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Weekend on the Water
Part 2

by Rolf and Gayspankee

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Almost as soon as Rolf had the truck in park, Matthew had the door open and was ready to head to the water. "Come on Marc, Todd, let's go!" Matthew started to jog on down towards the water.

"Matthew, help with the unpacking, please." Rolf said, wanting to get the cabin opened up and the vehicles unpacked before getting started on the fun stuff.

"Oh Roooolffffff, come on. Just a few minutes, please?" Matthew just HAD to see the water, this was his favorite place to visit. He didn't want to miss a minute of fun.

Rolf loved Matthew's sense of adventure, but wasn't about to let him out of his sight. "You need to help up here first. We'll be down there soon enough."

Matthew was trying to decide whether to flash his eyes at Rolf and try to ooze the charm, or choose the pout and pitiful look, when he noticed that Stephen and Eric were hauling Chris and Michael to the cabin. Looked like their punishment had not taken place on the side of the road like Marc's had. Maybe he'd stick around, watch the fireworks. He headed back towards the truck to grab a handful of bags.

Upon entering the cabin Matthew found Chris and Michael in the corner, removing their pants. The fireworks were about to explode, and Matthew always enjoyed a good spanking, as long as it wasn't *his*.

Everyone went out and unloaded the vehicles, except for Chris and Michael who remained in the corner. After everything was inside, Stephen and Eric were ready to get down to business. They pulled out chairs, side by side, and hauled the boys over their knees. The barrage of smacks began, fast and furious.

Matthew stood next Marc, and rubbed his back as the watched. After a good ten minutes, they let the boys up. Then, they were made to bend over the table. Their punishment was far from over. That was just the warm up. Now it was time for the real spanking to begin.

Both boys were in tears already, they couldn't believe it wasn't over yet. When they heard the belts being unbuckled, they both wanted to run. Chris looked up, and saw Matthew and Marc staring in rapt fascination. The rest of the gang were busy doing their own things, but those two just stood and stared. That upset Chris to no end, but there wasn't anything he could do about it now. That would be for later. Michael on the other hand, could care less what anyone else was doing. All his thoughts were on Eric, and the belt that was going to come crashing down any second now. He was upset with himself. He didn't think about the consequences of writing on the hat, and the real problem was that is was Chris who did all the dirty work. Michael just egged him on, and didn't think he'd be dragged into the melee. Just then, the first lick landed on his backside, and he yelped as if he had just been branded. A second later came Chris's sharp reply to the belt on his ass. They got 10 stripes each, more than enough to make sure they behaved in the future. Then they were both deposited back into their respective corners to sob out their pain.

Now that the fireworks were over, and the cars unpacked, Matthew was ready to have fun.

Everyone was soon down at the lake. Unfortunately, Michael and Chris were pouting. They were angry that they were spanked. And they were angry that they had an audience. But their anger wasn't directed at Marc so much, since he got a good dose from Rolf. No their anger was focused on Matthew. Where did he think he got off watching them. He had no personal stake in it. And he wasn't so angelic either. What about his role in this? The question was, do they rat on him and hand him over to Rolf? Or do they deal with him themselves, slowly? Their minds menaced slowly, as the same idea flooded their minds at once. They smiled smugly to each other. Couldn't do anything about it now, they were still in the doghouse. But sometime this weekend.....

Everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves. They spent the entire afternoon down on the dock, swimming, fishing, wave running. No fights, no disasters, just a really great time.

Around 5 o'clock, Rolf decided it was time to fix dinner. Joseph came up to the cabin to help Rolf with dinner, leaving the other two guys to supervise the boys. Pretty soon they had a grill overloaded with steaks and vegetables. Rolf went over to the edge of the cabin's porch, and rang the bell sharply three times, then again four times. That was to signal Matthew and Marc to high tail it back to the cabin.

Matthew wasn't the least bit interested in heading back up. He was having too much fun, and didn't care that dinner was ready. Marc was hungry, he wanted the food. He got up to go, and realized that Matthew wasn't getting out of the water.

"Come on Matthew, we've been summoned by the 'Great One'. Let's go."

Matthew burst into laughter at that remark. "The 'Great One?' What planet are YOU from?" he said as he tried not to swallow water in between the giggles.

Matthew quit laughing as Eric walked up with a real stern look on his face, his finger pointing towards the cabin. "Get your tail up there right now, before you find yourself with a toasted backside. Rolf rang for you, NOW GO!"

Matthew managed to stutter out a "Yes, Sir" and climbed up the ladder to the dock. He warily eyed Eric as he walked past, afraid of being grabbed and smacked a few times. As soon as he was just far enough away, he muttered to himself under his breath. "Toasted backside my ass....what a jerk." Lucky for Matthew, no one heard, so he thought. Michael just happened to be lurking in the right place at the right time. He would save that card for later.

