present to be startled by the sight of the obviously freshly spanked, disturbed, young man, being led inside.

Esa escorted the upset boy to the men’s room, opened the door, pushed him in, and followed him. Wash your face and straighten yourself up. Finish dressing yourself, boy, he barked.

Still heaving and crying mildly, Cooper obeyed. After a few minutes, the youngster had re-gathered a goodly self-composure.

They exited together, heading back to the maintenance building. Walking docile and subdued along side the dominating, older man, Cooper’s thoughts mulled with consternation the ramifications of what had taken place that morning.

There was no way everybody did not know what had just happened to him. He’d been seen being dragged by big Esa Rask across the grounds from the boat house, to the large shack where abundant supplies of split wood were stored for use in the huge, stone fireplaces in the lodge.

Anyone within half a mile would have heard the boy’s boisterous, uncontrolled pleas leading to shrieking, high-pitched wailing, loud bawling sobs, ending in unintelligible gasping, choking weeping.

Everyone out and about that morning would have seen the red faced, double over, blonde-haired boy come stumbling out of the shed, ahead of Esa, hands plastered on his rump through the seat of his jeans not fully zipped up and fastened.

There was no question or doubt that young Cooper had met, and come to terms with, the stern discipline of Esa Rask for disobeying and not following his orders. For his part, at that moment, Cooper felt like the small, spanked child he’d been handled and treated as by the strong, large, older man.

No way was he in charge or supervising anything in the whole lodge operations – not if he veered from the instructions and directives of Esa Rask. He had to obey the big, old man – or else; and it was unmistakeably clear to Cooper, now, what or else meant.

What had he gotten into? He couldn’t quit, couldn’t leave. He had no way out of there until Mr. Tulko, or somebody else, came for him.

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