Dinner was fabulous. For someone who had no interest in eating, Matthew certainly put it away. Like a squirrel going into hibernation. After dinner, everyone pitched in and cleaned up. They were all too full to swim, but sitting was not an option, especially where Matthew was concerned. He had to be doing something all the time. He got a game of badminton going with Marc, Todd and Stephen. Naturally, Matthew and Marc won. Matthew could always take the good with the bad, but he *hated* to lose. If he wanted to win, and he always did, he would throw quite the tantrum when he lost. It wasn't one of his better qualities, but Rolf was working on that.

Eventually, the sun went down. The mosquitoes came out, and everyone headed inside. Michael and Chris suggested that everyone play Trivial Pursuit, Matthew's favorite. Matthew *loved* Trivial Pursuit. Matthew was always very inquisitive, and it paid off in this game. Michael and Chris flashed wicked grins at one another. The trap was set, the fireworks would soon begin.

Rolf, Stephen, Eric and Joseph sat down at the kitchen table and started a round of poker, while the rest of the gang sat around the coffee table with the Trivial Pursuit game. This suited Chris and Michael just fine, they could control things a bit better this way. They rolled the dice, and Matthew got to go first. The question was an easy one, and he made his first move. The game went on for a round or two, good natured ribbing all around for those that missed the answers.

Chris and Michael were reading the cards, and giving out the answers. Pretty soon, the questions seemed to get a little more difficult for Matthew to answer. And when he gave a wrong answer, the ribbing was getting a little on the mean side. He tried to ignore it, knowing that he would be able to answer a question soon, he always did well in this game. Todd was a little on the sleepy side and didn't see the problem beginning to develop. Marc was only noticing that the guys seemed to be a little on the mean side, but figured that was normal, or that they were just a bit spiteful because their butts were probably still on the tender side, same as his. It was Matthew's turn again. Chris asked him a question, for which Matthew knew the answer. He gave it, and started to move his gamepiece. Chris grabbed for Matthew's wrist saying "No, no no no you don't. That was the WRONG answer silly boy. You aren't as smart as you thought, huh?"

Matthew was immediately indignant. He jerked his wrist free of Chris, and said "I KNOW that was the right answer. I've had that question before. Let me see the card!" He went to reach for the card, and Chris pulled it out of his reach.

"What, you don't trust me?" Chris tried to act innocent, he could sense that the ears from the other table were tuned into their game now.

Marc could sense the building tension, and tried to calm it down some. "Here Chris, let me see the card. I'm sure.."

Chris interrupted Marc with "What? Just because Matthew is such a sore loser, you don't believe me either?" Chris knew that comment would get under Matthew's skin, and boy did it ever.

Matthew shoved the game board towards Chris as he went to grab him by the shirt collar with both hands.

"You lying little fuck. I know that was the right answer. Why do you have to be such a cheating little shit?" Matthew said, clearly not thinking, as he pulled him over the table.


Matthew knew he was in for it. First of all he got his middle name. And second, Rolf never swore. Matthew was frozen with fear.

Everyone was taken aback. They knew this was serious too. Rolf stood and rolled his sleeves up, and looked at Matthew.

"Do NOT make me repeat myself. AND do NOT make me come over there."

Matthew turned back to Chris, who he still had by the neck. Chris could see the fear in Matthew's eyes, and knew how VERY upset Rolf was. But he still* wasn't finished with Matthew yet. Chris's back was mostly towards Rolf, and he used that to his advantage. He gave Matthew a huge smirk and sang under his breath, just for Matthew's ears, "na na na na na na."

Matthew thought for only a second of what the consequences would be. He knew Rolf was going to blister his ass, and in front of everyone he was sure. What did it matter now what happened? He certainly couldn't just let go of Chris, that would mean that Chris won, and that WASN'T going to happen.

Matthew pulled sharply forward on Chris's shirt collar, ripping part of it. Then he shoved Chris with all his strength. Chris was caught completely off balance and went flying backwards, landing with a resounding thump on his tailbone, his left arm soundly connecting with the leg from the chair sitting next to him. Chris let out a howl and grabbed for his arm.

The boys sitting around the coffee table all scrambled to their feet, backing away from the scene a little bit.

The guys around the table all jumped up at practically the same time, Joseph dashing over to comfort Chris. Eric followed, as his officer training included a section on medical emergencies. They checked out Chris's arm, found that it was just going to have a huge bruise, but thankfully no broken bones.

Matthew didn't see any of this activity going on. As soon as he let go of Chris, he realized how incredibly much trouble he was in, and that he just added volumes more.

No sooner did he realize what he had done, than he was hauled by an unseen force to the kitchen. It didn't take long to gather that it was Rolf and he was not happy. Rolf dragged Matthew by the arm to the kitchen sink.

"I don't know WHAT has gotten into you, but that was uncalled for! That was DANGEROUS!!! Do you see your friend over there? DO YOU?" Rolf said, pointing in Chris' direction.

Matthew barely managed to nod his head.

"You owe Chris a HUGE apology, which you will deliver later. Right now, I'm going to clean that filthy mouth of yours but good. When I'm done cleaning that mouth, I'm going to paddle your tail 15 shades of red. I told you before, that temper of yours has GOT to be reined in, and if you're not going to do it, I WILL."

Rolf grabbed the unopened bar of Ivory and unwrapped it. He turned the water to hot and lathered it up. He forcefully shoved the sudsy bar into Matthew's mouth. Rolf worked with vigor, moving that bar in and out, left to right. The suds were flowing, the screams were muffled, and the tears began falling. Rolf coated Matthew's mouth good and thick with that soap, making sure not to miss an inch.

Now that Chris was evaluated as being okay, everyone turned their attention to Matthew.

Rolf finished with the bar of soap. Suds had fallen down Matthew's front, and coated Rolf's hand. There were suds all over the floor, some on Rolf, some in the sink. Rolf let go of Matthew's head, leaving him standing there. Rolf calmly washed his hands and dried them off. Matthew was left with a mouthful of soap, slowly running down his face. When Rolf was done, he took Matthew by the ear, bent him over the sink and barked "SPIT!"

Matthew begin spitting feverishly, trying to get ALL the soap out. No amount of spitting was going to help, Rolf had coated it all well, and there was lots stuck in the teeth. He was only allowed a minute or so to spit, before Rolf pulled up on the ear.


That one word sent shivers through Matthew. He could feel ALL eyes on him. He looked imploringly up at Rolf, trying to get Rolf to change his mind, maybe take him upstairs to punish him. "P..ple..ease" he managed to stutter between sobs, before Rolf stopped him.

Rolf was furious, so furious that he was beyond the yelling stage. He calmly said "Get your clothes off this instant, little one, before you find yourself in more trouble than you can handle."

Matthew's heart sank, as he realized just exactly what was going to happen. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, and then removed his pants. He was soon left totally bare, shivering in fear and embarrassment.

Rolf pointed to the paddle on the wall, saying sternly "Bring it here."

Naturally the paddle was in the middle of the room, which means everyone got a good view. It wasn't the naked part that bothered Matthew, they all seen one another naked at one point or another. No it was his demeanor. He had been reduced to a little boy. His dignity far from intact. He was still spitting some soap as he walked. It was a long walk to that paddle, and knowing what would happen when he made it back to Rolf with it, didn't help matters. He brought it back to Rolf.

"Now apologize to Chris, and make it good or else."

Oh the humiliation. He turned to Chris and looked the liar in the eye.

"I am sorry. It was stupid. I over reacted. I know you could have been seriously injured, and I am sorry."

It took all his strength to muster that in a half way decent tone. Rolf apparently was satisfied, since Matthew was promptly upended over Rolf's knee. Then the paddle came crashing down hard. And then again with equal force. Matthew screamed out as the two whacks finally registered. Rolf continued raining that paddle down, slowly and methodically, covering every inch of Matthew's plump white backside. Soon his backside was indeed 15 shades of red as promised. After 30 whacks, Rolf stopped, leaving Matthew sobbing and shaking. He escorted him up to bed where he would remain the rest of the night, alone.

In the midst of all the action, Chris hadn't realized that Marc came across the game card. And indeed Matthew was correct. The whole incident was instigated. But why? Marc was gonna find out before he decided how to deal with this.

Matthew cried for a little while, as his backside slowly cooled. Rolf was an expert with that paddle, and it always left Matthew in tears. This time was definitely no exception. He was upset at Chris, since he KNEW he was right. He couldn't believe he had to apologize to him, right before getting his ass beat. And now he was upstairs, alone, in pain and foaming at the mouth, while everyone else was having fun, and probably doting on the stupid ass and his arm. Rolf's paddling taught Matthew a lesson, but not the one Rolf thought it had. Matthew was just going to have to be more careful when he got Chris back. He was goi. n...g.... and Matthew dropped off to sleep.

The rest of the gang partied for another 4 hours. They did S'mores on the grill outside, played a few games, and generally had a great time. Matthew didn't hear them come upstairs at midnight.

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